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I talked to Elyse and Anna, and Caroline at Hebrewschool. The synagogue put up some new glass pieces around the Ark in the main Sanctuary. They’re suppose to symbolize tallit and there are 10 for the required ten people for a minyan.

Rachel was in class. I still don't like her. I think she thinks I'm still her friend. We haven't spoken more than two sentences in years, and now she expects me to be all warm and nice to her? She's controlling, rude, self-centered and invites herself to things.

Rachel went with me to art. I drew a cartoon.

Dad took me to the JCC fair, which was really just for little kids That surprised Dad; he thought it would be like the craft shows we have every now and then. We only ended up staying for a minute or two.

So we came home and I watched “Baron Munchausen”. It was interesting.

My reorganization has also given us some extra space for the DVDs and CDs!

After Dad dropped me off at Mom’s and Mom came home, Mom gave me one of Grandmommy's jackets. It's very pretty. I saw how hurt Mom looked when she handed it to me, though, and I felt a pang, myself. I felt weird trying it on. Like it was a garage sale thing or something.
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We had our first seder today.

Lots of talking. No embarassment until I realized that Mom, Dad, and I, were the only ones left with dinner plates and everyone was staring at us.

Well... otherwise it was okay.

I cleaned out one of the boxes in the room. Threw lots away. Didn't realize that I had so much crap in there.

I got to "Angel of Darkness" Disc 2.
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After Hebrewschool on Sunday I met Daddy after he got out of minyan. We talked, and then I went into the pre-festival activities. I found my booth, the lollipop stand, and I talked some with Matthew. After a while, little children came in, and my booth got busy. I was oddly joined by Kayla, Diana, and Caroline. They were a big help, though. I got lunch eventually. It was okay. Around 12:20 I called Mommy who came and picked me up, after I talked to Allison, Elyse, and Anna some, and after the carnival was dying down.

I got home, and worked on my powerpoint some. Then grandmommy and granddaddy came, and Heather got home, and we met up with Aunt Julie, Uncle BG, and Ally at Otani to celebrate Heather's almost birthday. I think I was the only one who constantly watched the guy though. Everyone else was being really rude and ignoring him. I thought it was cool, though, even though I've been there four or five times by now. Heather was given a balloon without realizing it for a long time. It was funny. I was sitting next to her. The guy just walked up, tied it to her chair, and walked away and she never nooticed. Very sad, I think. Heather also got a pineapple boat and an orange with a candle in it, plus a picture which I was in and didn't realize it, so I look funny. I'm watching Heather in it cause we just sang Happy Birthday. I look so stupid. Then we went home, watched "The Sopranos" and had cake.

I went to violin for the first time in a while, since I was sick last week. I had a long phone chat with Daddy, informing him about Hershey Park and "Spam-A-Lot". It was actually nice cause I walked in on Mom and we chatted for a while. It was cool. No fighting. Just talk.

I turned in the form for Hershey Park today so Dad is now officially coming and Mrs. Simms got angry at me cause I basically told her I was lazy and didn't tell my mother I had a rehearsal today so I couldn't go because I wanted to go to the Melting Pot with my family and Heather's friends.

Four of Heather's friends came and Aunt Cheryl showed up. It was cool. We talked and laughed a lot. We sang Happy Birthday to Heather, who turned 18 yesterday. She got a tattoo!
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On Saturday I had to force Dad to leave the house and we drove to Mom's to pick up my tallis, then we went to synogauge. It was an okay service. My friends came. Caroline was really annoying. I went out to get a drink of water, and she was there. She can't go in unless someone goes in with her. So she walked with me and I sat down and attempted to put on my tallis while she begged me to come sit by her. I was in a row with Alicia, Anna, Elyse, Hannah, (me), Samantha, Phillip, and eventually Allison (in that order, from left to right). I didn't want to move. But of course I eventually did as she made the puppy dog eyes. Then she wouldn't shut up for, like, 30-45+ minutes. Over that time, Lisa and Danielle (Rude and Stupid) arrived. Not that I cared. They just did. I wish they never came. Then again... I finally convinced Caroline to walk over to them and I moved back over to sit by Hannah and Allison filled in my previous seat to sit next to me (and Samantha, who didn't mind). Then we went through the rest of the service. Then we ran out to the bus with the bunny ear lights and we sat in the back. The heater was behind my foot under the seat Hannah was sitting on. I was second to last in the back. We were all extremely hyper, except Caroline, because Danielle wasn't there. Then we drove to the Country Club and we dropped our coats off and got our name things. They were hershey bars with papers taped to them saying our names. Then we went in. They handed out those fluffy, warm socks. I have red ones. I got some blue striped ones from the lady. We ran around, sliding and running into eachother on the wood floor with the socks.

I went to the batroom, which was partially covered with carpet. It was cool. Allison had followed after me. After she finally finished washing/drying her hands, we left. We then went back to "the room" as I shall call it, as it had no name that I saw. The DJ was playing some stupid songs. I can't remember if we did The Electric Slide before or after the first course though. We eventually got appetizers. I had like, 10-12 mozzerela sticks with sauce, along with 1.5 Diet Cokes, and a Shirley Temple with 5 cherries. I didn't finish the drinks.

We did the introduction/speech/blessing thing and Elliot didn't have candle lighting (smart thing). Then I got spaggeti and ceaser salad and more soda. Then we danced. I was with Samantha. I bowled her over the first time because I was wearing the socks, and then I fell over and had to crawl, laughing hysterically, while everyone stared at me; Samantha urged me to hurry up, we finished 3rd or 4th, but it was so embarrasing. We didn't win anything. I gave Elliot a $10 bill after I got out and the guy wanted anything with a picture of Alexander Hamilton on it. He gave it back of course, and he gave me his prize, a giant chocolate bar, because I gave it to him. Wow. He gave me that. Cool.

We eventually did Cha Cha Slide, Macarana, YMCA, Cotton Eyed Joe and some other really stupid suggestions that only prolonged our waiting times for the above mentioned actual dancing songs. He played that song that is really slow, and its played when you have people on tv in a race, and its really amazing. It goes, duh-duh-duh-duh duh duh... It's cool. Allison and I kept acting it out and the DJ commented that he would have really liked to have a video camera or something, since he always waited for someone at the party to do that, and we did it really well. After the songs I sweated into my hat during the Conga Line, Dad/Jazz called, and Dad picked me up, I called Jazz back, we arranged for drop off, and Dad dropped me off at home. Jazz came over and we did some talking, waiting for Dad to come back from services. Then we went to meet him at Fridays when he called. We had food and talked, and Jazz and I got the same drink, appetizer, and food. It was cool. We even both took home our meal. Jazz and I played DDR and then we watched "Batthumb". Then we went to sleep. My back and leg still hurt from sleeping on the floor. We got in bed at, like, 12:02 or so. We couldn't watch tv cause I didn't know how to change it back. We had played on Jazz's X-box and the tv had to be tuned a certain way for it. We also watched the actual tribble episode from the original "Star Trek", so Jazz could see what tribbles are. It was an interesting episode. Very different from what they show on "Deep Space Nine".

We fully got up around 8:17ish, but I had been up for like 1-2 hours or so. Then we had our sketti for breakfast and watched "Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time". Then we changed out of our pajamas, harrassed the cat, went online and then made spaggeti, and Dad made gralic bread, and then we had lunch, and then I cut strawberries while Jazz picked up the undone ones for me and Heather warmed up some chocolate for us after I told her three times to stop trying to melt it. Then we ate it. My hershey bar is gone now. We watched "Singin' in the Rain" after watching the ending to "Nightmare Before Christmas", which Heather had been watching. I really liked "Singin' in the Rain". Jazz called her dad and he came and picked her up.

I started watching "Dune" (the old movie version). Dad says that the version we have is the version that was made before they edited and released it. It's longer, but I think the edited one makes more sense, even if this version may pertain to the book more. Too much thinking, even though that's in the book.

Heather and Dad and I watched "Cold Case".
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I went to Hebrewschool today. I spoke with Anna for a long time, which is a little odd, since I don't think we've talked that much. It was still pretty nice. We painted the lines of parking spaces for some reason.

I finally started on my draft and am almost done with my science homework.

We watched the end of "Ghostbusters", which I've always liked. And we watched the greater part of "Independence Day", which I only saw the last half of before, and I loved it then. It has a lot of actors I'm familiar with in it, which is always fun.
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I woke up around 8ish. I played on the computer and ate some strawberries.

I watched some "Buffy" before dad took me to Hebrewschool.

I made a badly made hat, but talking to Ally, Anna, Elyse, and computer, even sans Elliott, was nice.

I didn't get to put the pom pom on it. Mrs. Rhetting did.

Dad picked me up. I had some skittles, besides the cookies and chips we got at Hebrewschool. I must have gained 20 lbs today.

Daddy and I got some KFC (popcorn chicken!), and I watched some more "Buffy", played some more "Tony Hawk", and Daddy took me to Mom's. We also played with the robot vc before and after Hebrewschool.
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We had the cinnamon rolls for breakfast after Daddy got back from synogauge. Then Dad drove me to Hebrewschool and we discussed the "different" types of judaism. It was fun. I got to see Elyse, Elliot, Anna, Ally, and Matthew together. We had our usual odd conversations.

Then Dad picked me up and we went to Friday's for lunch. We had some Father-Daughter bonding, like we always do, and then we went home. I watched some more good "Buffy" episodes, played "Tony Hawk" and drew. Dad and I played with Simba.

Around 5:30 I packed up my stuff and Dad brought me back to Mom's. I gave her her Hanukkah present, and we got Chinese; and we watched "The Fantastic Four". I think I'll watch my movie tomorrow, or I might even have to wait till Tuesday. I really want to see it. I worked on the computer some. I needed to make lists and fix my bookmarks. Mike finally fixed my pop-up windows. Now I can open new windows without having them be blank.
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First we had a very long drive to Maryland. I hate it because it takes so long, but at least I got a nap.

When we got there I got soda, said hi and sat down. I petted Kacey, who is a very pretty and soft dog who loves people. She sat next to me on the couch thrice. I talked with my guy cousins, who are cool, but odd, like most people.

We got Chinese. 'Twas good. I think I probably got the most, but then I didn't have to go back, and I was hungry. Then we watched the end of "Daddy Daycare". It's actually a good movie. I thought it was gonna suck, but the "Star Trek"/"Star Wars" geek makes everything okay!

Then we opened presents. I still think it might have been a bad idea to open the iPods there. But I wanted to see it. I wanted to make sure that it was real. That happens to me. Things seem to good to be true, and even staring right at them doesn't help me to believe. I'm afraid to touch it, for fear of hurting it in some way: getting it dirty, dropping it, messing something up, damaging it, etc. That's what happens to me. Aunt Cheryl gave us some stuff. We got some gelt. Then we left. We had an okay conversation on the drive back and now I'm very tired.


Dec. 25th, 2005 02:29 pm
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I get my iPod!

I also had some latkes with ketchup and some dreidle time.

I'm really curious on what else I might get. I keep thinking that since everyone gave me money on my Bat Mitzvah recently that they're just not going to give me anything for Hanukkah.

I finally finished my book library yesterday. I feel so happy for some reason. My books are organized now... somewhat.

To Baltimore!
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Today was the first day of Rosh Hashanah.

I didn't go to school today. Instead I sat in a four hour service from 7:30-11:30.

I made some Orange Julius (again) for our family gathering afterward. My maternal grandparents, my mom's older sister and youngest brother, plus their kids, all came over.

I love my family. They are so cool (and they give me money so they know how to get to kids).
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Today I went to Hebrew school and we had an interesting discussion.

There's strong suggestion in the Torah and speculation by religious scholars that Ham sexually assaulted his father, Noah, while Noah was passed out from wine. There's also implication that Ham's son, Canaan, was involved (which is probably why Noah cursed Canaan, specifically).

Wow. That was... a strange lesson.

Anyway, I read some today, and went over my computer.

I didn't do much else.


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