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We went to a retirement home today. The lady I helped was nice, but the helper girl at Allison's and my table kept glaring at me whenever I said something.

After the bingo games (my lady won a quarter!) we got back together and had lunch. Shayne gave our group gelt. Then we lifted Elyse up on a chair 15 times (one extra for luck) for her birthday and Nori gave us cupcakes.

Then we left. We stayed in our room at the J for a while. Peeled off the window paint. Then we went swimming for a long time. Elyse left and then Allison left. Then I left. Then Shayne left, I guess. She was waiting for her brother when I went in to get dressed.

Then I went upstairs and Mike took me home. I fell asleep. Worked out. Watched “Constantine”. I didn't go to Allison's party, which I didn't know was today until today, and I feel really guilty for it. I went to the “Spiderman 3” site.
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We went to D.C. Jazz and Shayne didn't come.

We walked around the city and stopped by some monuments. We ate lunch beneath the shadow of the National Monument. Literally. I purchased a Spongebob popsicle. It was really hot. I finished “The Twin Dilemma” on the bus ride back. When we got back I went swimming. My new goggles are great!

 Then I started reading the “Illiad”, went home, organized my library and watched “Constantine” while I worked out.

I talked to Dad when he called (he got home!) and ate dinner.
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I finished “The Kachina Doll Mystery”. It was all right.

I have to carry “The Illiad” with me tomorrow, to camp in case I finished the next “Nancy Drew” before camp ends.

We went to the Potomac Nationals baseball game verses some other team. I have plenty of sunburn, seeing as I was too lazy to put sun screen on, didn't bring my umbrella to the stadium, forgot my hat and hats were too expensive and there was no cover. So I am somewhat sunburnt. I got chicken fingers, fries with ketchup, two diet Pepsis, some skittles (which Terra/camp paid for) and a Potomac Nationals seat cushion, which I like. They lost, 8 - 1.

We came back around 4. I went to the water fountain three or four times. I ate all the reds and gave Jazz the rest of my skittles. I also finished my string thing.

I worked out and watched “Constantine”. Mom and I went to that outdoor shopping center and I got some Nike tennis shoes, goggles and my one wristband and headbands. Mom got some socks and wristband and headband. Then we went to Reebok. We also went to two stores and got Mike two shirts. We stopped at the frozen custard place for some frozen custard and then went to Wegmans. Heather's car was unlocked after the locksmith apparently came and went. Then we all went shopping.
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Today I watched "Collateral", which is also good. I also watched Constantine twice. I love that movie.

I cleaned my room up some more, or more like sorted my clothes some more.

Mom helped me a whole lot with the concept map. Without Mom, I would never have it done now.

I read some today. I slept a little. I don't think I wasted this day at all, even though I didn't really do anything.


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