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Daddy came home, and he got the wrong thing in the mail. Then he made the cinnamon buns. They were good. I had one. Daddy had three.

Then I made my dinner (the buns were finished around 11:20 something, and we expected them to be our breakfast) and read some “Honor”. Then I played some more “Tomb Raider: Chronicles”. I'm at the Sub levels now.
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We went to the Masonic Temple. I finished “Searching for Dragons” before we left and worked out some of my string, too.

When we came back I went swimming with Jazz for a while but had to get out relatively quickly because of my period. Then I went upstairs. I read some more. Dad picked me up and dropped me off at home.

I went on the computer and worked out. Mom came home. I watched “Bartok the Magnificent” while I worked out. After Mike came home we ordered Chinese and I got the wings. They were pretty good. I put some of the books I had in the library, after finishing “Calling on Dragons”. I watched some “Popeye” (the movie) while I had one of my cheesecake things from Don Pablo's, which Dad brought me when he picked me up. Forgot them before.
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It’s simply pouring, like it has for the past four nights. A lot of lightning and thunder, ever since the night of my birthday. It’s amazing and also kind of scary because it’s just so loud.

Our lights went out last night for a minute or two.

Mom, Mike, and I went to see “X-Men: The Last Stand”. Mom and I saw “The Da Vinci Code” yesterday. It was okay.

Everyone in the theatre was extremely rude during “The Last Stand”. One fat guy was snoring. This couple kept finishing unfinished sentences in the movie out loud. These teenagers kept adding in remarks. A little kid kept saying things, people kept talking, and these two fat guys behind us were talking non-stop and one kept kicking my chair.

I finally told the fat guys behind us "please shut up", a little loudly, and they stopped talking. I wonder if anyone else heard, because the movie theatre was slightly (although NOT completely) silent after that. The guys were pretty quiet during the credits too. I told two adults to shut up! And they listened! I don't know if they were surprised or were just trying to be polite.

Mom held my hand after that, cause apparently she thought they were going to do something to me. The guy didn't stop kicking my chair, although it was at the same rate as before, so, I don't think that was it. I agreed with Mom. I was tense through most of the end. I kept expecting to feel a yank on my ponytail, or a slap on the head any minute. Thankfully nothing happened. We walked out without another word from the two fat guys. Then we got pho. We went to Safeway for my lunch, a mini body wash and some hair spray for Mom.

During dessert I watched some of “Blade Trinity”. I finished my thank you notes and gave them to Mom. I'm going to Delaware and then Connecticut!
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I got the last volume of “Rurouni Kenshin” yesterday! I also got “InuYasha” 26 and “Fullmetal Alchemist” 8.

Heather graduated yesterday. It was okay. I wasn't at all comfortable on those bleachers. I couldn't sit still. I sat next to Mrs. Rhetting. It was weird. I saw Mr. A, and I gave Mrs. Shoemaker a hug! It was cool. She looks exactly the same. I think I almost ate some of her curls, though cause they got in my mouth.

The graduates were throwing beachballs around a lot. It was very odd, but funny. Everyone kept laughing, especially when one of the adults grabbed one and took them away. One of the teachers actually went in and got two. The second one landed next to her just as she was taking away the first. Before she got to the end of the aisle where her seat was, though, one of the kids, I'm pretty sure, knocked one of them out of her arms. Everyone laughed. She just pointed a finger at him, and smiled, and walked out with the other one in her arms.

The announcer lady kept pausing to get the people throwing the beach balls (+1 alligator and a whale, and a couple of balloons) to stop it, but it didn't work very well. I still think that the hat throwing was too short.

We all got crabs afterwards. Uncle BG, Mom, Mike, Dad, Heather, and I. Granddaddy couldn't make it to the ceremony. He was too tired, so he stayed home. He didn't have crabs, either. I got french fries. Daddy doesn't like crabs and I can see his point about “ripping animals apart”. He had a fish dinner. I don't think it helped his appetite when I started putting the pieces of crab that I had finished between us. I had maybe 2.5 crabs. That's low, even for me. I know I never eat a lot. But I don't eat that little, ever. Even with the french fries and soda and the butter. I hardly used it, though. I wasn't getting a lot of full cuts with the crab legs. I got one REALLY good cut, which was nice, but that was the only one. It was so disgusting thinking about it from Dad's point of view. Although I always thought it was, I was even more disgusted last night. Uncle BG apparently had to leave when we did, since Samantha called. I think it was Ally who had the lice. Since Aunt Julie apparently wasn't home, he had to go. Heather went on a party cruise at 11 until 5 this morning.

Daddy paid for all my books, since I didn't have enough money, even if we had only bought Hannah's presents. We got her “Tomb Raider” 1 and 2. Since Daddy needed to go to the ATM, he took my money, and just paid for it all. I don't think we've ever done that before. At least I feel like I took care of $21 of it. I'm really regretting those CDs now and yesterday. I'm so angry at myself for that!
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I'm more than halfway through “The Da Vinci Code” and I really like it.

I went over my budget in Civics last night. Just by $55.08. Michelle says I should be okay, since he said he wanted us to be close to our budget, over or under.

Oh well. I did my Speaking PALS today! Mrs. Bebko said a got a low Exceeds! And I ran out of words to say!

Heather and a friend cooked us (them, Mom, and I) dinner tonight. I liked it. The lasagna tasted good. I'm pretty sure it had the nasty cheese on it, but I didn't taste it. I really liked it. And the salad was good. But then it is really easy to make salad. She cut well, though. Some salads are made with GARGANTUINE pieces of lettuce. Hers was fine though. She's making cookies now. I got a Hug! They taste good!
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I got almost 10 FULL HOURS of sleep last night! It was a good sleep. Very weird dream though.

I was at, like a bat mitzvah for some kid, and I was sitting next to Mom, and I was trying to fix my chair somehow. This old senile guy, who's sitting next to me, picks up my 'half-complete' (?) Spanish book (?) and tries to fix my chair, which required pushing one of the panels up. So, he doesn't do it right, and smiles at me. I fix the chair, and take my book, which is somehow completed, and I hold it up and say to Mom, "Mom! I finally have a complete spanish book!"

Then Mom somehow had like, Chinese on her plate, and Heather and I were asking where she got it. Then this Asian girl comes out of the nearby kitchen and is holding some vegetable dish, and I think she gives it to Heather. She's about to hand a dish to me, when I wake up.

I mean, seriously, I can understand the batmitzvah part, since I went to one last week, but where did the old guy come from?

After Hebrewschool, Mom, Mike, and I, went to visit Grandmommy. Mom got me McDonalds for lunch.

We left and got Pho. A lot of the dishware was dirty.
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I bought “Rurouni Kenshin” 26 and “Fullmetal Alchemist” 7 last Thursday.

At 2 AM on Friday, Dad, my sister, and I started our first 11 hour car trip to Georgia

It was a nice vacation. I didn't like the Friday service since my sinuses were acting up for some reason and the food was okay at Brio, afterward.

The service on Saturday was nice. The only boring part was the awards ceremony and the Torah service, which I always find boring.

We went back to the hotel after the Kiddush that Dad and Heather refused to leave.

We went to the party at my second cousin's mom's home.

She's a nice lady and she's funny. I know I have seen her before but I don't know where. Doubtless at Heather's batmitzvah and/or other family gatherings.

The house was cool and the party was okay. I spent some time with Saul and the dog they had. A magician came over, and that was cool. I think he might have noticed I was following him. I was bored. He was cool.

I talked some, which is surprising for me. I also wrote a lot. We went back to the hotel around 9 or so.

I watched “Grandma's Boy” with Heather that morning. It was funny.

We had brunch. I liked their biscuits. We talked to family and friends and then we drove home.

Today I had my Science test, which I think I failed, and I did my Civics test, which I think I did pretty well on.
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I bought the fifth "Children of the Red King" book.

Dad ordered "Howl's Moving Castle" for me. And he got me two CDs.

I went to Take Your Child to Work Day with Mike today, so I missed school. It was okay. I got a Rubik's cube.

I also got a bunch of BAE systems logo stuff: a frisbee, a backpack, a cup holder, a necklace thing, a wrist wallet and a key thing. We had pizza and I basically spent the day with Mike. It was okay.

Mike took me home and I packed, and read some of "The Earthsea Cycle", and then Mike took me to the bank and then he took me to tutoring.

Dad picked me up and we went to Chili's. Then we went to Borders and I bought my book.
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Jazz came over. We saw "V for Vendetta" with Mike. Still good, and they both liked it, though Mike wouldn't be quiet.

Jazz and I watched "Thumb Warz" with popcorn, and then I showed her two episodes of "Ronin Warriors". We had pizza bagels for dinner and watched "Howl's Moving Castle". It is so good! We watched "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" with Vermonty Python ice-cream. Mom and I bought it after Solo and Ensemble.

Then we watched "Castle in the Sky", which was good. I don't like it as much as I like "Princess Mononoke", "Nausicaa" and "Howl's Moving Castle", but it's still pretty good.

We went to sleep around 1:30 or so. We had some bacon and strawberries for breakfast with milk.

We walked to the swings and talked. Then we took Jazz home and then Mike took me to Hebrewschool. We listened to an Aushwitz survivor. It was a sad story. I know that is a really bad description, but I was kinda feeling depressed and uncomfortable when I listened.

We're gonna leave for the metro soon. I don't really want to go to the baseball game. I mean, it'll probably end at 11, and it's a school night I want to go to sleep!

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At mom's. We watched 90% of "The Incredibles". It was nice. We had Chinese.

Sick Day

Mar. 6th, 2006 07:25 pm
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Which is worse, coughing, sneezing, or both at the same time? I don't mean actually coughing as you sneeze. I just mean a mixture. It is not pleasent.

I was sick today. This pretty much started on Saturday. I had a sore throat. That turned into coughing and burning eyes. On Sunday afternoon, after Jazz went home, I went to Hebrewschool where we had an interesting conversation on single events that can change your life forever and finished Current Events. Heather drove us to Woodson to go see "Defending the Caveman". Mommy was there. It was really funny. The guy was great. I didn't realize it was a comedy show. I thought it was an actual play. It was okay, though. I could cough without people noticing, which I often did.

After we got home Mom took my temperature and it was 101.9

She had me take a bath after Heather came home and Mom told her to bring up my stuff. The bath was kind of boring. But I didn't want to ruin Dad's book, or my book, so I basically thought a lot, and kinda, sorta slept. Not really. Just shut my eyes for a few minutes or so while I drank some water. Then we made a series of phone calls, to Daddy, Ms. Kasimer, and the school. Then I went to sleep, around 10 or so.

I didn't really sleep. I woke up around the time Heather did. Mom took my temperature again. It was 102.7 or something. I was also hacking a lot. So I went back to bed after medicine. Wonderful, nasty medicine. Mom had me bring Cleo. She stayed. Then I sorta went to sleep. I sweat some. I know that might sound gross, but I have read and been told that it is very good for a sick person because you sweat out the fever. I did feel somewhat better, too. It also explained why my throat no longer felt dry when I swallowed. Mom took my temperature when I woke up. Cleo was still there. My temp was around 97.8. I had some more medicine and then I read some and went back to sleep.

Mommy got me some soup and saltines sometime around 12:30 and it was good. I read some more and went back to sleep. The day was layered with numerous trips to the bathroom. After I woke up I think Mom took my temp. again and it was around that time I either printed out my vocab sheets and Mom did my charts, which now make much more sense, since I know how to do them now, or I took a bath. I went online after my homework was done. My temp. was at 98.6 or something.

Then I read some more and I went back to sleep. When I woke up I got online again, and Heather came home with dinner. She brought me up a sandwich and I ate it after getting a new tissue box for my room and replacing my small plate with a larger one to collect more crumbs. The sandwich tasted funny. I'm not really in the mood for sandwhiches. Sickness can do that to a person.

This is the first time I have been absent from school because of an actual sickness since 2nd grade.

I had an SOL today, started a new unit in Gym today and Mrs. Simms could be back today. Ah well.
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I watched some television after Heather left and the tribbles finally arrived.

I then packed up my stuff and played on the computer until Dad took me to Mom's house to get my music/violin for lessons. Afterwards, Dad took me back to Mom's. Mom had just gotten home. I showed her my peep bunny and tribbles. I had pizza rolls while Mom cooked the valentines cookies and we watched a movie about slavery.

I didn't watch the ending, cause I decided to get back online.
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On Saturday I had to force Dad to leave the house and we drove to Mom's to pick up my tallis, then we went to synogauge. It was an okay service. My friends came. Caroline was really annoying. I went out to get a drink of water, and she was there. She can't go in unless someone goes in with her. So she walked with me and I sat down and attempted to put on my tallis while she begged me to come sit by her. I was in a row with Alicia, Anna, Elyse, Hannah, (me), Samantha, Phillip, and eventually Allison (in that order, from left to right). I didn't want to move. But of course I eventually did as she made the puppy dog eyes. Then she wouldn't shut up for, like, 30-45+ minutes. Over that time, Lisa and Danielle (Rude and Stupid) arrived. Not that I cared. They just did. I wish they never came. Then again... I finally convinced Caroline to walk over to them and I moved back over to sit by Hannah and Allison filled in my previous seat to sit next to me (and Samantha, who didn't mind). Then we went through the rest of the service. Then we ran out to the bus with the bunny ear lights and we sat in the back. The heater was behind my foot under the seat Hannah was sitting on. I was second to last in the back. We were all extremely hyper, except Caroline, because Danielle wasn't there. Then we drove to the Country Club and we dropped our coats off and got our name things. They were hershey bars with papers taped to them saying our names. Then we went in. They handed out those fluffy, warm socks. I have red ones. I got some blue striped ones from the lady. We ran around, sliding and running into eachother on the wood floor with the socks.

I went to the batroom, which was partially covered with carpet. It was cool. Allison had followed after me. After she finally finished washing/drying her hands, we left. We then went back to "the room" as I shall call it, as it had no name that I saw. The DJ was playing some stupid songs. I can't remember if we did The Electric Slide before or after the first course though. We eventually got appetizers. I had like, 10-12 mozzerela sticks with sauce, along with 1.5 Diet Cokes, and a Shirley Temple with 5 cherries. I didn't finish the drinks.

We did the introduction/speech/blessing thing and Elliot didn't have candle lighting (smart thing). Then I got spaggeti and ceaser salad and more soda. Then we danced. I was with Samantha. I bowled her over the first time because I was wearing the socks, and then I fell over and had to crawl, laughing hysterically, while everyone stared at me; Samantha urged me to hurry up, we finished 3rd or 4th, but it was so embarrasing. We didn't win anything. I gave Elliot a $10 bill after I got out and the guy wanted anything with a picture of Alexander Hamilton on it. He gave it back of course, and he gave me his prize, a giant chocolate bar, because I gave it to him. Wow. He gave me that. Cool.

We eventually did Cha Cha Slide, Macarana, YMCA, Cotton Eyed Joe and some other really stupid suggestions that only prolonged our waiting times for the above mentioned actual dancing songs. He played that song that is really slow, and its played when you have people on tv in a race, and its really amazing. It goes, duh-duh-duh-duh duh duh... It's cool. Allison and I kept acting it out and the DJ commented that he would have really liked to have a video camera or something, since he always waited for someone at the party to do that, and we did it really well. After the songs I sweated into my hat during the Conga Line, Dad/Jazz called, and Dad picked me up, I called Jazz back, we arranged for drop off, and Dad dropped me off at home. Jazz came over and we did some talking, waiting for Dad to come back from services. Then we went to meet him at Fridays when he called. We had food and talked, and Jazz and I got the same drink, appetizer, and food. It was cool. We even both took home our meal. Jazz and I played DDR and then we watched "Batthumb". Then we went to sleep. My back and leg still hurt from sleeping on the floor. We got in bed at, like, 12:02 or so. We couldn't watch tv cause I didn't know how to change it back. We had played on Jazz's X-box and the tv had to be tuned a certain way for it. We also watched the actual tribble episode from the original "Star Trek", so Jazz could see what tribbles are. It was an interesting episode. Very different from what they show on "Deep Space Nine".

We fully got up around 8:17ish, but I had been up for like 1-2 hours or so. Then we had our sketti for breakfast and watched "Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time". Then we changed out of our pajamas, harrassed the cat, went online and then made spaggeti, and Dad made gralic bread, and then we had lunch, and then I cut strawberries while Jazz picked up the undone ones for me and Heather warmed up some chocolate for us after I told her three times to stop trying to melt it. Then we ate it. My hershey bar is gone now. We watched "Singin' in the Rain" after watching the ending to "Nightmare Before Christmas", which Heather had been watching. I really liked "Singin' in the Rain". Jazz called her dad and he came and picked her up.

I started watching "Dune" (the old movie version). Dad says that the version we have is the version that was made before they edited and released it. It's longer, but I think the edited one makes more sense, even if this version may pertain to the book more. Too much thinking, even though that's in the book.

Heather and Dad and I watched "Cold Case".
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I watched "Eureka" and finished my Spanish work in Science.

Daddy picked me up and took me to tutoring. Afterward Daddy picked me up and we met up briefly with Heather and then went home. Dad bought us tribbles! They're so cute!

Then Dad and I went to Don Pablo's, which was cool. Then we went to the grocery store. Dad got me a stuffed bunny peep! It's cute and soft.
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There was tons of snow everywhere when I woke up. School was cancelled tomorrow!

I wrote a lot today. I also watched some "Buffy". Season 6 is turning out to be pretty neat.

Dad gave me a valentine card and I watched "Fullmetal Alchemist" from last night.

Still reading "On Basilisk Station"! The crew is learning a lot about Honor.

Mom and Mike got us all Popeyes for dinner. We used like, three gallons of gas to get out of Dad's parking space because of all the snow and Heather and I were too lazy to help Dad dig the car out. We had to go directly to the gas station and hope the battery held out.
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I finished "Ronin Warriors" today. The OVA was a bit confusing.

I went to Don Pablo's with Heather and Dad. Heather and I argued, as usual.
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This morning was largely reading "The Silmarillion" and writing.

Mom, Mike, and I, stopped by the Chocolate Festival since Heather had work to do and didn't want to go with us anyway (she takes too long to get ready). The line was sorta long. There was a policeman with a Harley there, moving traffic for the event, in the rain. Must suck to be that guy.

I got a pretzel covered in chocolate and sprinkles! Mom got Heather and I (Mike actually paid for the tokens, so Mom really just picked them out) these cute little chocolate heart things, and Mike got some chocolate licorice. Mike got me a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and Mom and I got chocolate covered strawberries. We were given plain strawberries and stuck them in chocolate fountains. I feel kind of stupid now though, cause I didn't put it in the fountain part in front of a TV camera that was taping there...

We ate at "The Firehouse Grill" for lunch. We had some cheese fries for an appetizer. That was okay, but we waited for like 30-45 minutes for our food to arrive. I got fettuccini alfredo. Two groups that came after us finished long before we got our meal. It tasted good, though. We had some bonding time, which sounds a little odd. We talked some, and when we finished we drove to the mall. The garages were pretty full, though, and Mom didn't want to walk out in the pouring rain, so we went back home.

Around 5:00 PM we went back to the mall. Mom and I went to Macy's first and I got like five pairs of pants and four+. Mom got Heather two pairs of pants and a yellow fuzzy sweater, which is really, really soft. All of it was on sale, so that was pretty great.

We separated afterward. Mom went to Sephora and Mike and I went to Borders Express. I went straight to the comics, as usual. But when I first looked, there was nothing new. I looked three times and was about to turn away, when I decided to glance at the sides of the shelves that often held some of the new comics. I spotted “Rurouni Kenshin 23 and raced to it, grabbing a nice one. Odd thing was, I didn't really feel anything when I held it. I still love the series but I’m just not as excited as I used to be. Maybe it's because I'm waiting for “Ronin Warriors”.

I also purchased some “Nancy Drew”s. I picked out Mom's present, a BIG Sudoku book, and Mike paid for it. Actually, Mike handed me money, and I sneaked away, (behind another bookcase) as Mike distracted Mom by talking to her about a book they might want to get about Disney World. I bought it, and stuffed it in my Macy's bag, returning Mike's money to him, not revealing my purpose in front of Mommy, and actually hiding it when she asked what I bought by saying I got a Nancy Drew (which is truth, I didn't say Mike bought it, I said I did).

Then we all went to Icing together. It’s worse than clothes shopping. They kept picking up earrings for me. The cashier guy was staring at us because we were so loud and he talked to us, telling Mom and I that it was buy one, get one half off, since we had three, so I ended up with 21 pairs of earrings.

Then we went to Wegmans, and we had Chinese for dinner. Mom and I had a discussion about Jazz and Elliot and his family. Then we went shopping and spent about 15 minutes in the cards section looking for valentine’s cards. I got Elliot a funny Barmitzvah card and a funny Valentine for Jazz that says “I’m glad you’re my buddy”. I also got Dad and Heather some valentines. We paid in the aisle next to Heather’s line and Mom spoke to her before we left.

The “Kenshin” comic finishes before it gets to the good part…
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I woke up around 8ish. I played on the computer and ate some strawberries.

I watched some "Buffy" before dad took me to Hebrewschool.

I made a badly made hat, but talking to Ally, Anna, Elyse, and computer, even sans Elliott, was nice.

I didn't get to put the pom pom on it. Mrs. Rhetting did.

Dad picked me up. I had some skittles, besides the cookies and chips we got at Hebrewschool. I must have gained 20 lbs today.

Daddy and I got some KFC (popcorn chicken!), and I watched some more "Buffy", played some more "Tony Hawk", and Daddy took me to Mom's. We also played with the robot vc before and after Hebrewschool.
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Mom made me some hot chocolate and it tasted good. But I didn't feel so good because I didn't have an actual breakfast with solid food items, such as any type of food that doesn't include milk, hot chocolate and marshmallows.

I got a B on my Spanish test. It was actually easier than I thought, but I just can't remember 'suit'! Why suit? Why is it always suit...

I was really angry at my Strings teacher today. She was really getting mad at us and was watching suffer. She made us pack up and unpack in 2 minutes. Then she made us play till the bell and put everything away. On top of that, we have practice schedules. I never remember to get those signed. I hates em.

We got quiznos for dinner. I watched the last two episodes of "Buffy" season 3. They were cool and sad.


Dec. 25th, 2005 02:29 pm
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I get my iPod!

I also had some latkes with ketchup and some dreidle time.

I'm really curious on what else I might get. I keep thinking that since everyone gave me money on my Bat Mitzvah recently that they're just not going to give me anything for Hanukkah.

I finally finished my book library yesterday. I feel so happy for some reason. My books are organized now... somewhat.

To Baltimore!


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