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Today was my birthday party!

I don't think I relaxed at all.

I wanted to make sure everyone was involved. I wanted Elyse and Jenny to feel involved, even though they don’t like each other.

Mom came home and got real angry cause I hadn't done anything at all for the party, so she couldn't rest.

Then people started coming. I don't even remember the order. We went to the pool for a while. Elyse wasn't allowed to swim for some reason and Jenny didn't feel like swimming. I tried to get her to come in, but she didn't feel like it. I kept going between groups. Jazz and Allison kept swimming around all over the place. Then we sat out for Adult Swim and then we went back in for a while. Mr. Trone came to the pool, which was weird.

After we left we got food and Anna arrived. I opened presents, acting slightly crazy as I did so. I really wanted everyone to see. Not that I wanted the attention. I felt like I was seven, but I only wanted everyone to participate in one thing or at least watch together.

Amy got me a yellow tote bag with kitty sushi on it, which was by far the oddest gift, at least given the gift-giver. I love it and it’s beautiful, but it’s just… odd. Lots of great stuff. I think I weirded people out though with my overacting.
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I'm 14!

Jenny called around 7:49 AM this morning and said that now she can come for my party tomorrow.

Mom got home around 7 or so and we went to Party City. Got some plates, napkins, cups for giveaway, candy, balloons, glow bracelets and silverware.

We went to. McDonalds for dinner, which felt weird. We went to Baskin Robins. Actually, we went to one before McDonalds, but that one didn't have any good cakes, so we went to a different one, which had some cake. Mom put Happy Birthday Brittany on it, which was cool. They held it while we went to the grocery store and bought burgers, burger and hotdog buns, chips, soda, cheese, and poptarts.

Then we got the cake (I picked it up, Mom drove over) and came home. Everything is away. We got a message from Aunt Alyssa and Co., saying Happy Birthday. Brett said Heather and fixed it and we called them back. I left a message, after Uncle BG called, and said Happy B-Day. He's cool, Uncle BG.

I called Dad a while ago, told him the time for the party, and asked him to bring “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”.


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