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You thought he forgot. You thought it was a DBZ rip-off. You thought it was a deux ex machina. You thought it would never be explained. You thought this arc would just be filler.




So at this point I would be only mildly surprised if Ichigo is the Quincy King's grandson. I really don't think Ichigo is his SON. That line could have either been poorly translated or it could have been in reference to one of the default ways rulers typically think of their subjects: as their children.

The other is as their servants. That doesn't seem to fit here.

I had a couple questions going into this arc.

1) Does Ichigo's reputation REALLY get around THAT much? Are we REALLY going to further promote the fact that he's JUST that special?
2) They want Ichigo behind bars. Becaaaause why? They're Quincies. They're arrogant. I don't think THEY think much of Aizen. It doesn't sound like they do. Sure, Ichigo took Aizen out. Sure, the Soul Society is showing a bit too much interest in an outsider. But so what? He's not a "secret weapon"... really... and even if he were, he doesn't seem to have demonstrated capabilities that the Quincy should be afraid of. And even if he DOES use his world-altering powers, he can only do it once. Supposedly. And then it's gone forever (or until other people step in and give it back, anyway). And if they kill off most of the Shinigami, especially the powerful ones who were mainly responsible for that, then, well... it's not like he can get a restart again. He'd be able to use it once. On one person. All they'd have to do is get him to use it up on a low-level person, and he'd be out of the picture.
3) Okay, what jaw-dropping truth is coming out for THIS arc? You're killing off principle cast members left and right (aka PEOPLE WITH NAMES), and the story's barely even started yet! Something is DEFINITELY going down. Or we're having "Madoka Magica" levels of world restarts heading our way.

Other questions I've thought about for a long, long time, without ever really thinking up any reason for why beyond "it's a DBZ rip-off" or "he's a deux ex machina/angsty generic shounen hero":

Why is Ichigo so special?

Well I thought it was because the author just wanted him to be that way. Heck, he was heading along the endless powerup stages so reminiscent of other shounen, like "Dragonball", "Rave Master", "MAR", "G Gundam", and so on, with perfect recyclable plot glee. He's learned powers from the Shinigami, the Vizards, Xcution... He's learned from Rukia, Urahara, Yoruichi, general Vizards, general Xcution, his father... It would not surprise me to know that he now has to turn to the only group he's only really learned one minor fact from, way back when: the Quincy. Heck, if any more groups get thrown into this, alongside the humans, the ghosts, the Hollows, the Arrancar, the Vizards, the Shinigami, the Quincy, the Xcution people... I have no idea what to do. I barely even remember the cast from the Vizards and Arrancars. STOP ADDING IN MORE DAMN CHARACTERS AND THEN KILLING THEM OFF BEFORE I LEARN ENOUGH TO CARE ABOUT AND/OR CELEBRATE THEIR DEATHS!

I thought he'd never get around to it. I'm not entirely certain we ever learn about why Goku or Gohan are so special in the DBZ universe. Gohan, of course, is Goku's son, and therefore receives specialness by bloodline. Goku, though... I have no idea.

In "Rave Master"... well... I mean it's destiny. And bloodlines. "Our bloodlines have fought for all of time, because of x, and therefore destiny will always make sure we fight."

In "MAR"... well, part of it is that oh-so-magic-thing called will. And people from our world are "just that special" in the MAR world. "G Gundam" has a similar explanation.

I always assumed it would never be gone into. We know that Ichigo's father was Just That Special and was banished for Reasons Unknown (I presumed because, after using his power for whatever reason he did, which was apparently never being gone into, he was powerless, and was thus kicked out cause the Shinigami are snobs), and thus his children would be Just That Special. It's been done quite often before.

But, well... if Kurosaki Isshin fought in the Quincy War... or whatever happened way back when (and who knows how long ago it was, really), and had to use his power... on someone... and somehow Masaki, the Quincy, was involved... perhaps he was protecting her. Perhaps he was running from pursuers who wanted to punish him for loving/marrying Masaki. Or even escaping to the human world. Or something. I can see this happening.

Was this what he was hiding the whole time? I doubt it. I believe it was Tite Kubo who said something along the lines of "when I'm under the effect of writer's block, I create new characters rather than continue story because that gets me nowhere."

So he wanted to go out with a bang. Tie up some loose ends. We never went into how Isshin and Masaki met. Why Isshin got kicked out of Soul Society. How Isshin and Ryuken met. Heck...



He's going there, isn't he. HE'S GOING THERE!

I forget what the trope is called. It's like "multi-generational copying" or something. Where children mimic their parent's romantic messes. For instance, Minato and Naruto fell in love with women with strong personalities and red hair. Picture a scene where you see two parents talking to their kid, who looks like a mini version of one of the parents. Another kid walks into the picture, and they look exactly like the other parent, and even match that parent's temperament in some way. Of course, this child is destined to be child A's future soul mate.

I can see a story where Ryuken, a Quincy with ingrained power-climbing desires (for the sake of his family), was pursuing Masaki, a powerful Quincy. With his demonstrated abilties, coupled with the way the new Quincy refer to the Ishida family, I have no doubt that he was a strong Quincy and/or from a very strong and well-respected family, who would have thus made a VERY good match for the daughter of the Quincy ruler.

I can then see a story where Masaki and Isshin somehow cross paths, whether during a fight between themselves or with another foe, and fall in love. I can see Ryuken either getting angry about this and fighting it out with Isshin until they resolve to like each other like Comradely Male Fighters love to do, or doing something and admitting that he's in love with someone else (possibly Uryu's mother, whom we have never once heard anything about), and giving Masaki up. He might have even helped Isshin escape. Or his anger over Isshin winning Masaki over could be the basis for the pair's frosty relationship. The fact that he knows about the time Isshin lost his powers speaks volumes. The fact that they haven't spoken in some time speaks volumes.

I so see Kubo doing this. It's... well... yeah. He's gonna do it. I hope he does because I would REALLY love to at least ONCE see proof that Uryu has a mother. Maybe even proof that he has a grandmother. I mean, come on! What the heck HAPPENED to those women?

Heck, maybe Ryuken married Masaki's sister. He could have been close to the royal family and so went after Isshin and Masaki when they got together. Perhaps to kill them. Perhaps to just kill Isshin.

A mix of Quincy/Shinigami heritage would help explain the weirdness of Ichigo's early powers (I'm sure there's a trope about RANDOM POWER JUMBLE SOLVES PROBLEMS/DOES AWESOME FOR REASONS), before that power was taken away and he went through hollowfication. The hollowfication, mixed with the Quincy/Shinigami mix, plus any unusual bloodline capabilities he recieved through his parents (his father, a very powerful shinigami, and his mother, a descendent of royalty) would explain most other things. This makes me very curious and Yuzu and Karin. They already demonstrate latent abilities of some sort. I have to wonder what they'll be, sometime in the future.

On a side note, King Endymion: Troll of epic proportions. At least according to the anime. In the manga... he's a mix between somewhat helpful and moderately useless. MUCH LIKE TUXEDO KAMEN! OOOOH! STAYING IN CHARACTER! You know how he's grown as a character in the 900+ years he's lived since the present story? ...Um... he's slightly more useful than he was 900+ years ago! And he went purple!

On another side note... I wonder what fashions Takuechi would give the cast if she were to start fresh with the series. The senshi already went through at least one costume change - all of them have draft costume designs. At least in the case of the Inner Senshi, the early costume designs were substantially different than what they ended up wearing. The costume design changes gained through power-ups over time could even be seen as an excuse to build on poor early costume design. Plus, she would probably have a BIG group of assistants to help her this time around. Some of her choices could have been an attempt to lessen the amount of work she would have to do on her own. All of the original senshi uniforms are relatively simple. Even things like Neo-Queen Serenity's/Princess Serenity's gown are relatively simple for what it should be. And why does Chibi-Usa always wear a school uniform? We never see her going to school in the future, and we never see any other children wearing it. I don't know why she wasn't given a gown similar to Usagi's, like she does later in the series... until much later in the series. Say... most of the way through the Stars arc. Or why she wasn't given civilian clothes.

Now I'm not supporting the use of ridiculous outfits. I'm just trying to be realistic, story-wise. You've got royalty. You've got a set of guardians with armor that is by no means made in consideration of actual protection, intimidation, or fight capability... and, over time,they got exceedingly more so. You've got a basic world creation.

If Takeuchi could remake them... what would she take into consideration?

It would be so much easier if she'd done anything AFTER Sailor Moon, so we could see her growth as an artist afterwards, as well as her changes in preference. Authors like Nobuhiro Watsuki, Noboyuki Anzai, Rumiko Takahashi, CLAMP... they all went and continued with their work.

Toki*Meca seems to be the only thing she really returned to after Sailor Moon. And... it's kind of weird and doesn't really tell me anything. Her art HAS picked up somewhat, at least.


I hope it's amazing. I hope it is SO amazing I cry when I see the first episode. FROM JOY!

So NaNoWriMo is starting in two days. Well, midnight tomorrow. My goal is to have 11/01's portion done before I go to the Halloween costume contest so I can just put it up and not have to worry about things...

There have been a couple of students taking the initiative and starting some English-major relatedness.... things... For instance, we now have an English major's club. For some reason. I'm still not entirely sure about why, but we have one. People have also brought up some other events related to the major. And they mention them during my Creative Writing class.

Yes it's a stupid major.

So I thought about, during today's class, making an announcement for NaNoWriMo, since that's writing-related and such. It's fun. Ish. And very educational. It's good to give people what, two days to decide whether to participate or not, right?

So anyway, since class was cancelled today, I never had the opportunity to do that. So I put it up on our school's homework website on our class section. Which is always emailed out to people. I don't know how I could have avoided that, but, well... maybe people actually read it.

Of course, I didn't contact my professor beforehand and ask if it was okay... I kind of just assumed "well, I get no profit whatsoever out of this, it's a way for people to practice writing, it's a way to get connected with other writers and a way to get helpful information from other writers and a way to join the writing community and it's educational and if you do it right it doesn't take a lot of time and you don't have to pay for it and if I send it out like this it doesn't take away from class time like the OTHER student announcements did so... maybe I can just put this out there without any problems..."

Also, the homework site is kind of up at least partially for communication and discussion. So... yeah.

My email could have been shorter. The use of summary is not my strong suit. Note, this entire journal/blog thing.

I think I was 99% successful at keeping myself out of the email though. It was pretty much just about NaNo. I made a comment about how the goal is intimidating, and that it can be seen as unintimidating at first, possibly, and that I originally didn't see it as intimidating (it was very brief). I then added that "as someone who has done this for three years, I can say that it is helpful, worth it, and blah" and that was about it for me. After the "hi!" at the beginning of the email, anyway. I was very good for once! I even checked it over twice for grammatical and spelling mistakes and to be certain it was clear!

I think maybe I should have asked for her permission first... I don't really think she minded but, well...

I spent my lovely free day yesterday doing a couple things: a) sleeping, b) surviving the rain to get food for lunch, dinner, and lunch and breakfasts for the next week or so, c) WoW, of course, d) some writing, e) at least five or six hours of computer science homework, for which I have STILL not heard anything back from my professor, and f) reading "The Darkness".

My professor was supposed to have office hours today for students to come and ask him questions on the homework that's due tomorrow, general questions, and questions on the project due in a couple weeks... and whatever. I sent him questions early yesterday afternoon, and at like... 1 AM. I kind of expected to at least see a "sorry, you can't ask me these questions - you need to figure them out on your own" email. I haven't even gotten that. I'm going to assume that he's lost power. Certainly he doesn't have the excuse that I sent him emails at the last minute.

I really did knuckle down and get some comp sci homework done. Like really. I learned some stuff. That I really should have known a while ago, but STILL! I learned stuff!

I really don't like "The Darkness". It has occasional moments of amusement... but the narration is so over-dramatic, difficult to read because of font decisions, and, well... predictable... that it is extremely uninteresting. I've started completely ignoring the pure narration and just reading over speech bubbles. I even skip a lot of the speech bubbles because of, oh, predictability and sexism.

"Why are you reading "The Darkness" if you're concerned about sexism? Are you a moron?"

Because I grew up reading "Tomb Raider". Thank my dad. Personally I think it had a great story. I also haven't read over it in a long time because I am quite certain the sexism in certain places would bother me. The "Tomb Raider" comics interact with the other major Top Cow franchises, including "The Darkness" and "The Witchblade". I always wondered about these other two. Jackie also looks pretty hot when he's drawn interacting with Lara, so... yeah. A story featuring a hot guy who's really badass.


Anyway. The idea is at least half-decent. Like a wrote earlier, it's amusing at times. I've been reading in a rather non-chronological order at times, and Jackie made a reference to getting probed in the ass at one point while talking to aliens... and I thought he was joking. And then, well... let's just say he had a bad run in with some Predators. It was very amusing.

Honestly, you don't need to read the speech bubbles to get what's going on 95% of the time. If I realize I'm missing something important... which happens INCREDIBLY rarely, the most I have to do is re-read the page I'm on, closely. There's so much repetition and, well... I'm sure the authors are at least somewhat aware that their target audience will be distracted by BOOBS and PANTY SHOTS that they need simple ways to know what's going on, and not long-ass narrative.

Also, when a comic consists of 70% story and 30% sexist darklings being sexist with no real relation to the plot 99% of the time... that already takes out a chunk of the text you need to read.

I'm also familiar with a lot of the plot at this point, through the issues I got a hold of early on, before I started reading the comic in mostly chronological order, and what I've been connecting as I read. I don't need to read through every. single. character. epiphany. that really isn't an epiphany and is just a character angsting. Most likely with sexism involved, SOMEHOW, and 95% of the time doing it out of character. The number of out-of-character moments are simply RIDICULOUS in this story. The way women react to people in general and to each other and their jobs just makes no sense, and then the way they act on their own, when you're already familar with the character is just... wth people? WTH??? And then there's the way Jackie just randomly becomes the omniscient narrator perspective on his life, and not in a "I'm telling the story, and this is how I feel" way, which would be fine, but in a "yeah, I see all these things and all this stuff and everyone is right" or well... it just doesn't make sense how he's doing some of this stuff.

Could I have missed it because I'm reading too quickly over the damn speech bubbles?

No. Not some of the stuff. I'm not talking about ARC-CROSSING changes. I'm talking about weirdness going down in single issues and on pages that are SIDE-BY-SIDE.

The art is also REALLY terrible for the most part. I mean REALLY terrible. To the point where I question whether this was done by Liefield or not. It's THAT awful. And there are so. very. many. splash pages. that are AWFUL!

I also think that Nebeziel, who did some of the comics, put in some of his earlier art here. It's how I forgive him for, on occasion, not being very good with his techniques. But he's one of the few artists who does a somewhat decent job with the comic. That narrows it down to about... three or four people. Outside of that...

I was also still tempted to read "The Witchblade" series. Now I'm really, really not. The art looks twenty times worse than what's in "The Darkness", and so does the story. Sara has more OOC moments than Jackie does, and I'm only looking at the Darkness/Witchblade crossovers.

Anyway, I got through a lot of it yesterday, and I'm at least halfway done. So far, I've enjoyed... three story arcs. There's at least one large plothole (Jenny was engaged to a badass with badass levels substantially larger than Jackie... and she STILL somehow got kidnapped and killed? What? - I'm assuming we're going to learn how this happened soon). I don't really know. I'm so close now, I'll just finish. And heck, it's a way to avoid reading "Deadpool"! Which IS drawn at least on occasion by Rob Liefield!

So apparently Disney bought "Star Wars". Okay... Disney now owns Marvel and Star Wars. I don't really understand the point of that... but whatever. I now demand a Marvel-Disney-Star Wars zombieverse storyline.

I also really look forward to Star Wars movie 7. Yes, people were disappointed with the new prequels. But look at it this way: I enjoyed at least the first two movies. The third one was kind of eh. Admittedly, I was distracted by a number of things at the time. Including the fact that I was sitting between my Dad and one of my best friends and they were both trying to talk to me about different things at the same time and I was not used to being someone people ACTUALLY wanted to talk to (this still confuses me) and, well... I'm really terrible at multi-tasking.

Also, Hayden Christensen will not be in it. CGI Yoda and Jar-Jar Binks will not be in the show (I assume, anyway). If Anakin and Yoda are in it at all, it will probably be a brief thing where POSSIBLY Older Luke will be asking them for advice. Assuming the story involves Luke at all.

While I know it's not going to happen because Mark Hamill is having a lot of health problems, it would be really awesome if he at least had a cameo as a Cool Old Dude. Heck, if they even just had Harrison Ford show up as ye old Rogue of Yesteryear... he's still kicking as an actor.

Back to homework. Ta.
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So I picked up the new Jaina Proudmore book from my library (yay public libraries) and it's okay. It's not amazing. BUT IT'S NOT AN ASSIGNED READING FROM SCHOOL AND IT'S SOMETHING I ACTUALLY WANTED TO READ AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!

"But-but you find time in your schedule for shittons of WoW and stupid ol' Doctor Who and-"

SHUT UP ME INSIDE OF QUOTES! All of things! And those don't require much thought, so there!

So, SPOILERS, but apparently JainaxKalecgos is a thing.

I feel like I was theorized this, but then I pushed it aside because I've shipped JainaxVarian ever since ICC came out and I got past gunship and paid attention to the RP and was like "OMG ARE THEY SAYING THAT JAINAXVARIAN IS GOING TO BE A THING because it is ALL RIGHT THERE!" Seriously. They're like the same age. Varian NEEDS someone. He's too young to spend the rest of his days as a bachelor :D And what if Anduin gets kilt?

Also, like... I want mini Kalecs and mini Jainas running around in future Azeroth along with mini Tyrandes and mini Malfurions (OMG GAIS MOVE IT ALREADY! YOU'RE GETTING OLD!)... but I don't think a dragonxhuman hybrid is possible.

Admittedly, this is a world where a dragon and a stag gave birth to a centaur. Somehow.


I suppose it could happen.


I read some of the "Before Watchmen" bits. I don't really know what to think about them. They're mostly better than the reviews I read. The Ozymandias one was a little silly at times but it was interesting. I don't really know what to think about the Comedian one. The Nite Owl one was quite interesting - I enjoyed it greatly. The Silk Spectre one... was curious. I can see Laurie-of-Watchmen forming out of Laurie-of-Before Watchmen. The Minutemen one has potential. It certainly makes these characters more well-rounded for me. I look forward to seeing the next installment.

Overall, the art was a GREAT improvement. The things they showed that they couldn't show (or couldn't show WELL) in old comics were good (little kids in "good" families having opinions other than "mommy, I'm scared", being one of them, along with some of the more intimate moments between youngsters that created intimacy without being overly intimate... and so on).

Here's the thing. I enjoy some of the thing Watchmen says about the comic industry as a whole. There are a lot of problems with it, but some interesting things are said, and a lot of interesting things are done.

What I would love, even more than a revamped version of the graphic novel featuring updated art, would be a Watchmen styled in the Digital Age.

Watchmen was designed to use tropes in the comic industry without using known heroes like Superman, Batman, the X-Men, and so on. Tropes like age-transitions (the Silver Age to the Golden Age) for heroes, costume iterations (from the obscene - Emma Frost - to the ridiculous - Galactus), the heroic tradition being carried through families (Black Canary), animal companions (Ace the Bat Hound, Krypto), the anti-hero (The Punisher), the wealthy/playboy by day (Batman, Green Arrow), women being heavily sexualized, and so on.

Again, one of the especially amazing things about Watchmen is the fact that it did all this WITHOUT USING COMMON HEROES like Superman, Batman, and so on. What they're doing nowadays for the most part is updating old heroes or streamlining old stories. "New Frontier" is old storylines with new art and a bit of a realistic bend. The animated movie I watched took place in (I believe) a Vietnam-ish era, but with more realistic art. A more diverse cast is being introduced into stories: homosexuals, more blacks and minorities and religious diversity... and so on. Plot points that people wouldn't DREAM of using years ago are becoming widespread.

Okay, sure. That's great and all. But there's still plenty of problems in the industry, ESPECIALLY with all these things they're "combating". The industry seems to embrace stereotypes more than just write a character who HAPPENS to be homosexual or who HAPPENS to be Muslim. These things shouldn't DEFINE a character. They should just make the character more realistic. And if they do define the character, they should do it in a creative way. It shouldn't be that a homosexual male character hates or fears women and only likes purple and pink, or so on. Feature a group date between heroes where a female character brings her girlfriend. Show a day in the week where a character stops to pray in a mosque. It doesn't have to be a big deal. Heterosexual characters who show up with dates or who stop in churches or synagogues are no big deal. Why should these "new" characters be?

The problem a lot of these comics are having is the retconning of old characters, which makes a lot of people angry. A lot of writers are getting rid of the more ridiculous bits of comic past (see "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", and Wonder Woman and bondage, for two random examples) to create more "realistic" characters.

It's a battle between what they think the public wants and what they're willing to write.

But I want a new Watchmen! I want to see what that would be like in today's world. Something like Kickass... but more extensive. Kickass... I'd have to actually read the comics. That might be something close... but it still goes a little over the top.

Hmm... maybe this requires some extensive look-see...

Now, I haven't read the graphic novel, so I don't know how successful the movie adaptation was. But I did see the movie, and I did enjoy it, and I remember it somewhat.

It doesn't include a lot of the old tropes from comics: oversexualized superheroines (in the clothes department), animal companions, stupid catchphrases (to an extent - the writers and audience are aware of the awkwardness when they are used, and it is done away with after a time), most ridiculous costumes (we'll ignore the rich kid trying to impress his father who turns evil - he's kind of stupid and crazy, so he gets a pass)... and ridiculous weapons. And some others.

Yeah, it has some randomly rampantly sexual girls who are kind of weird and just fall in love with the nerds for not much reason at all. Nerds who become the center of things. It features those bits of current pop culture that are still widely used, and it makes fun of them.

While I would have liked to see a bit more development on the part of the female characters (there's only one major female character who gets a decent amount of plot devotion, and that's Hitgirl... who takes Lolita to the next level in certain ways), some interesting points are made.

We are shown characters who do not have superpowers. Who do not walk around wearing fortunes (except for the evil kid), who are not invulnerable, who have normal lives, who are not constantly Brady-Bunch-style happy.

We are shown characters who BLEED when they get beat up. Who get BEAT UP when they get beat up. Who DIE and STAY DEAD. We are shown the results of tragedies. We are shown how simple it is for someone like this to get tracked down. We are shown how trauma changes a life, especially a child's life. Especially for a child who isn't as damn lucky as kids like Bruce Wayne who are left with extensive fortunes. We're shown a male protagonist who actually wants a girlfriend in for physical reasons, not noble ones. I appreciate the noble ones, but honestly, I'm a bit tired of EVIL characters being represented by being desirous of physical wants, while good characters only care about noble things. That's NOT the way the world works. People have physical urges. While I would prefer a well-rounded relationship, a character who doesn't act like a soap opera is a welcome change from things. Plus, women aren't THROWN at this guy. He only gets ONE girlfriend the entire movie. While it's nice to thing that putting on a set of tights is a way to attract the ladies... it's really not. I can honestly say that there are two attractive costumed men in the comicverse, from my perspective: Spider-man in the Toby Maguire movies, and Captain Marvel's cape (the DC version). That's a dude and A CAPE. I don't like Captain Marvel, physically. I think he's really ugly, actually. His powers are fun. OP. But that's just like Superman. And I don't find Spider-man physically attractive in the comics. I don't find Toby Maguire physically attractive - just either him in the suit or WHOEVER is wearing that suit. DAMN can they wear a costume!

Note, I prefer Chris Hemsworth, to his depiction in the comics. There are a few instances were characters while NOT wearing their costumes, are attractive. And those are few and far between. Too many heroes are ridiculously over-muscled and grotesque to be called "attractive". And sorry, but I don't drool at the sight of muscles.

Heck, the only male costume pieces I like in the comics are Spider-man's red-blue costume (for the most part, in recent comics) and Captain Marvel's cape (which is amazing). The female costumes are mostly meh (and ridiculous, to boot), and the rest of the comic world is a Tye-dye mess of screw-ups.

So yes. Kickass showed a somewhat realistic depiction of the Digital Age reacting to a costumed hero. One) YouTube phenomenon. Phones everywhere. Internet spam. Two) Professional criticism. Any trained fighter would see the massive flaws in a plan like this. Cops and soldiers exist for a reason. Three) Only people with mental problems are attracted to a person dressed in a stupid costume who gets beat up by thugs and does what in the world? Nothing that important, really. And so we have the Females of the movie, who have demonstrated their issues throughout the movie!

If you put on a crazy costume, most likely you will get the same response those "real costumed heroes" get when my mom turned the show on a couple months ago. We laughed and mom said "crazy people like that actually exist. How sad". This, from a woman who rates male actors with me on sexiness, and who argues with me about what makes a man attractive. I assure you that, for most people interested in men that I know, less is more. Yeah, the guys (and other people interested in women) are obviously loving women dressed in like nothing, but that's not reserved to them. You start sticking men in nothing (do you wonder WHY women flock to Hugh Jackman's movies? Because he finds some excuse to take his shirt off in almost all of them!), and you'll see some more attention.

Now I don't mean that the answer to getting increased female readership is to pop more Hulks into the comics. The Hulk is not attractive. Wolverine in the comics is not attractive. Sabertooth is not attractive. Just... seriously.

Crazy people. Crazy people like them.

Then there's guns. You know those scenes where the screen is FLOODED with gunfire of some sort, and the hero MIRACULOUSLY dodges it all? Those scenes?

See, THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN (that often) in real life! It just DOESN'T happen! People shoot you a lot... you're gonna get hit SOMEWHERE. That's part of the reason people make fun of amateur gunfire: spray the target, hope one bullet makes it. Try to beat a fight through probability. That's why people liked Gatling guns when they were first created. They were first, you didn't have to reload them like older guns, which had a PAINFULLY long reloading time, and they fired LOTS of bullets, so you had VASTLY higher chances of hitting your target.

And then there's recovery time. You see characters in comics get but up and OCCASIONALLY you will see them facing the consequences of these fights. It's mostly women (Oracle, cough cough), but it OCCASIONALLY happens. Most of the time, you just see them show off MAYBE a couple bruises, and then just go right back into the ring.

I love the one moment when Lara Croft falls through a window and says she can't rest yet, even though she's exhausted. And then, for the rest of the story, she doesn't show any sign of weariness, even though she doesn't sleep a wink.


Do we need to mention that time when Batman REPAIRED HIS BROKEN SPINE?

I'm not entirely certain that Kickass escapes this. But at least it features a hero who gets shot... and experiences the results of getting shot. And a hero who experiences the results of getting beat up.

I don't know...

I've been reading more Civil War... it's interesting. I really, really want to read Deadpool now. The only Deadpool I've read outside of Civl War is his brief cameo in Ultimate Spider-Man... which was really nothing big. It wasn't funny. It was kind of... eh.

Civil War so far has been... you know, I don't really know what to think about Civil War.

I'm very confused about WHY Peter and Tony had to reveal themselves. For Tony, it feels somewhat superfluous. For Peter it's like... um, okay?

I don't recall there being a part of the act that stipulated "you have to reveal your identity to the public". All it seems to require is that you report it to the government. It's like you put yourself into a database, like CIA or Secret Service operatives. It isn't public knowledge. It's just data. They know who to turn to. They have your file.

Yes, that knowledge could get out. It's in more hands. More eyes see it. More people know it. But honestly, even without government control, that information can get out ANYWAY!

So I'm done for the night. Ta.
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Like a lot.

So some things have happened. Unimportant things, as usual.

I finished "FLCL", which was... interesting. I really like one of the songs in it, so that was nice, but, well... I don't see it as rewatchable (at least for me). I mean it was funny and presenting some interesting points, but, well... eh.

After discussion we watched this OVA called "Ultimate Teacher" which was... really, really awful and just... I mean, part of what they did was rip off the Wolverine story and it was made more amusing because the guy who voiced the 80s Wolverine from the TV show voiced the parody Wolverine character... and I bet he thought this whole thing was rather hilarious. I hope he had fun.

I read the first volume of "Sailor V"! And that was, well... it was better than I expected. Interestingly, Takeuchi continued writing the "Sailor V" story until (it appears) the end of the syndication of Sailor Moon. Which explains some of the artwork and the way the storyline ran as you get further from the beginning. I always understood that Sailor V was created first, and then Sailor Moon was the after-product after V's popularity.

Volume 2 looks a lot better and rather bittersweet.

I started reading "Oliver Twist". That's rather interesting. It's kind of mixed up with all the reading I have to do for the weekend. Yes, I'm watching anime and reading manga and writing rants rather than take care of all of my reading. Yes, I know that's bad. I have gotten some work done! I've made my way through this handbook that we have to finish for Tuesday, and I have been keeping up-to-date with the Oliver Twist portions I need to read so I'm not swamped with reading. I'm done with my Lit Resistance reading. I finished the Computer Science reading. I finished photocopying the thing I have to read for my other class on Tuesday.

I've also been writing some, which is nice.

We had an officer's meeting for the club I'm VP for. And it was interesting. I managed to probably be completely obnoxious and gross and kind of took over... sigh...

[Sailor Moon R (yes I'm still watching this show)] Reversing the flow of time does not do that. Even considering how it should not be THAT simple. It would be easier to have some sort of wind spell. JAPAN! STOP IT!

We did go over a lot of things, though! I think we got a lot accomplished.

I'm actually tempted to finish Code Geass R2. That's a lot shorter than oh, R, S, Super S, and Stars, plus two movies.

Did I mention that I really don't want to read all this stuff I have to read? It's like 230 more pages of material and AGH...

Well... 106 pages for that photocopied article. At least 17 more for "Oliver Twist". Then there's like 140 more pages for the handbook. I'm probably just not going to bother with rereading "A Modest Proposal".

Aaaaand I really don't have anything to write here today. I just felt bored.

I got caught up on the tropes vs. women (or whatever) on YouTube. It's quite interesting. I never realized how many female characters I knew well became pregnant (somehow) on their respective shows. I also don't think that Batman Rises passes the... Ichdal test? Or something. The one where at least two major female characters must exist AND speak to each other at least once about something other than men. I"m not entirely certain that Talia and Catwoman, the only main cast women, ever speak to each other. I think Catwoman looks at Talia once. Beyond that, though... we never see Talia conversing with another woman in the entire movie. Catwoman has a brief conversation with a female helper of some sort early in the film. And that's about it for her female discussions.

[R2] Is that... is that the Chinese ambassador's voice? Does Japan like really not care about China or something? Or like, not care about insulting them?

I'm also not sure that the new Avengers movie passes the test. There are two main cast members who are female: Agent Hill and Black Widow. I can't exactly recall any conversation between Hill and BW. If they spoke, it was EXTREMELY brief. I think they shared looks and MAYBE stood close to each other once or twice. Beyond that, there's that waitress who likes Captain America, who doesn't ever even stand in the same room as the two women.

Captain America doesn't pass the test. There is one primary female cast member. She interacts once with another woman, and it's in anger over the second woman coming onto Steve.

Iron Man doesn't pass the test. Pepper has one conversation with a female reporter, and it ends up being about Tony (through implication). Iron Man 2 passes. Barely. BW and Pepper speak a little together every now and then, while completely ignoring Tony's presence or any other male around. They're very brief with this.

Thor passes the test. Also barely. The Earth romance character and her intern talk together every now and then and don't ALWAYS talk about men. They discuss the research project and some of their woes and new discoveries. The other two relatively primary female cast members, Sif, and Thor's mother whose name escapes me (did she even GET a name?) never speak to each other. I don't think Sif even talks with the two Earth women, and the only time she speaks to Thor's mother, it's about Thor.

The last Hulk movie doesn't pass the test. As far as I can recall, there was only one woman with any speaking lines in the entire film, and that was the love interest.

Dark Knight doesn't pass the test. There are four women who get speaking lines in the film (outside of maybe screaming), and that's Rachel, the blackmailed cop, the judge who dies, and the woman making out with the random rich dude during the party the Joker crashes. Well, and that woman who the Italian dude is with for a grand total of like, fifty seconds, maybe. None of them speak to each other. Rachel is the only one with more than a scene or two of talking.

Batman Begins doesn't pass the test. There are, again, four female characters in the film: Rachel, Mrs. Wayne, and the two women Bruce escorts into the restaurant when he comes back from being, well, dead. It's kind of presumed that the two nameless women talk to each other off-screen and I guess... giggle or something. I don't know what about though, and we don't see it. I'm not entirely sure that Mrs. Wayne actually gets a speaking part of any kind. Rachel doesn't talk to any women in the entire film, from what I can recall.

The new Green Lantern movie doesn't pass the test. There are a couple female characters that I can remember: Lawler, the love interest... uh... maybe some Lanterns that I can't remember... that's about it. Lawler and the love interest don't talk with each other, from what I can remember. I'm not entirely certain the recent animated one passes, either. I remember there being maybe three "principal" female characters: the love interest, the evil chick, and the blonde one (who was apparently Gordan's apprentice or something). None of them speak to each other.

Superman Returns doesn't pass the test. There are two principal female characters: Lois and Luthor's current gf. They don't speak to each other, from what I remember.

The animated Wonder Woman movie passes. There are at least a few conversations between some of the Amazons on duty, combat, history, and informational bits concerning battles and such. Nothing really long, but it's still there.

I don't think the New Frontier movie passes. There are two "principle" cast members who are female. Again, Green Lantern's love interest, and Wonder Woman (who, SHOCKINGLY, is the ONLY super-heroine with a speaking part). They don't speak to each other.

Just a personal run-through to see if any recent comic-based movie passes the test, since this series focuses on comics, movies, and video games. And the answer... is really no. Wonder Woman, Thor, and Iron Man 2 all barely pass the test. Wonder Woman only does it seemingly out of a superiority of cast members, much as they still try to outnumber them with men. And what happens? Two principle plot points involve the presence of a male villain bent on enslaving the Amazons trying to take back his powers, and the arrival of someone from "Man's World", who wants to help save the world from Hades. So even with POSSIBLY a cast made of 50% women, the plot is centered around men.

Batman Year One passes the test, barely, along with the Catwoman short, which both scrape by for the same reason: Catwoman has a conversation or three with her sister/friend/whatever about money/stealing/TV or something. The other principal female character in BYO never speaks to another woman. We don't even see her talking to her BABY. The other female character who shows up (the woman Bruce hires to maintain the illusion that he's a lazy playboy when Gordan comes over) has no speaking parts. Well there's also the female cop, who, of course, gets involved with Gordan (for some reason), and then has to leave to "make things right" or whatever. She never talks to Barbara, Catwoman, Catwoman's relation, or the female hiree.

The Green Arrow short doesn't pass the test. The only conversation between the only two principal female cast members, Black Canary and the princess, is about having a knight (aka Green Arrow) around.

The Jonah Hex short doesn't pass the test. The only two women with speaking parts never speak to each other.

The Spectre short doesn't pass the test. There's only one female character in the entire thing.

I think it would be more painful to go through shows like Batman Beyond, Justice League, JLU, and so on. Despite the fact that JL has not one, no, but TWO principal female characters, they still spend a lot of time talking about at least one of the five guys who make up the rest of the team, although they do have at least a couple conversations about other things. There's also Diana's mother and Lawler (who... might have gotten introduced in JL? I forget) and Meera, Aquaman's wife.

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I find it amusing that I never really noticed this as a problem until relatively recently... yet whenever I've drawn a female superhero of any sort of my own design in an actual attempt to draw a half-decent OC (which is more like a little kid's drawing than anything else, and may POSSIBLY resemble a fake person), I haven't given them heels. I typically give them flat shoes, thick boots, tennishoes of some sort...

What is the obsession with giving female supers high heels?

You can tell when they're drawn by guys. I promise I'm not trying to sound sexist here, but honestly? Any woman who has worn heels and who's considered what the average female super has to do on an average patrol would not give them heels. They would consider "what do I walk around in that's most comfortable?" "What do I run in that's most comfortable?"

I can assure you that the majority of responses to these would not include "high-heels".

A woman who does this anyway is either inheriting a character or is considering aesthetic/marketing appeal over logic.

These women are typically doing a lot of movement on a daily basis. If they're not running, then they might be walking or standing. All three of which are very painful in heels, even "comfortable" ones.

Comfort will heels is different than with other shoes. It doesn't mean "I slip these on when I want to feel happy". It's "these don't make me feel like I'm stopping on foot-long nails."

When I go to an event in heels, one of my first priorities after locating the bathroom, food, and greeting people, is finding something to sit on where I can rest my feet. Sometime after that is finding a place where I can take off my heels while not offending anyone. You do not dance in high heels. You do not run in high heels (and if you do, it's for short spurts and only when it's life or death, and even then, you're better off taking them off because you will kill your feet, even if they're shortish high heels). If you are working a job where you stand the majority of the time, your first preference will be to not do it in heels. If you have to, in order to maintain appearances, I pity you sorely.

If you'll notice, doctors do not work in high heels. Female soldiers (and male soldiers) do not work in heels, outside of (possibly) formal occasions. Gym teachers do not wear heels while working. Policewomen do not wear heels while working. Postwomen do not wear heels while working. People who work in grocery stores, at the cash register, do not wear heels while working. Athletes do not wear heels while doing whatever sport it is they're doing. The closest you'll get to that is golf and soccer. Cooks do not wear heels while working. Security and bodyguards do not wear heels while working.

Are we getting the picture here?

Why the heels? It's an aesthetic choice. There is no other reason, unless there's some cultural/ceremonial thing (which I've frankly never heard of, outside of Japan).

"It makes them taller and it makes their legs look thinner and thus nicer."


I'm going to ignore the aesthetic bit in here and address the former. While height/size is linked to intimidation in the animal kingdom (which includes humans), this isn't always a good thing for supers. They have to hide BEHIND things or beneath things. Being smaller or being able to fit more easily into or behind something, and being able to do it fast, are boons. Heels do not make this easy. Heels make this EXTREMELY difficult, if not impossible.

"It shows off their wealth."

While this may have been true way back in the BCE era, and kind of is now, how exactly does this help a crime-fighter? They kind of want to keep their identity SECRET. Identifying themselves as having access to money... is not such a good thing, especially if those heels are crazy. Plus, depending on what it is (say, pleather v. solid gold or something, I dunno), you could probably get it really cheap somewhere, so as a wealth identification symbol, it's kind of lame. What do they do, shout "ADMIRE MY AWESOME HEELS" and then punch the enemies in the face while they're distracted? I'd kind of think any half-intelligent enemy would notice this flaw and take big advantage of it, like find a way to knock the super over or something, or heck, melt their shoes. That'd hurt.

Christmas presents for the senshi in "Sailor Moon":

- five sets of combat boots
- five light armor suits that cover their arms, legs, torsos, necks, and hands in some manner
- bras
- hair ties and coupons to a hair salon with some helpful sketches on good fighting hair styles
- protective headgear of some sort

Christmas presents to the DC Comics Universe:

- boots for Wonder Woman that lack the killer heels, and possible pants of some sort, as well as a full torso leotard maybe made of light armor, and probably something that covers her arms. I love the typical costume, too, but really? I don't know about you, but I've run around in a bathing suit and a leotard for long periods of time. I wouldn't want to fight in either, and I CERTAINLY wouldn't want to spend most of my life in them.
- pants for Black Canary. Maybe some cream for the chafing caused by the stockings.
- pants for Huntress, as well as boots without heels, also a costume without a cape
- suggestions about hair ties and trips to the hair salon for MOST of the women in the DC universe - did you notice that almost every male super in that universe has short hair?
- Batwoman's newer boots look good (they just have normal flat, low heels), and I know the cape is part of the effect... but eh...
- a strong suggestion that Miss Martian stick with her newer costume in Young Justice. You know, the one with the pants, that's most likely easier to move around in than her miniskirt costume in season 1, and maybe even more protective and less embarrassing while she's flying
- I just... okay. Lemme put up some pictures for Superwoman/Supergirl.

Superwoman idea 4Superwoman idea 5Superwoman idea 1Superwoman Idea 3Superwoman idea 6

I understand that these are probably different women and thus not all Kara or even Supergirl or Superwoman (or at least the one I'm thinking about), but these are ideas. The one thing I love about the first two is that they feature in a world that is parallel to ours, where Superwoman is a female version of Superman and Batwoman is a female version of Batman.

What? Superwoman and Batwoman were supposed to be like that?

Uh huh. Sure.

In this parallel world, they're done at least SOMEWHAT the right way - which is that their costumes mimic their original male counterparts in, well... every way, as far as I'm aware. It's not the same general cover scheme or a borrowing of some parts. It's THE SAME COSTUME, except it's on a woman and thus for a slightly different body shape.

Why they couldn't have done this before is beyond me. I understand character identification (which is most certainly NOT the primary concern creators had back in the day) and keeping characters individual... but honestly? You could have given them the same costume and made the color schemes different. That's kind of what they eventually did ANYWAY.

No. Those characters were designed when every woman portrayed for entertainment never wore pants, and mostly wore a miniskirt if she wore anything.

So anyway. If Supergirl/woman could have a design change... something like any of these could work. I still don't like the capes. I think they're kind of dumb (although we're talking about characters who wear leotards and have their underwear on the outside of their clothes, so, sigh). If you think about it, another thing soldiers and the police share (outside of formal occasions) is that they don't wear capes while they work. Getting tangled up in them or caught in them and all that stuff.


And then everything made sense. Forever.

The last three designs (minus the white cape) are probably my favorites. They don't REALLY feature outside underwear, and they're nice to look at. They kind of scream LOOK AT ME I'M A TARGET, but we're going off of Superman, so, well... The multicolor one kind of looks like it has some sort of skirt thing on it, but that might just be sewn into the pants (or it could be). There's also still the hair problem, but that could be fixed with ties and creative hair styles. Power Girl would also work well with something like this, or something like what Nebeziel styled, which would still make the character recognizable while giving the costume semi-feasible functionality.

I'm not one of the crazy "women should be modest!" people. I swear I'm not.

I'm looking at functionality here. I've lived over twenty years as a woman, so I have experience with female clothing and footwear, and I'm also somewhat well-read, and I'm always eager to learn more.

If you want any proof, I have a weird stance with the "head coverings" a number of religions order their women to wear. No, it isn't just the Muslim community. There are plenty of Christian communities that do that and it just... I don't like talking about it. Most likely because I'll offend someone.

I understand that it's part of their faith. In understand that it's typically part of their culture.

I don't understand WHY it's part of either. Men have no such restrictions for the most part. Why should the women? What is so awful about being a woman that they have to hide it?

That's my problem more over "it's a sign of oppression". To me it feels like women are being shamed by their culture into believing that there is something about them that they must hide by simply being female. It also cuts people into two gender groups: men and women. I don't know anything about how they handle people who don't fit into those two categories, but until I see something about them, I can't imagine it as anything good.

ANYWAY. It's more of a "this makes more sense as a costume for fighting and patrolling, and it will also garner you more respect (which also sounds like the "modest is best" dogma, which annoys me, but, well... who exactly are you impressing when you wander around in a metal bikini? Unless that's like... your thing, I guess) and it will be comfortable and, well... you have a smaller chance of dying. And stuff." End quotation.

I simply do not understand the obsession with high heels. It... annoys me. Intensely.

Why does this come to mind NOW?

Because I'm doing this stupid PowerPoint (which I actually enjoy and find intensely amusing except I'm never posting it because I've found some things out about Takeuchi and the early drawing days and I feel kind of bad about it, but, well...) and I keep coming up with certain things, and, well... I feel like I'm one of those people saying "women should be modest!"

When that's not what I'm doing, really.

I love it when I walk up to someone and ask them if something I think might be uncomfortable is annoying and they tell me "actually, this is my most comfortable x and I love wearing it".

I think that some of the costumes in comics are gorgeous. Wonder Woman looks amazing in her costume, as do Huntress, Black Canary, the newer Batwoman... and I apparently don't know that many female heroes in the DC universe, which is very much concerning me at the moment.

Honestly, I've always thought Supergirl's costume was impractical and kind of silly, but I wished I could wear it and look good, and I've always loved how beautiful she looks in it. I've always thought that Sara Pezzeni wearing the Witchblade was gorgeous. And that her outfit was completely ridiculous when it turned into basically webbed metal hands grabbing her boobs and all of her skin showing because FOR SOME REASON she's constantly naked when she's wearing it. I understand it ripping clothes, but it could just as easily cover them.

It just hurts to learn more about them and realize that... these things were made, yes, to make them look good.

But not a kind of good I think the people they are would appreciate. Not just the woman, but the sensible, intelligent person. The warrior. The protector. The person who wants to do what they can, but who can't be taken seriously because they've got boob holes and run around in mini skirts or are known to flash their underwear at bystanders as they pass by and who have NO ARMOR ON of ANY kind to protect themselves in a fight and UGH...

And maybe some of this came out of the fact that I was one of those girls who wished I could grow up to look like "insert female superhero here" (and also learn the kick-ass moves and get the men and become really smart). And this lens has been ruined by that. I can't look at the women as people. I look at them as posters for "what I'm not and what I wish I was". It's part of the reason I could never look at things like Sailor Moon for the story or what I felt was wrong with it. I looked at Sailor Jupiter and thought "I wish this was me. I want to BE her."

And now I'm... not them. And I probably never will be. And I care more about those things I didn't think about before. And I've read a lot more.

It's part of the trap they get other people to fall into. People who are in it for the skin value. Not the story. It's what spawns idiots like the troll from the other day. Who don't see the prejudice or the insult. They just see the action hero.

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I honestly have a lot to take care of. Most of which I'm not planning to bother with until tomorrow. I feel like writing about a new project that I'll probably forget about in a couple days, nerds, and stupid people on the Internet.

A truly unimaginative rant. But, well. That's me.

So I had an old logic puzzle left over from seventh grade that I never solved, which our teacher commented was especially hard, and which no one in the class solved, and which I kept in order to one day finished. I've tried it several times over the years, to no avail. And... I finally solved it today. I checked it over three times, too! It's rather large and complicated and you have four groups of variables to put together and it just... I mean, wow. Should I have been able to solve it back then? Yeah... maybe. Thank you LSAT classes! I actually feel accomplished now! (And a little sad... I mean, really? All these years and it took me YEARS to solve the damn thing?).

On that note, let's pretend I'm intelligent.

Anyway. I don't remember what I was planning to rant about last night/this morning, but it wasn't quite what I actually did rant about yesterday/this morning. So it was kind of a "let's point out the bad art points in Sailor Moon, cause no one's ever done THAT before, right?"

The thing about that, is that it kind of looks like I found one specific panel that had a lot of problems (and it's not even a big panel, at that, kind of just a throwaway panel) and got nit picky. That's just sad.

So, rather than play more Diablo 3, I went around and gathered some more panels from the manga... and started putting them together and doing the same thing. And, well... I've gone through six chapters. That's it. And I already have lots of pictures. And it's interesting because I'm seeing similar problems. The artists have issues drawing knees, elbows, and legs in general, as well as accurate spines.

It's kind of fun. Kind of sad, too. But fun and really funny. How far will it go? I don't know. Like anything truly worthwhile (and this isn't to anyone other than me and other people who procrastinate too much and have too much time on their hands), it takes a while to do everything. So who knows? I don't have a chance of running out of material any time soon, so that's not a problem. It's just effort.

So I was on deviantart and an artist I like, Nebeziel, put up a drawing of Wonder Woman. He made a comment about how one of her original vulnerabilities was bondage. Which, like kryptonite and Superman, gave people a lot of excuses to draw a woman in bondage in comics. Now that's been taken out (for the most part at least), and he thought it would be funny if an old villain came along and still thought that was her vulnerability... and then she kicked the person's ass.

This was informative for me. I didn't know that she had that sort of vulnerability at one time. So someone posted a link to a video they'd seen previously about Wonder Woman's history on So I checked it out, and it was interesting. Somewhat insulting, too, but informative, all the same.

Personally, I shrugged off the comments in the video as male nerd testosterone (or just male idiot testosterone), because I've heard the like before.

Then I read the comments. Personally, I'm curious for the most part about what people think about videos like this. Other times, the comments are pretty funny.

Honestly I know I'm just asking for trouble. Why read it if they can make me angry? It's comments on the Internet, of all places. I'm just asking to fall into that "responding to stupid people on the Internet" trap that is just... stupid, really.

Most of the comments I read were fine and typically to the tune of "this was interesting" or "I never this!"

Then there was one really long comment that was just... Ugh...

You know it could have been a troll. It really could have. I'm not very experienced with the people. In WoW and Diablo 3 I typically just ignore them and offer that same advice to others. I also don't explore much of the sight other than the Escapist dude who talks about video games. But I read this anyway. And... well... Also, this author has stated that English is his third language, so bear with him. Hard as it is. And I don't mean the level usage of English.

"But, then, even after all the time saving advencments that girls have at their disposal. weakened and brain dead majority of the recent generations, failed to really produce any segnifican number of female leaders, or scientist, engineers, mathematicians, inventors......
(below this is a lot of skipable BLA BLA, read at your own bordum, just kidding... or was I?)
Also I *some what* hat feminism, simply because they tend to be way-one sided, and almost blameful towards all men. People who are over invested into a side tend to over stereotypes and character attack their opposition.
I had women literally tell me that they don't need man to populate the planet, so therefore men were useless. Heh, sure sure. Someone wasn't paying attention in school, maybe she was to busy texting?

Yet, I find that people are waying gender and race
fare to heavily, wile the fare more important individualism is forgotten.

I don't like the fact that there seems to be some lobbying against any form of "anti-feminism" in the media.
The fact that girls have an upper hand in many judicial proceedings is abuse in certain cases and loop holes. Another miss-judgment of the overly brisk and over-compensating judicial system.

Also, some episodes get canceled because of lobbying against what some consider to be discriminative against females...
(When it makes no difference or just happens to be part of the plot).
For example, apparently one of the Star Gate episodes was taken of, because of such a case.

Over all, I think his short sited theory fell on it’s head, that said a theory is just a theory, so who knows, maybe there’s an alternate universe where all woman are wonder-woman females and are more man-like, but then they would become man O.o” so what is gender any way?"

The editor in me is very, very glad to just give this over to the very annoyed scholar/feminist/intelligent human being.

I can only conclude that this person is a complete idiot, on top of being racist and sexist.

They have probably never paid proper attention in history class, or their history classes were extremely censored and screwed up in comparison to, well... reality. Yes, we're working on making our history textbooks and classes more accurate, but we haven't been THIS bad in a long time.

I'm curious about where this person is getting their statistics on the make-up of scientists and politicians based on gender or sexuality (the lack of specification is also informative). There have been female leaders and scientists of one form or another for centuries in many cultures.  Well-known figures, as well. True, they most likely weren't as populous or well-known as the men in every case or even most cases, but that doesn't mean they didn't exist. If you study anything related to English literature or history, you've probably heard of Queen Elizabeth I. If you study any American history, especially related to the Civl War, you probably know Harriet Tubman. There have been female astronauts in a field that still numbers in only the double digits. There are female chemists, female doctors in just about every field of medicine, female astronomers, physicists, theoretical scientists, research scientists, professors, teachers, school leaders, politicians, and a growing number of women in different jobs in the world. As a matter of fact, my mother is an engineer. She's worked on one of the space shuttles. My chemistry teacher was a woman, as were my pre-calculus, pre-algebra, and geometry teachers.

This person is literally saying that they hate a stereotype because they stereotype and hate the stereotype.

Complete. Idiot.

He obviously has no idea what feminism is or what any type of feminism is about or that there even ARE different types of feminism and feminists and that not everything you see on television or the Internet is true.

I somehow think that whichever women this person actually managed to get to talk to him said a great deal ELSE other than "men aren't needed to populate the planet, and are therefore useless". He was probably too busy texting or staring at their boobs or inserting "BLA BLA" in capital letters into what he was hearing from them.

So individualism is important. Just because people value gender and race does not mean that people do not value individualism. How is individualism ignored? Like most of the things mentioned here, he doesn't say.

Actually, it's rather untrue that women have the "upper hand" in judicial proceedings. That's why "victim blaming" is a problem. A very prevalent problem that people are still trying to deal with. And it's almost always directed at women and people who aren't white. I can only assume that this comment stems from someone who, like many people who watch Law and Order or any of the police shows (although not all of them by any means), has no idea how the actual judicial system works.

TV episodes have been cancelled throughout television history for an assortment of reasons, just like almost every kind of entertainment. Ballet was controvertial when it first started out, as were musical compositions with words that weren't hymns and movies with people talking. What you can and cannot do on screen and in front of an audience has changed constantly throughout human history. If you want weird examples, think of this one: Disney once made a short informational episode about menstruation that was cancelled, most likely because it was considered "inappropriate" for viewers. Women and men weren't allowed on-set without a chaperone at one point in history, or to be shown serving alcohol to each other, alone. Flirting that showed a woman being in control, sexually, wasn't showed. Married couples in a single bed wasn't shown. Their bedrooms featured two single beds. No suggestion of sex occuring, no sirree. What are children, anyway? Non-white people couldn't be shown in anything other than low-paying or villainous positions. Divorced couples were not shown or referenced, nor were family problems outside of, well... the villains.

I love how he says that this happens... and then fails to list the reason for why the episode was controversial, let alone why he doesn't believe this matters in the specific case. So it was cancelled. Which episode? And why? Stargate had seven seasons, two spin-off series, a spin-off animated series, a number of comic book series, at least one video game of some sort, and three movies. Saying "an episode" was cancelled is a little unspecific. Or is the fact that someone DARED to cancel an episode of a show as vaunted as "Stargate" supposed to be the point?

I can't understand what he means by commenting about how the discrimination problem has nothing to do with the plot. I'm guessing he has no comprehension of why people care about these things. He probably doesn't have much comprehension of what's going on in Stargate, either, if this is the way he looks at things.

What short-sighted theory? That women are bound to take over the world (according to the creator of Wonder Woman)? Short-sighted HOW, exactly? And how does it fail? He hasn't proven anything. He hasn't even stated ANYTHING to prove.

Then there's the last paragraph.


He's one of THOSE people. Those people who think wearing purple or pink or a sweater vest makes you gay, or all poets smoke or only men think or cooking will emasculate you or something.

[Doctor Who] On a side note, there was a dude who looks a lot like Will Ferrell on this episode. Of course, Will Ferrell isn't that old by far, so. That was weird.

Being intelligent is not genetic. Any trait giving you an increased intellectual capacity is not a strictly male trait. Strength is not a strictly male genetic trait. Agility is not a strictly male genetic trait. Flying an airplane, using a lasso, fist-fighting and any fighting style are also not genetic or strictly male traits.

Wonder Woman is a strong and powerful person who happens to be genetically female and considers herself female. Superman is a strong and powerful person who happens to be genetically male (by human standards) and considers himself male. Both could hold their own against the other in a fight. Becoming strong or smart or fast or good at a specific skill does not decide one's sex or even someone's gender. The person picks their gender and how they wish to identify themselves to the rest of society, if they care. Sexuality is an ever-evolving topic involving an increasing number of sexes and how to decide on such things. I play video games, like science fiction, plan on being an attorney, and read Sailor Moon and like playing with my hair. The former stuff is all traditionally male, yet I am not a male, do not consider myself male, and have no BECOME male. The latter does not designate me as female. It's just something I enjoy. I know plenty of men who like Sailor Moon and playing with their hair. I know plenty of women who dislike Sailor Moon and playing with their hair. I know plenty of men who dislike video games, science fiction, and science in general. I know plenty of other women who share my interests. Saying that enjoying something decides your sex or gender is a completely ridiculous phrase, and I literally cannot say that enough because people will not stop saying that it DOES. People who include my mother, sister, at least two of my best friends, and many, many peers, and not just generic people on the Internet or in the media. Heck, my maternal grandmother thought that all cats were female for some reason, and I've recently become aware that this is not an unknown and unusual phenomenon.

I'm glad he asked "what is gender anyway?", because he obviously has no clue about what gender or sexuality are. The first true glimpse into this person's psyche that makes sense.

Complete idiocy.

So anyway, there was that. Now I want to take a shower and... I don't know. Add more to my powerpoint, finish an episode of Doctor Who, watch another episode of YST... or something.

I might stop watching this, too. This show is just... ridiculous, especially considering the stuff I've been ranting about.

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So I did that. I started getting bored in the third section... and that was probably the worst part. I panicked a little on the logic games section... which is silly, because I could have gotten through at least the first three games. The fourth one... would have been iffy. So I guess it's good I spent all the time working on the first three. I forgot you need to go through and look at all four of them at least briefly beforehand. I forgot a lot of things, actually.

I definitely didn't do incredible this time around, but I almost doubled my score from last time... so I think that counts as an immense improvement.

Some things I want to get down besides the LSAT: comics, in particular, the Death of Spider-Man, and music in the Olympics. And maybe some other stuff.

So I've been checking out a lot of comics from my library (go public libraries for being awesome!) and among them was (finally) the "Death of Spider-Man" and "Death of Spider-Man: Fallout" comics. The rest were mainly Batman/Superman related comics.

So "Death of Spider-Man" was a bit of a let-down. I'm glad I never actually bought it (hey, taxes go to the library, so I kind of did pay for it...) but... eh. It was okay. "Fallout" was actually a lot better. I find it interesting that I like "Prelude" and "Fallout" but not the actual "Death of Spider-Man" itself. Weird.

The other comics were pretty good, mostly. There was the one compendium that featured a single-issue Dad got as a freebie ages ago... and I thought it was a part of a series, but it's actually just a completed little compendium. It might be part of a general comic line in relation to the Batman: The Animated Series storyline... but the compendium was complete, for what it was. So I'm happy that's done. The Shazam comic was kind of a let-down. The art was nice and it was... cutesy, I guess. Not a big fan, though. Captain Marvel's sister was more of an annoyance/damsel than an actually powerful superhero in her own right. The only other female character was a female newscaster who you're supposed to dislike because she doesn't instantly love Billy Batson (but is so shallow that she's only in love with the tall, handsome, powerful Captain Marvel 9_9) or whatever. No, I didn't hate it because there were no strong/useful female characters. It's a story about Captain Marvel. So... why was he kind of lame? I've never read a Captain Marvel comic before, so I'm unfamiliar with how he was shown when he was first created. But I've seen several animated versions of him. He's been in "Justice League: Unlimited", "Young Justice", "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", and a sort of special short called something like "Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam"... so, well... I'm used to different versions of him, just like all comic book heroes. I'm not used to seeing him as young as he was in the comic. He's typically at least... I don't know... ten or twelve? In the comic he looked like he was eight or nine. Also, in the versions I've seen, Captain Marvel is Billy Batson with Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, and so on combined. When he goes back to being Billy Batson... he just loses all of that. He retains his memories, but he doesn't have all the powers.

He is not some Other Person just inhabiting Billy Batson's body when he says Shazam! Arguably, a Billy Batson with all that knowledge and power really IS another person, but really? If you look at the other versions of him, Captain Marvel is a rather naive hero who isn't all there at times (he's a kid with superpowers, not a lifetime of knowledge and/or military/fighting training of any kind, what do you expect?)... which is kind of terrifying. It actually brings up an interesting point... is Captain Marvel the fan's fantasy come to life? Most of the fans were probably kids. How many kids want to be superheroes? So if you gave super powers to one of these kids... what do you think would happen? Captain Marvel is basically Superman without the kryptonite and yellow/red sun and magic weakness thing. His weakness seems to be if you get him to say Shazam and then duct tape his mouth or just stop him from talking so he can't turn into Captain Marvel and stays stuck as Billy Batson (again, I don't know a lot about the character). Or if you outsmart him (considering the fact that he's supposed to have the "knowledge of Solomon", whatever that means, he seems to get outsmarted A LOT - maybe it just compensates for his possessing the intellect of a little kid?).  So you give a kid Superman abilities. A kid without the restraint an adult would be more likely to have, and without military/fighting training, who just wants to have fun, and is constantly surrounded by his idols: members of the Justice League or other superheroes. How dangerous do you think that is? THAT is terrifying. It's like when you consider the fact that we're all lucky that Superman is almost like a god, and, thankfully, has never realized that himself. Or at least doesn't act on it.

If you think about it, making Captain Marvel another lifeform, rather than Billy Batson with superpowers makes more logical sense. Becoming intelligent is not something you can turn off and on like a light switch. For a simple example, let's look at The Scarecrow from "The Wizard of Oz" (the book, not the musical, at least for starters). The Wizard didn't give him brains. The Wizard stuck a lot of useless things in his head and the Scarecrow basically just believed he'd been given brains and been made smarter, even though whatever smarts he had were already there to begin with (something about inner strength and you don't need approval by others or something, I don't know, not my point). Even in the musical, he didn't get an ACTUAL brain. He was handed a diploma. A diploma does not make you smart. I've got a shelf full of certificates, along with a Bat Mitzvah and High School diploma. Heck, I even had a certificate for "smartness" at one point. I did not receive that and gain 100 points in my IQ. It's actually theorized that the scarecrow in the musical said the Pythagorean Theorem wrong to make a statement about schools and smarts and politicians and movies and blah blah... so yeah.

Beyond that... being smart takes time. It takes time and studying. And you'll forget a lot of things by the end of it all. Hopefully not the important things, especially if you're in a job related to the scientific or medical professions. Your brain will HURT with what you know. It won't throb because it's so full of facts, but you know that proverb, the one that goes "Ignorance is bliss"? Yeah, that's completely 100% true. I was happier as a kid, when I thought "constipated" was an insult and "stupid" was a curse word. I really was.

So brain damage. That thing that happens when, well... a lot of things can cause brain damage. A lot of things. Brain damage isn't just like bits of your brain shut off and you're still the same person and you're fine. No, that's not how it works. You can lose bits of yourself. Things you know. Things you know how to do. The ability to talk normally. The ability to move properly. So on.

Getting a great deal of knowledge shoved into your head instantly cannot be a comfortable experience. Captain Marvel is, well... Superman without most of the disadvantages and a couple of the dumb deux ex machina powers, so I guess he can handle it. Billy Batson, however, is human. He's not even a full-grown human like most of the big contenders in the DC world. He's a kid. Maybe a teenager at max (also, a bunny of mine: Billy Batson in his late teens, 20s, and 30s, anyone ever doing that?). Getting all of that knowledge sucked OUT of his head every time he turns back into Billy Batson... that's actually terrifying. Very likely it's pretty painful. It's possible that he could get brain damage from that. But if that knowledge were in SOMEONE ELSE'S head... well... it might make a little more sense.

Although, the spirit would still be in his body so... This is just annoying to me. I didn't write this to talk about Captain Marvel.

Whatever. I wrote.

There was this one comic where they had some fun with alternate universes and such. That one was fun. They had Soviet Union Superman (Superman's pod landed in the Soviet Union, not Kansas), Batman Beyond, this mock-Avengers team, and a world where all the characters were the same, but their genders were switched. And others, but those were my faves.

Superwoman made me think of this fanfiction this artist on Deviantart is cartooning for someone, where Superman is a woman and, well... SuperwomanxLex Luthor is a thing (he's like a good guy) and they have a family and stuff. So that made me smile, because that would be... amazing. Luthor could do a lot of good if he was, well... good.

And then they had Batwoman... and she was... the same. Not sort of the same. Not a seductress. Just... the same. Which I loved, because why would the character be different if the gender was different? Gender is a societal, cultural thing. It's not genetic. Any way, the character would have the same capabilities.

Then they had Superlad, which amused me. His costume was even similar to Supergirl's.

Another interesting thing they had was Mrs. Terrific and Big Bardo. That made me snigger a bit, although the character design for Mrs. Terrific was pretty cool. A pity we never saw female Darkseid... (yes, it was a referenced thing, I'm not making this up).

The mock-Avengers thing was funny... for a mix of reasons. Partly because of the explanation given for why the higher dimension beings created them... and partly because I realized that, in all honesty, they're just bastardized versions of the Avengers/X-Men/Marvel Universe characters. Way back when, when superhero comics were first getting started, there was a LOT of competition. DC and Marvel basically tried EVERYTHING the other side did at LEAST once. Or as many times as possible in any way until it stuck. It is entirely likely that these are holdouts from those days.

Or not. This could just be making fun of their history. They had a sort of screwed-up Thor, an American soldier, a pixie-character who was, of course, in love with the male character who could change his size and grow really big, a hulk character, some sort of mix of Wolverine and the Beast, a mix of Nightcrawler and Spider-Man... yeah. They had it all.

It was a nice story, too.

I returned a lot of them to the library, along with "A Feast For Crows". I just gave up. It was due today and I didn't have the drive to pull an all-nighter to finish the damn thing, especially with the PLSAT this morning. On to better books! WWII memoirs! Finding what makes you happy! Really bad teen fiction! Hilarious fiction staged in Ancient China! Batman novels! Rewritten fairy tales!

Yup. The future looks bright. Also, the new Jaina book was put on hold sometime recently, since I could be the first hold. So I'm REALLY happy for that. I hope it's good!

I will say this for the Olympic Opening Ceremony. I don't have a big commentary. I just want to say that the music was pretty good. Well... everything but the rap. The rap, after the first couple seconds was just lame. Really, really lame. And I didn't get the sitcom thing at all. I really didn't.

But I liked the Mr. Bean thing. That was hilarious. As was the conductor's expression when he woke up. I liked that female drummer who played. She was great. It looked beautiful.

The Chariots of Fire thing was funny because it brought back this memory I have of one of my Hebrew School friend's Bar Mitzvahs, where one of my best friends and I slow-ran-high-fived each other like six times while the music played in the background. It was great. It's even better when you're wearing socks on a hardwood floor and you keep slipping and sliding and trip over yourself and nearly break something trying to high-five your friend while your other friends look on and laugh and you end up in this mound of sweaty friends all laughing together. Have I ever mentioned that B'nai Mitzvot year was the best Summer of my life? Because it was. It really was.

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I had breakfast while playing on the computer. I read for a while and then watched “Fullmetal Alchemist” from last night.

Eventually I worked on some homework and finished “Invader”. I really liked it! It’s not as good as the first book, but some new plots get introduced and things are getting dicey. It took me a while to finish, though. And even after that, my laundry wasn’t done.

Dad and I went to synagogue so Dad could look at the Torah for his reading tomorrow. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was good. Then Dad dropped me off at Mom’s. I logged onto the computer and played Spider Solitaire.

Mom came home. Mike and I went to Borders. I got “Ranma ½” 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. They were good. I also looked through half of “Naruto” 1. It’s the same as the TV show, except for the translations, so I really want it. I also looked through some “X-men” stuff. We spent like, an hour and a half there.

Then we came home. I read some of my comics. Went and had my leftovers from lunch and some ice-cream for dinner, and then I came upstairs and finished my comics.
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Mike picked me up from Hebreweschool and we went and got pizza and cheesesticks at Papa Johns.

Yesterday I met Jazz at the "Laughing Ogre" comic book store. It smelled like cigarrettes. Mike bought me "Ultimate Spider-Man 7", and "The Darkness", Volume 1.
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I finished most of my homework at school, I have test on Thursday and we're starting our projects Friday.

I finished reading all "The Fantistic Four" comics on the disc about three hours ago and I was working on my library about an hour ago, before Mom came home.

I've been going around the internet for like, the past half hour or so, bored. I know I should finish my Interactive, do my speak up, take a shower, finish putting my books away in order, put my backpack together, and go downstairs to get something to eat, but I don't want to for some reason.


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