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So I keep seeing "Victoria's Secret" comercials around on YouTube, and they continue to weird me out. I was watching television with my dad recently and one came on, and I asked him who the advertisers were aiming the commercial at. He said they were aimed at women, because women want to be thought of as beautiful. It was serious and I could tell he recognized the silliness of the commercial and the fact that it was rather tragic.

I do not like these commercials. I do not like seeing stick people wandering around in skimpy lingerie that doesn't seem to serve any other purpose than as a sex toy, telling the audience to "love me" and "worship me" or whatever the heck they're saying. I think it's silly that they're wearing angel wings and walking around in rooms with pianos.

Here's something I would love to see: a commercial featuring a woman at work in normal underwear, versus a woman at work in Victoria's Secret underwear. The second woman is more comfortable, because the underwear is of higher quality and feels more comfortable. Or a Victoria's Secret pajama commercial, because that's one of the things I'm told they sell well.

Then again, I know nothing about the store, other than the fact that they sell underwear, bras, lingerie, a little perfume, and pajamas. I don't know how the franchise got started - maybe it started as a lingerie store and expanded. And I certainly don't shop there.

I just hate how these commercials shame women into thinking "this is the ideal people want to see". "I need to look like THAT to get people to like me or show romantic feeling towards me."

Also, what says "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Hannukkah" or "Happy New Year" like lingerie that the giver PROBABLY wants you to use while having sex with the giver? Am I right or am I right?

Somehow I'm now finding more time to watch anime. I marathoned "No.6" on Saturday. It was good, but definitely not as amazing as one of my friends. It definitely pulled me in and I was very involved in the characters throughout most of the series. For the first time in a LONG time, I liked almost all of the characters in the story. While I could have done with a bit more explanation, it was an enjoyable anime, and I would watch it again.

Yesterday, I started watching "Ayashi no Ceres" ("Ceres, Celestial Legend"). It was INCREDIBLY painful to watch. I got through the first 2.5 episodes and I just... I had to give up at a certain point. I also found out that this came out in 2000, not the 90s. I suppose it could have been produced principally in the 90s, but by all that's holy, animation has gone from THAT, to stuff like "Terra e..." and "Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo" in only a decade? SERIOUSLY? I plan to finish. I'm only going to assume that the beginning is awful, because I've seen a number of clips from the rest of the story, and I've heard favorable reviews from friends. Along with the fact that "it's awful to watch, but you'll like it in the end".

I watched "Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo" ("Children who Chase Lost Voices"/"Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below"), a film similar in many ways to Hayao Miyazaki's films with Studio Ghibli. It's what you get when "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Priness Mononoke", and "Howl's Moving Castle" have a baby. Except the soundtrack is kind of "eh", and it makes it a lot less sense and it's even more random. It was a very enjoyable story. The art was PHENOMENAL. There was eye candy everywhere. The fights were fun to watch. The characters were great. I also liked most of the characters in this story, which was awesome. While the story did not make sense at times, I didn't mind because it pulled me along and kept to its own rules. Until the end, anyway. And don't get me started on the ending because... AAAAGH...

[SPOILERS] I REALLY hate stories that are "protagonist goes an adventure, then goes back to normal life, leaving all parts of their magical journey behind".

...Let me say this. I love "Spirited Away", which ends in this manner. Because in my universe, Haku and Chihiro meet up later in life and get married and have babies and live forever in some spirit paradise and make the world a better place because they're awesome.

I love "Princess Mononoke", which technically has this kind of ending, but it's very obvious to me that San and Ashitaka end up together later. They discover what it means to be a couple, fall more in love, get married, and form a strong part of the forest and Iron Town communities.

This also does mean I like ridiculous balls of dumb fluff like "Twilight", where the protagonist gets literally everything they wanted because they're "just that special": unlike EVERY OTHER PERSON ON THE PLANET, including the luvvy duvvy sparkly vampires, she gets a) immortality, b) eternal youth, c) "beauty", d) speed, e) agility, f) super strength, g) kids when you're a vampire, h) a genetically blood-related family WHEN YOU'RE A VAMPIRE, g) eternity WITH YOUR CHILDREN, h) your "soul mate" and the runner-up, by your side, forever, i) continued communication with your human family and friends.

What I like are stories like "Howl's Moving Castle", where the protagonist stays in the magical world. She doesn't go back to working as a seamstress in the middle of nowhere. She ends up with Howl, who she's in love with. Problems with that relationship in both versions of the story aside. I like stories like "Whisper of the Heart", where the little couple end up together at the end, and they don't just go their seperate ways and NEITHER. OF. THEM. DIE. What is it with romance stories and one half of the pairing dying? JEEZ.

I liked Alexstrasza and Krasus from "World of Warcraft". ...UNTIL "THRALL" CAME OUT AND THEN I HATED EVERYTHING. They took ONE of the FOUR couples left intact in the world and just AGH. KalecgosxAveena,  JainaxArthas, MedivhxGarona, VarianxTiffin,... and oh, right, NO ONE ELSE GETS TOGETHER WITH ANYONE! Now RhoninxVareesa is gone, too. WHY DID THEY DO THAT??? Now they're back to four because KalecgosxJaina is a thing which... I'm conflicted about because a) it's cute, and b) I have no idea what's going to come out of that. JarodxShandris might be a thing... I think. AFTER THEY KILLED HIS LAST WIFE, ANYWAY. AND I WANT VARIAN TO END UP WITH SOMEONE, DAMMIT!

Also, Anduin, anyone? Come on? Varian has no one at the moment, and Anduin is the only heir. He's also a level 90 now. I think he's ready to marry somebody. Maybe Tess Greymane. Stormwind isn't the only kingdom with only one heir, and by the time they have kids, they might finally be able to return to Gilneas and take it back so their kids have another kingdom to rule.

I still refuse to forgive them for killing off Krasus. Just... no. No. Yes, he kept Deux ex Machinaing things and AGGH WHY DID YOU KILL HIM!!??!?!?!?! HATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATE...

Anyway. Moving on. I started another anime called "Terra e..." or "Toward the Terra". It's actually based on a manga created in 1977. They made a film based on it in 1980, and the anime I'm watching is from 2007. It looks beautiful. The story pulls you along. It's got angst. It's got an interesting science fiction idea at the core of it. It reminds me a lot of a "What if...?" version of Anne McCaffrey's Talents Universe, where the universe is basically the same, except they live like the X-Men. So the Marvel Universe and the Talents Universe had a baby and they called it "Terra e...". That is LITERALLY the best description there is of this. I would say DBZ got involved in it, too, but Marvel has a rather wide variety of powerful characters who match the type of things that the "Terra e..." people can do.



I've also started looking at the Hawkeye Initiative, and apparently there's some weirdness going on that I don't like. Apparently a lot of people like what the tumblr page is doing because they get to make fun of a guy wearing heels and a thong (or whatever that thing is called), and not because of what it's pointing out about comics. And so a lot of other people are angry because this, in turn, is making fun of transgender and other trans folk and promoting the culture that sticks them on the bottom of the social food chain.

I'm curious about how many people, exactly, this is representing. I'm not saying it's a small portion of readers. People who just see random reblogs might also be confused, but hopfully they'll check out the tumblr page and learn more about it.

The tumblr has numerous purposes. One of them is to destroy the idea that a lot of ridiculous posing and body proportions of women in comics are "okay because it's a woman and it's a feminine/womanly pose". No, they're not okay. They make no sense, they're insulting, and they're typically not physically possible or at least HIGHLY uncomfortable.

Putting a guy in this position points out the physical impossibility as well as showing just how dumb the pose is. It actually doesn't have to play on the homophobic behavior that so many people feel is part of the "masculine" image. So many of these poses are called "empowering" on a female figure (e.g., "It's just they're way of standing in an intimidating pose"). But when you put a guy in the position, it's blatantly obvious that this is just an excuse for sexism. You don't have to be homophobic to appreciate it. You can just see how utterly ridiculous the guy looks, and hopefully people who put on blinders when it came to women, would now look at the guy and realize "oh, crap, that looks bad".

Personally, when I see the images with Hawkeye in a thong, like the drawings he's imitating, I see it as a better imitation because it's more accurate. Why should he get clothes in the redraw if the original didn't? The outfit should be just as useless for him as it is for her. This is a good poke at female armor, which is one of the other purposes of the Initiative. Most female body protection in comics and video games SUCKS and would serve as really poorly designed lingerie or bondage clothing.

I like that people are talking about this. I like that there's a lot of discourse around this. I like that people are rising to support the trans community in the face of things like this, innocent as they are (for the most part).

Now I have a final to write.
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