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I am most definitely watching Charmed. I'm in season 2 now. I don't really know why I like the show. The cast isn't spectacular, but they're good and they're growing on me. I wasn't in love with the protagonists, in particular. I found Phoebe annoying and Prue overly cliched. Piper was the one character I actually liked from watching the bits I saw before and she still is the only one I really like... but the others are growing. Now that Phoebe is growing in her use of martial arts, she's becoming fun. The story-writing is also improving a bit. It's a slow process, but they're still in the 90s. Have to give em a break.

I also finished "To Reign in Hell." I thought it was good. I was a little disappointed that it's not like Brust's Dragaera books (particularly in the humor department), but that was expected from what I read before reading the story itself. It was quite nicely written.

The new episode of Supernatural came out. Bobby gained the ability to manifest. Not much else happened.

I've been mostly doing a lot of school writing. Trying to chill. I've had headaches for the past five days and I'm just trying to get some sleep when I can. Missed too much and I think that's the cause of my headaches. And my eyes burning.

Perhaps the funniest thing about Charmed is the fashion sense. I have friends who focused on fashion in school, so I'm aware of the whole trends changing business. Just watching this show, it's obvious that trends can change relatively quickly. Admittedly, it's been a decade. I suppose fashions can change that fast... although with the way we work trends now, it's pretty obvious that things can change fast. Look how fast the iPod got taken up. Although that's not fashion...

Anyway, the stuff they wear in this show is hilarious. Tops, jewelry, fur, "gangsta" clothing, and so on.

One of the thing that I'm kind of jealous of in this show is watching the sisters interact with each other. It reminds me of a much closer interaction between my mom and her sister. The sisters are all just... so incredibly close with each other. On the one hand, I really wish I was that way with my sister. I find that I can go for days without remembering that I have a sister. And on the other hand, it makes me miss my sister. I am 95% certain that once I reacquainted myself with my sister, that I would immediately stop missing her. This is one of those "I wish things could have been..." Oh why, cruel world, is life not like it is on television?

I guess the only solution is that once I hit 26, she and her husband will have to move in with me and we'll discover how much we truly care about each other after receiving magical abilities from some dead relative. Apparently it greatly improves one's sex life. It probably helps when you live in a town filled with loads and loads of hot guys.

I'm getting hungry. Later.
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I'm gonna start this backwards. Just cause it makes more sense to me that way.

I used to live in Texas. I was 6 when we moved so...obviously I don't remember it that well. A lot of what I remember has been cleared up with mom and dad. Apprently my area was particularly...Christian? Or something. For starters, my school couldn't call our Halloween celebrations "Halloween" celebrations because it's a "pagan" tradition. They were like....Fall Festival or something. And we were apparently only allowed to be Indians or Cowboys. And here I thought I chose to be Pocahontas in first grade because it was the best costume.

Certainly, trick-or-treating there was better than here. It's not terrible here...but you could walk less and get three times as much candy. And we used to spend more time doing it there than we did here. I guess because there were fewer trees and the area was flatter so it stayed lighter longer because you could see light from streetlights more or something. Although...we did used to get so much (my sister and I - three grocery bags full each, and we could go back for more, but Dad would always tell us that we had enough at that point) that we'd eventually have to throw some away.

Going with the religion thing, I like living here more because it's easier to reach my synagogue. Apparently we were pretty far away from ours in Texas, and here...well I could walk there. Five minute walk v. a trip down the freeway, apparently. So I've had more access to my religion and probably a better/closer relationship with it as a result of living here. Which I like.

My synagogue there think it was nicer. It was bigger, certainly. It had more space. I particularly liked the permanent Sukkah in the middle. I loved having classes in there. It was pretty.

I think Mom liked the fact that our house was only one story. She has knee problems so it's always a pain for her to walk up and down the stairs in our house. And we have one to the second floor, where all the bedrooms are, and one down to the basement, where our books and her glass room are. We used to keep the litter boxes down there but that's just too much. I don't like that living here is such a pain for her.

I would not have gotten the chance to play the violin or be a patrol in Elementary School if we hadn't moved here. I would also probably not have learned to read for a much longer time. The way you learn to read is apparently different in both states. Here, they'd already learned. There, even I knew it was going to be a while before we were supposed to.

I'm glad I didn't have to dissect a shark like my sister apparently did. In Elementary School. Yeesh.

I don't like that it rains so much. I don't necessarily hate it...but I don't like it all that much.

I don't like the way the school system schedule functions.

I like that it snows more. Well...the blizzard this past year was A BIT much, but it does snow more. Which was fun when I was smaller. A lot of fun. Apparently an inch of snow was enough to stop the town back where we lived in Texas.

Tons of stuff.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]S'okay. Read some good manga today. My mom made my favorite food....slept in...sorta...we finally gave our kittens full run of the house. :) We also saw a show on sphynxes XD

S'not bad.
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I had breakfast while playing on the computer. I read for a while and then watched “Fullmetal Alchemist” from last night.

Eventually I worked on some homework and finished “Invader”. I really liked it! It’s not as good as the first book, but some new plots get introduced and things are getting dicey. It took me a while to finish, though. And even after that, my laundry wasn’t done.

Dad and I went to synagogue so Dad could look at the Torah for his reading tomorrow. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was good. Then Dad dropped me off at Mom’s. I logged onto the computer and played Spider Solitaire.

Mom came home. Mike and I went to Borders. I got “Ranma ½” 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. They were good. I also looked through half of “Naruto” 1. It’s the same as the TV show, except for the translations, so I really want it. I also looked through some “X-men” stuff. We spent like, an hour and a half there.

Then we came home. I read some of my comics. Went and had my leftovers from lunch and some ice-cream for dinner, and then I came upstairs and finished my comics.
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It actually isn't even close to as bad as it sounds, when reading the title. When I read the summary about extremely brief nudity that didn't show anything, I actually thought there was going to be something bad in it. But then, when looking over it all, the only part that can be considered "nudity" is when Joe has his shirt off. That's it. Nothing else. The title is kind of creepy, though. I wonder if they cut something from the televised broadcast? I don’t know what, though.

I woke up around 6. Huzzah. Day off, and Mike and Mom wake me up. I went back to sleep. Dad called around 7 to ask if I was ready to be picked up. I told him it was a Teacher Work Day (which I've said before, numerous times) and then went back to sleep. Gave up around 8, and went and had breakfast. Turned on the computer, got packed, and went outside to wait for Dad.

When I got to Dad’s house I did some homework. I made a tuna helper for lunch and had one of the cookies and cream health bar things for dessert. I know it’s not a dessert; it just tastes good, and I don't have any other use for them anyway. I watched the “Naruto” and “Fullmetal Alchemist” episodes I had Tivo record for me. They were very good and interesting. Then I did some more homework, and played some “Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 3”.

I read for a while and then “Cyborg 009” arrived! Eventually, Dad left for his dinner. I warmed up what was left of the tuna for dinner, had an apple, some roasted peanuts, and water for dinner as I watched my DVDs. I really liked it, but it’s still only eight episodes of a 52 episode series, which is depressing. I can’t even get the rest of the series in Japanese unless you get unofficial versions online. I really wish they would release the whole series on DVD. I don’t even think they did that in Japan. For all its faults, “Cyborg 009” (2001) is a good series. The animation is pretty good, the voice acting is good, the plots are fine, and it had a decent following as far as I can tell.

Then I watched tonight's “Naruto” episode. I've seen this part before, but I like this part of the series. I'm starting to reconvince myself about buying the season, and “Fullmetal Alchemist”, as well.
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I washed all my clothes. I had a ton of laundry. It's not as bad as Spring was, though.

Dad came home, Jazz came over, and so did Mom. Then Mom, Mike, Jazz, and I drove to Reston for “Light the Night”. Turned in the money. Jazz and I got shirts, and we went to Ben and Jerrys. We also got balloons. We gave up on the walk. Mike and Jazz's balloons stopped working, and Mom's somehow got disconnected from her wire and flew into the tree without realizing it till it was too late. Then Jazz's flew away (it was also disconnected), and Mike and I threw our defective ones away. Mine had basically stopped working by then.

We went to this Italian grill place. It was good. A lot of food, though.

Then they dropped me off and took Jazz home.
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I scored a point in kickball and got to home! Jazz came right after me during the same kick! It was cool. But I also let the other team get a point when I dropped the ball and stopped one of the girls from kicking it from the ground after I dropped it.

World Civ was weird. I actually got them to keep my Greece ideas from last night/this morning. Then I wrote this dialogue with Rebecca and Hannah Cooper

In Science I broke a slide. I put it on Eda's paper so it wouldn't get dusty. Then she moved the paper. I know it's not her fault I should have said something or just not put it there. It was pretty much transparent.

I watched “The Little Mermaid” during dinner. I cried some. Triton reminded me so much of the last time I saw Granddaddy that I just fell to pieces when he was saying goodbye to Ariel. I also watched “The Little Matchgirl”. I cried again because I was just generally sad and that short film is incredibly depressing.
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I talked to Elyse and Anna, and Caroline at Hebrewschool. The synagogue put up some new glass pieces around the Ark in the main Sanctuary. They’re suppose to symbolize tallit and there are 10 for the required ten people for a minyan.

Rachel was in class. I still don't like her. I think she thinks I'm still her friend. We haven't spoken more than two sentences in years, and now she expects me to be all warm and nice to her? She's controlling, rude, self-centered and invites herself to things.

Rachel went with me to art. I drew a cartoon.

Dad took me to the JCC fair, which was really just for little kids That surprised Dad; he thought it would be like the craft shows we have every now and then. We only ended up staying for a minute or two.

So we came home and I watched “Baron Munchausen”. It was interesting.

My reorganization has also given us some extra space for the DVDs and CDs!

After Dad dropped me off at Mom’s and Mom came home, Mom gave me one of Grandmommy's jackets. It's very pretty. I saw how hurt Mom looked when she handed it to me, though, and I felt a pang, myself. I felt weird trying it on. Like it was a garage sale thing or something.
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Mom, Mike, and I went to Dim Sum. It was good. Then we went to Syms. I got two pairs of shoes (heels and the pumps) and some stockings. Mom got a pair of shoes and some stockings.

We went to Baskin Robins. I finally used that coupon from Elyse's batmitzvah! We went to Blockbuster and bought “The Producers”, rented “Poseidon” and “Inside Man” and “United 93”.

Mom watched “Poseidon” and “United 93” with Mike. I worked on homework.

I called Jazz about tomorrow. I ate dinner while watching “Inside Man”. Mom came downstairs to join Mike and I.
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The barbeque was canceled because Uncle BG couldn't come, so I called Dad and told him so.

Around 5ish, I started watching “Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time”.

I stopped halfway, and went downstairs for steak, chip + salsa, and some ice-cream. I read some and watched some of “Siege”. It was interesting.
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I went out to the car with Mom and sat there for 30 minutes or so while Mom and Mike argued. Then we left. Mike was in the middle seat, where I normally sit, cause I was up front with Mom.

We got to Wegmans and bought two cartloads of groceries. Our original cart was overflowing when we finished picking things out and it was just easier to put the bags into two carts. I got “Hocus Pocus” and some watermelon gum. Well Mike did, which is nice.

Then we went to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I remembered that I had a gift certificate just after Mom paid for the stuff, so I got Slamwich.

Then we walked to A.C. Moore. We met Jenny and her Dad on the way and walked in with them. Jenny has another boyfriend! That's so cool! I really hope I didn't sound condescending or anything when I talked to her about it. We bumped into each other again in the store and then we left.

I helped Mom and little with the rice crispies. I called Dad about tomorrow's barbeque. Then Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Rob, Eric, Jason, and Mitchell came. We talked a lot. I got Jason and Mitchell to go out and play frisbee with me. Then we played Slamwich. Then we grouped up with Eric and played Capitalism. When we finished eating we watched TV and chilled. It was kind of awkward.
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I woke up this morning to Dad asking Heather if her alarm was set and she said it was. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep after that and then I woke up to some loud banging from the workers on the roof. Heather and Dad had already left. So I sang a little after I ate breakfast.

I started working on the books again. I also listened to some music. Dad came home.

I got all the way to the F's and G's. They're on the floor waiting to be sorted and only the e's are sitting on the shelf waiting to be stuck in the bookcase, along with one or two A's.

I eventually took a break and read some. I had lunch some time before that and did my laundry. Dad left and came back.

Dad and I met Heather at Chile's for dinner. We shared an awesome blossom. And then hardly ate any of our dinners, although I took one of Heather's fries.

Then Dad showed Heather the new car stereo. It changes screen colors! We went to Heather's hotel (dorm) room and Dad and Heather put the microwave and fridge together. Mom and Mike were apparently on their way, but Dad and I left.

We went to Barnes and Nobles. I bought “Changer of Worlds” and “Othello 1”. Dad came over from Linens and Things and I paid for my stuff.
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Heather and I woke up early to drive to Mom's house. I fell asleep and then Jazz arrived.

We started watching “My Fair Lady”, which was nice, but we didn't finish. Then we went to Borders. We wandered around some and had some laughs.

Then we walked over to Circuit City. Jazz bought some styli for her DS and I bought “Failure to Launch” and “Independence Day”. Dad picked us up and drove Jazz home. Then we drove home.

I watched “Independence Day” while I ate lunch and then worked on the pieces of my cookie pillow. I started “Failure to Launch” before we went to Fridays and met Heather. It was a good meal.

We came home and took the trash away. I turned “Failure to Launch” on. Heather came home and I finished it.
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I finished “Wicked” today! I am officially back to “Honor”!

I went with Mom to the supermarket. She bought a lot of fruit (and blackberries for me) and this cheeseless pizza thing, which was okay, and then we left.

Mom cooked the corn. I ate a corncob, watched some of “Ocean's Twelve”, and Mike came home. I watched some of “Sky High” with Mom and Mike. It was meh. Now they're watching “Zathura”.


Aug. 17th, 2006 09:47 pm
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Jazz came to camp today. We went to the ESPN Zone. Jazz and I had bonding time: playing games and going on the motion simulator four times. It was the type of fun I expected to have with Jazz this summer.

I ended up giving Jazz my card with my last point on it so she could play some more.

We were able to fit all 22 kids, and Nori into the elevator, which was cool.

We came back to the JCC and went swimming. We watched 2.5 boat races. Around 2:40, Jazz and I got out, changed, and went upstairs. I bought some kissables and shared with Jazz.

We tried to sing a song today. The counselors wanted to record us but it didn’t really work. My favorite part of the song is:

"Let's count off
We'd love to try but couldn't pull it off
We can't count off"

I ordered Chinese on the phone after Mom came home. I watched some of “The Producers” while I ate with Heather.
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I finished the stupid book today and started “Wicked”.

Mom put both cats in my room before she left for work. When I came upstairs Heather and I took them to the office and we watched “The Producers”. Then Prune got some poop on my shirt. Then Heather left to make a phone call and the room started smelling bad. Heather got back and we both thought it was Prune smelling up the room. I didn't discover until around 6 or so that he had pooped behind mom’s exercise machine. I seriously do not know how I missed it before. I might have been looking too fast. It was really nasty.

After Jazz came over we watched “InuYasha the Movie 4” in my room. Then we got some popcorn and watched “Constantine”. Then Jazz left.

Mike came home and cleaned up the poop, which I discovered about 15 minutes beforehand.

Then Mom came home and Mike drove me to AC Moore. I got a tracing wheel, tracing paper, some cloth scissors and some princess stickers.

Then we went to the bank. I got some more money. Mike did too. Then we went to Popeyes and got some dinner. I ate while I rewatched “Tron”.

Talking to Jazz and Caroline now.
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We went to the mentally/physically challenged people's home in Mantua. We stayed there for maybe half an hour. Apparently they have a landscaper that comes over and does the stuff for them. She found some rakes and things.

We raked up some dead leaves, got bitten by bugs and left.

We came back to the JCC and had lunch and then we made posters for the carnival. I made a tarot cards poster. I really don't know if I'm going.

I called Jazz. Mike picked me up.

Mike came home while I was rewatching "V for Vendetta". They are arguing now. I still love the movie.

I hate the “Brother’s Grimm” fairy tales book. After I’m done it’s going back to Dad’s and I’m never reading it again.
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Our camp went rock climbing. Except I forgot my waiver at Dad's and Jazz (and Nora) weren't there so I just read the whole time. When we got back to go swimming I read some more and listened to my iPod.

Mike eventually picked me up. I was reading through “Howl's Moving Castle” a little while I waited. I made some headway through “Grimm's Tales”. I think this book is more religiously Christian than “The Fiddler on the Roof” is religiously Jewish! This book talks about Christian customs and praying as if they weren't choices that a certain group of people chooses to make, but are facts of life, universally.

Mike drove me to violin. We played some of my new music. Then Mike and I came home. We went to Giant. It was terrible. He kept staring at me while I picked things, with that look of his.
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I’ve been back from Georgia for over 24 hours. We got back three hours early! I was really surprised at that. Although we did just pick up breakfast at McDonalds and get appetizers (mainly) for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. We left around 6 and we didn't get stuck in traffic at all.

I finished "The Complete Life's Little Instruction Book" today and I'm barely through “Grimm's Tales”. It is an extremely racist and Christian book. I still want to finish it, though because of personal pride.

I watched the two new “Stargate” episodes from last night along with the last episode of “Stargate” from last season that I missed.
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I went to the mall with Heather and Mom and bought a pretzel.

We went to a bunch of stores. I stopped by Borders. I didn't buy anything though.

We went to Hunan. Then we put the stuff in the van and went to Macys to look at shoes. Then we left. Mom and I stopped by Ulta and got some body wash and stuff.

I packed for Georgia. Then Dad came and we went to Fridays. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles. I got “Worlds of Honor 4” and “Crown of Slaves”.

I purchased “The Sound of Music” but iTunes quit on me and now we're waiting for a response from the help.


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