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Well this looks a little weird. Cool, but weird. Go LiveJournal...?

So I had to go home this past weekend to take my car in for a recall and get my computer set up and help Dad pack some stuff. It was okay. Dad was kinda tired and physically hurt and I wish he wasn't hurting all the time... :(

So, randomly, I felt the need to watch "Exodus" (needed my Robert Redford fix), followed by "Stardust" (needed my Charlie Fox with long hair and that sexy adventurer outfit fix), followed by "Starship Troopers", because I watch SourceFed. It was awful. But I watched it. Huzzah.

Thanks to the recall, though, I managed to get through my reading for "Our Mutual Friend", so that was nice. I also didn't have to get some school supplies for my final projects because THANKFULLY we had stuff lying around for me to use. Saving money is always good! I love it!

I have watched a TON of SourceFed. I'm at the point where my watch later list is at the 1 month mark. OMG THAT'S SO AMAZING! I'M SO GLAD THAT I SPEND MY TIME DOING USEFUL THINGS!

I also finished NaNoWriMo 2012 as a winner with 26 minutes to spare! Fourth year in a row! Yay!

I am still not fully recovered from that.

I actually finished NaNo with around eleven hours to spare because I wrote up the prose during class and only got the chance to transfer it to my computer to get the word count at like 11:20 at night. But whatever. I FINISHED! IT WAS TENSE!

I honestly did do a lot of work this weekend. I've read a lot of "Our Mutual Friend". I did a lot writing. I greatly regret "Starship Troopers", but I've been meaning to watch it, so whatever. I watched the other movies while eating meals and writing for NaNo, and then I started packing DVDs and waiting for my computer to finish migrating all its stuff to the new compy and... yeah.

Did I mention that I'm like... written out at the moment? That's probably the wrong word, but that's how I feel.

Back to "Our Mutual Friend"! Only like forty pages left, so... fun!


Oct. 15th, 2012 02:07 am
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Argo was a very good movie, actually. I think it's shit that they felt the need to shit on the contribution of the Canadians (wtf Ben Affleck and Co.) and I'm sure it pissed off the Iranians, but I still enjoyed it.

I have a lot of luck with movies my mom picks that I'm either not aware of or not really into beforehand. "The Queen", "Argo", "Pride and Prejudice" (the TV series), "Out of Africa", "The King's Speech"... and so on.

I'm very annoyed. Well, sort of. On the one hand, I did read a lot of "Bleak House" today. On the other, I'm just behind where I should have STARTED for today.

I also don't have an English version of "Cradle of Stars" (Kiddy Grade) and cannot find one, even though I would really like one.

I still have to write a journal article, my workshop story and my hangman Computer Science project. I don't really know if it's worthwhile to re-do my homework 3, especially since I don't know what went wrong with it and the things he wanted us to run through them never got to my email for some reason.

But I have finished the Irish plays, read the school newspaper, gone over the two workshop stories I do have and read a lot of "Bleak House"... sort of. Plus, I've been running through ideas for the stor(ies) in my head.

I really want to and don't want to write this article. I have no idea how to write it.

On the other hand, I'm REALLY tempted to write something on gender roles at school.

In two classes now, several students have presented gender roles as if they're established fact, everywhere, which obviously isn't true and for some reason no one takes umbridge to this, other than friends and I outside of class. In one class, a girl took issue with the fact that the male protagonist was effeminate, in relation to the fact that the protagonist's sex is not identified until page two or three. Three classmates then proceeded to suggest ways to get around this: make him do stereotypically heterosexual masculine things. When I suggested "Just start with 'My name is Alvin, and I like the beach because blah' (which is basically how her story started, minus the name) and then move on", people laughed. I like making people laugh and I'm glad no one openly disapproved, but I mean COME ON! Yeah, I was a little confused about who or what was specifically talking (was it a kid, an adult, a man, a woman, a disembodied narrator?), but I didn't care all that much and I wasn't so desperate to identify who it was that I had to pick one sex over another. You get the guy's name out there, BAM, you know it's a guy (unless told otherwise, which we weren't) and you don't have to change the character. I don't see Alvin doing the ridiculous stereotyped things they suggested. I do not want her to change the character like that. I think he's fine as he is. The only person doing something wrong in relation to his being marginally "effeminate" is his accuser, the moron in our class who has this obsession with fitting men and women into specific little gender role boxes.

I find it amusing that "I'm" the conservative Jew and she's the reform Jew and yet "I'm" apparently the more liberal, at least when it comes to gender discussion.

Every time she does this she acts like it's a BIG. ASS. SHOCKER. Her reaction was like this: "OMG, he was just SO effeminate! Wasn't that WEIRD?"

Wow. The guy acts like he walked out of the Romantic Period and he's automatically homosexual to you, Miss I Walk And Breathe Stereotypes.

So he likes the beach. So he notices his surroundings. The only reason the narration before he gave his name didn't seem "masculine" was because it was lacking action, crassness and/or references to women as sexual objects. I mean, seriously? Seems like a person I'd want to be friends with over some of the guys I know who like spitting on the ground, punching walls and laughing when sexism is brought up in discussion.

Note, we never learn his sexuality. He shows what might POSSIBLY be a slightly attraction to the other character: Orelia. A slight something that's never really explained. But it's not really sexual or romantic and we don't really know what their relationship is going to be after the story ends. It never really turns into anything other than friendship, as far as we're aware. The author could have easily explained away Alvin's personality by using sexuality stereotypes. "Oh, he's just gay." "Oh, he's bi." "Oh, he's asexual". She could have.

But she didn't. I don't know whether it was purposeful or not, but she didn't.

And I am so tired of people sticking people into these boxes. I sat in the car with a friend while driving back from wherever it was that we went together and she was talking to me about her "gay friend in denial". I asked her why she thought he was gay and she told me about his clothing choices and the type of water bottles he drank from.


I asked her if she had any other evidence. Like did he comment on the attractiveness of men or did he have a boyfriend or was he not interested in women or something?

She repeated the clothing choices.

I tried to explain that clothing choices don't make you anything. Well, other than a member of the KKK or MAYBE Muslim, I suppose, but people can wear head scarves and not be Muslim.

She didn't believe me.

I RESPECT this friend. I LIKE this friend. I MISS this friend. But I think of this conversation and I just cringe.

Heck, I even liked Miss Moron until I realized that this was a thing with her.

I kind of liked the other guy who does this until I realized that... well, there are a number of issues with him. Besides the fact that he never shuts up.

My issue with gender roles comes from what I know and experience. Yes, people need to be aware of the way our society and different societies reinforce them. They deserve studying. The media's portrayal and reinforcement of them deserves studying.

But forcing them on others because that is the way you view the world is ridiculous. If a writer wants to write about a guy who's a nature lover and not a skirt chaser, then I say by all means.

You know who's bought feminine hygiene products and taken my sister to Victoria's Secret when she wanted nice underwear? My Dad.

You know who makes more money from their job? My Mom.

You know who likes Enya and New Age music? My Dad.

You know who likes the supernatural, horror and ghost hunter shows? My Mom.

My parents are both computer engineers. They both scuba dive. They both cook and bake and do it well.

And you know what? I liked barbies. I liked barbies for a long time. I liked Polly Pockets. I listened to Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync (admittedly, only one CD), and thought that was good. When I was little, of course, and didn't know what good music was. I also watched and read "Sailor Moon" and thought it was amazing. Before I knew what good art and story was.

You know what I also liked from a young age? "Gladiator", 3rd Grade (eight years old). "The Last Samurai", 6th Grade (eleven years old). "The Mummy Returns" 5th Grade (ten years old). I liked "Ronin Warriors" from when it aired on Toonami when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I watched the 1984 film version of "Dune" on laser disc many a time when I was in Elementary School and beyond (age seven and earlier). I watched the mini-series when it premiered on TV in 2nd grade. I ADORED it. It was the first soundtrack I fell in love with when I didn't even know what that really meant. It was the first series that made me love specific actors and voice actors before I knew what that meant. In 5th grade I waited with bated breath for and watched the premier of its sequel: "Children of Dune", in the hopes that it would be just as good. It was good, too. I grew up watching "Doctor Who" on laser disc. Dad started collecting the old series episodes on DVD LONG before Christopher Eccleston showed up in 2005 (7th grade, age 12) as the 9th Doctor. We were prepared for the new show beforehand. I was skeptical. He was anxious. We were surprised and pleased when we saw what it was.

My most-read manga genre is shounen. My favorite manga is "Rurouni Kenshin", hands down. I started reading the swords-manga in 4th or 5th grade when I realized that I wanted to get into mange because a) I like books and b) the anime looked cool on Adult Swim. I picked up volume 1 in the bookstore of the University of Maryland. I was immediately hooked.

Of the three serial manga I read, "Bleach" is my favorite, due to the preponderance of bishounen and the beautiful art. "xxxHolic" is probably my second-favorite manga, followed by "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Buso Renkin", "Fruits Basket", "Sailor Moon", "Ranma 1/2" and then "Flame of Recca".

I think pink is an okay color, but it's not my favorite. It's too bright for some of my moods. Cerulean blue is my favorite color. I always kept and never used the Cerulean crayon because I didn't want to run out and it was so pretty. I like country, rock, heavy metal, folk, new age, classical and electronic music, but I have far more soundtracks and Musical CDs than anything else. My favorite artists are composers, not singers and not bands: Joe Hisaishi, Hanz Zimmer, Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura, and Vivaldi. Enya also possibly wins out, but that's a slight thing. She's like everyone else out there: after a time, it's all the same sound. Big Bang also fits into this category.

I like action-adventure books and webcomics. Currently, I'm watching the on-going series "Supernatural" (sorta), "Sherlock", "Doctor Who", "Young Justice" (fav), "Legend of Korra", and "Once Upon a Time" (eh). I'm reading two hard SF books and an assorted number of high fantasy books, as well as an autobiography from WW2, the fourth "Wizard of Oz" book, and a thesis about the Holocaust, Judaism, Christianity, social theory, politics, perception, religion and so many other things.

My desk bookshelf features "Howl's Moving Castle" (fav book), next to "Macbeth", three hard SF books, a Steven Brust (high fantasy) omnibus, some "Gargoyles" comics, an "Avatar: The Last Airbender" comic and an assorted group  of manga. My Chris Hemsworth Thor bobble-head stands beside my Black Knight sans limbs bobble-head, a Pocahontas action figure and three Pokemon action figures.

I am good at cooking. I do not do it often. I do not necessarily enjoy it. When I have a choice, I weigh the pros and cons: "Is it worth having to prepare and clean up after, as well as wait for it to get done?" Typically it's not. I do not hate gardening, but neither do I like it. I do not dislike sewing, but neither do I like it, nor am I necessarily good at it. I like singing. I have, like many, a special relationship with God (not that I'm better than others, but that I approach religion in my own way). I like cats and dogs, but now prefer cats because they require less maintenance. I play computer games, and play WoW rather well. I write fantasy. I enjoy swimming and soccer. I'm okay wearing a dress or skirt but I prefer pants. Heels make me look better but non-heels are more comfortable and practical. I do not enjoy putting on make-up or fixing up my hair. I hate clothes shopping because it takes forever, women's clothes are too flimsy and pricey and nothing really nice fits me anyway.

When I was little I wanted to be a mixed version of Superman and Pocahontas from Disney's "Pocahontas", with Ariel's hair from "The Little Mermaid", AndrAI's body from "ReBoot" and Bell's fashion sense from "Beauty and the Beast". I wanted Morticia's personality from "The Addams Family" and Velma's sense of humor from "Scooby-Doo", as well as her intelligence. I also wanted Sailor Jupiter's fighting abilities. When the Ridley Scott "Spider-Man" film came out in 2002, I wanted to be Spider-Man and that was it. When the "Justice League" TV series aired in 2001, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.

People are not what gender stereotypes you label them with. People are complex and weird and surprising and interesting and amazing and disappointing, but you need to find that out for yourself. Don't fit people into boxes.
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You don't believe me? Hah. Hah hah hah I say.

For starters, there is literally nothing else I'm proud to have marathoned.

Now THAT is a compliment.

Things I've marathoned include: all six "Star Wars" movies, all three extended special edition "Lord of the Rings" movies (mutiple times; yes, I had no life), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (such a wasted summer), basically every "Star Trek" series (except the first one and the cartoon, which are just really difficult to watch and not high on my priority list), old "Doctor Who" episodes (I can assure you that watching anything before... Doctor 3 is a marathon, even if it's a single episode - I was sitting through an "episode" from the second doctor, looked at the time on the DVD, and realized that I'd already seen over two hours of episode - they didn't give a crap about cliffhangers back then - they invented "Lost" LONG before the concept ever became a TV show of its own)... um... yeah. That's my resume for the stuff, really. I don't have the time or patience to marathon anymore.

I am so ambivalent towards "LOTR" now that it's REALLY sad. It was such a big part of my early life that I just... I do not know. I'm putting it down to overload towards the franchise, but really...

I would gladly reread "The Hobbit", if I had time. And I do not get tired of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in gifs, pictures, or videos. I would still cosplay as a Ringwraith any day. I love that costume so much! If I had enough money, I'd get metal gloves for it. I still want to visit Oxford principally because Tolkien lived and worked there.

My mother gave me the blu-ray edition of the entire extended series and I was just so... nonplussed about it. I had to FAKE happiness. Yes, I'm a spoiled brat.

I didn't ask for something else instead! Hey, I still like it! I just... I was so AMBIVALENT towards it... it was terrifying.

I honestly cannot stand the "Star Wars" movies anymore. I just can't. I would probably, given the opportunity, rewatch the cartoon TV series (not the 3-D one), since that was fun and good and short, and I've actually had a hankering to do so. For starters, I have seen the last three movies WAY too many times. The four things I watched the most out of Dad's old laser disc collection were "Doctor Who: The Five Doctors" (aka "the three doctors, old footage, and a stand-in for the dead guy who did better than Hartnell ever did"), and the three original "Star Wars" movies.

Yeah, they make me smile. But I just... there are so many things I notice that are WRONG about them that just HURT and I just... I'm so TIRED of them...

Would I gladly cosplay as Darth Vader, a Jedi, or a storm trooper? HELLZ YEAH! Do I REALLY want to go to Disney World to try out the revamped "Star Wars" ride? HELLZ YEAH! Am I still planning to read as many of the books as I can someday? HELLZ YEAH!

With LOTR, there are a number of problems ranging from things I cannot forgive Jackson and the producers and writing staff and so on for leaving out and/or changing. That's part of the reason I'm ambivalent towards the three-way-split for "The Hobbit". Hopefully they will have time to do EVERYTHING that way (although Jackson also wants to throw in some stuff from The Appendices, so... I don't know how that'll work, but I hope it's good!)... and to do it right, although right now the only two things that are impressing me from the trailers are that a) we're learning more about what's going on behind the scenes during the story (namely, where Gandalf disappears off to, which I never about, other than that he mysteriously disappears), and b) Kili is hot, and will hopefully get tons of screentime. Just sayin. Other than that... I am not very impressed. And considering the fact that one of the few things Hollywood can get right anymore is a decent trailer, that's really saying something.

I think I would rewatch Buffy. I liked the show. It had some issues but it was cute and fun and had some good actors in it and a lot of humor.

I would not rewatch all the "Star Treks". I just wouldn't. "Next Generation" is rather painful. "DS9" had some great episodes. "Voyager" I would rewatch. I would not rewatch "Enterprise". Not all of it. If I ever get around to finished the original series, I'm never rewatching it.

There are so few things I just all-out enjoy anymore in fiction that seeing something like "Code Geass: R2" is... well, it's mind-blowing. Yeah, of COURSE there are problems with it. BIG-ASS problems.

But it was enjoyable. The ending was... astonishing. Not because I was surprised but because I just... wow. It just... wow... The way they chose the soundtrack, the narrative, the decisions, the EVERYTHING...

I can't listen to the soundtrack for that scene. It is a GORGEOUS soundtrack and I have it but I just... I start it and after a bit I have to turn it off because it's just TOO PAINFUL (in a good way).

It had a good amount of humor. The art was... well it was a fight between good/fanservice and stylistic that I feel like I could get around. It was good enough. The music was...


Can we just have a moment to take in the soundtrack? It's not ".hack//Sign" by any means, but... d-aaaaamn...

You want to know the last book I enjoyed? "Bridge of Birds". That was earlier in, what, August? I've read several books since then. The ending to "Sailor V 2" was good. But just the ending, really. "Ayiti" was good writing, but it's not something I'll return to maybe ever. "Oliver Twist" was funny and enjoyable, but I'll never reread it. It dragged at a number of points.

I cannot remember what I read before that, that I was genuinely happy with. I haven't read any new Steven Brust books since the summer of 2011, so that's clearly a far marker for that.

Yes, "David Copperfield" is improving on me. I still hate it intensely for its ridiculous length and repetition. WE GET IT ALREADY!

Although the fact that there is just this amazing bit of slash that I just keep fangirling over and laughing my ass off at is just... wow... Someone out there needs to write a DavidxUriah fic. Someone. Not me, cause it would be terrible, but someone who is a very good writer.

All right, I need to sleep. Ta.
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I've been pretty busy these past couple of days. Well... for me, I guess.

I got a lot of homework done over the weekend. I had to read quite a chunk of "David Copperfield", since I was so lazy with it before. I still need to read through the rest of today's section. I have not read a book this boring in quite some time. It honestly has some interesting events, but they are stuck between such vast amounts of fluff and repetition that it's almost superfluous. For instance, the narrator has spent almost as much time stating that he remembers it all perfectly as he has been relating the plot. Then there were some emails to send and answer. I wrote an article for the school newspaper, finished an analysis of "Ayiti", helped run a first club meeting, went to another discussion meeting, and read and watched quite a bit.

I played Portal 2 for the first time with a friend. It was very enjoyable and pretty relaxing.

You know, much as I dislike the first doctor (and I've probably said this before), it's starting to pick up. There's a lot of the later doctors in him. Contrary to what I used to think, the first Doctor didn't simply fall so deeply into other problems and get dragged along with the tide, doing relatively little. He sees problems and jumps in and deals with it. He takes note of a great deal of little facts and puts them together. It's rather interesting.

I've returned to reading "Runaways" and I've even started Marvel's "Civil War" series, which is really, really, really long. I'm glad I didn't start it ages ago. I wouldn't have known even a quarter of the characters. Now I don't know a fraction of the cast and I'm at least slightly familiar with all the rest. "Runaways" is also pretty fun, still. I really like ChasexGert, and I like the idea of a woman running the Avengers someday, especially someone like Gert, who's just awesome.

I was in the middle of trying to update Parallels last night and I left it going while I slept. And then I woke up and discovered that a) I'd unplugged the computer over night and the computer had thus run out of power and shut down, and b) it couldn't finish updating because it needed more space.

So I have spent over seven hours today clearing stuff off of my computer.

I am very concerned about getting Pandaria now. I don't even have it on my computer yet.

I've been cleaning out music I don't listen to for a while now. Evidently that hasn't been doing all that much. I'll keep at it. Hopefully it will make a difference in the future, because I still do have a long way to go.

On top of that, I've been going through photos. I don't have any big applications to delete (or small ones, really), and photos are on the large scale. I go through my Word and Excel documents pretty frequently so I'll just go through them again sometime soon, I suppose.

I've known for some time that I've had more than one copy of some of my photos. I had my backups from my blackberry, which were spread throughout my normal photo collection.

But that was not the worst of it.

I didn't realize that iPhoto was nearly full. I love how I've never seen the message before, but when I had spent half an hour deleting photos and videos from collections I'd apparently never bothered even looking through once, this message pops up four times.

Whatever. It hasn't popped up recently.

I also finally managed to organize iPhoto. That's a pleasant side effect of this.

So I deleted well over 407 photos/videos from iPhoto. And then I had to go and find all the copies of things I kept and things I wanted gone. I found the duplicates. And the triplicates. And the quadruplicates or whatever they're called. And the backups for the trash.

... Yes. Did I mention that I've been clearing things out for over seven hours?

I've managed to clear off 6.36 GB. Just that much.

... UGH...

I've at least managed to do a practice LSAT and work on some other stuff. Now I need to take a shower and finish reading and go to bed.
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I'm gonna start this backwards. Just cause it makes more sense to me that way.

I used to live in Texas. I was 6 when we moved so...obviously I don't remember it that well. A lot of what I remember has been cleared up with mom and dad. Apprently my area was particularly...Christian? Or something. For starters, my school couldn't call our Halloween celebrations "Halloween" celebrations because it's a "pagan" tradition. They were like....Fall Festival or something. And we were apparently only allowed to be Indians or Cowboys. And here I thought I chose to be Pocahontas in first grade because it was the best costume.

Certainly, trick-or-treating there was better than here. It's not terrible here...but you could walk less and get three times as much candy. And we used to spend more time doing it there than we did here. I guess because there were fewer trees and the area was flatter so it stayed lighter longer because you could see light from streetlights more or something. Although...we did used to get so much (my sister and I - three grocery bags full each, and we could go back for more, but Dad would always tell us that we had enough at that point) that we'd eventually have to throw some away.

Going with the religion thing, I like living here more because it's easier to reach my synagogue. Apparently we were pretty far away from ours in Texas, and here...well I could walk there. Five minute walk v. a trip down the freeway, apparently. So I've had more access to my religion and probably a better/closer relationship with it as a result of living here. Which I like.

My synagogue there think it was nicer. It was bigger, certainly. It had more space. I particularly liked the permanent Sukkah in the middle. I loved having classes in there. It was pretty.

I think Mom liked the fact that our house was only one story. She has knee problems so it's always a pain for her to walk up and down the stairs in our house. And we have one to the second floor, where all the bedrooms are, and one down to the basement, where our books and her glass room are. We used to keep the litter boxes down there but that's just too much. I don't like that living here is such a pain for her.

I would not have gotten the chance to play the violin or be a patrol in Elementary School if we hadn't moved here. I would also probably not have learned to read for a much longer time. The way you learn to read is apparently different in both states. Here, they'd already learned. There, even I knew it was going to be a while before we were supposed to.

I'm glad I didn't have to dissect a shark like my sister apparently did. In Elementary School. Yeesh.

I don't like that it rains so much. I don't necessarily hate it...but I don't like it all that much.

I don't like the way the school system schedule functions.

I like that it snows more. Well...the blizzard this past year was A BIT much, but it does snow more. Which was fun when I was smaller. A lot of fun. Apparently an inch of snow was enough to stop the town back where we lived in Texas.

Tons of stuff.
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My humor. I have one of those personalites where the absolute STRANGEST things make me laugh. Like random noises. Small accidents. People tripping over things, making mistakes. I'm a sadist at heart, really. And a normal American, I suppose. Of course, it's a bad things when you start laughing at the WRONG things. I don't mean, like, someone getting their head or a limb chopped off. Unless it's done in a purposefully funny way, like in a cartoon, that's not funny. I don't mean that kind of sadism. I mean the one where people randomly get themselves hurt by falling over or tripping or jumping or something. Or dropping things. Yeah. Now, if someone were to drop a book, okay so that's a little funny, especially when they're just standing there, doing nothing in particular that could cause them to drop the book. I guess the situation really counts in that. Anyway, I'd probably laugh or say something sarcastic to make other people laugh and make the person laugh.

Now, it is not funny to laugh when your lab partner drops a piece of Magnesium metal down a sink in your school. Which, if I'm not wrong, could cause an explosion.

Well, guess what? I did laugh. A lot. I tried not to. I KNEW it wasn't funny. I knew. But I'm practically CONDITIONED to laugh at small things like that. I have a simple sense of humor - important things don't come into play in any situation that I find funny. But, in that situation, I fully knew the implications of what had happened, and I fully knew why I was laughing. I tried to stop, I SWEAR. I was BARELY successful. Got it down to a throaty, closed-mouth chortle/choking sound. Not good enough, but better than the giggle/burst of laughter it might have been. Of course, my teacher wasn't happy. I suppose it would have been worse if I, myself, had done the deed of dropping the Mg. Thankfully, I wasn't, so she only gave me a look and a reprimand.
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I finished “Galaxy Railways”. I do not like that Bruce died, or that Captain Murase died. I feel bad for Julia. Although they did not have the most character development as a couple or anything, since things are miserable in this anime I guess it would be nice if something good happened, and now it will not. I am also annoyed that Louise and Manabe did not kiss, although it is neat that he said “I love you.” Overall I liked it. I need to watch it in subs because the dub version has its ups and downs.

“Heroes” was good, too. Nathan is Claire’s dad. That is surprising. Although it means that Peter isn’t really a pervert by taking care of her since he’s family, although I guess now Claire should really not have a crush on him. Peter is having a really bad string of events, but damn it all if Milo Ventimiglia isn’t majorly attractive.

I did the stupid egg experiment. I made a bright blue egg and a cube. It was cool. I did not eat it.
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In orchestra I spoke to my conductor about my problem with the New York trip. I want to go so much, but I don't want to miss my cousin's bar mitzvah. Not that my presence will make any difference. He's going to have all his friends, who knows how many relatives and friends of his parents, and a dance. I'll be sitting there. Gathering dust. Writing maybe. Or drawing. Pretending I'm enjoying myself. Like I always do.

At lunch I ate a large muffin, as usual. Maggie yelled at me to just eat it already. It was funny.

I found out that I’m back to an A in science! I have no idea if the test is included on it, but I’m back to an A! He said it would be on there but I have no idea what I got, so presumably it’s good!

Then I went to meet up with Jazz. We talked. Went to the bus.

Mom and I ordered pizza when she came home.
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Gym sucked but I talked with Jazz and Emily a lot. We played volleyball, which I was terrible at, but it was still fun.

During lunch I talked to Hannah and Becca.

Mom came home and took me to violin and then Mom and I went to Noodles and Company for dinner. The mac and cheese WAS a bit too cheesy, I suppose. But it was still good.

Then we went to Wegmans and bought a ton of Valentines candy. I got some kissables hand out things for my Valentines give aways. I also got Jazz a present, and a card.

Then we went to Best Buy. Mom got me “Batman Beyond” Season 2 and some stuff of her own.

Then we went to the gas station and listened to Mitch Hedberg on the radio. When we came home, we looked him up and found out that he died a few years ago, which is really sad.
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I went to Orchestra. We had a sub so we practiced "Ose Shalom" and "Let There Be Peace".

Then I went to World Civ with Becca. Mr. Hedrick was teaching solo today. Poor Mr. Hedrick. No one shut up long enough for him to say stuff clearly although he did a good job trying, and I heard most of it, except when I accidentally wasn't listening and he caught me off guard with a question and didn't hear me after I said it three times. I know he was being polite when he told me, and we kind of yelled at him for it. Sorry Mr. Hedrick. He's a nice teacher and I feel so bad, now. We finished the badly acted “Julius Caesar” movie. The arrows BOUNCED off of a person.

Then I went to Science. Watched a movie I couldn't hear cause Alyssa was so loud and has somehow befriended Taylor, Kevin, Julia, and everyone else over there.

Dad called me back and we talked, then I called Mom and we talked, and at least we're talking and not getting angry at each other.
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I helped Dad with Simba, brushed my teeth, stuffed my pack, and went to school.

I didn't (and still don't) know where my gym bag is, so, I didn't dress out. We did some running. Then we did pull ups. Anna (who soon left us), Maggie, Lyna and I lay down for most of the time, since we didn't do anything. It was nice.

I left my book at Mom's and talked to Hannah about Hanukkah presents. She doesn't want anything.

After orchestra practice I went outside, waited for Dad a little, called him, and Mom, and then Dad came, and we drove to Mom's and talked. Then he helped me carry my things inside and left.
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Then I went to Spanish. Nearly panicked after thinking I left my vocabulary at work before I realized that I stuck it in my binder's vocabulary section instead of my folder, and then realized I forgot the stupid Ricky Martin thing. For once I think my writing during class when we were doing the Ricky Martin project helped because she came over to my side of the class, looked at me, and said that if we didn't do it we could still turn in something for some credit.

In World Civ I listened to truly informative presentations about the Greek gods. The second story one was interesting. At least, listening to everyone else's reactions was kind of funny. So what if Hephaestus took an axe to chop open Zeus' head and release Athena? But she had a lot of epithets. I didn't know Hermes was responsible for gravestones though.

Then I did some more homework. Mom and Mike came home. Mom apparently got the flowers for me. I was rude. As usual.

Then I called Dad, because I didn't know I had a dentist's appointment tomorrow. I can ask Mom if we can have lunch together too. I can eat lunch with my mom without Mike or Heather for the first time in a while.
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I finished “The Girl in the Fireplace” and the "Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther".

Daddy took me to Hebrewschool. I had donuts and pretzels with Elyse. Anna arrived after class started. We are Israel in the Model United Nations simulation. We could have been China! In Art I was the only 9th grader. We talked about Drama and anti-Semitism.

Dad and I went to McDonalds for lunch, then went shopping at Wegmans and Office Depot. I got a case for my calculator.

I talked to Mom when I got to Mom's. Apparently the plane security took all of her makeup and nose-drops. That's a good $100+ worth of perfectly good stuff in the trash! They could have let her store it somewhere or ship it home instead of trashing it.

Then I did some more homework and had dinner. I finished my Mexican and McDonalds soda while I watched some of “Independence Day” with Mommy. I also had some ice cream.
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I dressed half-piratey for school, gave Daddy his present, and went to school. In orchestra Bridget and Maggie stole my hat. People kept stealing my hat throughout the day.

I went outside with Becca before everyone else and tiptoed half-way to the trailer under my umbrella in the rain. Then I threw all to the wind and ran for it, leaving Becca to walk with the umbrella, since she couldn't run in her boots.

It was very funny. Hope I never do it again.
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I spent most of PE sitting around, staring at the wall, and playing with my towel. I did the stomach part of CPR to my towel, too. It was weird. I lent Jazz my sweatshirt.

In World Civ I discovered Saint Penis. Don't even want to write that down. My group laughed throughout the entire period. Mr. Hedrick kept looking at us, and I volunteered once or twice to answer questions to show that we weren't entirely out of it.

We finished “October Sky”.

Then I got my sweat shirt back from Jazz. Read some on the bus. Dad picked me up and I made Tetrazzini Helper for the first time.

Watched “River of Souls” and “Fantasia”.
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Becca really helped me study. She taught me 6 or 7 of the countries. It may not seem like much, but that really helped! I'm serious! I'm really thankful, and she's promised to help me for the rest of the week.

We watched more of “October Sky” in Biology. I like it, but it's very depressing. For once, I totally agree with Eda.

On “Lost”, Sawyer and Kate kissed. It was cute. Jack is in a fix, though. I think he's faking it all, and just biding his time. Learning to let go of some of his stubbornness in order to make them let their guard down and let him get close to them. That's my theory, anyway.
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I scored a point in kickball and got to home! Jazz came right after me during the same kick! It was cool. But I also let the other team get a point when I dropped the ball and stopped one of the girls from kicking it from the ground after I dropped it.

World Civ was weird. I actually got them to keep my Greece ideas from last night/this morning. Then I wrote this dialogue with Rebecca and Hannah Cooper

In Science I broke a slide. I put it on Eda's paper so it wouldn't get dusty. Then she moved the paper. I know it's not her fault I should have said something or just not put it there. It was pretty much transparent.

I watched “The Little Mermaid” during dinner. I cried some. Triton reminded me so much of the last time I saw Granddaddy that I just fell to pieces when he was saying goodbye to Ariel. I also watched “The Little Matchgirl”. I cried again because I was just generally sad and that short film is incredibly depressing.
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In PE I ran with Lyna and Jazz. Then we played two games of Capture the Flag (soccer balls). My team won both times. The first time we had probably half their team in our jail, and probably 98% of the balls. Second time we had a few people in jail, but we were only missing one ball. I tagged some people! People also ran into each other! It was hilarious.

Read some more of “Black Tapestries”. This is another fricken long comic! I'm too used to “Earthsong” and “Asps” and their single sentence (and silence) speech bubbles.

I finished “The Scorpion King”.
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I dropped off my violin and gave my "All About Me" poster to Mr. Kallick. Then I went to Strings, and worked on my Science. We did some third position practice. It was really easy. I actually liked it.

Then I went to Spanish. I took my test. It was very easy. I discovered that checking over your work does have its merits. Not only did I not use the correct format for the first part of the sentence, but I also used a completely different one for the verb.

Then we got our books. She spoke English! It was only a word or two. And then they were laced with responses to our Spanish replies in Spanish but it was scary... Almost like she wasn't talking right or something.

My money is still isn’t in my account. This is just ridiculous. I still have to find my math book, too. I'm going to look on the bus tomorrow.

I listened to my iPod with its new case on, for the first time. I realized that I could read the titles without having to take a cover off.

I watched some of “Robin Hood Men in Tights”. It wasn't as funny as I remembered it, but I still enjoyed it.
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I'm more than halfway through “The Da Vinci Code” and I really like it.

I went over my budget in Civics last night. Just by $55.08. Michelle says I should be okay, since he said he wanted us to be close to our budget, over or under.

Oh well. I did my Speaking PALS today! Mrs. Bebko said a got a low Exceeds! And I ran out of words to say!

Heather and a friend cooked us (them, Mom, and I) dinner tonight. I liked it. The lasagna tasted good. I'm pretty sure it had the nasty cheese on it, but I didn't taste it. I really liked it. And the salad was good. But then it is really easy to make salad. She cut well, though. Some salads are made with GARGANTUINE pieces of lettuce. Hers was fine though. She's making cookies now. I got a Hug! They taste good!


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