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I honestly have a lot to take care of. Most of which I'm not planning to bother with until tomorrow. I feel like writing about a new project that I'll probably forget about in a couple days, nerds, and stupid people on the Internet.

A truly unimaginative rant. But, well. That's me.

So I had an old logic puzzle left over from seventh grade that I never solved, which our teacher commented was especially hard, and which no one in the class solved, and which I kept in order to one day finished. I've tried it several times over the years, to no avail. And... I finally solved it today. I checked it over three times, too! It's rather large and complicated and you have four groups of variables to put together and it just... I mean, wow. Should I have been able to solve it back then? Yeah... maybe. Thank you LSAT classes! I actually feel accomplished now! (And a little sad... I mean, really? All these years and it took me YEARS to solve the damn thing?).

On that note, let's pretend I'm intelligent.

Anyway. I don't remember what I was planning to rant about last night/this morning, but it wasn't quite what I actually did rant about yesterday/this morning. So it was kind of a "let's point out the bad art points in Sailor Moon, cause no one's ever done THAT before, right?"

The thing about that, is that it kind of looks like I found one specific panel that had a lot of problems (and it's not even a big panel, at that, kind of just a throwaway panel) and got nit picky. That's just sad.

So, rather than play more Diablo 3, I went around and gathered some more panels from the manga... and started putting them together and doing the same thing. And, well... I've gone through six chapters. That's it. And I already have lots of pictures. And it's interesting because I'm seeing similar problems. The artists have issues drawing knees, elbows, and legs in general, as well as accurate spines.

It's kind of fun. Kind of sad, too. But fun and really funny. How far will it go? I don't know. Like anything truly worthwhile (and this isn't to anyone other than me and other people who procrastinate too much and have too much time on their hands), it takes a while to do everything. So who knows? I don't have a chance of running out of material any time soon, so that's not a problem. It's just effort.

So I was on deviantart and an artist I like, Nebeziel, put up a drawing of Wonder Woman. He made a comment about how one of her original vulnerabilities was bondage. Which, like kryptonite and Superman, gave people a lot of excuses to draw a woman in bondage in comics. Now that's been taken out (for the most part at least), and he thought it would be funny if an old villain came along and still thought that was her vulnerability... and then she kicked the person's ass.

This was informative for me. I didn't know that she had that sort of vulnerability at one time. So someone posted a link to a video they'd seen previously about Wonder Woman's history on So I checked it out, and it was interesting. Somewhat insulting, too, but informative, all the same.

Personally, I shrugged off the comments in the video as male nerd testosterone (or just male idiot testosterone), because I've heard the like before.

Then I read the comments. Personally, I'm curious for the most part about what people think about videos like this. Other times, the comments are pretty funny.

Honestly I know I'm just asking for trouble. Why read it if they can make me angry? It's comments on the Internet, of all places. I'm just asking to fall into that "responding to stupid people on the Internet" trap that is just... stupid, really.

Most of the comments I read were fine and typically to the tune of "this was interesting" or "I never this!"

Then there was one really long comment that was just... Ugh...

You know it could have been a troll. It really could have. I'm not very experienced with the people. In WoW and Diablo 3 I typically just ignore them and offer that same advice to others. I also don't explore much of the sight other than the Escapist dude who talks about video games. But I read this anyway. And... well... Also, this author has stated that English is his third language, so bear with him. Hard as it is. And I don't mean the level usage of English.

"But, then, even after all the time saving advencments that girls have at their disposal. weakened and brain dead majority of the recent generations, failed to really produce any segnifican number of female leaders, or scientist, engineers, mathematicians, inventors......
(below this is a lot of skipable BLA BLA, read at your own bordum, just kidding... or was I?)
Also I *some what* hat feminism, simply because they tend to be way-one sided, and almost blameful towards all men. People who are over invested into a side tend to over stereotypes and character attack their opposition.
I had women literally tell me that they don't need man to populate the planet, so therefore men were useless. Heh, sure sure. Someone wasn't paying attention in school, maybe she was to busy texting?

Yet, I find that people are waying gender and race
fare to heavily, wile the fare more important individualism is forgotten.

I don't like the fact that there seems to be some lobbying against any form of "anti-feminism" in the media.
The fact that girls have an upper hand in many judicial proceedings is abuse in certain cases and loop holes. Another miss-judgment of the overly brisk and over-compensating judicial system.

Also, some episodes get canceled because of lobbying against what some consider to be discriminative against females...
(When it makes no difference or just happens to be part of the plot).
For example, apparently one of the Star Gate episodes was taken of, because of such a case.

Over all, I think his short sited theory fell on it’s head, that said a theory is just a theory, so who knows, maybe there’s an alternate universe where all woman are wonder-woman females and are more man-like, but then they would become man O.o” so what is gender any way?"

The editor in me is very, very glad to just give this over to the very annoyed scholar/feminist/intelligent human being.

I can only conclude that this person is a complete idiot, on top of being racist and sexist.

They have probably never paid proper attention in history class, or their history classes were extremely censored and screwed up in comparison to, well... reality. Yes, we're working on making our history textbooks and classes more accurate, but we haven't been THIS bad in a long time.

I'm curious about where this person is getting their statistics on the make-up of scientists and politicians based on gender or sexuality (the lack of specification is also informative). There have been female leaders and scientists of one form or another for centuries in many cultures.  Well-known figures, as well. True, they most likely weren't as populous or well-known as the men in every case or even most cases, but that doesn't mean they didn't exist. If you study anything related to English literature or history, you've probably heard of Queen Elizabeth I. If you study any American history, especially related to the Civl War, you probably know Harriet Tubman. There have been female astronauts in a field that still numbers in only the double digits. There are female chemists, female doctors in just about every field of medicine, female astronomers, physicists, theoretical scientists, research scientists, professors, teachers, school leaders, politicians, and a growing number of women in different jobs in the world. As a matter of fact, my mother is an engineer. She's worked on one of the space shuttles. My chemistry teacher was a woman, as were my pre-calculus, pre-algebra, and geometry teachers.

This person is literally saying that they hate a stereotype because they stereotype and hate the stereotype.

Complete. Idiot.

He obviously has no idea what feminism is or what any type of feminism is about or that there even ARE different types of feminism and feminists and that not everything you see on television or the Internet is true.

I somehow think that whichever women this person actually managed to get to talk to him said a great deal ELSE other than "men aren't needed to populate the planet, and are therefore useless". He was probably too busy texting or staring at their boobs or inserting "BLA BLA" in capital letters into what he was hearing from them.

So individualism is important. Just because people value gender and race does not mean that people do not value individualism. How is individualism ignored? Like most of the things mentioned here, he doesn't say.

Actually, it's rather untrue that women have the "upper hand" in judicial proceedings. That's why "victim blaming" is a problem. A very prevalent problem that people are still trying to deal with. And it's almost always directed at women and people who aren't white. I can only assume that this comment stems from someone who, like many people who watch Law and Order or any of the police shows (although not all of them by any means), has no idea how the actual judicial system works.

TV episodes have been cancelled throughout television history for an assortment of reasons, just like almost every kind of entertainment. Ballet was controvertial when it first started out, as were musical compositions with words that weren't hymns and movies with people talking. What you can and cannot do on screen and in front of an audience has changed constantly throughout human history. If you want weird examples, think of this one: Disney once made a short informational episode about menstruation that was cancelled, most likely because it was considered "inappropriate" for viewers. Women and men weren't allowed on-set without a chaperone at one point in history, or to be shown serving alcohol to each other, alone. Flirting that showed a woman being in control, sexually, wasn't showed. Married couples in a single bed wasn't shown. Their bedrooms featured two single beds. No suggestion of sex occuring, no sirree. What are children, anyway? Non-white people couldn't be shown in anything other than low-paying or villainous positions. Divorced couples were not shown or referenced, nor were family problems outside of, well... the villains.

I love how he says that this happens... and then fails to list the reason for why the episode was controversial, let alone why he doesn't believe this matters in the specific case. So it was cancelled. Which episode? And why? Stargate had seven seasons, two spin-off series, a spin-off animated series, a number of comic book series, at least one video game of some sort, and three movies. Saying "an episode" was cancelled is a little unspecific. Or is the fact that someone DARED to cancel an episode of a show as vaunted as "Stargate" supposed to be the point?

I can't understand what he means by commenting about how the discrimination problem has nothing to do with the plot. I'm guessing he has no comprehension of why people care about these things. He probably doesn't have much comprehension of what's going on in Stargate, either, if this is the way he looks at things.

What short-sighted theory? That women are bound to take over the world (according to the creator of Wonder Woman)? Short-sighted HOW, exactly? And how does it fail? He hasn't proven anything. He hasn't even stated ANYTHING to prove.

Then there's the last paragraph.


He's one of THOSE people. Those people who think wearing purple or pink or a sweater vest makes you gay, or all poets smoke or only men think or cooking will emasculate you or something.

[Doctor Who] On a side note, there was a dude who looks a lot like Will Ferrell on this episode. Of course, Will Ferrell isn't that old by far, so. That was weird.

Being intelligent is not genetic. Any trait giving you an increased intellectual capacity is not a strictly male trait. Strength is not a strictly male genetic trait. Agility is not a strictly male genetic trait. Flying an airplane, using a lasso, fist-fighting and any fighting style are also not genetic or strictly male traits.

Wonder Woman is a strong and powerful person who happens to be genetically female and considers herself female. Superman is a strong and powerful person who happens to be genetically male (by human standards) and considers himself male. Both could hold their own against the other in a fight. Becoming strong or smart or fast or good at a specific skill does not decide one's sex or even someone's gender. The person picks their gender and how they wish to identify themselves to the rest of society, if they care. Sexuality is an ever-evolving topic involving an increasing number of sexes and how to decide on such things. I play video games, like science fiction, plan on being an attorney, and read Sailor Moon and like playing with my hair. The former stuff is all traditionally male, yet I am not a male, do not consider myself male, and have no BECOME male. The latter does not designate me as female. It's just something I enjoy. I know plenty of men who like Sailor Moon and playing with their hair. I know plenty of women who dislike Sailor Moon and playing with their hair. I know plenty of men who dislike video games, science fiction, and science in general. I know plenty of other women who share my interests. Saying that enjoying something decides your sex or gender is a completely ridiculous phrase, and I literally cannot say that enough because people will not stop saying that it DOES. People who include my mother, sister, at least two of my best friends, and many, many peers, and not just generic people on the Internet or in the media. Heck, my maternal grandmother thought that all cats were female for some reason, and I've recently become aware that this is not an unknown and unusual phenomenon.

I'm glad he asked "what is gender anyway?", because he obviously has no clue about what gender or sexuality are. The first true glimpse into this person's psyche that makes sense.

Complete idiocy.

So anyway, there was that. Now I want to take a shower and... I don't know. Add more to my powerpoint, finish an episode of Doctor Who, watch another episode of YST... or something.

I might stop watching this, too. This show is just... ridiculous, especially considering the stuff I've been ranting about.

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So on the list of things to rant on tonight: Pandaria Cinematic (squee), "Time Untime" completion (and binding changes), "Elementary" and Sherlock Holmes... everywhere, videogames and storylines, and probably some other things.


So the Pandaria Cinematic came out today, and I was really happy because I didn't have to wait. It was out when I turned on my computer at 10:20. That was fun!

So I watched it, recalling the words of the Blizzard people who said that they really wanted to do more with the Cataclysm cinematic. I agreed... a little. I thought it was pretty nice and I ALWAYS want more with these things.

So I was a little concerned, since I thought that the release date for the next expansion felt a little... rushed. Especially since they're losing people - they might just be speeding things up to keep people playing. Extra speed in something like this isn't always a great thing. I want to play something cool and well-thought-out, not something rushed.

So, even while I dreaded every moment as I watched the time left on the video decrease, this cinematic was a pleasant surprise. It was funny. Something they haven't had since the Burning Crusade cinematic, and even then it wasn't like this. I really enjoyed it :D I still would have liked to have seen more about the Pandaren (and, again, they were all men, sigh), but I think this described the relationships involved in the xpac rather nicely... so it was good.

I thought "Time Untime" was an interesting shift from some of Sherrilyn Kenyon's earlier writing. I don't think it's much of a shift, but, well... there were a few things. It was interesting to see her writing about events in the future. I haven't been up-to-date on her books for very long. I've been doing a lot of catch-up, so most of what I've read has taken place in the past. The relatively recent past, depending on where you're reading, but still the past. This book mostly takes place in December of this year, and the last scene takes place in 2061. It was interesting. There were some other things that just popped up... the way the female characters are becoming more heroic. The continued use of "masculinity" as if it's a firmly defined quality (sigh). And so on. It's not perfect, but, well... She's also filling in some plot holes that I've been curious about. Things about Nick, things that are going on with other characters in the universe (as she does frequently).

[Doctor Who] So this monster in Doctor Who looks like a puppet some people in "America's Got Talent" made. I wonder if they used this as inspiration?

They did something odd with the binding. It was marked as Fiction and not in its old category. I'm curious if they stuck it with the fantasy/SF stuff, rather than what the other books were, because I'm pretty sure that old category still exists. Most of this book is devoted to the fantasy/adventure aspects than the old category. She's actually been making that shift, too. It's interesting. I like it a lot.

So the trailer for "Elementary" is out, and I looked it up... and it looks... interesting. I have to agree with some of the people I was reading comments from. It looks more like just another crime drama, and not a Sherlock Holmes story. If they're not basing it on the books... then what's the point? Just to use the character?

I'm also a little confused. Why exactly is there suddenly an overabundance of Sherlock Holmes adaptations out there? There's BBC's "Sherlock", the Hollywood movie duology, "House", "Bones", "Doctor Who", and now... this. While it's arguable that most any detective series at least partially uses the the Holmes figure in some manner... in reference or actual borrowed personality traits or whatever... this is a little much. It's not "this is some other detecive with their own quirks and personality who just uses similar methods or reasoning"... it's "let's adapt it this way". Heck, there's even an animated version in Japan, apparently. Even "Castle" borrows a little from the Holmes fandom with a principle character who serves as a sort of consultant for the local police department and who knows a great deal of information and people and considers the subject of crime and the people involved to be a sort of game to be solved. Sure, Castle is no Holmes and the female cop is no Watson. But there's that borrowed element. That's what makes "House", "Bones" and "Castle" unique, while still reminiscent of good old Holmes. They borrow elements while making something new. "House" takes place in a hospital (most of the time) and is a medical drama, and even House is a doctor. Bones is very distantly related, from what I've seen, and the "Holmes" character is female (precedent for "Elementary"), and a scientist, doctor, whatever she is, while the "Watson" character is a meat shield, as far as I can see. Castle has an author and a cop, not a detective and a doctor. Heck, in "Doctor Who", the Holmes character is an alien with a time-traveling device! And the Watson character is a scattering of multiple individuals.

Yes, "Doctor Who" borrows the Sherlock Holmes story. Think about it for a moment. It stars someone who doesn't look at life as a life-or-death scenario or as if he has a vested interest in it... beyond his own personal enjoyment. He's a tourist on permanent vacation. Since Holmes doesn't really do anything beyond experiment, do drugs, and solve cases in his spare time... he kind of is on permanent vacation. They both even collect things! Holmes has at least occassionally collected something form his clients (some form of payment, although I'm not certain that he always keeps whatever it happens to be), and the Doctor has often collected souveneirs, from costumes to machine parts to food to people and so on.

Then there's the fact that there is ALWAYS a mystery. ALWAYS. The Doctor can be bored and stumble into it, or be dragged by one enemy or another. There's always something wrong that he has to figure out and then fix. Sure, it isn't a police or detective case OFFICIALLY, but that doesn't make it any less of a mystery and the Doctor and his companions any less of a bunch of detectives.

The Doctor, House, Bones, Castle, and Holmes all know a heck of a lot about whatever it is they're interested in. if they don't know it and it pops into their heads, they are probably spending their free time working on learning about whatever it is. They are all "out there". They all have issues relating properly to people (Castle maybe less so than the others, but again, this is creative license - he's not HOLMES, he's someone's vagueish homage to Holmes). And that is principally due to their intelligence and the fact that they typically sideline romance and friendships for The Next Big Thing in their hunt for knowledge and what they consider "fun" (which typically doesn't align with most other people's definition of the term "fun").

They all have their Watson. The person through which we relate to this Knowledge Giant. Without Watson, Holmes would not be interesting. He would be arrogant and annoying and rude and disgusting and, after a while, boring and formulaic (House is like the longest run How Far Can We Make This Work Without a Watson character around). Watson makes us see him in a different light. And really... Holmes doesn't work without Watson. He can't. He's not entirely vain and he doesn't have much patience, but he does enjoy relating to people what's going on, sort of like a teacher. You could argue whether someone like Watson or an audience ready to shout out "ooh" "ahh" or "what?" is a better companion for him, but that's up to artistic license. Watson is also probably the reason Holmes doesn't just curl up and die. Either from boredom or loneliness.

These stories focus on different facets of Holmes and different ways to look at his character and his Watsons and how he interacts with the world. Most of the newbie Holmes' suffer before they find their Watson. Most of them are distant from the world and life in general before that point. Most of them are crass and fatalistic and seem to have more conversations in their heads than they bother to have with real people. Some of them admit earlier than others that they're lonely. Some use drugs. Some experiment in their free time. Some have an interest in romance. Some can be shocked by other people. Some laugh with others, some just mock and mock and mock and don't even realize what they've done wrong until long after the fact.

While I can't speak for Bones because I don't know the show much, I do know enough about the others to say this: the Doctor is no one without his companions. He can't help but walk up to whoever seems to be set apart from the others in the room (people like himself) and just start up a conversation and have a laugh. He can own the room in a couple minutes, just give him time. He wants to have fun.

House is nothing without his fellow doctors or Wilson. Heck, when no one else is around, he has to talk to a JANITOR.

Castle is greatly depressed and can't write until he meets that cop whose name escapes me -I'm really not that familiar with the show I've only watched episodes 1 and 2 full way through and it was a while ago- and she inspired him and he found something he really, really wanted to do with himself and he found a reason to write again.

And it is a game for all of them. The Doctor moves on a whim. House only solves "interesting" cases. Castle treats things like some kind of TV show from what I saw. And Bones... I have no idea.

Holmes, through artistic license, has been a doctor, a scientist, a cop, a romance/detective fiction writer, a time-traveling immortal alien, and will probably be a heck of a lot more when all's said and done for us.

I like "Sherlock" a lot. I like the movies a lot. I liked "House" for a long time, until it simply became WAY too formulaic and annoying (which was actually quite earlier, it just added in a bunch of other interesting things that made up for all of that).

But this is a little much. I'm not telling people to make up something entirely new (which is arguably nearly impossible, anyway). There are other things out there for people to re-do in the annals of literature history. People re-do and re-do all the same fairy tales and the same myths. I've read, if not all of them, a great big chunk of the Brother's Grimm fairy tales. There's a great deal more than Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel. And people still aren't even touching on some of the more common adaptations. The Cupid and Psyche fairy tale is rather commonly reused, yet I haven't seen any animated or live-action versions. There are so many stories from a great number of mythos families that it's just... ridiculous that they don't take advantage of this.

[Doctor Who] Have I mentioned yet that I'm going to be really, really, really happy once I'm done with the William Hartnell years? Oh, I know Dad's missing nine or so episodes... but I'll be taking those as singles, not this, William Hartnell, William hartnell, William Hartnell, William Hartnell, old-ass UGHness...

This looks like a different Sherlock. Of course. Another Sherlock in the present day. And, for some reason, in the US. I guess it's another rogue element? Heck, "House", "Castle", and "Bones" take place here. Why not be more direct with references?

I'm interested in seeing how it turns out. I think it could be really good.

Or it could be really bad.

You know... there's a thing with some video games. I'm more interested in the story than playing them. Which typically means my curiousity is satisfied when I've played it through once and really deters me from buying them because when you buy a video game, your money's worth is earned when you play it more than once (at least for me; when I get it and then play it through and then leave it untouched like a number of games on my comp, well...). So personally I just like watching other people play so I can see the story play out. It's kind of like reading a book or watching a movie. Plus it's an excuse to save money "you're only going to play it through once, so why bother?" Which means I don't buy many anymore cause, well... the only thing I make time to play often is WoW. And Diablo, if I'm REALLY bored...

So I'm seeing all this hullaballoo about the Assassin's Creed series, which I find at least interesting (I'm not saying it's perfect, it just interesting). And... the library only has three of the books. Not even the first three books. Just three of them. They're at least in order, I suppose.

[Doctor Who] Wow, the Doctor is pretty mean.

Gonna watch one episode of YST, take a shower, and go to bed. Night then.
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You know, I think David Tennant was describing a smartphone. Honestly. The thing "dings" when there's stuff like emails, text messages, voicemails, calls, updates, and god only knows what else if you turn on all your notifications. Probably ten or twenty different notifications for different apps. I know Facebook has at least three and I'm only glad I turned them all off.

Sure, it can't detect time anomalies and make hens blow up and stuff, but still. Somewhat similar.

So now I'm picturing a scenario where a time lord can sit at someone else's fancy dinner table in the 1920s in the middle of a murder mystery and act like he owns the place. Perfectly ridiculous.

Doctor Who's had ridiculous scenarios since day 1, when he was sending his grandaughter to get schooling in an English school system in the 1960s between trips and then kidnapped two of her professors and took them to see cave men. And then woke the Daleks up. And earned a crush from an Aztec woman and helped end the Dalek invasion on London in the future and many other ridiculous story lines.

But I never really thought about them. Mostly because until Eccleston's turn came around it looked like BBC was borrowing every leftover movie set it could find and using it for some new half-baked plot using as few sets and set pieces as it could.

I forgot how fun Donna was. Rose was interesting and Martha was interesting and Amy's adventurous and all that, but honestly, I have to agree with that review I read. The Doctor and Donna are just best mates, and they're adorable at it.

I miss Mickey. Mickey was fun. Short-lived, too. I mean, he got a couple of his own plotlines, but really? He didn't get enough time on the big screen. Don't miss Captain Jack. He had his moment and it was kind of overkill after a while. How many male companions has the Doctor had in his newest incarnations? Mickey, Captain Jack, Rory, and Donna's uncle (sort of, anyway). So really three. While he's had Rose, Martha, Donna, and Amy. I suppose it's been about even, then.

I swear, everyone who was acting with David Tennant just stood around and stared in awe at David Tennant acting because, WOW, that would be something cool to see in person.

Although honestly, the extras they picked, for the most part did a pretty good job, too.

"Crash of the Byzantium"? WHAT? WHAT? REALLY?

And... that's an Apple keyboard. I know that because I'm typing on one.

I posted the other damn story. The long one. The sillier one. if you can get any sillier than that first one, which was silly enough.

I spent way too long on tumblr. And I'm really hoping that sleeping in a bed where I'm flat will fix my throat and maybe my legs. I have a silly theory by someone who knows nothing about medical science or sleep theory or whatever you call it. So there are beds they make where your head is higher than your feet and you're sleeping in a sort of diagonal. Most normal beds are basically flat. So this was like the opposite of those weird beds. My head was lower than my feet. I've never considered why I haven't seen that before. I have a slight theory that there's something about saliva in your mouth and your throat when you're sleeping and how your body keeps you alive while you sleep. Sure, you can wake up with a dry throat, and it's especially bad if you stay asleep for too long, especially if that happens to be over a few days or more of time. I get a theory that when gravity is working against you, even your body will have issues making normal functions work. I figure that after a night of that the normal dehydration from sleep is a little more drastic than it would have been if I'd only been asleep for one night. I'm glad we only did that for two days. Any more than that and I'm afraid of permanent damage. Probably a bit too pessimistic, but well...

Then there's the other problem. So I had a thought a long time ago about why we don't fall out of our beds after we leave cradles who have nice walls around them to stop babies from falling out of their beds and bashing their little heads in. Most adults don't have that, especially if you're outside of a hospital. I think Dad answered me, and I guess I should have figured it out. You just learn it. I have no idea how. I guess it's something you learn from a cradle: stay away from the walls, because it's uncomfortable to sleep against a solid surface (unlike a good pillow or a soft mattress - that's why people complain when a mattress is too hard or a pillow provides no cushion against the floor). Heck, when I used to fall asleep against my lunchbox when I was little I'd wake up with a pounding headache. Learned that lesson pretty well.

So while you're sleeping, most of the time, your body has learned to react to most anything you do and keep you in the bed. Or most of you, anyway. I have a theory that my legs were fighting the odd gravity of the bed, which was probably pushing me back into the headboard. Of course, I didn't wake up with my head stuck under the couch or with all THAT much of a headache, like I'd bashed my head in overnight... so I'm guessing my legs were under an unusual nightly strain to keep me in my relative proper place while I slept. Because I've been walking and standing and not spending an abnormal amount of time in any odd kneeling or sitting positions. I figured that was what it was from. But I didn't start feeling this way until after I went to sleep on Friday night.

So I'm really hoping I wake up tomorrow and my throat is fixed and my legs feel nice and refreshed. Drinking tons of water and walking around a lot and relaxing my legs in different positions didn't help.

My other theory is that the sauce on the BBQ I ate screwed with my throat. While this is a possibility, I downed an AWFUL lot of water Saturday, and I didn't eat any more of the stuff until this afternoon, and I STILL had the problem throughout yesterday and today. Even now. I had an entire glass of milk and drained a bottle of water today! And it still just hurts.

So I'm tired and I think I'mma go to bed. Maybe after grabbing as much to drink as I can before I go to sleep.

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So I was vastly productive this weekend. Watched all of "Once Upon a Time"... cause that was a great way to spend my time!

I did get inspiration for re-writing that short story I have to turn in my final portfolio from watching it so... it's not all that bad. And I really like the show. The story (at least the fantasy side) is pretty awesome. And there's lots of hot guys on the show so... eheh. And Robert Carlyle (who plays Rumplestilskin/Mr. Gold) is simple AMAZING. I liked him on SGU (Dr. Rush), but he just shines here. Lana Parrilla (who plays the Evil Queen/Regina) is also pretty good. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Morrison (the protagonist) or Mary Margeret Blancherd (Snow White's RL personality), but otherwise, the cast is pretty decent all around.

So I was watching a video on YouTube and they had an advertisement for some game called Prototype 2 or something and the song in the background was "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails (originally). But this was the famous cover version by Johnny Cash (at least I think it's famous). It was popular enough to make the band stop playing it on tour because it simply wouldn't be as good as Cash (according to YouTube, anyway).

Anyway, I liked the song but I remembered hearing it somewhere else (which most likely includes the radio). I looked it up and it played during a "Criminal Minds" episode, during which Reid was, well, being Reid. This was the episode where you see him come out of the addicts meeting and get the coin from the AA guy. I remember that being a good episode. I'm pretty sure this is where I'm remembering it from, but I could be wrong.

So I've basically been on a "Hurt" (Johnny Cash version) binge for the past... three hours. I have probably listened to this song ten or more times by now ("So little?" "I know, right?").

I found a really good "Doctor Who" Hurt video. You know, I feel like I found one that used the song a long time ago... that might be another place I'm remembering it from.

I also found a good "Once Upon a Time" Rumplestiltskin Hurt video.

I think that this song is absolutely perfect for Doctor Who and Rumple. It would also be good for Regina (I'd love to see that). Admittedly, she doesn't seem to show a lot of remorse that I can recall... but there are moments. She certainly has them with Henry. And seriously, I think she's going to end up killing Henry once she realizes whose grandson and great-grandson he is.

A Sam Winchester video would probably be good for this. Actually... Sam, Dean, and Cas would be great for this. Bobby, too. I think an all-around "Boys of Supernatural" Hurt video is a good idea. Sam and Cas are the best for it, but it could work for the other two.

An overall "Once Upon a Time" Hurt video would work. There's a lot of lying, miscommunication, regret, guilt, people leaving and sadness in that show. It would be great. And sad. So it would be beautiful! Heck, Snow WhitexPrince Charming, GrumpyxNova, Regina, Henry, EmmaxGraham/the Huntsman, Kathryn, RumplexBelle, RumplexBae (I think it's August, too)... there's lots of material here.

Although I am SERIOUSLY losing interest in "Grimm", I think that Nick would be a great candidate for a Hurt video. Well... an okay candidate.

It honestly couldn't work for everyone. I think. A lot of shows would have to be overall characters. Stargate would be a great one. Not Atlantis, but the original. SGU might be good, too. I think Daniel and Oneill would be good single candidates. Andromeda would probably also make a good one but I don't know enough about the characters.

Really wish I could make music videos. Future project, I guess. When I find the time, inspiration, and, well... develop skill.

The biggest problem with all of this is that I rewatched that clip from "Criminal Minds"... and I remember when I was like, in love with Reid. I still like him, but I have an issue with a show that has come to the conclusion that "oh, making this popular character be in pain brings in fans - let's center episodes around that".... which is basically the plot of everything... well, "Criminal Minds" was also REALLY depressing as an overall "message on humanity" or whatever. I got out while I could and now I just wanna go back and rewatch the good early days...

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I finished “The Girl in the Fireplace” and the "Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther".

Daddy took me to Hebrewschool. I had donuts and pretzels with Elyse. Anna arrived after class started. We are Israel in the Model United Nations simulation. We could have been China! In Art I was the only 9th grader. We talked about Drama and anti-Semitism.

Dad and I went to McDonalds for lunch, then went shopping at Wegmans and Office Depot. I got a case for my calculator.

I talked to Mom when I got to Mom's. Apparently the plane security took all of her makeup and nose-drops. That's a good $100+ worth of perfectly good stuff in the trash! They could have let her store it somewhere or ship it home instead of trashing it.

Then I did some more homework and had dinner. I finished my Mexican and McDonalds soda while I watched some of “Independence Day” with Mommy. I also had some ice cream.
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That was an amazing movie!

I packed today and finished “Rise of a Hero” and stuck it in my library. Mom and Mike came with me to the movie. Mom complained about the seating and that we were there too early. Really thinking about it, I agree with her, but I still don't like the fact that she got angry with me about it.

Shayne, Vanessa, Jazz and I had planned to come and watch the film together while dressing as pirates. I met Shayne, who was wearing a blue scarf on her head. Jazz and Vanessa came in probably 30 seconds after the movie started. They were dressed up. I took my hat and cape and head scarf off. I like wearing them but it was embarrassing to do it in public on a day other than Halloween.

Jazz had a cool outfit. Vanessa looked weird and Shayne looked like it was all last minute.

After the movie, Mom took me to Dad’s. I had dinner and Dad and I watched three episodes of “Doctor Who”. I found my iPod under a pillow on the couch. Most likely it blended into the couch, since the case is black. Now that I think about, I might have picked it up and set it on the couch.


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