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You thought he forgot. You thought it was a DBZ rip-off. You thought it was a deux ex machina. You thought it would never be explained. You thought this arc would just be filler.




So at this point I would be only mildly surprised if Ichigo is the Quincy King's grandson. I really don't think Ichigo is his SON. That line could have either been poorly translated or it could have been in reference to one of the default ways rulers typically think of their subjects: as their children.

The other is as their servants. That doesn't seem to fit here.

I had a couple questions going into this arc.

1) Does Ichigo's reputation REALLY get around THAT much? Are we REALLY going to further promote the fact that he's JUST that special?
2) They want Ichigo behind bars. Becaaaause why? They're Quincies. They're arrogant. I don't think THEY think much of Aizen. It doesn't sound like they do. Sure, Ichigo took Aizen out. Sure, the Soul Society is showing a bit too much interest in an outsider. But so what? He's not a "secret weapon"... really... and even if he were, he doesn't seem to have demonstrated capabilities that the Quincy should be afraid of. And even if he DOES use his world-altering powers, he can only do it once. Supposedly. And then it's gone forever (or until other people step in and give it back, anyway). And if they kill off most of the Shinigami, especially the powerful ones who were mainly responsible for that, then, well... it's not like he can get a restart again. He'd be able to use it once. On one person. All they'd have to do is get him to use it up on a low-level person, and he'd be out of the picture.
3) Okay, what jaw-dropping truth is coming out for THIS arc? You're killing off principle cast members left and right (aka PEOPLE WITH NAMES), and the story's barely even started yet! Something is DEFINITELY going down. Or we're having "Madoka Magica" levels of world restarts heading our way.

Other questions I've thought about for a long, long time, without ever really thinking up any reason for why beyond "it's a DBZ rip-off" or "he's a deux ex machina/angsty generic shounen hero":

Why is Ichigo so special?

Well I thought it was because the author just wanted him to be that way. Heck, he was heading along the endless powerup stages so reminiscent of other shounen, like "Dragonball", "Rave Master", "MAR", "G Gundam", and so on, with perfect recyclable plot glee. He's learned powers from the Shinigami, the Vizards, Xcution... He's learned from Rukia, Urahara, Yoruichi, general Vizards, general Xcution, his father... It would not surprise me to know that he now has to turn to the only group he's only really learned one minor fact from, way back when: the Quincy. Heck, if any more groups get thrown into this, alongside the humans, the ghosts, the Hollows, the Arrancar, the Vizards, the Shinigami, the Quincy, the Xcution people... I have no idea what to do. I barely even remember the cast from the Vizards and Arrancars. STOP ADDING IN MORE DAMN CHARACTERS AND THEN KILLING THEM OFF BEFORE I LEARN ENOUGH TO CARE ABOUT AND/OR CELEBRATE THEIR DEATHS!

I thought he'd never get around to it. I'm not entirely certain we ever learn about why Goku or Gohan are so special in the DBZ universe. Gohan, of course, is Goku's son, and therefore receives specialness by bloodline. Goku, though... I have no idea.

In "Rave Master"... well... I mean it's destiny. And bloodlines. "Our bloodlines have fought for all of time, because of x, and therefore destiny will always make sure we fight."

In "MAR"... well, part of it is that oh-so-magic-thing called will. And people from our world are "just that special" in the MAR world. "G Gundam" has a similar explanation.

I always assumed it would never be gone into. We know that Ichigo's father was Just That Special and was banished for Reasons Unknown (I presumed because, after using his power for whatever reason he did, which was apparently never being gone into, he was powerless, and was thus kicked out cause the Shinigami are snobs), and thus his children would be Just That Special. It's been done quite often before.

But, well... if Kurosaki Isshin fought in the Quincy War... or whatever happened way back when (and who knows how long ago it was, really), and had to use his power... on someone... and somehow Masaki, the Quincy, was involved... perhaps he was protecting her. Perhaps he was running from pursuers who wanted to punish him for loving/marrying Masaki. Or even escaping to the human world. Or something. I can see this happening.

Was this what he was hiding the whole time? I doubt it. I believe it was Tite Kubo who said something along the lines of "when I'm under the effect of writer's block, I create new characters rather than continue story because that gets me nowhere."

So he wanted to go out with a bang. Tie up some loose ends. We never went into how Isshin and Masaki met. Why Isshin got kicked out of Soul Society. How Isshin and Ryuken met. Heck...



He's going there, isn't he. HE'S GOING THERE!

I forget what the trope is called. It's like "multi-generational copying" or something. Where children mimic their parent's romantic messes. For instance, Minato and Naruto fell in love with women with strong personalities and red hair. Picture a scene where you see two parents talking to their kid, who looks like a mini version of one of the parents. Another kid walks into the picture, and they look exactly like the other parent, and even match that parent's temperament in some way. Of course, this child is destined to be child A's future soul mate.

I can see a story where Ryuken, a Quincy with ingrained power-climbing desires (for the sake of his family), was pursuing Masaki, a powerful Quincy. With his demonstrated abilties, coupled with the way the new Quincy refer to the Ishida family, I have no doubt that he was a strong Quincy and/or from a very strong and well-respected family, who would have thus made a VERY good match for the daughter of the Quincy ruler.

I can then see a story where Masaki and Isshin somehow cross paths, whether during a fight between themselves or with another foe, and fall in love. I can see Ryuken either getting angry about this and fighting it out with Isshin until they resolve to like each other like Comradely Male Fighters love to do, or doing something and admitting that he's in love with someone else (possibly Uryu's mother, whom we have never once heard anything about), and giving Masaki up. He might have even helped Isshin escape. Or his anger over Isshin winning Masaki over could be the basis for the pair's frosty relationship. The fact that he knows about the time Isshin lost his powers speaks volumes. The fact that they haven't spoken in some time speaks volumes.

I so see Kubo doing this. It's... well... yeah. He's gonna do it. I hope he does because I would REALLY love to at least ONCE see proof that Uryu has a mother. Maybe even proof that he has a grandmother. I mean, come on! What the heck HAPPENED to those women?

Heck, maybe Ryuken married Masaki's sister. He could have been close to the royal family and so went after Isshin and Masaki when they got together. Perhaps to kill them. Perhaps to just kill Isshin.

A mix of Quincy/Shinigami heritage would help explain the weirdness of Ichigo's early powers (I'm sure there's a trope about RANDOM POWER JUMBLE SOLVES PROBLEMS/DOES AWESOME FOR REASONS), before that power was taken away and he went through hollowfication. The hollowfication, mixed with the Quincy/Shinigami mix, plus any unusual bloodline capabilities he recieved through his parents (his father, a very powerful shinigami, and his mother, a descendent of royalty) would explain most other things. This makes me very curious and Yuzu and Karin. They already demonstrate latent abilities of some sort. I have to wonder what they'll be, sometime in the future.

On a side note, King Endymion: Troll of epic proportions. At least according to the anime. In the manga... he's a mix between somewhat helpful and moderately useless. MUCH LIKE TUXEDO KAMEN! OOOOH! STAYING IN CHARACTER! You know how he's grown as a character in the 900+ years he's lived since the present story? ...Um... he's slightly more useful than he was 900+ years ago! And he went purple!

On another side note... I wonder what fashions Takuechi would give the cast if she were to start fresh with the series. The senshi already went through at least one costume change - all of them have draft costume designs. At least in the case of the Inner Senshi, the early costume designs were substantially different than what they ended up wearing. The costume design changes gained through power-ups over time could even be seen as an excuse to build on poor early costume design. Plus, she would probably have a BIG group of assistants to help her this time around. Some of her choices could have been an attempt to lessen the amount of work she would have to do on her own. All of the original senshi uniforms are relatively simple. Even things like Neo-Queen Serenity's/Princess Serenity's gown are relatively simple for what it should be. And why does Chibi-Usa always wear a school uniform? We never see her going to school in the future, and we never see any other children wearing it. I don't know why she wasn't given a gown similar to Usagi's, like she does later in the series... until much later in the series. Say... most of the way through the Stars arc. Or why she wasn't given civilian clothes.

Now I'm not supporting the use of ridiculous outfits. I'm just trying to be realistic, story-wise. You've got royalty. You've got a set of guardians with armor that is by no means made in consideration of actual protection, intimidation, or fight capability... and, over time,they got exceedingly more so. You've got a basic world creation.

If Takeuchi could remake them... what would she take into consideration?

It would be so much easier if she'd done anything AFTER Sailor Moon, so we could see her growth as an artist afterwards, as well as her changes in preference. Authors like Nobuhiro Watsuki, Noboyuki Anzai, Rumiko Takahashi, CLAMP... they all went and continued with their work.

Toki*Meca seems to be the only thing she really returned to after Sailor Moon. And... it's kind of weird and doesn't really tell me anything. Her art HAS picked up somewhat, at least.


I hope it's amazing. I hope it is SO amazing I cry when I see the first episode. FROM JOY!

So NaNoWriMo is starting in two days. Well, midnight tomorrow. My goal is to have 11/01's portion done before I go to the Halloween costume contest so I can just put it up and not have to worry about things...

There have been a couple of students taking the initiative and starting some English-major relatedness.... things... For instance, we now have an English major's club. For some reason. I'm still not entirely sure about why, but we have one. People have also brought up some other events related to the major. And they mention them during my Creative Writing class.

Yes it's a stupid major.

So I thought about, during today's class, making an announcement for NaNoWriMo, since that's writing-related and such. It's fun. Ish. And very educational. It's good to give people what, two days to decide whether to participate or not, right?

So anyway, since class was cancelled today, I never had the opportunity to do that. So I put it up on our school's homework website on our class section. Which is always emailed out to people. I don't know how I could have avoided that, but, well... maybe people actually read it.

Of course, I didn't contact my professor beforehand and ask if it was okay... I kind of just assumed "well, I get no profit whatsoever out of this, it's a way for people to practice writing, it's a way to get connected with other writers and a way to get helpful information from other writers and a way to join the writing community and it's educational and if you do it right it doesn't take a lot of time and you don't have to pay for it and if I send it out like this it doesn't take away from class time like the OTHER student announcements did so... maybe I can just put this out there without any problems..."

Also, the homework site is kind of up at least partially for communication and discussion. So... yeah.

My email could have been shorter. The use of summary is not my strong suit. Note, this entire journal/blog thing.

I think I was 99% successful at keeping myself out of the email though. It was pretty much just about NaNo. I made a comment about how the goal is intimidating, and that it can be seen as unintimidating at first, possibly, and that I originally didn't see it as intimidating (it was very brief). I then added that "as someone who has done this for three years, I can say that it is helpful, worth it, and blah" and that was about it for me. After the "hi!" at the beginning of the email, anyway. I was very good for once! I even checked it over twice for grammatical and spelling mistakes and to be certain it was clear!

I think maybe I should have asked for her permission first... I don't really think she minded but, well...

I spent my lovely free day yesterday doing a couple things: a) sleeping, b) surviving the rain to get food for lunch, dinner, and lunch and breakfasts for the next week or so, c) WoW, of course, d) some writing, e) at least five or six hours of computer science homework, for which I have STILL not heard anything back from my professor, and f) reading "The Darkness".

My professor was supposed to have office hours today for students to come and ask him questions on the homework that's due tomorrow, general questions, and questions on the project due in a couple weeks... and whatever. I sent him questions early yesterday afternoon, and at like... 1 AM. I kind of expected to at least see a "sorry, you can't ask me these questions - you need to figure them out on your own" email. I haven't even gotten that. I'm going to assume that he's lost power. Certainly he doesn't have the excuse that I sent him emails at the last minute.

I really did knuckle down and get some comp sci homework done. Like really. I learned some stuff. That I really should have known a while ago, but STILL! I learned stuff!

I really don't like "The Darkness". It has occasional moments of amusement... but the narration is so over-dramatic, difficult to read because of font decisions, and, well... predictable... that it is extremely uninteresting. I've started completely ignoring the pure narration and just reading over speech bubbles. I even skip a lot of the speech bubbles because of, oh, predictability and sexism.

"Why are you reading "The Darkness" if you're concerned about sexism? Are you a moron?"

Because I grew up reading "Tomb Raider". Thank my dad. Personally I think it had a great story. I also haven't read over it in a long time because I am quite certain the sexism in certain places would bother me. The "Tomb Raider" comics interact with the other major Top Cow franchises, including "The Darkness" and "The Witchblade". I always wondered about these other two. Jackie also looks pretty hot when he's drawn interacting with Lara, so... yeah. A story featuring a hot guy who's really badass.


Anyway. The idea is at least half-decent. Like a wrote earlier, it's amusing at times. I've been reading in a rather non-chronological order at times, and Jackie made a reference to getting probed in the ass at one point while talking to aliens... and I thought he was joking. And then, well... let's just say he had a bad run in with some Predators. It was very amusing.

Honestly, you don't need to read the speech bubbles to get what's going on 95% of the time. If I realize I'm missing something important... which happens INCREDIBLY rarely, the most I have to do is re-read the page I'm on, closely. There's so much repetition and, well... I'm sure the authors are at least somewhat aware that their target audience will be distracted by BOOBS and PANTY SHOTS that they need simple ways to know what's going on, and not long-ass narrative.

Also, when a comic consists of 70% story and 30% sexist darklings being sexist with no real relation to the plot 99% of the time... that already takes out a chunk of the text you need to read.

I'm also familiar with a lot of the plot at this point, through the issues I got a hold of early on, before I started reading the comic in mostly chronological order, and what I've been connecting as I read. I don't need to read through every. single. character. epiphany. that really isn't an epiphany and is just a character angsting. Most likely with sexism involved, SOMEHOW, and 95% of the time doing it out of character. The number of out-of-character moments are simply RIDICULOUS in this story. The way women react to people in general and to each other and their jobs just makes no sense, and then the way they act on their own, when you're already familar with the character is just... wth people? WTH??? And then there's the way Jackie just randomly becomes the omniscient narrator perspective on his life, and not in a "I'm telling the story, and this is how I feel" way, which would be fine, but in a "yeah, I see all these things and all this stuff and everyone is right" or well... it just doesn't make sense how he's doing some of this stuff.

Could I have missed it because I'm reading too quickly over the damn speech bubbles?

No. Not some of the stuff. I'm not talking about ARC-CROSSING changes. I'm talking about weirdness going down in single issues and on pages that are SIDE-BY-SIDE.

The art is also REALLY terrible for the most part. I mean REALLY terrible. To the point where I question whether this was done by Liefield or not. It's THAT awful. And there are so. very. many. splash pages. that are AWFUL!

I also think that Nebeziel, who did some of the comics, put in some of his earlier art here. It's how I forgive him for, on occasion, not being very good with his techniques. But he's one of the few artists who does a somewhat decent job with the comic. That narrows it down to about... three or four people. Outside of that...

I was also still tempted to read "The Witchblade" series. Now I'm really, really not. The art looks twenty times worse than what's in "The Darkness", and so does the story. Sara has more OOC moments than Jackie does, and I'm only looking at the Darkness/Witchblade crossovers.

Anyway, I got through a lot of it yesterday, and I'm at least halfway done. So far, I've enjoyed... three story arcs. There's at least one large plothole (Jenny was engaged to a badass with badass levels substantially larger than Jackie... and she STILL somehow got kidnapped and killed? What? - I'm assuming we're going to learn how this happened soon). I don't really know. I'm so close now, I'll just finish. And heck, it's a way to avoid reading "Deadpool"! Which IS drawn at least on occasion by Rob Liefield!

So apparently Disney bought "Star Wars". Okay... Disney now owns Marvel and Star Wars. I don't really understand the point of that... but whatever. I now demand a Marvel-Disney-Star Wars zombieverse storyline.

I also really look forward to Star Wars movie 7. Yes, people were disappointed with the new prequels. But look at it this way: I enjoyed at least the first two movies. The third one was kind of eh. Admittedly, I was distracted by a number of things at the time. Including the fact that I was sitting between my Dad and one of my best friends and they were both trying to talk to me about different things at the same time and I was not used to being someone people ACTUALLY wanted to talk to (this still confuses me) and, well... I'm really terrible at multi-tasking.

Also, Hayden Christensen will not be in it. CGI Yoda and Jar-Jar Binks will not be in the show (I assume, anyway). If Anakin and Yoda are in it at all, it will probably be a brief thing where POSSIBLY Older Luke will be asking them for advice. Assuming the story involves Luke at all.

While I know it's not going to happen because Mark Hamill is having a lot of health problems, it would be really awesome if he at least had a cameo as a Cool Old Dude. Heck, if they even just had Harrison Ford show up as ye old Rogue of Yesteryear... he's still kicking as an actor.

Back to homework. Ta.
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I seriously think this is like... some repressed craving that resulted from not playing it for so long.

This has happened with me with WoW. At least twice. It happened last semester when I got my druid to 85 and starting doing dungeons with her and then started getting back into doing stuff with my main and, then it happened a while ago (I forget when), when I brought my shaman and my warlock up to 85 and leveled their professions and started healing with my shaman...

Don't know when it'll die out. Probably when school starts and I'm swamped with work and club stuff and studying and hopefully a job somewhere and friends to visit and ahng out with and... stuff. Also LSAT studying and things.

Also maybe when Pandaria comes out. Although maybe not, cause I'm kind of leery of another xpac. Competition is crazy and there's bugs everywhere.

One of my favorite blogs on tumblr is the Eschergirls blog. It's just so hilarious. As an artist, feminist, comic book fan, and writer... it's interesting in many ways.

So I was rereading some "Yu Yu Hakusho" (oh yes, I do call myself a feminist and I read that) and then some of the republished Sailor Moons. I was thinking about the art. The art in YYH is kind of... meh. Most of the time. It's okay a lot. But, well... it's not very amazing. There's a lot of missing backgrounds, bodies follow action lines more than actual body lines... Demons are, well... odd. Like an assortment of costumes stolen from an old Hollywood props stage. I suppose that fits the whole "demonic" bit, but well... they're a little over the top and just... not drawn very well.

[Doctor Who] So they're trying to get manacles off Ian. So they've got a rock. I was assuming this was to break the chain in the middle. So he smashes the rock twice downward, and then tugs the leather cuff off.


So anyway. Art. I was looking through the "Sailor Moon" comics and I thought that thought I've thought before when reading through Eschergirls. "Someone drew this, then sent it along to the next-stage person, whoever it was, and thought it was satisfactory."

Now I know that the manga wouldn't be the same without the art. There are quite a few scenes that are downright beautiful.

That doesn't mean that the majority is good. Because it really isn't. I would have loved to seen it redrawn. I don't know that I would have enjoyed it as much. But I would have liked it in some way. It would be EXTREMELY interesting to see things in proper proportion.

I know asking for the senshi to be given some sort of practical fighting uniform is a ridiculous request that will never be granted in cannon. Or, you know... using powers that are actually related to the god or goddess or planet named and not some generic ability that probably just sounded cool at the time or matched cookie-cutter team story design. Or maybe making the senshi actually intimidating or... mostly intelligent.

You know, there are a lot of things I could ask for. The thing I see as easiest and most easily gotten is better art.

[Doctor Who] They're making slave girls empresses now? The emperor makes EVERY slave girl he has a dalliance (or possible dalliance) with the empress? Really? No, it's just sexism and women being vindictive. THIS SHOW!

I'd love to see all the characters with proper body proportions. I'd love to see them standing in relatively possible positions. I'd love to see elbows stop disappearing and legs stop stretching endlessly and hands breaking and fingers popping out of their sockets and hairlines matching faces and faces looking like actual human faces.

Yes, it's cartoony and manga. That doesn't mean faces have to be completely unlike normal faces and make no sense. Sorry but every book I've read on drawing and art included how to draw in proportion and how to draw real body parts. It looks right, for starters. I don't know that many people who like animating Picassos or Dalis or people who enjoy repeatedly drawing that type of body or face other than, well... Picasso, Dali, or surreal and abstract artists. I don't recall Sailor Moon featuring Picassos or Dalis in particular. I thought they were supposed to be ordinary people. I understand individual artist style, but this is a little ridiculous.

So looooong

There are so many things wrong with this image. It accomplishes the original purpose: at first glance, it looks kind of pretty, and it fits the story.

And then you look at it for a little more than a second or two.

We'll ignore the sound effect "glow" (because that's a sound, yanno), because it's the lame translation that was better written than the new translation with fewer typos but was less accurate.

- In what direction exactly is the wind blowing? I'm assuming there's a wind. It could be coming off of Usagi's scepter, if there's some sort of power spreading out from it. Then I can understand things. Because otherwise there's some wind that's making Usagi's hair blow in the opposite direction of Hotaru's hair and her... butt ribbons. I have no idea what else to call it. Butt bow ribbons?

- It's highly unlikely but not entirely impossible for a scepter to be that long. One might even call something like that a spear with a mace head screwed on top. What's unlikely is that Usagi would be able to hold it with one hand. Even if it were incredibly light, the weight would be too much at that length. Also, it makes no sense for it to be that length in comparison to her height. Yes, the scepter is supposed to be taller than her... but this is WAY too tall. She'd be holding it at least by that knub a ways down rather than where she's holding it now,a nd possibly lower.

Plus, if it's that long, the top couldn't be on there for the lightness. The top would break off. Sure, it's "magic", but actually not really. The Silver Imperium people are supposed to be greatly technological. They'd have built and designed this thing, whatever it was. Designing something ridiculous like this is just... stupid.

- Assuming that the scepter is accurate, the arm holding it is not. Her lower arm is far too long and too large for her upper arm. Her arm should probably be thicker overall in the first place, but it's just completely inaccurate drawn like this. It's more likely to fall off than hold anything, let alone something like that god-awful long scepter.

- At this point, Usagi is supposed to be in Middle School (from what I can remember - they get into high school next arc). I'm somewhat certain that her legs are far too long in comparison to her upper body (hard to tell with an empire waist dress)... but she's far too tall for someone who's probably fifteen or sixteen (MAYBE seventeen) at best. Yes, there are really, really tall people in the world who happen to be in Elementary, Middle, and High School. I know quite a few. But Usagi isn't especially tall. She's actually one of the shorter members of the SM cast. According to this one entry she's... 4'11". Wow. I thought she was at least five feet.

Drawing height accurately is probably very hard. Drawing a rather short person in comparison to a tall person is... not. Or at least someone who draws professionally should know how.

Hotaru isn't all that tall either - she's supposed to be a bit younger than Usagi. But they actually could be rather close in height, according to this image.

- Now there's Hotaru. Hotaru and her poor "I eat one cube of cheese a day" diet. I didn't realize the senshi were wearing stiletto heels, either. Poor girls. And tutus. I thought they were wearing skirts, not tutus. Miniskirts, it's true... but not tutus.

Kneeling woman 1Kneeling woman 2

Kneeling Woman 3Kneeling Women

Here's a number of kneeling women for comparison in the general position Hotaru is in. The last one even looks Asian, like Hotaru is supposed to be. Yes, they're from... wherever the Moon people are from, but they're living in Japan. They're supposed to be Japanese. The live-action show features Japanese actors. None of the characters are considered unusual for Japanese citizens.

Sailor Moon has a problem where the characters have legs that are far too long. Beyond that is the problem that her lower legs are too thin. Her left lower leg is terrifying. It's like all she has is bone. I don't know how she walks on that foot. And where is her right foot hiding? And why is the bow on her chest showing in its entirety when she's supposed to be in profile?

Something funky is also going on with her butt bow. It looks a bit screwy.

This also suffers from that fun artistic technique of removing facial features for certain shots. Both characters have no mouth or eyes. Both don't even seem to have fingers, really, beyond vaguish scribble. Missing facial features is an artistic choice. For this frame, it's probably fine. It only annoys me because I've been staring at it too long. Unfortunately there are many moments where the artist uses this technique very badly. Characters are missing eyes or half their faces are gone for no reason (it's supposed to be artistic but honestly makes no sense) and noses are often gone.

This isn't ALL the art. But, well... it has a number of the problems that a large portion of the art has. Legs and arms tend to suffer. Positions make no sense. In the original the sound effects were rather stupid but that's just a translation decision. I haven't the faintest idea what the new translation effects are supposed to be because they're in Japanese. They could still be just as ridiculous, and only the laughter has changed.

My idea for this is that someone, somewhere, maybe Takeuchi, drew a general sketch for how the scene was supposed to look. And then someone started to fill in the sketch with actual drawing. And didn't try all too hard to make things fit accurate body dimensions. Because I can see this as the outline of a sketch, demonstrating body movement, positioning, outfits, and what's generally going on in the scene. I see this as people adding detail to a sketch, not creating a drawing based on the suggestion.

It's sad. And it really, really makes me look forward to the new anime. I wonder what the art will look like. Hopefully it will be a big improvement from the original anime, which was an improvement from the manga, at least (although still problematic in many cases).




Jul. 27th, 2006 07:58 pm
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I finished “Oni” for like the third time straight through.

This time I went all the way through using God mode, Invisibility (most of the way), unlimited ammo, my favorite gun (doesn't come around till the fourth or fifth level, and it’s a one-hit kill), and unstoppable, which means I can't be knocked down or paralyzed. I used the permanent Daoden power for the last level/area. I was an invisible purple snowwoman on a killing spree in the mountains. Nothing cooler than that. There were also these purple floating dots that followed me around during that. They were cute. The weird thing about that level, though, is that it starts out with you just falling out of the sky. Literally. No plane. No parachute. Nothing. You just fall, and land on the ground with a small boom, forming a crack. Wish that could happen in real life. It’s just cool-looking.

I never used the super fists. Never. I learned two of her cool moves, though, which I could never figure out before. The only problem is that you practically have to be right under the enemy’s nose for them to work.

I walked with Dad to get Chinese. It really isn't far. But it was hot, so that kind of made up for the length. I read some more of my stupid book. I have 462 pages left. Including the one I'm on. I guess it's probably because I've been basically reading only five pages a day since I came to Dad's.

I played some “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”. I got Aragorn over level 10 and Frodo over 7. I watched “Princess Mononoke” after Heather finally left. I nearly gagged to death on the amount of perfume she left in the air. She puts on way too much of that crap. It smells nice, but it's nasty when there's too much. I finished one of my drawings today. I have named it, "What's a Hero For?" as I could find no other name to give it. It has no particular purpose. Just a practice with giving a character wings, working on feet positioning, which came out really well, and playing with how I draw hair. I'm actually pretty proud of my drawing. I know I can do a better job next time, but I really like it.
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We went to the Festival in DC today. It was hot and really sunny, but okay.

Can't say we really looked around all that much. We spent a lot of time in the shops. I think that was my fault.

Dad picked me up (we got our power back) and dropped me off at the JCC. I met up with Jazz, gave her “Fullmetal Alchemist” 1 to read, and told Vanessa no. Like I would ever say yes. It took me long enough to say yes to Jazz. I love my comics.

The ride to DC was pretty easy. No traffic, far as I can tell. The three of us (Shayne wasn't there, thankfully) got our own seats on the bus. We could have been more spread out (everyone else), if the Tiyulim kids and their counselors hadn't tagged along on our bus, but, eh. You can't have everything. Even though it was our bus.

The fair wasn't open when we got there, so we popped into the Natural History Museum. I've been there too often. We stopped at the 1st floor gift shop for a while, then popped into the mammals exhibit, then went upstairs to see the jewels. Then we went around the circle in search of the shop, found it, and went inside.

After that, we went back downstairs to meet up with the people, and stopped by the bathrooms. Then we went out to the fair.

I suggested we have lunch first (which we did) and then we went around. We stopped by a drink place. I was thirsty. Then we went into a basket weaving section, looked around quickly, not really stopping to do anything. Then we went on looking for this lady that Vanessa was looking for. In vain, I think. We didn't find her, and then we went on to the marketplace. The only cool thing about that wasted look around the fair was that I saw a sign that said "Nuestra Musica" and I knew it meant "our music".

The marketplace tent was nice because it was somewhat air-conditioned and had some cool stuff. We had to leave to go meet up with the group, and then we came back. I bought a new blue purse and Jazz bought a gargoyle and a chopsticks set. Vanessa bought a bracelet and she had bought a panther stuffed animal at the museum. We left to go meet up with everyone again and went back to the bus. We had to wait for about 40-45 minutes for the bus driver, who couldn't be reached with the changed time, and was late anyway to show up. Then we got on and went back to the JCC.

We went to the pool. I got out earlier than Jazz and Vanessa, got changed, and was done in time to see Jazz leave for some reason. I grabbed my shirt with its ridiculous purple and blue design and went upstairs to go see the snack machines. Not much to see. I think I was wise to get my smoothie at the fair. It was probably better than soda. None of the snacks were worth it, even if I did actually want more sugar.

I went to the lobby and organized my bag some. Jazz stopped by and gave me my novel (unfinished) and my clipboard, which I almost forgot about. Then she left. I called Mom sometime before that and she said she was on her way. Then Vanessa came up and asked me if Jazz hated her. I said I didn't know, or care, really. I didn't say the second part. I just shrugged.

Then Mom arrived and I left. We got some fireworks and went home. I checked my comics and then worked out. I watched “Sailor Moon” 3. It will always have a special place in my heart as the first anime/manga I ever loved, so “Sailor Moon”, here's one for you. But I have seen better anime, and “Rurouni Kenshin” and “Fullmetal Alchemist” are indeed better drawn. More proportional, really, and somewhat more realistic. Of course, “Sailor Moon” has some pretty awesome art. I mean, that woman is one heck of an artist.

Besides the art, though, there is something I can give “Sailor Moon” thumbs up for. I like its jokes better than “Fullmetal,Alchemist”. Some of the humor in “Fullmetal Alchemist” is odd. It might be cultural confusion or something lost in translation.

I'm getting through “Worlds of Honor” 4. I think I'll try to finish the current story tonight. Then I had dinner, after Mom made cookies, and wanted to make dinner for some reason. I read some more while she cooked after we "decided" what to have. Then she called me down (so did Mike, who still believes that I'm deaf) and I had some spaghetti. For dessert I had milk and cookies. Mom was angry at Mike and I went upstairs and read some more. Then I turned on some music, started singing, and continued to write some of my rerevised plot outline (up to chapter 9).
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I finally saved my powerpoint for Civics in the right place during English. I decided to change my author from Carolyn Keene to J.R.R. Tolkien. I am not doing in just to spite Samantha.

In Gym my team won 7th place. We beat the other team by like 16:5.

In Orchestra we practiced on our own, cause the new sub was the normal unknowlegable sub and no one shut up long enough for her to say three words.

Heather drove us here. it was okay. Her car was sweltering. I'm surprised it was that hot, seeing as it was so cold outside. When I stepped out without my jacket it actually felt very calming.

I drew a "reflection" picture of InuYasha, on the other side of his human form. Or as near as I can draw them. Really, its just his (their) head(s), ears, hair, lower arm/sleeve, bottom of pants, and feet. I might add the tip of the tetsusaiga. I am actually really proud of how it came out. Now I just have to draw InuYasha the cat, and InuYasha in the Frost gym uniform.
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I woke up somewhat late (around 8 then 9ish). I had some strawberrries and they tasted really good. Then I watched "Stargate" and "Atlantis", which tied up some loose ends and left a lot of questions as usual.

I went onto the computer, watched "Teen Titans" and drew.

During "Teen Titans" and drawing, Heather left and I got lunch after watching some "Buffy". It was good. Cordelia seems to have somehow gotten back into the group for this last episode and I think she and Wesley are dating. Faith went rogue and Buffy and Angel are having normal problems and staying close. And I did some homework.

Dad came back after lunch and I did some computer time and watched more Buffy. Then Daddy left again and I did some more drawing and homework, which I largely finished.  All I have now is my project for Math.

Daddy came back and we went out to Dan Pablo's. It was fun. Then we went to Best Buy for probably an hour. Daddy bought Mom the "The Limited Edition Fantastic Four" DVD that I picked out and he bought me "The Brothers Grimm", and he bought a two disc Beatles album, with a song that he likes called "I Am The Walrus". 60s people were weird and high on drugs.

Then we came home. I watched the last 15 minutes or so of "One Peice", then decided not to watch my movie and see two episodes of "Buffy", including the episode where they find out that Faith is officially rogue. I had an apple. It was yummy, and solid. I don't like soft apples. When I bite into them, it feels like I'm biting into rot, and it's all squishy, and eww. Hard apples taste better too.

What I really wanted to write about and I probably would've have forgotten to update my hournal if I hadn't decided to, was that I finally drew my rose! The cool/pretty rose that I thought of. Well, actually it's a little different with the one I thought of. The one I though of has two feathered wings. This one one demonic wing and one feathery wing. It looks really cool, though. I'm afraid to color it it, cause I don't want to mess it up. I can't stop looking at it... Thinking back, I see myself struggling to draw eyes and heads. My heads, when I was in like, 1st through 4th grade were all funky looking.

I'm going to work on the wing for a bit then go to sleep, I really liked today, even though I didn't exactly do much. I think I accomplished a lot. I finished my homework, went as far as i can go now on my project and fixed one of my sobbing angel sketches to improve the wing.

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The Dream is ending.

Everything was so peaceful and fun for the past eleven days.

I didn't have any responsibilities outside of laundry and organizing.

I didn't have to study anything. I didn't play solitaire for hours out of boredom.

I saw "The Producers" with my family (and Heather's friend). I saw "King Kong" with Karina. I saw "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" again with Mom and Mike for the first time. I saw "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" with Daddy again. I made my library on my computer, and put my books in order. I did my vocab that I don't even know if we're doing it or not. I won the Pokemon championship in my game. I won Gold for the Tokyo level in "Tony Hawk". I made my cousins and aunt and uncle laugh. I don't even remember (if ever) the last time I did that. I built up my iPod library. I finished three books. I've written and drawn a lot. I had donuts and pizza with dad and Heather. We also finally made that garlic bread. I watched the first two "Matrix" films and "The Fifth Element". I watched the ball drop with Dad and Heather.

Like snow, this world is melting away to make way for the old one, to make way for my life to return to it's course. I'm waking up from a dream that I don't want to ever end.

I feel... like a part of me will die tomorrow, when I wake up to the sound of my alarm. I'll see all my friends again, and we chat all day about what we did during the break. We'll laugh, and then we'll move on, and this time will become a distant memory in the past long gone...

That's enough for now. If I want to make do with what I have, then I am going to quit this and do something!
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I read and did computer stuff this morning. Then we had pizza for lunch.

Then Mom and I drove to Baltimore. I watched "Pirates of the Carribean" on the way. It was fun. I used our new portable DVD player. The fires all looked funny because of the graphics.

We visited Grandmommy in the hospital. She looked pale. Uncle BG, Aunt Julie, Granddaddy, Sam, and Allie were all there, too. We talked, then the latter of us went to dinner at this greek place. It was good. I actually talked with my cousins. A rarity. I never actually get to say anything nice around them usually. Not with Heather there to cut me down about whatever I say. And when Heather is there, they're always talking to her, and listening to her. I just... sit quietly and try to talk to Jason or Mitchell. Maybe I draw or write. But I actually had a good time. Allie drew me a picture. It was nice.

I finished watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" on the way home. I also watched the bloopers, which were neat.
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Today I took a major step in my life as an artist.

It was around 10:15 pm or so, and I was drawing what I have dubbed The Five. The Five is a group of five amazingly powerful female warriors who only fight for justice. I was drawing heads to start with, when I let my pencil wander. The shard came out, and then the hair, then the sleeves, then the eyes, and so on.

Until, finally, at long last, my first true drawing of my OC smiled back at me for the first time. I never thought that I would actually see what she looked like. The male characters in my stories are easy to imagine, but I could never truly see her face. It feels so strange. I finally know what she looks like.

Now I can actually focus more on the guys, which is strange. She is my best drawing. She is also my first full drawing that I actually like. I thought that I would never get her feet right, but I did!

I am so happy! I finally drew her! Now I can work on drawing her love interest! I am so happy!!!!


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