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I called Jazz to set up the movie time and asked Dad if he could drive us. He said no. So Jazz’s father drove us (they picked me up).

Jazz bought the tickets. We got food. Jazz gave me two dollars. We got a popcorn, and I got a medium diet pepsi and Jazz got a large drink.

Then we went to the theatre. We were alone in the theatre for a while. It was nice. We talked a lot. Horror movies, “Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer”, etc. It was fun.

At least two cell phones went off during the movie. There were tiny children in the audience. They didn't talk much. After the beginning. Everyone crunched their popcorn. Even Jazz did. But I mean... that was all you heard, some of the time. Crunching.

The film was okay. Not excellent, by all means. Cute. The plot was decent. The dialogue could have used some work. Frida could have stopped talking so much and actually DONE something during the 15 minutes she took up TALKING about the same thing. We never found out what happened to her.

Then we waited for Jazz's Dad for a while. Talked. I saw these sophomores I know. I hate them both, now. Well... I pretty much always have, but, since they were older than me, I was willing to give them a chance back in fourth grade... But well.

They dropped me off. I came in, sang some, read some. Played Spider. Went to sleep holding Prune and Cleo. It was nice. We made a big pile on my bed. I woke up around... 5 or so. Not woke up, really. Got off the bed. I didn't really fall asleep. Just drowsed, maybe, and contemplated the situation. Kept telling myself to get up and do something.

Read some more of “Invader” today, with Bren getting all stressed.
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In orchestra we got some new music. Canon in B sounds really nice, so I'm okay with it.

I read some more of “Foreigner”, too, which gets better by the page.

At lunch Becca finally gave me Kelly's “Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony” to read.

I met up with Jazz later in the day and we made fun of each other's crushes, which was fun.
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Gym sucked but I talked with Jazz and Emily a lot. We played volleyball, which I was terrible at, but it was still fun.

During lunch I talked to Hannah and Becca.

Mom came home and took me to violin and then Mom and I went to Noodles and Company for dinner. The mac and cheese WAS a bit too cheesy, I suppose. But it was still good.

Then we went to Wegmans and bought a ton of Valentines candy. I got some kissables hand out things for my Valentines give aways. I also got Jazz a present, and a card.

Then we went to Best Buy. Mom got me “Batman Beyond” Season 2 and some stuff of her own.

Then we went to the gas station and listened to Mitch Hedberg on the radio. When we came home, we looked him up and found out that he died a few years ago, which is really sad.


Dec. 20th, 2006 07:42 pm
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Jazz gave me a Cushie pillow (its bag says ‘smoosh’). It’s cute, blue and fuzzy.

I watched the end of “Pride and Prejudice” with Mom.


Dec. 15th, 2006 11:24 pm
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I talked to Hannah and Becca during lunch. It was crazy, but I had a good time.

I saw “Eragon” with mom. It was okay.

Then we got Thai. We talked about the movie, the books and my story.

Then Mom brought me to Dad's, and Dad lit the candles, said the blessing, and I opened my Hanukkah present. He bought me “Ranma ½” 3-9.
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I helped Dad with Simba, brushed my teeth, stuffed my pack, and went to school.

I didn't (and still don't) know where my gym bag is, so, I didn't dress out. We did some running. Then we did pull ups. Anna (who soon left us), Maggie, Lyna and I lay down for most of the time, since we didn't do anything. It was nice.

I left my book at Mom's and talked to Hannah about Hanukkah presents. She doesn't want anything.

After orchestra practice I went outside, waited for Dad a little, called him, and Mom, and then Dad came, and we drove to Mom's and talked. Then he helped me carry my things inside and left.
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Dad took me to Hebrewschool after Mom left for work. Class was really boring, although I did get to see some of “Blazing Saddles”.

Then I went to Pho with Mike. We ate mainly in silence. Both involved in our soup.

Then we picked up Jazz and went to the mall. Jazz and I went to the ATM, I got some money and went to Borders. I got the first two “Ranma ½” books there. I also had this discount, which brought the total from 20 something to 2 something. I only had one 1 and no change so Jazz lent me some money.

Then we went to Hot Topic. Walked a lot. Talked a lot. We must've spent 40 minutes or so in there. Jazz bought some clothes and I bought two pairs of Jack Skellington gloves, one normal and one without fingertips.  I also got the ragdoll keychain I've seen before. The one that looks like a teenage version of Sally, or one of her kids. I also got a wristband that says, "The Dark is Afraid of Me."

Then we went to Fye. I got “Golden Road” and Jazz got some skull headphones after waiting in line for like 15 minutes.

Then we went to the DVD Fye. Jazz bought some Ramune. Then we went to back to the ATM so I could get more money for “The Conqueror of Shamballa” and came back. I bought it and “Return to Labyrinth 1”.

Then we went to the croissant place. Jazz bought a croissant and a soda. I bought a soda. We sat down, looked through our stuff, laughed a lot and had fun. Jazz took pictures with her camera and I played with my gloves and looked at my DVDs.

Then Mike arrived and we left, dropping Jazz off at home. We went home and I did my study guide, read “Return to Labyrinth”, watered my plants, and watched “Conqueror of Shamballa” while eating dinner Mike made for me. I'm glad he did. I would have never finished the movie or my homework if he hadn't.
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I wore my old pirate costume from like, 5th grade, and went to school. It's still too big.

On my way to Lunch, I saw this really good Darth Vader costume. Like one of those really expensive ones with the giant headgear, big cape, total black costume, and plastic/whatever material plate on the front. Sara hugged me at lunch, which was strange.

After lunch, Becca and I walked to World Civ. I wrote some. Mr. Hedrick commented on my costume during class. To the class. We were reviewing our Persian study guide, and he was talking about trade or something, when he said, "to protect the trade (or whatever) from people like Brittany." No one really knew what he was talking about. I was writing, too, so I was confused for a minute. But he also said "She's a pirate" shortly after, so, it wasn't condescending or anything. He was being funny. I'm serious! He's one of the nice teachers. He smiles a lot. So no one really takes him seriously, which is sad, since he has good stuff to say.

I got dressed for Trick-Or-Treating in my costume from last year. I wore it last night to the concert. Jazz eventually came. She looked like a really cool vampire. She had a really cool makeup job and she had this really pretty shirt and jacket on. We walked and talked and met up with Taylor after a while. He was carrying around a dull longsword and he kept commenting about it to the people who gave us candy. It was slightly funny the first two or so times, but then it just got really stupid.

We also went to this house where this girl was dressed as a witch and was sitting in the tree holding onto the rope for a skeleton. There were also these two doll things on a bench. One was obviously fake and was holding a bowl of candy. We didn't know about the other one. We were arguing over who would dare to take candy, and smoke started to come up from a smoke machine. And the girl eventually swung the skeleton. I was able to take four or so of the candies (two for Taylor, two for me), and was going for more for Jazz, when the other "doll" lunged over and slammed down on my hand. For a second, I thought I somehow knocked it over, but it still scared me and Jazz and I grabbed Jazz real hard. Then he slid back into his sitting position. Jazz and I stood there, arguing over whether I should get Jazz some candy. I actually moved forward a little, and I saw him start to move forward, too. So we gave up. It was a REALLY good job. Neither of them moved when we told them we had figured it all out. That was good. He also looked animatronic, which was cool. Of course, I saw him take his mask off when we were the next house over, so even though I knew before, it was just weird.

Eventually we got back home, and Taylor met Cleo and then Jazz called her Dad, and I drank some Root Beer, and we came upstairs. Sorted through some candy, and listened to some of Puke and Snot. She liked it. I liked it. But we didn't even get to the really good parts!
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Mike picked me up from Hebreweschool and we went and got pizza and cheesesticks at Papa Johns.

Yesterday I met Jazz at the "Laughing Ogre" comic book store. It smelled like cigarrettes. Mike bought me "Ultimate Spider-Man 7", and "The Darkness", Volume 1.
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I finished “The Girl in the Fireplace” and the "Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther".

Daddy took me to Hebrewschool. I had donuts and pretzels with Elyse. Anna arrived after class started. We are Israel in the Model United Nations simulation. We could have been China! In Art I was the only 9th grader. We talked about Drama and anti-Semitism.

Dad and I went to McDonalds for lunch, then went shopping at Wegmans and Office Depot. I got a case for my calculator.

I talked to Mom when I got to Mom's. Apparently the plane security took all of her makeup and nose-drops. That's a good $100+ worth of perfectly good stuff in the trash! They could have let her store it somewhere or ship it home instead of trashing it.

Then I did some more homework and had dinner. I finished my Mexican and McDonalds soda while I watched some of “Independence Day” with Mommy. I also had some ice cream.
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I dressed half-piratey for school, gave Daddy his present, and went to school. In orchestra Bridget and Maggie stole my hat. People kept stealing my hat throughout the day.

I went outside with Becca before everyone else and tiptoed half-way to the trailer under my umbrella in the rain. Then I threw all to the wind and ran for it, leaving Becca to walk with the umbrella, since she couldn't run in her boots.

It was very funny. Hope I never do it again.
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I spent most of PE sitting around, staring at the wall, and playing with my towel. I did the stomach part of CPR to my towel, too. It was weird. I lent Jazz my sweatshirt.

In World Civ I discovered Saint Penis. Don't even want to write that down. My group laughed throughout the entire period. Mr. Hedrick kept looking at us, and I volunteered once or twice to answer questions to show that we weren't entirely out of it.

We finished “October Sky”.

Then I got my sweat shirt back from Jazz. Read some on the bus. Dad picked me up and I made Tetrazzini Helper for the first time.

Watched “River of Souls” and “Fantasia”.
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Becca really helped me study. She taught me 6 or 7 of the countries. It may not seem like much, but that really helped! I'm serious! I'm really thankful, and she's promised to help me for the rest of the week.

We watched more of “October Sky” in Biology. I like it, but it's very depressing. For once, I totally agree with Eda.

On “Lost”, Sawyer and Kate kissed. It was cute. Jack is in a fix, though. I think he's faking it all, and just biding his time. Learning to let go of some of his stubbornness in order to make them let their guard down and let him get close to them. That's my theory, anyway.
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I washed all my clothes. I had a ton of laundry. It's not as bad as Spring was, though.

Dad came home, Jazz came over, and so did Mom. Then Mom, Mike, Jazz, and I drove to Reston for “Light the Night”. Turned in the money. Jazz and I got shirts, and we went to Ben and Jerrys. We also got balloons. We gave up on the walk. Mike and Jazz's balloons stopped working, and Mom's somehow got disconnected from her wire and flew into the tree without realizing it till it was too late. Then Jazz's flew away (it was also disconnected), and Mike and I threw our defective ones away. Mine had basically stopped working by then.

We went to this Italian grill place. It was good. A lot of food, though.

Then they dropped me off and took Jazz home.
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I scored a point in kickball and got to home! Jazz came right after me during the same kick! It was cool. But I also let the other team get a point when I dropped the ball and stopped one of the girls from kicking it from the ground after I dropped it.

World Civ was weird. I actually got them to keep my Greece ideas from last night/this morning. Then I wrote this dialogue with Rebecca and Hannah Cooper

In Science I broke a slide. I put it on Eda's paper so it wouldn't get dusty. Then she moved the paper. I know it's not her fault I should have said something or just not put it there. It was pretty much transparent.

I watched “The Little Mermaid” during dinner. I cried some. Triton reminded me so much of the last time I saw Granddaddy that I just fell to pieces when he was saying goodbye to Ariel. I also watched “The Little Matchgirl”. I cried again because I was just generally sad and that short film is incredibly depressing.
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I went with Mom and Mike to the Bank and Eckards. I got a cookies and cream bar and Mike dropped off the movies from yesterday at Blockbuster.

Then they dropped me off at Hebrewschool. I said bye to Mommy and they drove to the airport.

Anna, Allison and Elyse also came to school. We had to do a stupid icebreaker, and then we went to a class together, which was nice. We got cookies and watched a video and the teacher knew my birthday.

Anna and Elyse went to Leadership afterward while Allison and I went to "Art". We didn't want to be split up and we wanted cooking!

We talked about Jewish comedians. We were the youngest in the class and there was this girl who kept talking to the teacher while he was talking. Then we said jokes he printed out. I said one about a priest and a rabbi talking about rules.

After we left I called Jazz, who was in the shower. I called back about 15 minutes later, hung up, and she called right after that. Mike and I went to pick her up, and then we went to the mall.

I got McDonalds, Jazz got some iced tea, and we sat for a while. Then we went to Fye and I purchased “Clue” and “Robin Hood Men in Tights”. We went to Barnes and Noble and I purchased “Cold Mountain”. We saw Mike, and hung around for a while. Then we went to Icing. We ate our candy bar and went to the apple store, where I purchased a black version of the same protective iPod cover that Dad has. We then went to Bath & Body Works. I got some shampoo/bubble bath/body wash for Mom and I. I also purchased some Apple Sugar thing for her, and a Cinnamon Bun one for me.

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Heather and I woke up early to drive to Mom's house. I fell asleep and then Jazz arrived.

We started watching “My Fair Lady”, which was nice, but we didn't finish. Then we went to Borders. We wandered around some and had some laughs.

Then we walked over to Circuit City. Jazz bought some styli for her DS and I bought “Failure to Launch” and “Independence Day”. Dad picked us up and drove Jazz home. Then we drove home.

I watched “Independence Day” while I ate lunch and then worked on the pieces of my cookie pillow. I started “Failure to Launch” before we went to Fridays and met Heather. It was a good meal.

We came home and took the trash away. I turned “Failure to Launch” on. Heather came home and I finished it.
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Mom drove me to camp. I put my hair up a few minutes after we got there.

Jazz came. She wrote some more of the resummarized tarot card meanings down while I read.

We sat for a while, then went downstairs and got the booth posters. Came back up to the gym. Stood around for a while. Grabbed a table. Got some chairs. Moved em, got another table. Put up the poster on the wall behind us, set out the cards, chairs, tables, etc.

Then we basically did nothing. The youngest kids came in first. They weren't really interested. Eventually we went and ate lunch in the lobby. Then we came back,and had one or two visitors. There was this really annoying kid sometime before or after lunch who hung around Taylor, didn't understand "Go Away", or "No" and talked really loudly. He gave me a headache.

We got some more "customers". I read a lot. Nora eventually came and took over for us. Jazz and I went on the racing "float" thing, (I won!) then we went on the moonbounce for a few minutes, but it was pretty boring and strange because after Taylor left we were the oldest kids there.

Then we went to get some snowcones and some blue cotton candy.

We took over the stand, and Jazz took most of the kids with the part of the deck she had "translated". I mostly read. The carnival started winding down and the three of us went down to the pool (after some convincing to me on Jazz's part). Jazz and I jumped in to the practically empty pool while Nora stuck around for a few minutes, then left, waved at us from the stair window, came back, then left again.

I think most, if not all of our camp came by, fully clothed mostly, and jumped in. They swam around for a minute or so. It was a strange experience. Only four of us were in bathing suits. Jazz, me, another girl and one of the guys. Very strange. It was fun though. If nothing else it was funny to be in a pool of people wearing normal clothes while you’re in a swimsuit. It’s hard to describe the feeling. Then they were all ordered out of the pool except for the four of us in swimsuits. The other two hung out by the big group, though.

They all got in trouble for not asking the lifeguard or a counselor before coming down and jumping. Jazz and I were okay. We had been there since 2:10 or so and were just watched from the side of the pool.

I dived for some dimes that I spotted on the bottom of the pool, most likely dropped from some forgotten pocket someone had.

I gave them to Jazz and we swam around some more. We left around 3 and went upstairs in the elevator to the snack machine. Jazz got the giant reeses, and gave me one. She had the other two.

Heather was still here. She left right when I walked in. We didn't say anything to each other.


Aug. 17th, 2006 09:47 pm
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Jazz came to camp today. We went to the ESPN Zone. Jazz and I had bonding time: playing games and going on the motion simulator four times. It was the type of fun I expected to have with Jazz this summer.

I ended up giving Jazz my card with my last point on it so she could play some more.

We were able to fit all 22 kids, and Nori into the elevator, which was cool.

We came back to the JCC and went swimming. We watched 2.5 boat races. Around 2:40, Jazz and I got out, changed, and went upstairs. I bought some kissables and shared with Jazz.

We tried to sing a song today. The counselors wanted to record us but it didn’t really work. My favorite part of the song is:

"Let's count off
We'd love to try but couldn't pull it off
We can't count off"

I ordered Chinese on the phone after Mom came home. I watched some of “The Producers” while I ate with Heather.
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I finished the stupid book today and started “Wicked”.

Mom put both cats in my room before she left for work. When I came upstairs Heather and I took them to the office and we watched “The Producers”. Then Prune got some poop on my shirt. Then Heather left to make a phone call and the room started smelling bad. Heather got back and we both thought it was Prune smelling up the room. I didn't discover until around 6 or so that he had pooped behind mom’s exercise machine. I seriously do not know how I missed it before. I might have been looking too fast. It was really nasty.

After Jazz came over we watched “InuYasha the Movie 4” in my room. Then we got some popcorn and watched “Constantine”. Then Jazz left.

Mike came home and cleaned up the poop, which I discovered about 15 minutes beforehand.

Then Mom came home and Mike drove me to AC Moore. I got a tracing wheel, tracing paper, some cloth scissors and some princess stickers.

Then we went to the bank. I got some more money. Mike did too. Then we went to Popeyes and got some dinner. I ate while I rewatched “Tron”.

Talking to Jazz and Caroline now.


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