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I wore my old pirate costume from like, 5th grade, and went to school. It's still too big.

On my way to Lunch, I saw this really good Darth Vader costume. Like one of those really expensive ones with the giant headgear, big cape, total black costume, and plastic/whatever material plate on the front. Sara hugged me at lunch, which was strange.

After lunch, Becca and I walked to World Civ. I wrote some. Mr. Hedrick commented on my costume during class. To the class. We were reviewing our Persian study guide, and he was talking about trade or something, when he said, "to protect the trade (or whatever) from people like Brittany." No one really knew what he was talking about. I was writing, too, so I was confused for a minute. But he also said "She's a pirate" shortly after, so, it wasn't condescending or anything. He was being funny. I'm serious! He's one of the nice teachers. He smiles a lot. So no one really takes him seriously, which is sad, since he has good stuff to say.

I got dressed for Trick-Or-Treating in my costume from last year. I wore it last night to the concert. Jazz eventually came. She looked like a really cool vampire. She had a really cool makeup job and she had this really pretty shirt and jacket on. We walked and talked and met up with Taylor after a while. He was carrying around a dull longsword and he kept commenting about it to the people who gave us candy. It was slightly funny the first two or so times, but then it just got really stupid.

We also went to this house where this girl was dressed as a witch and was sitting in the tree holding onto the rope for a skeleton. There were also these two doll things on a bench. One was obviously fake and was holding a bowl of candy. We didn't know about the other one. We were arguing over who would dare to take candy, and smoke started to come up from a smoke machine. And the girl eventually swung the skeleton. I was able to take four or so of the candies (two for Taylor, two for me), and was going for more for Jazz, when the other "doll" lunged over and slammed down on my hand. For a second, I thought I somehow knocked it over, but it still scared me and Jazz and I grabbed Jazz real hard. Then he slid back into his sitting position. Jazz and I stood there, arguing over whether I should get Jazz some candy. I actually moved forward a little, and I saw him start to move forward, too. So we gave up. It was a REALLY good job. Neither of them moved when we told them we had figured it all out. That was good. He also looked animatronic, which was cool. Of course, I saw him take his mask off when we were the next house over, so even though I knew before, it was just weird.

Eventually we got back home, and Taylor met Cleo and then Jazz called her Dad, and I drank some Root Beer, and we came upstairs. Sorted through some candy, and listened to some of Puke and Snot. She liked it. I liked it. But we didn't even get to the really good parts!
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I just can't wait! I don't know if I'll be able to sleep tonight, or remain still for long in school tomorrow. I'm going to go to school as a pirate. I hope people talk to me about it a lot. I like attention.

Afterward, Alicia, Hannah, Jazz, Karina, Allison, and I, are going to get Pizza and go trick or treating. It's going to be fun! I have so much to do. I still have to organize my webcomics. I have writing to do, my intro for JRR Tolkien, Current Events, and so on.

And I still have my speech for the partner Kaine-Kilgore-somebody I can't ever remember project!

I hope we don't have to do it tomorrow... otherwise Jeeyoon will kill what is left of me....

Happy soon-to-be Halloween!!!
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Today we say "Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit".

It wasn't that great. A little funny, but it isn't worth buying and seeing over and over again like the shorts.

I got my Halloween costume today. I'm going to be a pirate again, but I don't care. I like this costume a little better than the last one.

Mom, Mike and I went to Thai today. It was good. We haven't been since the summer.

We also bought "Shrek 2", "Constantine", and "Collateral".

I just watched "Naruto" and "One Piece". The episodes were good, but I missed "Teen Titans" again!


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