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I also wish I could read/use Japanese kanji so that wouldn't be a problem.

I can see this ending up tragically. It's so obvious.

But the build-up really sucks. People overreact to stuff a lot. I'm used to that in anime, but this is ridiculous.

Chrono's "sensing" or whatever is also so... silly. It has the sense of the Counselor from "Star Trek: Next Generation". It sounds important at the beginning, until you realize that it doesn't communicate any valuable information whatsoever. "I'm sensing something... But I can't tell what it is." Oh, well that was helpful. Let's go back to looking for things with all our scanners and things so that MAYBE we'll actually find some valuable information.

Since I love comparing the stupid writing decisions in these shows to actually successful writing decisions, here's an example: the treecats in David Weber's Honorverse are telempaths. Honor Harrington is a minor empath after spending so much time with them. When they sense something, they typically describe the feeling, and then there is description of how they react with that information. If it's a dirty feeling, they regard the situation with additional wariness, and pick out whichever individual is giving off the feeling to watch. They also serve as lie detectors and can catch brainwashed individuals and assassins. They can also detect the locations of individuals from a long distance off.

Back to Chrono. We're seven episodes in, and his senses have done diddly squat for the missions. I don't even know why they're mentioned. One could make a case for his senses being originally used as a sort of enemy detector, but they haven't done that thus far. They're just added dialogue to pad the episode time and to lower the writing budget because they have to draw fewer screenshots if the characters are just standing still and talking.

Here's the thing: the treecats are not the life or death of the universe. Sure, they're damn helpful. I think that Weber is teetering on the knife edge of deux ex machina when he has them, but he's been mostly good with it. Giving Chrono at LEAST an enemy locator ability (and it doesn't have to be, "Oh, I can stand ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET and find you"; it can be like what the treecats have, which is about 150 yards) would not give our heroes too much of an advantage. Sure, it would take away the convenient enemy pop-ups this show seems to love, but this isn't a freaking horror anime. It's... possibly a shounen. That's about it for its impact. It would make the show less stupid, overall.

I'm imagining the reactions of people on the street as our band of heroes travels along: "Look, a group of cosplayers!" "Look, circus people!"

Also, in "Ayashi no Ceres", Toya is totally the Gary Oak troll. ALWAYS watching... ALWAYS there... even if there's no freaking way he could have gotten there.

Also, constantly threatening your blackmail against a rogue agent is a bad idea. It's just plain stupid.

"Rising Thunder", from the Honorverse, is not that bad. It's interesting to see how much Weber has matured. He's mixing so many different elements from his Honorverse together. Honor probably isn't even in half the book.

It's nice to be looking through something that isn't terrible.



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