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Mrs. Simms got angry at us and made us play past the bell, so we were late for 7th period. I hated her so much. Although I hate the stupid idiots in my class who can't play more, so she can't take all the blame.

I prayed real, real, hard that Mr. Schloback didn't call on me for speak up in Civics, since I haven't written mine yet. Thankfully he didn't. Now it's writ, and I don't like it. It is seriously depressing. I didn't mean for it to be so depressing. But then again I am talking mainly about death tolls or counting them, anyway.

I saw the two new episodes of "Lost" with Mom. Charlie is apperently still an addict. Mr. Echo is a priest and was previously a gang leader. Sawyer, Jack, and Kate are in a love triangle. And the dad guy is gonna go after his kid next episode.
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Today was okay.

I turned in my Reach Out thing and I'm happy. We also got a project in Civics, which isn't that great. In Math I'm going to have a test soon, which is also not great.

But otherwise it was okay.

Episode 2 of Season 2 of "Lost" is on tonight!

Last night we saw a show about Tiger Island, and it had the cutest whittle itty bitty kitties!!! They were so small and sweet, and had the cutest meows! I wanted to pet them.
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The episode was really cool. It was pretty explanatory, except it didn't show what happened to the crew of the raft.

Today was a normal day of school.

I actually didn't procrastinate for once, and I did my homework first thing, and then turned on the computer.

I'm really happy about that.


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