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I finished the stupid book today and started “Wicked”.

Mom put both cats in my room before she left for work. When I came upstairs Heather and I took them to the office and we watched “The Producers”. Then Prune got some poop on my shirt. Then Heather left to make a phone call and the room started smelling bad. Heather got back and we both thought it was Prune smelling up the room. I didn't discover until around 6 or so that he had pooped behind mom’s exercise machine. I seriously do not know how I missed it before. I might have been looking too fast. It was really nasty.

After Jazz came over we watched “InuYasha the Movie 4” in my room. Then we got some popcorn and watched “Constantine”. Then Jazz left.

Mike came home and cleaned up the poop, which I discovered about 15 minutes beforehand.

Then Mom came home and Mike drove me to AC Moore. I got a tracing wheel, tracing paper, some cloth scissors and some princess stickers.

Then we went to the bank. I got some more money. Mike did too. Then we went to Popeyes and got some dinner. I ate while I rewatched “Tron”.

Talking to Jazz and Caroline now.
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In PE we picked teams while the preps annoyed me the entire time.

I took like a 15-20 minute nap when I got home, which was nice with Prune nearby, since he's warm and soft.

Heather drove us here. I watched the end of season 5 "Buffy", and the first 2 episodes of Season 6. I was really disappointed that Ben didn't heroically sacrifice himself to kill Glory. Rather he clung to his own life.
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I think I dreamed pink last night. I certainly wore enough of it today. I had on a long sleeve pink shirt, pink rubber earrings, and pants with pink flowers on them. I also wore my hair down. I was sweaty and annoyed all day.

We read some of "The Little Prince" during 1st period.

In PE the preps kept saying things to me to get on my nerves. Volleyball was okay. I talked with Jazz a lot, so it was cool. Then I went to math. Which sucked. The teacher treats us like first graders, although that makes a little sense considering the level of intelligence of various of my classmembers. I was so happy that I actually understood "Build Me Up Buttercup" in Strings.

In Seventh period I reailized how stupid the two preps in my group are and how easy my part is. I now know that when I want help I won't ask for it. It will come sooner that way. Seeing as when I tell them I need help they all go right back to what they were doing and completely ignore me.

I watched my cats on tv! It was cool. Except with mom screaming the entire 3 minutes it was hard to hear or watch. I was also on tv cause I was holding Prune. Mostly it was just my fat thigh, since he was sitting on my leg.
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Today was okay.

I turned in my Reach Out thing and I'm happy. We also got a project in Civics, which isn't that great. In Math I'm going to have a test soon, which is also not great.

But otherwise it was okay.

Episode 2 of Season 2 of "Lost" is on tonight!

Last night we saw a show about Tiger Island, and it had the cutest whittle itty bitty kitties!!! They were so small and sweet, and had the cutest meows! I wanted to pet them.


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