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The barbeque was canceled because Uncle BG couldn't come, so I called Dad and told him so.

Around 5ish, I started watching “Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time”.

I stopped halfway, and went downstairs for steak, chip + salsa, and some ice-cream. I read some and watched some of “Siege”. It was interesting.
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I went out to the car with Mom and sat there for 30 minutes or so while Mom and Mike argued. Then we left. Mike was in the middle seat, where I normally sit, cause I was up front with Mom.

We got to Wegmans and bought two cartloads of groceries. Our original cart was overflowing when we finished picking things out and it was just easier to put the bags into two carts. I got “Hocus Pocus” and some watermelon gum. Well Mike did, which is nice.

Then we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I remembered that I had a gift certificate just after Mom paid for the stuff, so I got Slamwich.

Then we walked to A.C. Moore. We met Jenny and her Dad on the way and walked in with them. Jenny has another boyfriend! That's so cool! I really hope I didn't sound condescending or anything when I talked to her about it. We bumped into each other again in the store and then we left.

I helped Mom and little with the rice crispies. I called Dad about tomorrow's barbeque. Then Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Rob, Eric, Jason, and Mitchell came. We talked a lot. I got Jason and Mitchell to go out and play frisbee with me. Then we played Slamwich. Then we grouped up with Eric and played Capitalism. When we finished eating we watched TV and chilled. It was kind of awkward.
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Today I got “Howl's Moving Castle” (the book), a “Rurouni Kenshin” doll and “How to Draw Manga: Couples”.

I read some, too. I should be done with “Rise of a Hero” tonight or in the morning.

Jazz and I (along with Mom and Mike, occasionally) watched “The Producers”. It was good.

I read some of Jazz's “Petshop of Horrors” 2. It was good. She said she'd probably bring it on the trip to Vermont. I must finish!

We went to Aunt Cheryl's for a barbeque. I actually won a battle with Mitchell and the computer on “Super Smash Brothers”. It was probably pure luck with Mitchell and both comp players were on level 1, but I still had fun.


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