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[Error: unknown template qotd]S'okay. Read some good manga today. My mom made my favorite food....slept in...sorta...we finally gave our kittens full run of the house. :) We also saw a show on sphynxes XD

S'not bad.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Ha. Ha ha. Ha.

Well, firstly, I want to lose weight. Which would mean going on south beach or returning to my salad and nothing else idea. Doubtful I'll stick. I'm eating them for lunch (and sometimes breakfast and/or dinner) but then I gorge at one of my other meal times. Or I snack on something.

Want to work out more. I really want to. If I can start again, I think I can stick to it pretty easily. It's not hard. Just need to start doing it again.

i'd like to finish the books that have been piling up lately in my room that I've started and yet haven't....finished... >.> <.<

-Ahem- I'd like to actually get my homework done early. Since this is winter break and I only have 3 more days left and I haven't done even HALF of my homework, I'm doubtful that I'll even last through January. But I keep it on my list.

I'd like to finish at least ONE of my stories... that I'm supposedly writing... where are you muse?????? I miss you  T_T -sob-

(Since it has yet to appear, I'm doubtful it'll even last through January).

Um... I'd like to start studying more. Or... study at all. Period. Another not even January thing. Maybe that'll change. Who knows. Maybe I'll also drop 40 pounds overnight, earn a million dollars and get a boyfriend by the end of this year. Ha.

Hm... I'd like to start being nicer. But since I seem to be a worse bitch now than I was two days ago, doesn't look likely.

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well... I saw Iron Man with my stepdad. otherwise.... I'm just trying to get some homework and studying done between my slacking-off periods.
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I use as little electricity as I consciously can. I try to use as little paper for school as I can. I also try to use as little toilet paper and as few paper towels as I can, unlike the 90% of my school's girl population which seems to maintain the idea that it is necessary to use twenty or thirty of the things at a time when all the moron did was dab their fingers in the water... without using soap... (blech) I also try to only take what I can eat. And I clean up after myself, whether I'm in or outside. I also try to recycle when possible.

I COULD try to clean up my neighborhood more. Try and put up signs to tell people to only use one or two (tops) paper towels (I FLOOD my hands, and I usually only need one - that's enough if you use the ENTIRE PAPER TOWEL, and not a corner of the thing), I could try and work on a solution to the oil problem by finding alternate fuels... and other... stuff...
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When they were still in production, Peter Jackson (or someone in the company) put out an announcement that, instead of the previously announced date, Two Towers (I think) would be produced two years later or so, and Return of the King would come out two or more years after that, which meant that the series wouldn't finish until 2008. My Dad told me in the car and I swear I nearly lost it. Then, of course, he laughed and said he'd clicked on the link and it said "April Fool". I could've strangled him.
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Do you know the perfect way to start a new year?

It isn't waking up at 11:10 in the afternoon.

It isn't listening to the rain that lasts from the night before (the last year) to 4 or so in the afternoon.

It isn't scarfing skittles, m&ms, and Reese’s all day long.

It is finally finishing that science backboard and paper.

I watched some of “Heroes”, too. It was good.

And my laundry finished.


Dec. 20th, 2006 07:42 pm
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Jazz gave me a Cushie pillow (its bag says ‘smoosh’). It’s cute, blue and fuzzy.

I watched the end of “Pride and Prejudice” with Mom.
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I wore my old pirate costume from like, 5th grade, and went to school. It's still too big.

On my way to Lunch, I saw this really good Darth Vader costume. Like one of those really expensive ones with the giant headgear, big cape, total black costume, and plastic/whatever material plate on the front. Sara hugged me at lunch, which was strange.

After lunch, Becca and I walked to World Civ. I wrote some. Mr. Hedrick commented on my costume during class. To the class. We were reviewing our Persian study guide, and he was talking about trade or something, when he said, "to protect the trade (or whatever) from people like Brittany." No one really knew what he was talking about. I was writing, too, so I was confused for a minute. But he also said "She's a pirate" shortly after, so, it wasn't condescending or anything. He was being funny. I'm serious! He's one of the nice teachers. He smiles a lot. So no one really takes him seriously, which is sad, since he has good stuff to say.

I got dressed for Trick-Or-Treating in my costume from last year. I wore it last night to the concert. Jazz eventually came. She looked like a really cool vampire. She had a really cool makeup job and she had this really pretty shirt and jacket on. We walked and talked and met up with Taylor after a while. He was carrying around a dull longsword and he kept commenting about it to the people who gave us candy. It was slightly funny the first two or so times, but then it just got really stupid.

We also went to this house where this girl was dressed as a witch and was sitting in the tree holding onto the rope for a skeleton. There were also these two doll things on a bench. One was obviously fake and was holding a bowl of candy. We didn't know about the other one. We were arguing over who would dare to take candy, and smoke started to come up from a smoke machine. And the girl eventually swung the skeleton. I was able to take four or so of the candies (two for Taylor, two for me), and was going for more for Jazz, when the other "doll" lunged over and slammed down on my hand. For a second, I thought I somehow knocked it over, but it still scared me and Jazz and I grabbed Jazz real hard. Then he slid back into his sitting position. Jazz and I stood there, arguing over whether I should get Jazz some candy. I actually moved forward a little, and I saw him start to move forward, too. So we gave up. It was a REALLY good job. Neither of them moved when we told them we had figured it all out. That was good. He also looked animatronic, which was cool. Of course, I saw him take his mask off when we were the next house over, so even though I knew before, it was just weird.

Eventually we got back home, and Taylor met Cleo and then Jazz called her Dad, and I drank some Root Beer, and we came upstairs. Sorted through some candy, and listened to some of Puke and Snot. She liked it. I liked it. But we didn't even get to the really good parts!
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I tried to sleep in, which didn't work very well, which didn't make me very happy, since I stayed up till midnight last night. I wanted to finish the story in “Worlds of Honor” 4 that I was reading! There was one with Victor Cachat in it. I loved the ending. It was funny. I’ve loved both of the stories I’ve read with him so far.

I read a lot today. I think I've got less than 60 pages left in my book. I want to finish before I go to sleep. My next book is much smaller, which is great.

Grandaddy came over for lunch (BBQ) at almost 4. Mom forgot to call him so we had a really late lunch. I'm still kinda hungry for a "dinner".

Didn't do much else today. I enlisted Daddy into buying my summer reading books without asking. I guess Dad feels responsible for that sort of thing. I seriously did not ask. I wasn't even begging in my innocent way. I wasn't. I just asked him if he had the “Iliad” or had bought the two books for Heather before. He said he'd take care of it.

Mom, Heather, Mike and I lit fireworks and some sparklers together.
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We had our first seder today.

Lots of talking. No embarassment until I realized that Mom, Dad, and I, were the only ones left with dinner plates and everyone was staring at us.

Well... otherwise it was okay.

I cleaned out one of the boxes in the room. Threw lots away. Didn't realize that I had so much crap in there.

I got to "Angel of Darkness" Disc 2.
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I watched some television after Heather left and the tribbles finally arrived.

I then packed up my stuff and played on the computer until Dad took me to Mom's house to get my music/violin for lessons. Afterwards, Dad took me back to Mom's. Mom had just gotten home. I showed her my peep bunny and tribbles. I had pizza rolls while Mom cooked the valentines cookies and we watched a movie about slavery.

I didn't watch the ending, cause I decided to get back online.
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I think I dreamed pink last night. I certainly wore enough of it today. I had on a long sleeve pink shirt, pink rubber earrings, and pants with pink flowers on them. I also wore my hair down. I was sweaty and annoyed all day.

We read some of "The Little Prince" during 1st period.

In PE the preps kept saying things to me to get on my nerves. Volleyball was okay. I talked with Jazz a lot, so it was cool. Then I went to math. Which sucked. The teacher treats us like first graders, although that makes a little sense considering the level of intelligence of various of my classmembers. I was so happy that I actually understood "Build Me Up Buttercup" in Strings.

In Seventh period I reailized how stupid the two preps in my group are and how easy my part is. I now know that when I want help I won't ask for it. It will come sooner that way. Seeing as when I tell them I need help they all go right back to what they were doing and completely ignore me.

I watched my cats on tv! It was cool. Except with mom screaming the entire 3 minutes it was hard to hear or watch. I was also on tv cause I was holding Prune. Mostly it was just my fat thigh, since he was sitting on my leg.
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I finished my scale drawing. I have to put the scale number or whatever it's called on it and then I'm done.

I watched Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" during lunch. It was nice but odd. Jack Sparrow and Saruman hugged! I went nuts when that happened! I didn't even know that Christopher Lee was in the film. It was like the time when Paul and Data hugged, which made me cry, since it was so beautiful!

I just finished rewatching "Cold Mountain" for the gagillionth time. It's such a beautiful film.

I didn't go to violin today. Mom forgot, Heather was busy and Mike was gone somewhere and Dad would've gotten here by the time it ended so I didn't go. It let me finish my project sooner anyway. Finished eight minutes after my lesson would have ended.

I forgot to practice my violin! That's bad... I need a signature for proof that I practiced...
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The Dream is ending.

Everything was so peaceful and fun for the past eleven days.

I didn't have any responsibilities outside of laundry and organizing.

I didn't have to study anything. I didn't play solitaire for hours out of boredom.

I saw "The Producers" with my family (and Heather's friend). I saw "King Kong" with Karina. I saw "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" again with Mom and Mike for the first time. I saw "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" with Daddy again. I made my library on my computer, and put my books in order. I did my vocab that I don't even know if we're doing it or not. I won the Pokemon championship in my game. I won Gold for the Tokyo level in "Tony Hawk". I made my cousins and aunt and uncle laugh. I don't even remember (if ever) the last time I did that. I built up my iPod library. I finished three books. I've written and drawn a lot. I had donuts and pizza with dad and Heather. We also finally made that garlic bread. I watched the first two "Matrix" films and "The Fifth Element". I watched the ball drop with Dad and Heather.

Like snow, this world is melting away to make way for the old one, to make way for my life to return to it's course. I'm waking up from a dream that I don't want to ever end.

I feel... like a part of me will die tomorrow, when I wake up to the sound of my alarm. I'll see all my friends again, and we chat all day about what we did during the break. We'll laugh, and then we'll move on, and this time will become a distant memory in the past long gone...

That's enough for now. If I want to make do with what I have, then I am going to quit this and do something!
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I'm watching Naruto now... it's actually quite good when you know whats going on. I really like it now. I know it is gonna be a cool premeire episode!

I have another part for my story! Guess what, it's really depressing! Surprised?

I got the Gold medal in the Tokyo level on "Tony Hawk: Proskater 3" today. It's so easy now. Especially since I got all the stat points today!

I watched "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded". Maybe I'll watch "The Matrix Revolutions" tomorrow.

Why do the hot guys always die? It's always the dark, depressing, strong, hot ones that suffer. Why? Sasuke just collapsed... oh... he's so cute when he's unconsious...

It's always the cool ones that die! Paul, Data, Duncan... It never ends.

It'll be 2006 when I update next!
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First we had a very long drive to Maryland. I hate it because it takes so long, but at least I got a nap.

When we got there I got soda, said hi and sat down. I petted Kacey, who is a very pretty and soft dog who loves people. She sat next to me on the couch thrice. I talked with my guy cousins, who are cool, but odd, like most people.

We got Chinese. 'Twas good. I think I probably got the most, but then I didn't have to go back, and I was hungry. Then we watched the end of "Daddy Daycare". It's actually a good movie. I thought it was gonna suck, but the "Star Trek"/"Star Wars" geek makes everything okay!

Then we opened presents. I still think it might have been a bad idea to open the iPods there. But I wanted to see it. I wanted to make sure that it was real. That happens to me. Things seem to good to be true, and even staring right at them doesn't help me to believe. I'm afraid to touch it, for fear of hurting it in some way: getting it dirty, dropping it, messing something up, damaging it, etc. That's what happens to me. Aunt Cheryl gave us some stuff. We got some gelt. Then we left. We had an okay conversation on the drive back and now I'm very tired.


Dec. 25th, 2005 02:29 pm
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I get my iPod!

I also had some latkes with ketchup and some dreidle time.

I'm really curious on what else I might get. I keep thinking that since everyone gave me money on my Bat Mitzvah recently that they're just not going to give me anything for Hanukkah.

I finally finished my book library yesterday. I feel so happy for some reason. My books are organized now... somewhat.

To Baltimore!
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Mom had to giftwrap at Barnes and Noble today, so I (of course) tagged along to go waste a few hours at the bookstore. We arrived an hour early as we had to make time for other errands and overestimated, or actually Mom just left when she felt like it. So we went to Linens and Things. I got a gift for Karina, so I'm happy. We also bumped into Aunt Julie. Mom told her about the scary Hanukkah gifts she wanted to get Sam and Alli. Chocolate smores makers. I tried to walk away because I din't want to encourage Mom. I personally think that our family tries to stay away from us when we're shopping (I would too). We shop for way too much stuff, and we get the oddest presents for poeple. Anyway, Aunt Julie managed to escape, and Mom didn't get the smores makers.

We then went to Barnes and Nobles for three hours. Y'know, I guess I never truly realized how boring a packed bookstore can get when there are no new things to buy and you have a budget. I finally bought some of those Nancy Drews I've been meaning to buy, but never got around to doing so. I also found out that they go beyond 56! There was a 59! Of course it didn't quite look the same as the other ones, but it was pretty close, and looked like her writing. I also got RuroKen 22! It's finally in stores! Only six more to go! Same with "Fullmetal Alchemist" And who knows how many "InuYasha"s I need since I only have 23 and I know for sure that there are at least twice as many.
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I returned yesterday afternoon from Florida. From warm to cold.

Daddy picked us up. I hadn't seen him since Wednesday. We got some food at Ruby Tuesday's, then we went to Mom's, then we went home. I got to see Prune and Cleo. They were okay.

When we got to Aunt Alyssa's house we went to another house for Thanksgiving Dinner. I don't remember how they were related. It was like Aunt Alyssa's sister's friend's house or something. They had three dogs and the Chihuahua was really cute and soft. The bigger dog liked me. She would walk over to me so I could pet her. We had roasted marshmallows outside. I stayed out by the fire afterward and now have like 25 bug bites. I finally stopped itching. Apparently if you're distracted or you keep your fingers busy, you don't itch. Yes, I know that's obvious. We went home at like 6. It was hard to tell since it was so dark so early.

The next day we got up at 5:25 so that we could go to the Black Friday early bird sale at Target. It was really packed. We got a ton of DVDs because they were about 5.88 per movie. I nearly got an iPod nano, but I decided not to. Aunt Alyssa told us about the bad reviews it got. The screen breaks quickly and the small number of songs just wasn't worth it. I want to get a normal iPod so that I can get a ton of songs.

Then we stopped by Best Buy just to see what it was like. It was so messed up. The line to pay was two hours long. We stayed for like 10 minutes tops. Then we went to the bank, I got some money, and we went back to the house. We unloaded all the stuff and ate breakfast. I actually had a Parmesan cheese omelet. It was okay with ketchup. We finished watching “Wizard of Oz” and then we watched the “Gone with the Wind”. Then we went to this festival place that was like a building with a bunch of booths instead of normal shops like a mall.

We got Chinese for lunch and then we went looking around. We got some pickles, and then we got some ice cream. I only bought this really cute alligator keychain with a clock in its mouth. It was adorable. Then we went to dinner. It was this Japanese sushi place. I had some Chinese though, because I don't like sushi. It was good. We had some laughs there. Then we went to Borders. Aunt Alyssa got me “Unearthly”, “Avalon” 4, and “The Outlaws of Sherwood” for Hanukkah. It was cool. They didn't have any of my graphic novels latest editions though.

We left at like 6 or 7 in the morning. We got to the airport and eventually I got some chicken soup. We ate and then we went to the gates. Mommy managed to get us seats together and got us on early even though Heather isn't a minor. We slept some, and then we watched the first part of “National Treasure”. I still need to see the last 10 minutes or so, but we didn't get to even that point. It was okay. Then we got to Reagan, Dad picked us up, we ate, then we got home, and I watched “Atlantis”. It was fun being home again.
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I've been doing... stuff... and I’ve just well, never really wanted to update my journal. I was just too lazy.

Tomorrow I go to Florida. I don't want to go. It won't be fun. I just know it.

Then watch me be right back here, on Saturday, typing, I had the time of my life!!! It was awesome.

I hope it is. I sure do...


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