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I finally saved my powerpoint for Civics in the right place during English. I decided to change my author from Carolyn Keene to J.R.R. Tolkien. I am not doing in just to spite Samantha.

In Gym my team won 7th place. We beat the other team by like 16:5.

In Orchestra we practiced on our own, cause the new sub was the normal unknowlegable sub and no one shut up long enough for her to say three words.

Heather drove us here. it was okay. Her car was sweltering. I'm surprised it was that hot, seeing as it was so cold outside. When I stepped out without my jacket it actually felt very calming.

I drew a "reflection" picture of InuYasha, on the other side of his human form. Or as near as I can draw them. Really, its just his (their) head(s), ears, hair, lower arm/sleeve, bottom of pants, and feet. I might add the tip of the tetsusaiga. I am actually really proud of how it came out. Now I just have to draw InuYasha the cat, and InuYasha in the Frost gym uniform.
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My alarm didn't go off but I finally figured out why and fixed it. I needed to reset it because the power went out twice!

Then I got dressed, and packed all my books. I had some milk and grabbed my lunch. Dad drove me. We got there a little late but it was still okay.

I finished pretty much finished my Science work, although I forgot that you have to do groupings for the Concept Maps. I hate those things! We had a lockdown drill. too. It was oddly quiet for our class.

I turned in my project in 2nd period. We went over hw, and did the tener graph. The homework was easy, but I finished at home because I didn't have time to do it.

Science was okay. I got everything in. The test was okay, it was just the matching/fill in blanks that was the harder part.

Health was okay, except I stapled my papers and found a page I missed for it a few hours ago. Jazz wasn't there. The dorks behind me invited me to a party. I tore up the invitation. I'm not that desparate.

Math was okay, too. I knew all the answers and got 100s on all my returned papers. I only had one question wrong on my homework and she didn't make any of us answer that one.

Lunch was fine. We talked about some of the characters in "InuYasha" and discussed Jyakotsu's crossdressing(?) and possible trans identity.

Strings was okay. I'm happy with how my test turned out. Sorta, but it's me, so I'll get over it for now. She let us out on time today, which was nice.

I argued with Nadar a lot in Civics.

I had some Ritz Bitz when I got hom and went on comp, did homework, read some, listened to music, went to violin, which was also okay, and I found a "Ronin Warriors" website!

It details all the episodes! I can remember so many! I love that site now!
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I got an A on my English test! 96!

I have two tests tomorrow. It looks bleak for the coming day.

I saw "Starship Operators" just now. It's good, but it's missing something I really like. There might just not be enough action. No hand to hand combat, gun battles, last words that are better left unsaid, and so on. There's not even an actual romance yet. Kelly Sheridan, who does the English dub for Sango in "InuYasha" plays Kouzuki Shinon, the primary protagonist and Kirby Morrow, who does the English dub for Miroku in "InuYasha" plays Kiryu Takai.
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School was okay.

I got "Inuyasha" 23 and "Fullmetal Alchemist" 3 yesterday!

First I went to Fridays with Daddy and Heather, and then we went to Barnes and Noble!

I got my graphic novels!

I also got a new story idea. It's not really a new idea though. Kind of like a spinoff of an idea I never finished on paper.

I like it. I think that I might actually do this one. Wait...

OMG... I just came up with the greatest idea ever!!!

I must leave now! The world awaits! Farewell!


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