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I woke up at noon for some reason, but I was also having a very scary chase/video game dream. It sounds kind of cheesy, but it was quite frightening.

I watched some of “Galaxy Railways”, which I started yesterday. The character reactions are a bit odd, but the art is nice and the plot is okay. I also watched “Blade” when the DVD player started acting up, and I uploaded new music to my iPod.

“Blade” was okay. I am not the biggest fan of the acting, but the plot was sort of interesting, and I would like to see the next two, now. I have only seen a part of the third one.

Yesterday I bought “Ranma ½” 21, 22, and 23 and “Buso Renkin” 4. I was up so late reading them that I did not get around to writing anything.

I had lunch when dad got home - the rest of my tuna helper, and some Thin Mints.

I also complete my study guide, and read some of “Gone with the Wind” and “Inheritor”. I wrote a page or so of my story. too. I'm happy about that. I'm finally writing it!

I bought “Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy” on iTunes. They finally had it. I wasn't expecting it to be there. I wasn't looking for it, either. I just wanted to see what shows Nick, Cartoon Network, and Disney had up.

I ate my leftover Chile’s from last night for dinner and watched more “Galaxy Railways”. Things get interesting.

I called a friend and we’re going to see “The Epic Movie” tomorrow, since “Pan’s Labyrinth” isn’t showing at any of the right times.
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I had breakfast while playing on the computer. I read for a while and then watched “Fullmetal Alchemist” from last night.

Eventually I worked on some homework and finished “Invader”. I really liked it! It’s not as good as the first book, but some new plots get introduced and things are getting dicey. It took me a while to finish, though. And even after that, my laundry wasn’t done.

Dad and I went to synagogue so Dad could look at the Torah for his reading tomorrow. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was good. Then Dad dropped me off at Mom’s. I logged onto the computer and played Spider Solitaire.

Mom came home. Mike and I went to Borders. I got “Ranma ½” 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. They were good. I also looked through half of “Naruto” 1. It’s the same as the TV show, except for the translations, so I really want it. I also looked through some “X-men” stuff. We spent like, an hour and a half there.

Then we came home. I read some of my comics. Went and had my leftovers from lunch and some ice-cream for dinner, and then I came upstairs and finished my comics.
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It actually isn't even close to as bad as it sounds, when reading the title. When I read the summary about extremely brief nudity that didn't show anything, I actually thought there was going to be something bad in it. But then, when looking over it all, the only part that can be considered "nudity" is when Joe has his shirt off. That's it. Nothing else. The title is kind of creepy, though. I wonder if they cut something from the televised broadcast? I don’t know what, though.

I woke up around 6. Huzzah. Day off, and Mike and Mom wake me up. I went back to sleep. Dad called around 7 to ask if I was ready to be picked up. I told him it was a Teacher Work Day (which I've said before, numerous times) and then went back to sleep. Gave up around 8, and went and had breakfast. Turned on the computer, got packed, and went outside to wait for Dad.

When I got to Dad’s house I did some homework. I made a tuna helper for lunch and had one of the cookies and cream health bar things for dessert. I know it’s not a dessert; it just tastes good, and I don't have any other use for them anyway. I watched the “Naruto” and “Fullmetal Alchemist” episodes I had Tivo record for me. They were very good and interesting. Then I did some more homework, and played some “Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 3”.

I read for a while and then “Cyborg 009” arrived! Eventually, Dad left for his dinner. I warmed up what was left of the tuna for dinner, had an apple, some roasted peanuts, and water for dinner as I watched my DVDs. I really liked it, but it’s still only eight episodes of a 52 episode series, which is depressing. I can’t even get the rest of the series in Japanese unless you get unofficial versions online. I really wish they would release the whole series on DVD. I don’t even think they did that in Japan. For all its faults, “Cyborg 009” (2001) is a good series. The animation is pretty good, the voice acting is good, the plots are fine, and it had a decent following as far as I can tell.

Then I watched tonight's “Naruto” episode. I've seen this part before, but I like this part of the series. I'm starting to reconvince myself about buying the season, and “Fullmetal Alchemist”, as well.
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After Hebrewschool I met up with Dad and we went to the bank and “Bed, Bath and Beyond”. Dad got me a new toothbrush since the one I had was broken. He also got my bathroom a new shower curtain and bath rug before he picked me up. He really went shopping today.

Then we went to Don Pablos. Used a $5 coupon. Then we went to Best Buy. I bought “Batman Beyond” Season 1. Its probably better I got that than “Naruto” because I'm still not sure about “Naruto”. I also bought the “Snow White” and “Cinderella” soundtracks. And Dad got a “Braveheart” CD. Then we came home.

Then Dad brought me to Mom's. I did some badly needed CD organizing.


Dec. 15th, 2006 11:24 pm
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I talked to Hannah and Becca during lunch. It was crazy, but I had a good time.

I saw “Eragon” with mom. It was okay.

Then we got Thai. We talked about the movie, the books and my story.

Then Mom brought me to Dad's, and Dad lit the candles, said the blessing, and I opened my Hanukkah present. He bought me “Ranma ½” 3-9.
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I went to Orchestra. We had a sub so we practiced "Ose Shalom" and "Let There Be Peace".

Then I went to World Civ with Becca. Mr. Hedrick was teaching solo today. Poor Mr. Hedrick. No one shut up long enough for him to say stuff clearly although he did a good job trying, and I heard most of it, except when I accidentally wasn't listening and he caught me off guard with a question and didn't hear me after I said it three times. I know he was being polite when he told me, and we kind of yelled at him for it. Sorry Mr. Hedrick. He's a nice teacher and I feel so bad, now. We finished the badly acted “Julius Caesar” movie. The arrows BOUNCED off of a person.

Then I went to Science. Watched a movie I couldn't hear cause Alyssa was so loud and has somehow befriended Taylor, Kevin, Julia, and everyone else over there.

Dad called me back and we talked, then I called Mom and we talked, and at least we're talking and not getting angry at each other.
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Told Mrs. Simms about my Hanukkah present. We got a new piece called "Twilight Sleigh Ride”, which I like. I "played" the chimes. It was hard because I didn't get cues like the others cause I was supposed to be spontaneous.

When I got home I read some more, did some homework, listened to “Cold Mountain”, played with Prune, watered the plants, left my effin World Civ book, and Dad picked me up.

We went to Pei Wei, but Dad didn't have his wallet, so we came home. I worked on my homework and listened to music. Dad ordered dinner and went to get the food. I finished most of my homework, and after Dad came back, watched “Tarzan” while I had my chicken wraps.

We gave Simba his medicine and I talked to Mom on the phone.
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We watched the tape of our concert and I got my sweatshirt and t-shirt. The sweatshirt looks like it’s eating up Lyna when she puts it on. And Diana's hood is way too big.

Dad took me to Mom's and I picked up "Quest for Camelot" and Dad took us home.

Dad ordered Pei Wei and went to get it. Then I watched "Quest for Camelot", which was good.

Now I'm watching “Skyland”, which is pretty good.
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Daddy came home, and he got the wrong thing in the mail. Then he made the cinnamon buns. They were good. I had one. Daddy had three.

Then I made my dinner (the buns were finished around 11:20 something, and we expected them to be our breakfast) and read some “Honor”. Then I played some more “Tomb Raider: Chronicles”. I'm at the Sub levels now.
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I gave up telling everyone to shut up during the concert. They were loud and obnoxious. The middle schoolers did a good job.

I found Dad in the audience. I did better than I thought I would, and it did sound cool, with the electric stuff. “Over the Rainbow” went on for a bit too long.

Then I went out, and packed my stuff up. Put my folder away. Put my violin away, grabbed my plastic saber, and went and met Dad and Mike. I hugged Daddy some, and then he left. And Mike and I told each other bad jokes on the way home.
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I finished “The Girl in the Fireplace” and the "Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther".

Daddy took me to Hebrewschool. I had donuts and pretzels with Elyse. Anna arrived after class started. We are Israel in the Model United Nations simulation. We could have been China! In Art I was the only 9th grader. We talked about Drama and anti-Semitism.

Dad and I went to McDonalds for lunch, then went shopping at Wegmans and Office Depot. I got a case for my calculator.

I talked to Mom when I got to Mom's. Apparently the plane security took all of her makeup and nose-drops. That's a good $100+ worth of perfectly good stuff in the trash! They could have let her store it somewhere or ship it home instead of trashing it.

Then I did some more homework and had dinner. I finished my Mexican and McDonalds soda while I watched some of “Independence Day” with Mommy. I also had some ice cream.
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I talked to Elyse and Anna, and Caroline at Hebrewschool. The synagogue put up some new glass pieces around the Ark in the main Sanctuary. They’re suppose to symbolize tallit and there are 10 for the required ten people for a minyan.

Rachel was in class. I still don't like her. I think she thinks I'm still her friend. We haven't spoken more than two sentences in years, and now she expects me to be all warm and nice to her? She's controlling, rude, self-centered and invites herself to things.

Rachel went with me to art. I drew a cartoon.

Dad took me to the JCC fair, which was really just for little kids That surprised Dad; he thought it would be like the craft shows we have every now and then. We only ended up staying for a minute or two.

So we came home and I watched “Baron Munchausen”. It was interesting.

My reorganization has also given us some extra space for the DVDs and CDs!

After Dad dropped me off at Mom’s and Mom came home, Mom gave me one of Grandmommy's jackets. It's very pretty. I saw how hurt Mom looked when she handed it to me, though, and I felt a pang, myself. I felt weird trying it on. Like it was a garage sale thing or something.
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I woke up this morning to Dad asking Heather if her alarm was set and she said it was. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep after that and then I woke up to some loud banging from the workers on the roof. Heather and Dad had already left. So I sang a little after I ate breakfast.

I started working on the books again. I also listened to some music. Dad came home.

I got all the way to the F's and G's. They're on the floor waiting to be sorted and only the e's are sitting on the shelf waiting to be stuck in the bookcase, along with one or two A's.

I eventually took a break and read some. I had lunch some time before that and did my laundry. Dad left and came back.

Dad and I met Heather at Chile's for dinner. We shared an awesome blossom. And then hardly ate any of our dinners, although I took one of Heather's fries.

Then Dad showed Heather the new car stereo. It changes screen colors! We went to Heather's hotel (dorm) room and Dad and Heather put the microwave and fridge together. Mom and Mike were apparently on their way, but Dad and I left.

We went to Barnes and Nobles. I bought “Changer of Worlds” and “Othello 1”. Dad came over from Linens and Things and I paid for my stuff.
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Heather and I woke up early to drive to Mom's house. I fell asleep and then Jazz arrived.

We started watching “My Fair Lady”, which was nice, but we didn't finish. Then we went to Borders. We wandered around some and had some laughs.

Then we walked over to Circuit City. Jazz bought some styli for her DS and I bought “Failure to Launch” and “Independence Day”. Dad picked us up and drove Jazz home. Then we drove home.

I watched “Independence Day” while I ate lunch and then worked on the pieces of my cookie pillow. I started “Failure to Launch” before we went to Fridays and met Heather. It was a good meal.

We came home and took the trash away. I turned “Failure to Launch” on. Heather came home and I finished it.
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I’ve been back from Georgia for over 24 hours. We got back three hours early! I was really surprised at that. Although we did just pick up breakfast at McDonalds and get appetizers (mainly) for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. We left around 6 and we didn't get stuck in traffic at all.

I finished "The Complete Life's Little Instruction Book" today and I'm barely through “Grimm's Tales”. It is an extremely racist and Christian book. I still want to finish it, though because of personal pride.

I watched the two new “Stargate” episodes from last night along with the last episode of “Stargate” from last season that I missed.
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I went to the mall with Heather and Mom and bought a pretzel.

We went to a bunch of stores. I stopped by Borders. I didn't buy anything though.

We went to Hunan. Then we put the stuff in the van and went to Macys to look at shoes. Then we left. Mom and I stopped by Ulta and got some body wash and stuff.

I packed for Georgia. Then Dad came and we went to Fridays. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles. I got “Worlds of Honor 4” and “Crown of Slaves”.

I purchased “The Sound of Music” but iTunes quit on me and now we're waiting for a response from the help.


Jul. 27th, 2006 07:58 pm
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I finished “Oni” for like the third time straight through.

This time I went all the way through using God mode, Invisibility (most of the way), unlimited ammo, my favorite gun (doesn't come around till the fourth or fifth level, and it’s a one-hit kill), and unstoppable, which means I can't be knocked down or paralyzed. I used the permanent Daoden power for the last level/area. I was an invisible purple snowwoman on a killing spree in the mountains. Nothing cooler than that. There were also these purple floating dots that followed me around during that. They were cute. The weird thing about that level, though, is that it starts out with you just falling out of the sky. Literally. No plane. No parachute. Nothing. You just fall, and land on the ground with a small boom, forming a crack. Wish that could happen in real life. It’s just cool-looking.

I never used the super fists. Never. I learned two of her cool moves, though, which I could never figure out before. The only problem is that you practically have to be right under the enemy’s nose for them to work.

I walked with Dad to get Chinese. It really isn't far. But it was hot, so that kind of made up for the length. I read some more of my stupid book. I have 462 pages left. Including the one I'm on. I guess it's probably because I've been basically reading only five pages a day since I came to Dad's.

I played some “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”. I got Aragorn over level 10 and Frodo over 7. I watched “Princess Mononoke” after Heather finally left. I nearly gagged to death on the amount of perfume she left in the air. She puts on way too much of that crap. It smells nice, but it's nasty when there's too much. I finished one of my drawings today. I have named it, "What's a Hero For?" as I could find no other name to give it. It has no particular purpose. Just a practice with giving a character wings, working on feet positioning, which came out really well, and playing with how I draw hair. I'm actually pretty proud of my drawing. I know I can do a better job next time, but I really like it.

It IS blue

Jul. 26th, 2006 09:54 pm
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No one was home, so I just read. Nice and quiet. I still have 400+ pages to read.

Then Heather came home and turned the TV on. What a surprise. Dad and I went to get Simba food and went to Long John Silvers.

Then we went to REI so Dad could sign up for an outdoor picture taking class of some sort. Dad also got one of those foldable, squishable pillow things that are the size of your hands and I got a sleeping mat. It's Orange, and folds.

Then we came home. We watched part of an “Addam's Family” marathon, and Heather left. Then I ate dinner, read some more of “The Iliad” and watched “Howl's Moving Castle”. I knew it! It is blue! I never doubted myself! Back at you Jazz!

Playing with Daddy's new DVD player.
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I purchased “Letters from Home”, “Where is the Love”, “I Hope You Dance”, and “Get a Clue” for my iPod. I also got “The Mummy Collector's Set” with Dad's coupon. I watched “The Scorpion King”  and I still like it. I hate it that he becomes the bad guy in later films. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense. He learns so much and becomes like this god-like king and then he basically trades it all for the ability to conquer everyone else? I think the writers didn’t want him to be a villain in “The Mummy Returns”.

Dad and I went grocery shopping after Best Buy.
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We went to the Masonic Temple. I finished “Searching for Dragons” before we left and worked out some of my string, too.

When we came back I went swimming with Jazz for a while but had to get out relatively quickly because of my period. Then I went upstairs. I read some more. Dad picked me up and dropped me off at home.

I went on the computer and worked out. Mom came home. I watched “Bartok the Magnificent” while I worked out. After Mike came home we ordered Chinese and I got the wings. They were pretty good. I put some of the books I had in the library, after finishing “Calling on Dragons”. I watched some “Popeye” (the movie) while I had one of my cheesecake things from Don Pablo's, which Dad brought me when he picked me up. Forgot them before.


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