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So I have made a pledge to do utterly useless things like finish book 1 of YST for research. I have learned many things. 1) So much Ryo angsting - there is ALWAYS more than I remember. 2) I STILL freaking hate Jun and Naste. 3) The villains in this show are completely stupid, and I find it extremely amusing that this is a shounen, because the only two intelligent people are women. 4) This is SO much easier to watch without sound and just by reading subs. Yes, it's so bad that I can't even just listen to the Japanese. 5) The people who made this show clearly knew only slightly more than I do about fighting, because they really suck at crafting battles and go out of their way not to show them. 6) You know, I really think that some of my ideas for "better dialogue" in this series really, really suck. Most of them suck, really. But then I see the dialogue in the show and I remember. And it makes me feel better about myself. And I find that EXTREMELY depressing on so many levels. 7) So much of their behavior does not make ANY FREAKING SENSE. IT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. IT JUST DOESN'T. I DO NOT-WHAT-THINGS! That was GOOD advice, Ryo! Why are you so depressed about it??? And you other Yoroi Senshi! I am ASHAMED of you! You not only DID NOT make a plan to fight or try and figure out just about anything - you actually backtracked on the logic train! YOU BACKTRACKED! YOU BECAME DUMBER! I DID NOT KNOW THAT WAS POSSIBLE! Also, this show goes to great lengths to present problems... use deux ex machina to solve them... build up like they're going to explain how they were fixed, and then COMPLETELY throw them aside with "well, we solved it, so whatever". I mean WHAT??? WHAT????

Here's the thing. I like angst. I'm okay with angst. I know a lot of angst situations are made to create angst and not because they just "happened". I know that. I am aware.

Angst for no reason is just plain STUPID. It's WHINEY. It's ANNOYING. It's also REALLY bad storytelling if it isn't played off as a joke. Which NONE of this series does. There is no miscommunication-this-is-all-a-joke-anyway plotline. There is no "overdramatic angst for the sake of being silly". It's just stupid.

I am 90% certain that the last time I watch this series full-way, I was not in college. I've changed a lot in that time period. I can only reason that my tolerance for stuff like this has gone WAY the f down.

I made my way through more of the Marvel Civil War. Spidey's getting beat up. Tony's depressed. The Sentry... ponders.

I did do one thing today that was valuable! I got through a lot of my homework 5 assignment for comp sci! I am quite amazed at how it's coming together.

I have at least partially mastered the art of reading textbooks! I feel so proud! I really want this course to be over so I don't have to worry about comp sci again.

I give up. More work.
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