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1) There is a Peter Jackson "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" reference near the end: Cale (young protagonist) and Korso (greedy anti-hero) are fighting over a ring, which holds the power to turn the planet-making ship on - it holds a lot of power. They both fall over the edge (ish) and Korso ends up falling all the way.

"But wait. Titan A.E. was made in 2000. Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King wasn't released until 2003..."



Were Peter Jackson and Fox in collusion? Did PJ remake the scene as an homage to the film? Was it for his kids, who loved the film? Who knows?

Did at least one person on the staff  of TAE read LOTR at some point in their lifetime? Probably.

Also, ROTK came out almost nine years ago. Wow.

2) Drew Barrymore... has a significant role in my life.


Okay, that was a little harder to swallow than "ROTK came out nine years ago".

There were two animated female characters I wanted to be when I was little. One was AndrAIa from "ReBoot". The other was Akima, from "Titan A.E." I wanted to be them because a) they both had awesome hair, b) they were both badass, c) they were both skinny d) they were both beautiful, e) they were both really smart (basically goes with the badassery) and f) they went out with Matrix and Cale (respectively).

3) I actually remember realizing this a couple years ago... possibly the last time I watched it: so the Titan uses Drej energy to start the planet-making process, yeah? Life or death situation, restoration of the human race, yadda yadda yadda... Assuming, as it is implied, that there are no more Drej out there, waiting for us, we just committed genocide to create Earth 2.0.

Go us.

4) I was eight years old when I saw Cale's butt on the big screen. Or nine. Go fig. This was also possibly when I discovered angst and that I'm a sadist. Unless "Ronin Warriors" had already started by then.

5) This was possibly the first time I heard Ron Perlman talking. This would lead to years of wondering where I had heard this guy's voice once I finally watched the "Hellboy" movies.

6) The idea of a space-faring culture using paper for photographs is a questionable concept. Still possible, but questionable, at least to me.

7) A planet-making technology would be absolutely phenomenal. But does that give us the right to destroy nebulae, which is what we also did along with the genocide to make Earth 2.0.? The human race is on a roll!

8) The music in the background of the Drej attacks still reminds me of "Babylon 5" music. I looked up the music makers and they're not the same. Odd.

9) Yes, the irony of the enemy alien's name has hit me at long last. The way it is pronounced is "Dredge", like 'the dredges of space'.

10) Another BB5 reference: the Dredge are blue-purple-white, the Membari are blue-purple-white. Both seek to destroy human existence. Both are far superior technologically in comparison to us, especially in the use of energy weapons. Dredge ships look like Star Fighters. Coincidence? I think not! Since "Babylon 5", the main series, ended in 1998 and this came out two years later, I have the subtle impression that someone had a serious case of the nostalgia feels for that show. Sans multiple strong female characters. This movie is ten times more of a sausage fest than BB5 ever was.

11) Preed (the irony of this name is also hitting me) and Cale's first meeting/exploration of the ship reminds me of "A Ship Named Francis", one of the Honorverse short stories: the protagonist is a new recruit aboard an outcast ship of the Grayson navy, where basically everyone is insane in one way or another. He makes friends with the ship's chief medical officer, who's basically an alcoholic in order to just ignore most of the ridiculous shenanigans aboard the vessel.

I believe Preed was the first to introduce me to the "Aboard to Crazy Train" concept. Even though I didn't know it at the time. I'm also quite certain he was the first to make me fall in love with this character type.

12) The art in this movie was phenomenal. The graphics... amazing.

13) The second meeting between older Cale and Korso was possibly one of my favorite scenes in movie history for a long, long time. And it kinda still is. Saving 95% of "The Last Unicorn". Sorry, but more beautiful movie prose you won't find most anywhere (STAYING CLOSE TO THE THING YOU ADAPT THE MOVIE FROM SURE IS AN AMAZING IDEA, SCYFY CHANNEL, M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN, PETER JACKSON, ETC).

Well, I won't be too rude. You made a decent adaptation of LOTR, Peter Jackson. I salute you. Especially for giving me Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in my childhood.

But I won't forgive you for no Scouring of the Shire, Tom Bombadil or Barrow Downs. Case closed.

14) I feel like Cale should have broken his legs with his fall from the ship. He also gets hit on the wrong arm. I'm very confused. And where did he get that bandage (yes, they have clothes, but he has no sleeves, isn't wearing white, and I don't see a ripped section in Korso's shirt - must make note to check next time)? Also, how do he and Korso survive being in open space? Besides the lack of oxygen, there's the cold and the pressure. Space is not just an airless room, which is how they're treating it. Also, Korso treating Cale like a son/buddy? Truly adorable.

All right. A lot of realizations here. Ta, then.
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When they were still in production, Peter Jackson (or someone in the company) put out an announcement that, instead of the previously announced date, Two Towers (I think) would be produced two years later or so, and Return of the King would come out two or more years after that, which meant that the series wouldn't finish until 2008. My Dad told me in the car and I swear I nearly lost it. Then, of course, he laughed and said he'd clicked on the link and it said "April Fool". I could've strangled him.
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Just for ther record, I finished "The Silmarillion yesterday" in English. Good book. I want to reread it soon.

Jazz and I made more plans for the weekend. I just hope I still have Dad and Brittany time this weekend.

I watched all the way to the end of the battles with Sarenbou. Ryo is so damn hot in the Kikotei armor! I always love the transformation in the inferno armor.
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Yesterday, I finished LOTR again. I love those books!

I started "The Lays of Beleriend" It's really confusing the way he explains how the poems got that way. It's also really confusing as to what's happening in the poems.

We saw "Chronicles" at THE worst theatre around. The popcorn was terrible, the seats creaked a lot and so on. There was also this girl in front of me who kept sitting up really high so that I couldn't see sometimes.

I still like it. It is sorta cheesy, but then again, it isn't LOTR, and it was made for kids. They're great books, though. The movie at least was made for kids, actually. Everyone loves the books, mostly.

I gotta go get pizza now.


Dec. 18th, 2005 05:59 pm
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Gods above and below is Viggo Mortenson hot as Aragorn.

Orlando Bloom isn't half bad either, but he looks better in "Pirates of the Carribean". I can't wait till "Dead Man's Chest" comes out! It'll probably be bad, but I still want to see it. Movies like that are best left without sequels. Still, it looks just as funny. Sequels to most movies tend not to work (excluding "The Lord of the Rings" and "Harry Potter", and hopefully "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"), because they usually start out as random ideas, and then they become overplotted because they aren't based on anything, then you have too many "flashbacks". Like, remember when such and such happened. And so on.

Watching the special extended edition (and so on) of LOTR ROTK. Ooh... nasty orcses invading Osgiliath. Must pause and watch. Lots of killing people.

I have so much homework to do before the day is over. I have to do my concept map and then I have to make my poster.
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There wasn't any reason for the early closing and our concert was rescheduled. I don't know if I should be happy or not.

I'm watching "Two Towers" now. I forgot how many hot actors there were. Whenever I watch Peter Jackon's LOTR trilogy I get the urge to write something. Something bloody and full of fire and adventure. Something to make your heart stir and beat really, really fast.

I unlocked the Tokyo level in "Tony Hawk" today. That was nice, but the level is just another medal level, which is disappointing. I also completed two more levels. Dad also reset marbleblast. I forgot how many of the levels I have all the high scores on.

I had a whole lot of homework today. I managed to finish it in a short time though, and all before dinner. That's almost odd for me.

Watching the Smeagol/Gollum scene now. I gotta play something to keep my hands busy.


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