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I completed a lot of homework today. I also went with Mom to see “The Queen”. It was very good. I was definitely one of the youngest people in the audience. I guess this kind of thing is just mainly something that “elderly” people enjoy more than younger ones?

It was pretty good. The acting was wonderful, the sets were great, and the dialogue was very good. I really like Helen Mirren, but the whole cast did a very good job. I was surprised to see James Cromwell in it. I do not believe that I have seen him in anything other than “Babe”. He might have been a bit character in something but I cannot recall. I also really do wonder what the royal family thinks of things like this. I think Queen Elizabeth II made a comment about it – that the royal family has no comment on it – but other than that… It is just a bit interesting how they portray Queen Elizabeth II being sad. They do not show the Queen crying, but they do strongly imply it. It is an incredibly emotional moment.
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I saw “Dreamgirls” with Mom. I liked it a lot and the music was gorgeous. It dragged a bit, but that’s probably because I’m just not as into dramas as I am action movies.

Mom ordered Chinese for dinner and we watched the end of “Hitch”. I still like the movie.

After the movie, I watched the two new “Naruto” episodes. I am still a bit confused with his whole body-switching thing. I guess it’s because I don’t get body-switching and because it’s a bit of a squick for me. I wonder if Orochimaru classifies as genderfluid?

The fourth Hokage has to be Naruto’s father. They are two of only four blonde characters with the same shade of hair and basically the same style. The two even look the same, and it makes sense that the fourth Hokage would offer up his son instead of someone else’s child for the sealing of the nine-tailed fox. It is his job after all. I want to know who Naruto’s mother is, though.
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I had breakfast while playing on the computer. I read for a while and then watched “Fullmetal Alchemist” from last night.

Eventually I worked on some homework and finished “Invader”. I really liked it! It’s not as good as the first book, but some new plots get introduced and things are getting dicey. It took me a while to finish, though. And even after that, my laundry wasn’t done.

Dad and I went to synagogue so Dad could look at the Torah for his reading tomorrow. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was good. Then Dad dropped me off at Mom’s. I logged onto the computer and played Spider Solitaire.

Mom came home. Mike and I went to Borders. I got “Ranma ½” 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. They were good. I also looked through half of “Naruto” 1. It’s the same as the TV show, except for the translations, so I really want it. I also looked through some “X-men” stuff. We spent like, an hour and a half there.

Then we came home. I read some of my comics. Went and had my leftovers from lunch and some ice-cream for dinner, and then I came upstairs and finished my comics.
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In orchestra I spoke to my conductor about my problem with the New York trip. I want to go so much, but I don't want to miss my cousin's bar mitzvah. Not that my presence will make any difference. He's going to have all his friends, who knows how many relatives and friends of his parents, and a dance. I'll be sitting there. Gathering dust. Writing maybe. Or drawing. Pretending I'm enjoying myself. Like I always do.

At lunch I ate a large muffin, as usual. Maggie yelled at me to just eat it already. It was funny.

I found out that I’m back to an A in science! I have no idea if the test is included on it, but I’m back to an A! He said it would be on there but I have no idea what I got, so presumably it’s good!

Then I went to meet up with Jazz. We talked. Went to the bus.

Mom and I ordered pizza when she came home.
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I discovered where that annoying clicking noise was coming from: my phone. Mom fixed it. It’s so quiet now.

I finished “Foreigner”! I love it so much!

I watched most of “Nanny McPhee” and then “Superman Returns” with Mom.
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I did a lot of homework today and kind of just relaxed. I watched some “Batman Beyond”. Mom and Mike joined me. It was annoying, but okay. We watched “Plague” again.
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Gym sucked but I talked with Jazz and Emily a lot. We played volleyball, which I was terrible at, but it was still fun.

During lunch I talked to Hannah and Becca.

Mom came home and took me to violin and then Mom and I went to Noodles and Company for dinner. The mac and cheese WAS a bit too cheesy, I suppose. But it was still good.

Then we went to Wegmans and bought a ton of Valentines candy. I got some kissables hand out things for my Valentines give aways. I also got Jazz a present, and a card.

Then we went to Best Buy. Mom got me “Batman Beyond” Season 2 and some stuff of her own.

Then we went to the gas station and listened to Mitch Hedberg on the radio. When we came home, we looked him up and found out that he died a few years ago, which is really sad.
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I lugged my stupid backboard out to the car. I gave Dad “The Claw of the Conciliator” and “The Sword of the Lictor”. I also gave him his card. No response from him about it. I hope he liked it.

I went to Gym and gave Jazz “Howl's Moving Castle”. It was nice seeing Jazz again after so long.

I got my bag from Mr. E. It was my bag and towel, sans shorts and my lock. I had my sweatpants, so I survived. We played volleyball. Cassie kept hitting the ball too hard. The guys kind of started a game and Mr. E got hit when he came over, which was funny. I don't personally hate Mr. E when we're not running, taking a test, doing worksheets, stretching, or running...

Jazz and I talked some. I told her the "I walked to Target and missed." joke. She loved it. Apparently Emily didn't get to start fencing today. And then she vanished somehow.

At lunch we talked about movies and actors. We decided that “Eragon” was terrible, “Night at the Museum” was okay, everyone can't wait for “Indiana Jones” 4 to come out, and “Casino Royale” is the best Bond movie there is, and I got everyone to laugh when I put in, "It’s the only one I've ever seen." I talked to Hannah some. It was nice.

I called Mom about “Of Mice and Men” and the mail. Mom said she'd buy the book on her way home and gave me permission to open the package from amazon.

I opened it. Inside were “The X-Men Trilogy”, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest”, “Superman Returns”, and Mom's new Palm Pilot. I unwrapped all the movies, put them in the rack.

Mom came home eventually, and I got my laundry out of the dryer, and brought “Of Mice and Men” upstairs.
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Yesterday I got pho with Mom for lunch. We stopped by the Post Office so Mom could drop off some stuff and the Vitamin Shoppe and Weber’s. Mom made one of the three black labs at Weber’s shake both paws and sit.

Then we went to CVS. Got some more cold medicine for me and some Reese’s that were on sale. The cold medicine is the same brand as before, but it's smaller and tastes different. And I don't want to gag as much after I eat it.

Then we went to Borders. I got “Fullmetal Alchemist” 11, “InuYasha” 28, “Ranma ½” 13-15, and “Howl's Moving Castle” (the book) for Jazz, which they finally had. I used an email coupon, and took ~$7-8 off. Mom got some calendars. Then we went to see “The Good Shepard”. It was very good. Matt Damon is quite good looking.

Then we went to Old Navy. I got three pairs of jeans.

Then we went to Fridays and I got some potato skins. We stopped by Blockbuster on the way back and rented “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Click”.

We watched them both and I still like them. I cried again during “Click”.  By the time we finished “The Devil Wears Prada” it was 12:50 in the morning.

Today I saw “Charlotte's Web” with Mom and Mike. This version was funnier than the cartoon, and Wilbur's voice was better. Then we went to Thai.

I watched “Cars” with Mom (and, eventually Mike, sadly) and had some Reese’s.
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Mike made Mom lunch and biscuits. I got one, and finished the last two years of "Grim Fandango". Still love that game!

I also read an interesting fanfic for SladexNightwing.

I finished "The Claw of the Conciliator". Interesting book. Severian obviously doesn't really hold much respect for the women he cares about, but likes sex a WHOLE lot.

I watched some of "Pride and Prejudice" with Mom.


Dec. 20th, 2006 07:42 pm
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Jazz gave me a Cushie pillow (its bag says ‘smoosh’). It’s cute, blue and fuzzy.

I watched the end of “Pride and Prejudice” with Mom.


Dec. 15th, 2006 11:24 pm
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I talked to Hannah and Becca during lunch. It was crazy, but I had a good time.

I saw “Eragon” with mom. It was okay.

Then we got Thai. We talked about the movie, the books and my story.

Then Mom brought me to Dad's, and Dad lit the candles, said the blessing, and I opened my Hanukkah present. He bought me “Ranma ½” 3-9.
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I went to Orchestra. We had a sub so we practiced "Ose Shalom" and "Let There Be Peace".

Then I went to World Civ with Becca. Mr. Hedrick was teaching solo today. Poor Mr. Hedrick. No one shut up long enough for him to say stuff clearly although he did a good job trying, and I heard most of it, except when I accidentally wasn't listening and he caught me off guard with a question and didn't hear me after I said it three times. I know he was being polite when he told me, and we kind of yelled at him for it. Sorry Mr. Hedrick. He's a nice teacher and I feel so bad, now. We finished the badly acted “Julius Caesar” movie. The arrows BOUNCED off of a person.

Then I went to Science. Watched a movie I couldn't hear cause Alyssa was so loud and has somehow befriended Taylor, Kevin, Julia, and everyone else over there.

Dad called me back and we talked, then I called Mom and we talked, and at least we're talking and not getting angry at each other.
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Then I went to Spanish. Nearly panicked after thinking I left my vocabulary at work before I realized that I stuck it in my binder's vocabulary section instead of my folder, and then realized I forgot the stupid Ricky Martin thing. For once I think my writing during class when we were doing the Ricky Martin project helped because she came over to my side of the class, looked at me, and said that if we didn't do it we could still turn in something for some credit.

In World Civ I listened to truly informative presentations about the Greek gods. The second story one was interesting. At least, listening to everyone else's reactions was kind of funny. So what if Hephaestus took an axe to chop open Zeus' head and release Athena? But she had a lot of epithets. I didn't know Hermes was responsible for gravestones though.

Then I did some more homework. Mom and Mike came home. Mom apparently got the flowers for me. I was rude. As usual.

Then I called Dad, because I didn't know I had a dentist's appointment tomorrow. I can ask Mom if we can have lunch together too. I can eat lunch with my mom without Mike or Heather for the first time in a while.
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I finished “The Girl in the Fireplace” and the "Ultimate Avengers 2: Rise of the Panther".

Daddy took me to Hebrewschool. I had donuts and pretzels with Elyse. Anna arrived after class started. We are Israel in the Model United Nations simulation. We could have been China! In Art I was the only 9th grader. We talked about Drama and anti-Semitism.

Dad and I went to McDonalds for lunch, then went shopping at Wegmans and Office Depot. I got a case for my calculator.

I talked to Mom when I got to Mom's. Apparently the plane security took all of her makeup and nose-drops. That's a good $100+ worth of perfectly good stuff in the trash! They could have let her store it somewhere or ship it home instead of trashing it.

Then I did some more homework and had dinner. I finished my Mexican and McDonalds soda while I watched some of “Independence Day” with Mommy. I also had some ice cream.
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Today I woke up three times. I could barely sleep. I had very strange dreams, most likely due to reading “Drowtales” late last night.

Mom made cornmeal pancakes. It was a mistake! But it's really stupid to throw away a whole bowl of mix when you've already used so many ingredients and there's really nothing wrong with it, so she made them. I liked the chocolate parts, but I didn't finish them. I hardly ever finish pancakes unless they’re chocolate chip, anyway

Then Mom drove me to Hebrewschool. It was still Sukkot, so we assumed there was none, and we left. We went to Fair Oaks. We went to Saphora, Fye Movies, Fye DVDs, then to Borders and Hallmark. I feel really bad cause I think I stopped Mom from going to the pottery barn by acting annoyed. I'm pretty sure she wanted to go with someone, and I didn't want to go.

Got some cards and went to Best Buy. I got “Flight Plan” for Daddy, and “Thundercats” season one volume one, and the “South Pacific” soundtrack.

Then we went to Burger King, picked up lunch, and came home. I finished my food and watched the first two “Thundercats” episodes. I forgot how truly childish Lion-O is. I didn't realize he was so young, either. And the beginning is kind of weak.

I ate dinner and read some of “Honor”. I finished “The Lake House” with Mom. It was so sweet.
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I washed all my clothes. I had a ton of laundry. It's not as bad as Spring was, though.

Dad came home, Jazz came over, and so did Mom. Then Mom, Mike, Jazz, and I drove to Reston for “Light the Night”. Turned in the money. Jazz and I got shirts, and we went to Ben and Jerrys. We also got balloons. We gave up on the walk. Mike and Jazz's balloons stopped working, and Mom's somehow got disconnected from her wire and flew into the tree without realizing it till it was too late. Then Jazz's flew away (it was also disconnected), and Mike and I threw our defective ones away. Mine had basically stopped working by then.

We went to this Italian grill place. It was good. A lot of food, though.

Then they dropped me off and took Jazz home.
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I talked to Elyse and Anna, and Caroline at Hebrewschool. The synagogue put up some new glass pieces around the Ark in the main Sanctuary. They’re suppose to symbolize tallit and there are 10 for the required ten people for a minyan.

Rachel was in class. I still don't like her. I think she thinks I'm still her friend. We haven't spoken more than two sentences in years, and now she expects me to be all warm and nice to her? She's controlling, rude, self-centered and invites herself to things.

Rachel went with me to art. I drew a cartoon.

Dad took me to the JCC fair, which was really just for little kids That surprised Dad; he thought it would be like the craft shows we have every now and then. We only ended up staying for a minute or two.

So we came home and I watched “Baron Munchausen”. It was interesting.

My reorganization has also given us some extra space for the DVDs and CDs!

After Dad dropped me off at Mom’s and Mom came home, Mom gave me one of Grandmommy's jackets. It's very pretty. I saw how hurt Mom looked when she handed it to me, though, and I felt a pang, myself. I felt weird trying it on. Like it was a garage sale thing or something.
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Mom, Mike, and I went to Dim Sum. It was good. Then we went to Syms. I got two pairs of shoes (heels and the pumps) and some stockings. Mom got a pair of shoes and some stockings.

We went to Baskin Robins. I finally used that coupon from Elyse's batmitzvah! We went to Blockbuster and bought “The Producers”, rented “Poseidon” and “Inside Man” and “United 93”.

Mom watched “Poseidon” and “United 93” with Mike. I worked on homework.

I called Jazz about tomorrow. I ate dinner while watching “Inside Man”. Mom came downstairs to join Mike and I.
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I finished the stupid book today and started “Wicked”.

Mom put both cats in my room before she left for work. When I came upstairs Heather and I took them to the office and we watched “The Producers”. Then Prune got some poop on my shirt. Then Heather left to make a phone call and the room started smelling bad. Heather got back and we both thought it was Prune smelling up the room. I didn't discover until around 6 or so that he had pooped behind mom’s exercise machine. I seriously do not know how I missed it before. I might have been looking too fast. It was really nasty.

After Jazz came over we watched “InuYasha the Movie 4” in my room. Then we got some popcorn and watched “Constantine”. Then Jazz left.

Mike came home and cleaned up the poop, which I discovered about 15 minutes beforehand.

Then Mom came home and Mike drove me to AC Moore. I got a tracing wheel, tracing paper, some cloth scissors and some princess stickers.

Then we went to the bank. I got some more money. Mike did too. Then we went to Popeyes and got some dinner. I ate while I rewatched “Tron”.

Talking to Jazz and Caroline now.


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