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I have a seen a few bad April Fools jokes today.

I went to a "manga/anime drawing class" with Jazz. It was okay. The guy was just really figety.

I watched "Princess Mononoke" again! Still in love.

I watched "Once More,With Feeling" from Buffy and I sang along. It was nice.

I went to Don Pablo's with Dad.

Then we went to Best Buy for a while. I bought the soundtrack for "Once More, With Feeling".

I watched some of "Howl's Moving Castle", got bored, and turned on "Doctor Who". I want to see all of "Howl's Moving Castle" sometime.

I also worked on my map and plot outline some more. They look better. Things are starting to come together.
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Okay, I wish to state here, and now, that I think that Willow is the first "child" of Earthsong.

I have had this theory for a while, and just so that I can prove I did, I am stating it here. I think a lot of other people probably think this too, but I want the world to know that I do not know that for sure, and I just seriously think that without anyone else's intervention. Reasons:

1) Willow has no remnant, no memory of her life, meaning she might not have one

2) Willow was found under a tree that is the same color as her skin, with leaves the same color as her dress

3) Willow has eyes the same color as Earthsong's manifest stone

4) Willow can touch Earthsong's manifest stone without fazing, which means that she could have similiar powers which have no effect on her

5) Willow has the same color ensemble as Earthsong

I also finished "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" today.
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The festival was pretty simple. It didn't really seem like I was there.

Been watching "Buffy" pretty much all day. I only have 3 discs left in the 7th season. Now, I only have 10 episodes left. I should be finished by tomorow.

I also watched "Starship Operators" today. It was good. I really like the animation. It's also a pretty decent plot.

We saw the new "Doctor Who" in Friday. Two episodes. It was pretty cool.
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In PE we picked teams while the preps annoyed me the entire time.

I took like a 15-20 minute nap when I got home, which was nice with Prune nearby, since he's warm and soft.

Heather drove us here. I watched the end of season 5 "Buffy", and the first 2 episodes of Season 6. I was really disappointed that Ben didn't heroically sacrifice himself to kill Glory. Rather he clung to his own life.
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There was tons of snow everywhere when I woke up. School was cancelled tomorrow!

I wrote a lot today. I also watched some "Buffy". Season 6 is turning out to be pretty neat.

Dad gave me a valentine card and I watched "Fullmetal Alchemist" from last night.

Still reading "On Basilisk Station"! The crew is learning a lot about Honor.

Mom and Mike got us all Popeyes for dinner. We used like, three gallons of gas to get out of Dad's parking space because of all the snow and Heather and I were too lazy to help Dad dig the car out. We had to go directly to the gas station and hope the battery held out.
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I got "Rurouni Kenshin" 21! I'm so happy! Only 7 more!

I'm also watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". We got the seven season box set, and I'm almost done with season one (school takes up a lot of time, the first may be only three disks instead of 6 or 7, but the episodes are like 45 minutes long and I have to do homework, and I usually get home at around 4 or 5).

Yesterday I went to tutoring. It was okay. Patrick and I talked about "Dune" and "Star Trek". I think I called him stupid too much. I know he knows I'm just being silly, but I'm going to try to stop. It's kind of rude, and it really looked like he thought I meant it. I was just really hyper. I hope it won't happen again.

I am going to bring Amy her present. I am also going to get all my science done, and read my graphic novel before 3rd period comes round. I will!

"Earthsong" is being redone! Why is it that suddenly every one of my webcomics has to be redone? There's "Earthsong", "Directions of Destiny", "Redemption"... it's so messed up. And like every one of them is getting their sites fixed. I can't really complain though. "Earthsong" is getting published, and teh Lady Yates' (correct spelling) redo of the first page is awesome. It looks SO much better. I liked the original, but Willow's dress looks bigger than my room, and in the redo, you can actually see where her knees are, and it's the right size, and she doesn't look like she's diseased or about to break down and cry.

"Redemption"'s first 5 pages look better, too. Personally, though, any page with Mikalo on it would look fine period. "ASPS" apparently had a remodeling done, too. It's cool though. And the new sites look really great! "True Magic" looks so cool.


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