Nov. 17th, 2012 11:06 pm
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We watched "Skyfall" today. I really liked it. It had a lot of great acting in it and some rather amusing scenes.

Daniel Craig was great, as usual. His interactions with Judi Dench (who was awesome, as usual, death scene aside), were cute. I liked the aspect of the story where M and Bond had some moments. They weren't as intense as the reviews I read made them sound, but they were fun. His interactions with Javier Bardem were also great. There's a moment where they meet and... well... So basically Silver (Bardem) sits down while Bond is handcuffed while seated on a chair and talks creepily. Then he stands, talks some more, and sits oddly close to Bond. Oddly close.

So then he reaches out and starts kinda touching Bond on the face and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

So at first I'm laughing at the billions of fanfictions that were born in the moment this scene began, and now I'm wondering what's going on with this scene. For starters, I never heard of any Bond rape scenes (which was the first possibility that popped into my head). Secondly, it doesn't click with what I know of Bond cannon. Of course, what I know of Bond cannon could fill a teaspoon, really, so who knows?

Then I'm wondering "hmm... a rape scene is a little much at this point. What is the purpose of this scene, other than to satisfy yaoi fans and homosexual men who are in love with Daniel Craig"? I don't really mind them playing to their audience, but I already have an issue with a couple of the movie's choices, cinematic-ally, so I really want the rest of the movie to be good. I don't want this scene to be a waste.

So my first thought after that is this: "If this isn't a rape scene... maybe he's going to look at Bond's scar? If Silver is looking at Bond as a sort of younger version of himself, he could look at him as a son or younger brother, or even himself in the past, and thus with a tenderness. Or it could be just empathy: feeling for another broken soul. It's like looking at a broken doll and trying to find all the cracks." Which actually followed. Silver looked at Bond's scar first.


And then he proceeded to touch the other side of Bond's collarbone. And his face. And... a rather sensual leg touch.

And then Bond, rather than do what I expected, which was the "Woah dude, no homo!" (I really hate that stupid meme) like sexuality fearful manly men are oft to do in movies and comics... actually either played along or was rather honest.

The conversation went something like this:

Silver: "You aren't familiar with what to do in these type of situations, are you, first timer?"
Bond: "What makes you think this is my first time?" -insert grin-

And Silver laughed and they talked some more. And it was hot and adorable and hilarious and it brought a whole new level to my admiration for the growth of the franchise.

Also, of course: more fanfics were born.

I didn't know Ralph Fiennes was in this. He was quite fine. It was also amusing to think "oh look, Voldemort and James Bond are sparring".

I also didn't know Albert Finney was in it. He was in the last two "Bourne" movies, as well as "Amazing Grace" and so on. He played Kincaid near the end of the movie, and was awesome!

Ben Whishaw, who played Q, was also adorable. When he and Bond first met... billions of fanfics were born. When they met the second time... these happened again.

The world may never recover from all the fanfics resulting from this movie.

Some things I really loved about the movie, cinematic-wise, include the intro, the fight scenes (of course), and the story. The intro was a little less amazing than I was led to believe, but combined with the quite enjoyable song, it was good. I didn't completely figure out the storyline from it (like I was led to believe one could), but there wasn't much I didn't see that I couldn't have figured out from the trailer. For instance, the graveyards. And while I still like the "Casino Royale" intro better (the song was better and it was prettier), I still think that it was also still an enjoyable idea.

The story was enjoyable. It kind of dragged a little at times and felt random, but it was filled with moments of really good humor, a number of Bond cannon references even "I" could recognize, and some interesting character interactions.

Overall, I would probably like "Casino Royale" better as a film... but I think that "Skyfall" was more fun. Yes, the second one does not bear mentioning.

Other than that I've been steadily avoiding work. I'm trying to get up to date with SourceFed, read lots and lots of things and update my NaNoWriMo rather unsuccessfully...

Well anyway. Off to stuff!


Oct. 15th, 2012 02:07 am
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Argo was a very good movie, actually. I think it's shit that they felt the need to shit on the contribution of the Canadians (wtf Ben Affleck and Co.) and I'm sure it pissed off the Iranians, but I still enjoyed it.

I have a lot of luck with movies my mom picks that I'm either not aware of or not really into beforehand. "The Queen", "Argo", "Pride and Prejudice" (the TV series), "Out of Africa", "The King's Speech"... and so on.

I'm very annoyed. Well, sort of. On the one hand, I did read a lot of "Bleak House" today. On the other, I'm just behind where I should have STARTED for today.

I also don't have an English version of "Cradle of Stars" (Kiddy Grade) and cannot find one, even though I would really like one.

I still have to write a journal article, my workshop story and my hangman Computer Science project. I don't really know if it's worthwhile to re-do my homework 3, especially since I don't know what went wrong with it and the things he wanted us to run through them never got to my email for some reason.

But I have finished the Irish plays, read the school newspaper, gone over the two workshop stories I do have and read a lot of "Bleak House"... sort of. Plus, I've been running through ideas for the stor(ies) in my head.

I really want to and don't want to write this article. I have no idea how to write it.

On the other hand, I'm REALLY tempted to write something on gender roles at school.

In two classes now, several students have presented gender roles as if they're established fact, everywhere, which obviously isn't true and for some reason no one takes umbridge to this, other than friends and I outside of class. In one class, a girl took issue with the fact that the male protagonist was effeminate, in relation to the fact that the protagonist's sex is not identified until page two or three. Three classmates then proceeded to suggest ways to get around this: make him do stereotypically heterosexual masculine things. When I suggested "Just start with 'My name is Alvin, and I like the beach because blah' (which is basically how her story started, minus the name) and then move on", people laughed. I like making people laugh and I'm glad no one openly disapproved, but I mean COME ON! Yeah, I was a little confused about who or what was specifically talking (was it a kid, an adult, a man, a woman, a disembodied narrator?), but I didn't care all that much and I wasn't so desperate to identify who it was that I had to pick one sex over another. You get the guy's name out there, BAM, you know it's a guy (unless told otherwise, which we weren't) and you don't have to change the character. I don't see Alvin doing the ridiculous stereotyped things they suggested. I do not want her to change the character like that. I think he's fine as he is. The only person doing something wrong in relation to his being marginally "effeminate" is his accuser, the moron in our class who has this obsession with fitting men and women into specific little gender role boxes.

I find it amusing that "I'm" the conservative Jew and she's the reform Jew and yet "I'm" apparently the more liberal, at least when it comes to gender discussion.

Every time she does this she acts like it's a BIG. ASS. SHOCKER. Her reaction was like this: "OMG, he was just SO effeminate! Wasn't that WEIRD?"

Wow. The guy acts like he walked out of the Romantic Period and he's automatically homosexual to you, Miss I Walk And Breathe Stereotypes.

So he likes the beach. So he notices his surroundings. The only reason the narration before he gave his name didn't seem "masculine" was because it was lacking action, crassness and/or references to women as sexual objects. I mean, seriously? Seems like a person I'd want to be friends with over some of the guys I know who like spitting on the ground, punching walls and laughing when sexism is brought up in discussion.

Note, we never learn his sexuality. He shows what might POSSIBLY be a slightly attraction to the other character: Orelia. A slight something that's never really explained. But it's not really sexual or romantic and we don't really know what their relationship is going to be after the story ends. It never really turns into anything other than friendship, as far as we're aware. The author could have easily explained away Alvin's personality by using sexuality stereotypes. "Oh, he's just gay." "Oh, he's bi." "Oh, he's asexual". She could have.

But she didn't. I don't know whether it was purposeful or not, but she didn't.

And I am so tired of people sticking people into these boxes. I sat in the car with a friend while driving back from wherever it was that we went together and she was talking to me about her "gay friend in denial". I asked her why she thought he was gay and she told me about his clothing choices and the type of water bottles he drank from.


I asked her if she had any other evidence. Like did he comment on the attractiveness of men or did he have a boyfriend or was he not interested in women or something?

She repeated the clothing choices.

I tried to explain that clothing choices don't make you anything. Well, other than a member of the KKK or MAYBE Muslim, I suppose, but people can wear head scarves and not be Muslim.

She didn't believe me.

I RESPECT this friend. I LIKE this friend. I MISS this friend. But I think of this conversation and I just cringe.

Heck, I even liked Miss Moron until I realized that this was a thing with her.

I kind of liked the other guy who does this until I realized that... well, there are a number of issues with him. Besides the fact that he never shuts up.

My issue with gender roles comes from what I know and experience. Yes, people need to be aware of the way our society and different societies reinforce them. They deserve studying. The media's portrayal and reinforcement of them deserves studying.

But forcing them on others because that is the way you view the world is ridiculous. If a writer wants to write about a guy who's a nature lover and not a skirt chaser, then I say by all means.

You know who's bought feminine hygiene products and taken my sister to Victoria's Secret when she wanted nice underwear? My Dad.

You know who makes more money from their job? My Mom.

You know who likes Enya and New Age music? My Dad.

You know who likes the supernatural, horror and ghost hunter shows? My Mom.

My parents are both computer engineers. They both scuba dive. They both cook and bake and do it well.

And you know what? I liked barbies. I liked barbies for a long time. I liked Polly Pockets. I listened to Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys and N'Sync (admittedly, only one CD), and thought that was good. When I was little, of course, and didn't know what good music was. I also watched and read "Sailor Moon" and thought it was amazing. Before I knew what good art and story was.

You know what I also liked from a young age? "Gladiator", 3rd Grade (eight years old). "The Last Samurai", 6th Grade (eleven years old). "The Mummy Returns" 5th Grade (ten years old). I liked "Ronin Warriors" from when it aired on Toonami when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade. I watched the 1984 film version of "Dune" on laser disc many a time when I was in Elementary School and beyond (age seven and earlier). I watched the mini-series when it premiered on TV in 2nd grade. I ADORED it. It was the first soundtrack I fell in love with when I didn't even know what that really meant. It was the first series that made me love specific actors and voice actors before I knew what that meant. In 5th grade I waited with bated breath for and watched the premier of its sequel: "Children of Dune", in the hopes that it would be just as good. It was good, too. I grew up watching "Doctor Who" on laser disc. Dad started collecting the old series episodes on DVD LONG before Christopher Eccleston showed up in 2005 (7th grade, age 12) as the 9th Doctor. We were prepared for the new show beforehand. I was skeptical. He was anxious. We were surprised and pleased when we saw what it was.

My most-read manga genre is shounen. My favorite manga is "Rurouni Kenshin", hands down. I started reading the swords-manga in 4th or 5th grade when I realized that I wanted to get into mange because a) I like books and b) the anime looked cool on Adult Swim. I picked up volume 1 in the bookstore of the University of Maryland. I was immediately hooked.

Of the three serial manga I read, "Bleach" is my favorite, due to the preponderance of bishounen and the beautiful art. "xxxHolic" is probably my second-favorite manga, followed by "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Buso Renkin", "Fruits Basket", "Sailor Moon", "Ranma 1/2" and then "Flame of Recca".

I think pink is an okay color, but it's not my favorite. It's too bright for some of my moods. Cerulean blue is my favorite color. I always kept and never used the Cerulean crayon because I didn't want to run out and it was so pretty. I like country, rock, heavy metal, folk, new age, classical and electronic music, but I have far more soundtracks and Musical CDs than anything else. My favorite artists are composers, not singers and not bands: Joe Hisaishi, Hanz Zimmer, Yoko Kanno, Yuki Kajiura, and Vivaldi. Enya also possibly wins out, but that's a slight thing. She's like everyone else out there: after a time, it's all the same sound. Big Bang also fits into this category.

I like action-adventure books and webcomics. Currently, I'm watching the on-going series "Supernatural" (sorta), "Sherlock", "Doctor Who", "Young Justice" (fav), "Legend of Korra", and "Once Upon a Time" (eh). I'm reading two hard SF books and an assorted number of high fantasy books, as well as an autobiography from WW2, the fourth "Wizard of Oz" book, and a thesis about the Holocaust, Judaism, Christianity, social theory, politics, perception, religion and so many other things.

My desk bookshelf features "Howl's Moving Castle" (fav book), next to "Macbeth", three hard SF books, a Steven Brust (high fantasy) omnibus, some "Gargoyles" comics, an "Avatar: The Last Airbender" comic and an assorted group  of manga. My Chris Hemsworth Thor bobble-head stands beside my Black Knight sans limbs bobble-head, a Pocahontas action figure and three Pokemon action figures.

I am good at cooking. I do not do it often. I do not necessarily enjoy it. When I have a choice, I weigh the pros and cons: "Is it worth having to prepare and clean up after, as well as wait for it to get done?" Typically it's not. I do not hate gardening, but neither do I like it. I do not dislike sewing, but neither do I like it, nor am I necessarily good at it. I like singing. I have, like many, a special relationship with God (not that I'm better than others, but that I approach religion in my own way). I like cats and dogs, but now prefer cats because they require less maintenance. I play computer games, and play WoW rather well. I write fantasy. I enjoy swimming and soccer. I'm okay wearing a dress or skirt but I prefer pants. Heels make me look better but non-heels are more comfortable and practical. I do not enjoy putting on make-up or fixing up my hair. I hate clothes shopping because it takes forever, women's clothes are too flimsy and pricey and nothing really nice fits me anyway.

When I was little I wanted to be a mixed version of Superman and Pocahontas from Disney's "Pocahontas", with Ariel's hair from "The Little Mermaid", AndrAI's body from "ReBoot" and Bell's fashion sense from "Beauty and the Beast". I wanted Morticia's personality from "The Addams Family" and Velma's sense of humor from "Scooby-Doo", as well as her intelligence. I also wanted Sailor Jupiter's fighting abilities. When the Ridley Scott "Spider-Man" film came out in 2002, I wanted to be Spider-Man and that was it. When the "Justice League" TV series aired in 2001, I wanted to be Wonder Woman.

People are not what gender stereotypes you label them with. People are complex and weird and surprising and interesting and amazing and disappointing, but you need to find that out for yourself. Don't fit people into boxes.
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Like a lot.

So some things have happened. Unimportant things, as usual.

I finished "FLCL", which was... interesting. I really like one of the songs in it, so that was nice, but, well... I don't see it as rewatchable (at least for me). I mean it was funny and presenting some interesting points, but, well... eh.

After discussion we watched this OVA called "Ultimate Teacher" which was... really, really awful and just... I mean, part of what they did was rip off the Wolverine story and it was made more amusing because the guy who voiced the 80s Wolverine from the TV show voiced the parody Wolverine character... and I bet he thought this whole thing was rather hilarious. I hope he had fun.

I read the first volume of "Sailor V"! And that was, well... it was better than I expected. Interestingly, Takeuchi continued writing the "Sailor V" story until (it appears) the end of the syndication of Sailor Moon. Which explains some of the artwork and the way the storyline ran as you get further from the beginning. I always understood that Sailor V was created first, and then Sailor Moon was the after-product after V's popularity.

Volume 2 looks a lot better and rather bittersweet.

I started reading "Oliver Twist". That's rather interesting. It's kind of mixed up with all the reading I have to do for the weekend. Yes, I'm watching anime and reading manga and writing rants rather than take care of all of my reading. Yes, I know that's bad. I have gotten some work done! I've made my way through this handbook that we have to finish for Tuesday, and I have been keeping up-to-date with the Oliver Twist portions I need to read so I'm not swamped with reading. I'm done with my Lit Resistance reading. I finished the Computer Science reading. I finished photocopying the thing I have to read for my other class on Tuesday.

I've also been writing some, which is nice.

We had an officer's meeting for the club I'm VP for. And it was interesting. I managed to probably be completely obnoxious and gross and kind of took over... sigh...

[Sailor Moon R (yes I'm still watching this show)] Reversing the flow of time does not do that. Even considering how it should not be THAT simple. It would be easier to have some sort of wind spell. JAPAN! STOP IT!

We did go over a lot of things, though! I think we got a lot accomplished.

I'm actually tempted to finish Code Geass R2. That's a lot shorter than oh, R, S, Super S, and Stars, plus two movies.

Did I mention that I really don't want to read all this stuff I have to read? It's like 230 more pages of material and AGH...

Well... 106 pages for that photocopied article. At least 17 more for "Oliver Twist". Then there's like 140 more pages for the handbook. I'm probably just not going to bother with rereading "A Modest Proposal".

Aaaaand I really don't have anything to write here today. I just felt bored.

I got caught up on the tropes vs. women (or whatever) on YouTube. It's quite interesting. I never realized how many female characters I knew well became pregnant (somehow) on their respective shows. I also don't think that Batman Rises passes the... Ichdal test? Or something. The one where at least two major female characters must exist AND speak to each other at least once about something other than men. I"m not entirely certain that Talia and Catwoman, the only main cast women, ever speak to each other. I think Catwoman looks at Talia once. Beyond that, though... we never see Talia conversing with another woman in the entire movie. Catwoman has a brief conversation with a female helper of some sort early in the film. And that's about it for her female discussions.

[R2] Is that... is that the Chinese ambassador's voice? Does Japan like really not care about China or something? Or like, not care about insulting them?

I'm also not sure that the new Avengers movie passes the test. There are two main cast members who are female: Agent Hill and Black Widow. I can't exactly recall any conversation between Hill and BW. If they spoke, it was EXTREMELY brief. I think they shared looks and MAYBE stood close to each other once or twice. Beyond that, there's that waitress who likes Captain America, who doesn't ever even stand in the same room as the two women.

Captain America doesn't pass the test. There is one primary female cast member. She interacts once with another woman, and it's in anger over the second woman coming onto Steve.

Iron Man doesn't pass the test. Pepper has one conversation with a female reporter, and it ends up being about Tony (through implication). Iron Man 2 passes. Barely. BW and Pepper speak a little together every now and then, while completely ignoring Tony's presence or any other male around. They're very brief with this.

Thor passes the test. Also barely. The Earth romance character and her intern talk together every now and then and don't ALWAYS talk about men. They discuss the research project and some of their woes and new discoveries. The other two relatively primary female cast members, Sif, and Thor's mother whose name escapes me (did she even GET a name?) never speak to each other. I don't think Sif even talks with the two Earth women, and the only time she speaks to Thor's mother, it's about Thor.

The last Hulk movie doesn't pass the test. As far as I can recall, there was only one woman with any speaking lines in the entire film, and that was the love interest.

Dark Knight doesn't pass the test. There are four women who get speaking lines in the film (outside of maybe screaming), and that's Rachel, the blackmailed cop, the judge who dies, and the woman making out with the random rich dude during the party the Joker crashes. Well, and that woman who the Italian dude is with for a grand total of like, fifty seconds, maybe. None of them speak to each other. Rachel is the only one with more than a scene or two of talking.

Batman Begins doesn't pass the test. There are, again, four female characters in the film: Rachel, Mrs. Wayne, and the two women Bruce escorts into the restaurant when he comes back from being, well, dead. It's kind of presumed that the two nameless women talk to each other off-screen and I guess... giggle or something. I don't know what about though, and we don't see it. I'm not entirely sure that Mrs. Wayne actually gets a speaking part of any kind. Rachel doesn't talk to any women in the entire film, from what I can recall.

The new Green Lantern movie doesn't pass the test. There are a couple female characters that I can remember: Lawler, the love interest... uh... maybe some Lanterns that I can't remember... that's about it. Lawler and the love interest don't talk with each other, from what I can remember. I'm not entirely certain the recent animated one passes, either. I remember there being maybe three "principal" female characters: the love interest, the evil chick, and the blonde one (who was apparently Gordan's apprentice or something). None of them speak to each other.

Superman Returns doesn't pass the test. There are two principal female characters: Lois and Luthor's current gf. They don't speak to each other, from what I remember.

The animated Wonder Woman movie passes. There are at least a few conversations between some of the Amazons on duty, combat, history, and informational bits concerning battles and such. Nothing really long, but it's still there.

I don't think the New Frontier movie passes. There are two "principle" cast members who are female. Again, Green Lantern's love interest, and Wonder Woman (who, SHOCKINGLY, is the ONLY super-heroine with a speaking part). They don't speak to each other.

Just a personal run-through to see if any recent comic-based movie passes the test, since this series focuses on comics, movies, and video games. And the answer... is really no. Wonder Woman, Thor, and Iron Man 2 all barely pass the test. Wonder Woman only does it seemingly out of a superiority of cast members, much as they still try to outnumber them with men. And what happens? Two principle plot points involve the presence of a male villain bent on enslaving the Amazons trying to take back his powers, and the arrival of someone from "Man's World", who wants to help save the world from Hades. So even with POSSIBLY a cast made of 50% women, the plot is centered around men.

Batman Year One passes the test, barely, along with the Catwoman short, which both scrape by for the same reason: Catwoman has a conversation or three with her sister/friend/whatever about money/stealing/TV or something. The other principal female character in BYO never speaks to another woman. We don't even see her talking to her BABY. The other female character who shows up (the woman Bruce hires to maintain the illusion that he's a lazy playboy when Gordan comes over) has no speaking parts. Well there's also the female cop, who, of course, gets involved with Gordan (for some reason), and then has to leave to "make things right" or whatever. She never talks to Barbara, Catwoman, Catwoman's relation, or the female hiree.

The Green Arrow short doesn't pass the test. The only conversation between the only two principal female cast members, Black Canary and the princess, is about having a knight (aka Green Arrow) around.

The Jonah Hex short doesn't pass the test. The only two women with speaking parts never speak to each other.

The Spectre short doesn't pass the test. There's only one female character in the entire thing.

I think it would be more painful to go through shows like Batman Beyond, Justice League, JLU, and so on. Despite the fact that JL has not one, no, but TWO principal female characters, they still spend a lot of time talking about at least one of the five guys who make up the rest of the team, although they do have at least a couple conversations about other things. There's also Diana's mother and Lawler (who... might have gotten introduced in JL? I forget) and Meera, Aquaman's wife.

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I keep hearing this (mainly from my Mom and my sister, but I keep hearing it anyway). I've also read it around the Internets, so. I've also been given odd looks when I disagree. Or seem to imply that "The Dark Knight Rises" was bad.


Did I mention that I really don't get the Mormon commercial campaign? I understand that there's a lot of bad stereotypes directed at them (join the club; "Jew" became an insult at my school for no other reason than that it was the first thing people could think of, and I spent four years asking people why "being like a Jew" was an insult, BEFORE I told them that I was one; also, see just about every religion and sexuality that isn't hetero, and every ethnicity). I understand that they've had to flee from people. I understand that most people don't know a lot about them. I've known, for certain, one Mormon in my life, and we only sat at the same lunch table - I spoke to her once outside of the cafeteria and I didn't like her all that much. She was a nice conversationalist some of the time, anyway. We had a number of discussions at my school (typically at lunch, when there was nothing else to talk about) about the differences between our different religions. We were... at least mildly diverse. We had a couple Catholics, at least one Mormon, a couple Jews, some atheists, some Presbyterians, some Protestants, some Muslims, some Anglicans, some "I don't really care what your religion is, I just want to talk about homework and TV and how much the preps really annoy us". So.

So I see these as a couple things. 1) It's supposed to teach people about what Mormons are like. They're not like the Quakers or the Hutterites or those "weird" enclosed sects you see on TV all the time. They could be some person you pass on the street. All right. DOWN WITH STEREOTYPES! THEY'RE CRUEL AND COMPLETELY UNTRUE!

2) It's supposed to convince people that being a Mormon is a great idea. I've seen only two of these commercials. One featured a business owner and another featured a scientist. It's nice to know that there are great people in our society, who might also be Mormon. But just because a great person is of a specific religious denomination does not mean that I would convert to that religious denomination. Most of my favorite actors are Christians or Atheists, as are most of my favorite singers, writers, and artists. That doesn't mean I'm converting. It's like people converting to scientology cause it's "the cool thing" in Hollywood.

If it's a conversion thing, even a passive conversion thing, then they must be assuming that they'll simple attract people to look up the religion and its tenets and such. So maybe they would be convinced to convert. Because, like so many commercials, this commercial thing has a large distance between "object being advertised" and "advertisement". Like those insurance commercials where you see them having a taste test. And it's supposed to have something to do with insurance. And there's not even an explanation about the insurance company or what it does. There's just a taste test.

Watch every insurance commercial you see closely. You would be... surprised. Also food commercials. "With a name like Smucker's, it's gotta be good." What? What about the Smucker's name makes it good? When I think about the word, I imagine someone doing fish lips and making the "smooch" sound, which, altogether (and separately) is really disgusting. Or it looks like a bastardized version of "Schmuck", which is not a nice term for someone. Then there's "mucking around", which is not a nice thing to say about someone's habits. Here's another test: go look at some well-known product names, and just think about them for a moment. H&R Block, McDonald's (which has an interesting history if you check it out), Burger King, Einstein Bagel's, and individual food items. Not like "banana" and "tomato", but like products. Candies and cereals and insta-meals and so on. Mascots, too. Especially when they involve animals. I just LOVE shows where all the animals talk. Especially when the group involves carnivores. Not omnivores. Carnivores. Yes, let's teach kids that all animals are friendly! Then when they grow up and realize that they're eating chickens and pigs and cows and sheep and such they can be filled with horror and go vegetarian or else keep on with what they've been doing and know that they're hypocritical, at least a smidgeon. Also, pray they never see a carnivore in action! Or learn how most of their foods were made (not just the generic meats; I mean like... the history of Jello, or just about any food involving chemicals and such).

So anyway, I wanted to write about DKR vs. The Avengers IMO.

Oh my. Kristi Yamaguchi???? When was the last time I heard about her? And they used her in a MITT ROMNEY AD? Seriously?

Ugh. So. Much. Anger. Especially since they just... why? Why do people DO that? Stick an Olympian talking about how awesome it is to be an Olympian in an ad highlighting how Mitt Romney "saved" the Olympics way back when. Yes, Mitt Romney. I bet you even built the podiums and cleaned up the garbage AND trained all of the athletes. Sure.

So I just stuck ye olde Doctor Who in so I can watch something and not get TOO distracted while I ramble.

Besides, I don't like watching it that much anyway. Dude. Barbara just knocked Ian over. And managed to break one glass thing. Out of four. Well... knocking Ian aside might have been one too many amazing things to ask from 60s television. Wow, I'm glad things changed. Ye old Doctor annoys me. I'm going to assume that his aged form made him at least partially senile. Ooh, bad scene change. It's like 90% screaming in the old series. Have I mentioned that At-Risk children annoy me?

Did I mention that teleportation also annoys me when it's not carefully thought out, insofar as it is possible? Not so much that it's POSSIBLE to move someone from point A to point B without bumping into the space between and reforming right at the end... but having it... work out sensibly. What's stopping them from landing inside a tree or a wall, especially when they're not familiar with the terrain?

What I've also learned from this show is that when a character does anything but stand, it's a very bad idea.

So I wrote a longish rant about DKR a few days ago. I'm not going to completely rewrite it so I guess I'll put in the Cliff Notes version for a decent comparison.

For starters, I did not "hate" DKR. As a favorite writer of mine wrote, "hate is not the opposite of love". The opposite of love is, well, not love. Just like the opposite of hate is "not hate". To be simple, anyway. I suppose a "lack of hate" also works.

I just don't love it, is all.

So, Cliff Notes. I'm just listing stuff when it comes to mind, not in order of importance.

1) The soundtrack was unremarkable. From what I heard, it was a recycling from the first two movies. Which is fine. I really like the soundtrack for those (Hanz Zimmer :D). But it wasn't remarkable enough for me to want to get my own copy. Have I mentioned that part of the reason I saw POTC 3 in theaters like six times was the soundtrack? (Only part of the reason, I assure you). I love soundtracks and, well... good music in general. So yeah. DKR. Not so much.

2) The acting was, IMO, unremarkable. I know everyone's saying Anne Hathaway just shone in this movie and that Tom hardy was great and, well... Yeah, okay. To each its time.

For starters, this movie featured Michael Kane, Morgan Freeman, and Gary Oldman. All three were playing characters I liked, and they were good at being those characters. But all three characters had small parts and relatively little screen time. Heck, Alfred disappears maybe halfway through the film. Gary Oldman did a good job as an older Gordan. But none of them were truly remarkable in any way. They were great in the previous movies, too. But they added to the tapestry in 2, and just seemed to die out in this one. In one they were amazing.

Christian Bale was... okay. He did fine for what he had to do. The script was odd and the plot was... He did fine for what he had.

Tom Hardy was... well, I'm glad he's not just playing a pretty boy. He's very nice looking and he could easily get typecast into that role, like Heath Ledger. I am all for experimentation. I love it! I hate it when actors and actresses get stuck in one role (-cough, Hugh Jackman-). I also like Anne Hathaway's decision in this. A new kind of role for her! That's great! So Hardy was... fine. I kept getting side-tracked by the fact that I couldn't understand every 2 out of five words he said and that I was trying to understand how his mask matched up with the Bane power set, since he wasn't really doing the whole steroids, powerjuice set-up that most Bane storylines involve. Also, the script. The really, really lame script. And the fact that I really got annoyed with the ridiculous anarchy plot. Hathaway was an interesting add for the Catwoman legend. Best live-action Catwoman? Sure. Given that her only competition that I know of is Halle Barry, since I haven't seen the original movies or the TV show and we're not counting animated Catwomans. She wins. Lack of competition always helps.

I think that she was great, and would have been much better if it weren't for the script and plot. She did great with what she had, and her acting helped save the movie. In fact, it helped, a little, for me to ignore the stiletto heels she was wearing. Yes, they make nice weapons to threaten people with. Shoes that spit out daggers can be very useful in a desperate situation. Stiletto heels for a cat burglar, or any superhero or someone who runs? No. Not so much. More dangerous to the one wearing them. Running in heels is an art on a normal day and you can't maintain and your feet won't forgive you for at least a couple days. Ever notice how a lot of male supers don't have heeled shoes? Yes, I know not high-heels. But boots with heels, too.

Did either of them win the movie over for me? No. Not together and not separately.

[Doctor Who] You have the damn bracelets stupid people. Teleport out! Or did you forget to take them or something? Ugh... bad TV... Snerk... they're lifting giant "ice rods". Yeah. Sure. Cause ice that big would be that light. Uh, no. (Yes, I know it's not ice and most likely Styrofoam).

[Back to DKR] Joseph Gordon-Levitt was okay. I think his star is really rising :D Inception was a great big step up from "Angels in The Outfield", and now he's doing this. Also a sort of acting experimentation. Very nice. Still... there were problems. Also, he's adorable.

I think the extras in the prison did a great job. The guy from Grimm who had no speaking parts did great, too. The mayor was good for his two minutes of screentime.

The dude who took Gordon's old job? Eh. He was just annoying and a little too over-excited.

So acting job. Not so much.


[Back to DKR] One of the principal things you should like in a movie is the acting. Sure, you should like the overall movie, but it's a movie. With people acting in it, typically. If the acting weren't important, you wouldn't have actors in it. Probably. Maybe. I THINK THAT LIKING THE ACTING IS SOMEWHAT IMPORTANT IN ANYTHING INVOLVING ACTING.

[Doctor Who] Oh really. They DIDN'T take the things. Wow. That was stupid. Oh no, they needed more plot threatening. Woot.

It's like this entire episode is one movie cliche after another. WTF.

[Back to DKR] 3) Plot. Anarchy... for the sake of anarchy... um... Kay? The story fit with the source material used so I liked that. I just... yeah, it fit the comics, but the sex scene just came off kind of randomly to me. I don't know if it's a thing or not, but I still kind of think that this "random in the moment sex", especially between characters who don't know each other well is kind of a Hollywood fiction. If they were married or had been dating for a while, okay. Fine. I get that. But this? I knew what was going to happen as soon as Tate... showed up... for no reason that I could fathom... And between wondering why Bruce had NO concern for this, being, well, Batman, who's only slightly better than the Question on conspiracy theories (admittedly, he was probably a little distracted at the time), I sighed. Aloud. "Great. A random sex scene. Lovely." I don't know about you, but I've always considered watching sex scenes on the big screen to be awkward. I'm kind of grateful that we only saw before and after. Although after was also kinda awkward, too. Beyond that, I mean... anarchy. It always comes back to that. I understand using anarchy for plot. Some of the time. I don't know if it was properly used here. I don't really think so.

4) Action sequences. Well... there weren't many. Bane was pretty badass, I suppose. Although Batman was kind of lame. I remember liking two, maybe. Both were Catwoman action sequences and were pretty short. One was good because of the way it made use of a ridiculous article of clothing. A staple of DC superhero stories is random fighting sequences. There weren't enough for my taste. And those that were there weren't as fun as normal Batman sequences, especially in comparison with the other two movies. I actually didn't even consider this element because there was nothing that really caught my eye beyond those two sequences where Catwoman uses the shoes and where she helps the kid thief.

[Doctor Who]Ah. More people thinking that a criminal court case involves a "let's solve the crime", which will prove innocence. Yeah no. Just no. Oh really. Really 60s sexism? A woman opens the door and automatically expects that someone is there to see her husband, and not maybe herself or whoever's on hand? Jeez. Beating of a woman. Ooh. This show, this show this show. Psychometic examination? Not DNA testing? MY FRIENDS, I GIVE YOU OLD TELEVISION! I take it that people know so little about what this show considers "law jargon" that they don't use dramatic music when certain people say things because people aren't expect to be smart enough to understand it.

[Back to DKR] 5) A very poor show of diversity. Two of the principal cast members are female. Seven are male. Two were Asian. Perhaps 85% of the extras were male. Perhaps 65% of those were white. It's one of those damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don't scenarios, so I understand at least some of the decisions. The only principal cast members (other than Catwoman) that they could replace were characters the audience wasn't meant to like. You make them female or nonwhite and people say "so only non-white and/or women are evil; great", instead of "so only white men can do anything of importance". I understand it. Doesn't mean I like it. Did this make me hate the movie? No. Didn't make me like it. Did I also mention that it's a "boy's orphanage", not just a generic orphanage? Sure, it's sticking to the comics. Maybe. I don't really know. But seriously?

6) There's a moment where Batman goes out to gather clues. And he ends up randomly at the top of a bridge. I know that comics are full of moments where heroes end up at random points somewhere for no reason, especially Batman, who just finds weird places to stand. A lot. So he ends up at the top of a bridge.

I was left thinking of a moment from Code Ment where Lelouch says "HOW THE HECK DID I END UP HERE???"

7) When Robin takes the the bus full of kids to the bridge and the cop blows it up and they tell the kids to get back on the bus... well. They flash back to this scene at least three times between other takes. I'm not entirely certain they even change the children in the picture. I know that it's annoying to get little kids to do anything, but seriously? I kept thinking "and meanwhile, Robin is shouting "OMG KIDS, JUST GET ON THE DAMN BUS ALREADY!"

8) Humor is a big winning point for me. There was a little of it, but not even close to enough to make a difference.

The things I liked about it.

1) When Batman says "so that's what it feels like" when Catwoman vanishes on him. That was funny. It made up for his really. Really. Really. Slow head-turn to look at the noise or light or whatever he looks at. And then turns back really. Really. Really slowly.

2) This actually ties into something I'm sort of angry about. I think that it would have been really awesome to see Gary Oldman take out those assassin. I know it wasn't necessary and still made him look badass the way they did it. And it was a fun moment. But I would have liked to see it anyway.

3) Despite the fact that I predicted just about everything and the fact that I really should have figured it out, they still surprised me with Talia's identity. That was nice.

It really isn't a matter of the bad things outweighing the good. It's a matter of there not being enough incredible things and no "good feeling"... and then the problems just shone out. I don't know. I thought it was a good movie, really. I just wouldn't watch it again.

Now for the Avengers. I've seen the movie twice in theaters and enjoyed it both times.

I guess I should do this in the same order.


1) I don't remember the soundtrack. I'd have to give it a listen to see if it was good.

2) Despite their best efforts, there was a LITTLE bit of cheese. But hey, it really wasn't much. They had Loki and the whole bowing thing, which was kind of lame. His opening speech was certainly... energetic. But kind of odd. The mind control thing was also kind of odd.

3) There were a few big "convenient" plot points. Putting in a self-destruct bit into the device? Banner just showing up where they were in New York? From wherever the heck he was? Also, while I think that Banner saying "I'm always angry" was very dramatic and badass", I was a little confused and it was WAY too convenient. I'm not familiar with the Hulk in the comics, so I don't know if he ever gains control, at least briefly, in some way. Obviously he didn't have COMPLETE control (and we don't see him change back until I guess the extra scene THAT I STILL HAVEN'T SEEN). But this was just... odd. He does occasionally help people in Hulk form in the comics. He did it twice in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics. She-Hulk seems to have full control. I think. Again, I'm not familiar with the comics.

Contrary to what people say, Heimdall could have probably spotted Loki while he was busy throwing all his power around (throwing power around messes a lot with stealth spells, unless the power IS a stealth spell; it's also harder to be stealthy when people are looking for you) on Earth. And honestly, who's to say Odin didn't have such power? The Bifrost had to be created at some time, and had to run on something. Who's to say this "dark matter" or whatever didn't power or it predated it, and the Bifrost was just a new invention that made travel easier? So I think that the only problem with Thor's appearance was the SLIGHT convenience. But if he was trying his best before to remain hidden, well... then I get him only showing up when Loki got to Earth.

Oh, yes. They only care about the woman. First, "it's a woman!" They didn't have to say "it's a man!" for the first dude. And they didn't make any comments about his age or anything. GOD THIS SHOW!

4) Sacrificial lamb/lion. I can't think about which he was supposed to be. THEY KILLED PEDRO!

5) The diversity distribution... was still eh. I didn't notice AS much as I did in DKR because I wasn't BORED watched Avengers, while I had a number of moments watching DKR where I thought "what should I look at now? Well, that bottom corner looks mildly interesting. Let's see what happens there." When you're bored by the main action, you're more likely to notice EVERYTHING ELSE. Yes, I did notice the diversity distribution. Two of the primary cast members are female. Eight are male. Of that, one is Russian, one is black, two are aliens... and the rest are all white guys (and the one girl). Most of the SHIELD personnel looked male. The city-goers seemed more diversified, and I don't remember the police very well (although I'm pretty sure those were mostly male, too). The Chitari (or however you spell it)... didn't have obvious either/or. Also, the scientists Loki had looked mostly (or entirely) male. It did bother me, but the movie was still good, so...

I would have liked other female heroes to be used. Spiderwoman has been on the Avengers, as has She-Hulk, Miss Marvel (or whatever her name is... Carol Danvers?)... But as far as I'm aware, Black Widow's is one of the only original female Avengers. So whatever. Most of the other female heroes in the Marvelverse seem to be spread between the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Evil (can't they just change it sometime, I mean seriously?).


1) The acting was fun.

RDJ was, well... he was fun as Tony Stark. Sure, he gets a funny script, but he was hilarious in pulling it all off. Even an amazing script can be wrecked by poor actors. And in this case, we had a great script and great actors.

Samuel L. Jackson was great. VERY great.

Chris Evans was great. Chris Hemsworth was great. Jeremy Renner was great. Mark Ruffalo was AMAZING and simple adorable. Tom Hiddleston was great. Scarlet Johannsen was great. Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson) was hilarious.

2) Lots of jokes and humor. "Ant! Boot!" "He's adopted." "This usually works." And so on. Lots of fun stuff.

3) The dynamic between the characters was just... it was amazing. I was very concerned that throwing that many big name actors into a soup, especially for a comic-book-based adaptation was doomed to failure, but, well... they did amazing. Adorable and funny and just... amazing.

4) The fights were great. Funny, nice to watch... simply enjoyable. And there were lots of them. The only one I really had issue with was the ThorxCaptain AmericaxIron Man end of the fight. It was kind of odd. I think it had something to do with where they were standing and how Iron Man and Captain America were just fine.

5) Script was awesome for the most part.

6) Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans. Tom Hiddleston. On screen. A lot.

7) The story was just fun.

8) It matched up to the source material I'm familiar with. My first real run at an Avengers comic was the New Avengers, where there's a prison break-out and it attracts a bunch of disparate heroes to the scene, where they have a fight, and it's awesome. Afterward, Captain America gathers those heroes together so that it's just like the good ol' days. They have to learn to deal with each other and work together, and that's not easy. There's plenty of humor along the way. Admittedly, the make-up of the New Avengers was Captain America, Wolverine, Spider-man, Spiderwoman, that dude whose name escapes me... and I think someone else. Maybe Miss Marvel? I don't remember. For the most part, the Avengers seem to always be made up of Captain America, a Hulk-related character, and others. There's no storyline I know of that Whedon was blatantly copying. What's a theme in all comics, Marvel AND DC, when you have any team up? Typically, at least one villain (and it can be from one hero's specific Rogue's Gallery, doesn't have to be shared, although heroes are more frequently sharing villains today, probably because the majority of villains out there are just ridiculous), and then they all band together to deal with the world-ending problem.

In conclusion. Avengers awesome. DKR... not so much.

Avengers had good actors with a great script and an okay plot, and they shone together. DKR had good actors with a clunky script and a weird plot. And they kind of struggled with each other.

Avengers was funnier by a large margin.

Watching the characters interact with each other was very enjoyable to watch in Avengers. In Dark Knight it was somewhat painful at times and, well... kind of boring.

There was more fighting and more INTERESTING fighting in Avengers.

So... yeah. I enjoyed Avengers more. I don't agree that DKR was better. I would defintely buy Avengers for myself and rewatch it more times. It's not the best thing since sliced bread, but honestly it was a great movie.

And so I'm done. Now it's time for sleep. No more ye olde Doctor Who! Woot!
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I never thought about this before.

Yes, I am aware that there are a great number of things I have never thought of before. A decent thesis for my Lit Analysis theoretical essay is one of them.

So two versions of the Snow White myth are coming out on film in the near future: "Mirror, Mirror" and "Snow White & the Huntsman." <<<Look! See that there! I totally used punctuation like my professors want me to.

Anyway, these two version are coming out. And like everyone has commented, of the many, many available folk tales, fairy tales, and myths out there, Hollywood had to pick the same one twice? Seriously? You know what I would love to see? A film version of "The Girl With the Silver Hands." Or "East of the Sun and West of the Moon." I'm pretty sure that film versions of at least the first story don't exist. I could be wrong on that note. I don't know about the second. But nothing comes to mind. They could do a Hercules movie. Yeah, they had that series back in the 90s or so, but that's not all that recent. And then they had the Disney version. Why not try a live-action if they're so stuck on it? They could do a version of the "The Story of the Youth Who Went to Learn What Fear Was". That would be cool to see. Although we have the Disney version (which I loved), a live-action, re-imagined "Sleeping Beauty" would be really cool. Maybe in Disney's Rapunzel style, with a powered-up Aurora/Beauty/whatever her name is. Maybe have it in space, like that really neat artist at Katsucon thought. They could do a re-imagined "Hansel and Gretel" or, heck, even a "Jack and Jill" story would be cool. They could do a "Twelve Princesses" movie, if only to one-up the Barbie version.

I know this much. I have seen at least two versions of the "Swan Princess" story: the WB version and the Barbie version. I'm familiar with two versions of "Red Riding Hood" (the old WB cartoon and the recent movie I never saw). I've seen two versions of "Thumbelina": the WB version and the Barbie version I never saw. I've also read about four different versions. I've seen at least four versions of "A Christmas Carol": the recent 3-D Disney movie, the Jetsons and Flintstones version, and the Barbie version (which I never finished). I've also seen the play and half of an old live action version. And yet I have never actually read the book. Jeez. I have read Charles Dickens before though... can't say I actually look forward to the experience.

My point is mixed. Firstly, that retrying the same old story is rather normal behavior for us.

But also that it's rather hard to get right. The first Thumbelina version I saw with the nice singing and the fun songs and the... rather numerous sexual innuendos and such was good. The Barbie version just looked plain stupid. Then again, it's Barbie. Where do you start with finding problems with Barbie? The WB Swan Princess was beautiful. If... rather insulting, as a woman. I loved the music, anyway. The Barbie version? Uhhh...

I think that we should stop deriding the industry wholesale. After all, they are trying. And some of the re-imaginings are interesting, like Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" or their "Rapunzel", which I rather liked.

And clearly, out of the pile of failures that is the industry's attempt to re-imagine these things, along with the extremely low success rate, it is rather hard to do this right. It's hard to make something good. It's easy to make something bad.

No, that's not the thought that I never thought of before. If I had never thought of that before, I would have tried publishing the drivel I wrote back in 6th grade.

It is hard to make a right decision. To get a decent story. To make something beautiful. I guess I should respect their decision to do something like this at all. Snow White & The Huntsman... while featuring Kristen Stewart and with a questionable plot with random battles in recent Robin Hood fashion apparently... may have potential. The effects look neat. Mirror, Mirror could be funny.

I guess I should take comfort in that fact. That it's hard. But it's worth the try.

In the meantime, back to Supernatural.
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1) There is a Peter Jackson "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" reference near the end: Cale (young protagonist) and Korso (greedy anti-hero) are fighting over a ring, which holds the power to turn the planet-making ship on - it holds a lot of power. They both fall over the edge (ish) and Korso ends up falling all the way.

"But wait. Titan A.E. was made in 2000. Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King wasn't released until 2003..."



Were Peter Jackson and Fox in collusion? Did PJ remake the scene as an homage to the film? Was it for his kids, who loved the film? Who knows?

Did at least one person on the staff  of TAE read LOTR at some point in their lifetime? Probably.

Also, ROTK came out almost nine years ago. Wow.

2) Drew Barrymore... has a significant role in my life.


Okay, that was a little harder to swallow than "ROTK came out nine years ago".

There were two animated female characters I wanted to be when I was little. One was AndrAIa from "ReBoot". The other was Akima, from "Titan A.E." I wanted to be them because a) they both had awesome hair, b) they were both badass, c) they were both skinny d) they were both beautiful, e) they were both really smart (basically goes with the badassery) and f) they went out with Matrix and Cale (respectively).

3) I actually remember realizing this a couple years ago... possibly the last time I watched it: so the Titan uses Drej energy to start the planet-making process, yeah? Life or death situation, restoration of the human race, yadda yadda yadda... Assuming, as it is implied, that there are no more Drej out there, waiting for us, we just committed genocide to create Earth 2.0.

Go us.

4) I was eight years old when I saw Cale's butt on the big screen. Or nine. Go fig. This was also possibly when I discovered angst and that I'm a sadist. Unless "Ronin Warriors" had already started by then.

5) This was possibly the first time I heard Ron Perlman talking. This would lead to years of wondering where I had heard this guy's voice once I finally watched the "Hellboy" movies.

6) The idea of a space-faring culture using paper for photographs is a questionable concept. Still possible, but questionable, at least to me.

7) A planet-making technology would be absolutely phenomenal. But does that give us the right to destroy nebulae, which is what we also did along with the genocide to make Earth 2.0.? The human race is on a roll!

8) The music in the background of the Drej attacks still reminds me of "Babylon 5" music. I looked up the music makers and they're not the same. Odd.

9) Yes, the irony of the enemy alien's name has hit me at long last. The way it is pronounced is "Dredge", like 'the dredges of space'.

10) Another BB5 reference: the Dredge are blue-purple-white, the Membari are blue-purple-white. Both seek to destroy human existence. Both are far superior technologically in comparison to us, especially in the use of energy weapons. Dredge ships look like Star Fighters. Coincidence? I think not! Since "Babylon 5", the main series, ended in 1998 and this came out two years later, I have the subtle impression that someone had a serious case of the nostalgia feels for that show. Sans multiple strong female characters. This movie is ten times more of a sausage fest than BB5 ever was.

11) Preed (the irony of this name is also hitting me) and Cale's first meeting/exploration of the ship reminds me of "A Ship Named Francis", one of the Honorverse short stories: the protagonist is a new recruit aboard an outcast ship of the Grayson navy, where basically everyone is insane in one way or another. He makes friends with the ship's chief medical officer, who's basically an alcoholic in order to just ignore most of the ridiculous shenanigans aboard the vessel.

I believe Preed was the first to introduce me to the "Aboard to Crazy Train" concept. Even though I didn't know it at the time. I'm also quite certain he was the first to make me fall in love with this character type.

12) The art in this movie was phenomenal. The graphics... amazing.

13) The second meeting between older Cale and Korso was possibly one of my favorite scenes in movie history for a long, long time. And it kinda still is. Saving 95% of "The Last Unicorn". Sorry, but more beautiful movie prose you won't find most anywhere (STAYING CLOSE TO THE THING YOU ADAPT THE MOVIE FROM SURE IS AN AMAZING IDEA, SCYFY CHANNEL, M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN, PETER JACKSON, ETC).

Well, I won't be too rude. You made a decent adaptation of LOTR, Peter Jackson. I salute you. Especially for giving me Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in my childhood.

But I won't forgive you for no Scouring of the Shire, Tom Bombadil or Barrow Downs. Case closed.

14) I feel like Cale should have broken his legs with his fall from the ship. He also gets hit on the wrong arm. I'm very confused. And where did he get that bandage (yes, they have clothes, but he has no sleeves, isn't wearing white, and I don't see a ripped section in Korso's shirt - must make note to check next time)? Also, how do he and Korso survive being in open space? Besides the lack of oxygen, there's the cold and the pressure. Space is not just an airless room, which is how they're treating it. Also, Korso treating Cale like a son/buddy? Truly adorable.

All right. A lot of realizations here. Ta, then.
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The trip was...


Well, it was. It's over now.

Got back, went through about fifteen emails on my school email, six chapters of silly manga that I only read so that someday I will know they are over and done with, a gaggle of webcomics with backlog... most importantly, "Spinnerette" and "Grim and Mandy", the only two of which I remember being of any value.

I got on WoW for a spell. Spoke to the guild mom. Apparently the plan was to put me on rotation when they're done with progression, on account of my lag and something else I can't remember. I think she was trying to word "you aren't doing as much as you should be with the gear you have" without actually spelling it out to me, to be nice. I can't say that knowing that I probably won't see the inside of a raid other than maybe Baradin Hold for a month or more, or perhaps ever, brings me grief. I'm rather happy the task of asking to be taken out of the regular raid has been taken out of my hands, for all the grief the whole business has given me.

I also took the "initiative", and told her about how quitting has been sitting on my mind for a time, that I only stayed because I love all the people in the guild so much and I love playing with them (the ones I know anyway, not all the initiates and newbies and such). So that's done.

The bad thing about this is that although there is now less of a reason for me to be on, there is now less of a push for me to come out and say "I quit" because I can't take it anymore. Now it's down to "do you enjoy playing at all?". A question I can't actually say no to. There are dailies which suck, yes, but I would enjoy leveling my druid and death knight up to 85 and maybe making another Worgen or Draenei, cause I do love both those starting areas.

I also stayed up late talking to a friend about "Looking For Group", which I suppose must be added to the three webcomics of importance, since it was actually funny for once.

I didn't eat anything from 11:30 AM yesterday until about 11:50 AM today. I don't count the four starburst I had around midnight. I could, I suppose. I'll say "I ate four starbursts in 24 hours." There.

And I stayed up till 1:40 AM and woke up around 8:30. I finished that last Dark-Hunter short story and started the second "Chronicles of Nick". Played some Pokemon. I have a Flareon now! I also organized. That's about it. After that I went and met up with Dad and his wife at the theater to see "Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2". It was rather good, actually. The ending was um.... interesting. What they did with the Epilogue. They basically took the actors and "aged" them. I think they reasoned that people could take it any number of ways: 1) It's the same character, just older and the face is there to make you remember who it is, 2)  People wouldn't get it if you had some different actors playing the parts and 3) It would be neat enough as it looked. Honestly it wasn't so bad. A little strange... probably because they gave some adults the faces of teenagers, who haven't fully developed their faces yet. Ginny was especially creepy. Malfoy was supposed to look funny and Ron wasn't so bad. Harry was weird because a little voice in the back of my head kept saying "But he's SHORT in real life".

It was weird, but eh. Cute. And strange. And a little alarming. I blame watching a Disney movie in thinking in "Beauty and the Beast".

Overall, though, the movie was pretty good. They didn't actually have Ron kill Nagini, which it at first sounded like they were going to do.

It's just funny that Neville's so tall.

People cried when we saw Fred's body and the bodies of Tonks and Remus and such. Even when Severus died. But then when Voldemort died, everyone was silent, which is a dur, I know. But there was this one person behind us who cried out "Oh no! Not Voldemort!" Or something. It was funny. Kind of made the rather dramatic (and well-done, despite being off-story) moment a little anti-climactic.

So they had a full-length trailer for the next "Sherlock Holmes", a teaser for "Batman Rises", and a trailer for a revamped "Thundercats" series which looks NEAT. But I agree with this second-highest comment person: "WHERE THE FUCK IS PANTHRO?" It's not like they'd be the first show with the token black person. Have I NOT gone over this before? EVERY show is doing it now. According to the ever unbiased absolutely true wikipedia, Panthro is a confirmed character. Les hava looksee somewheres elsewhere. Well it does also list an actor who's going to be his voice actor so... maybe this is legit.

So i just found a website with a picture of the main cast. Well, some of them anyway. it's got Lion-O, Tigra, Cheetara, Snarf, and a very beefed out Panthro. I think we have a winner. Woot.

Aight I'm done. Off to new horizons.
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I remember when I was nine or ten that I had to sit through Black Hawn Down in the theater with my sister. I think it's rather funny because I know I wasn't into action and fighting movies back then but I distinctly remember certain rather unpleasant scenes. And I just didn't care much. I actually fell asleep during it, three times. I guess I was bored, since it was over two hours long.

I think it's funny that I can't really come up with movies I hate since I often wipe them from my memory. Let's think of a few...

"The Wrestler" - not one of the worst, but certainly not a good one. I thought it was boring and depressing - not two things I see movies for. I left the room several times for other things (I was at home).

"Burn After Reading" - a little funny, but mostly strange, depressing, and nasty. Also not reasons I see movies. I spent most of it with my head resting on my fist, bored, trying not to fall asleep and hoping it would be over soon (theater).

"Shark Tale" - cliche...boring...funny, sure, but...not so funny that it covers up the other problems. I saw it with one of my best friends so we got to laugh it off afterward. It didn't help that we had to wait like, a half hour for one of our moms to come pick us up afterward.

"Ponyo" - it was not a terrible movie. But if I had to pick one of the worst, it would count. I've seen "My Neighbor Totorro", and I own "The Cat Returns" and "Whisper of the Heart", along with several other Hayao Miyazaki's. "Gedo Senki" by his son is one of my favorites. I have several of the soundtracks, and I love "Porco Rosso" and "Kiki's Delivery Service". It's not the animation. I LOVE his movies. Totorro was not one of my favorites cause I thought it was silly and childish, but that was okay. It had a plot and it had an ending that was understandable and heart-warming.


Ponyo was more an ending and lack thereof of understanding. It was like "we'll have an opening, rising action, skip the climax and go STRAIGHT to the ending" - yeah, that's great!


It was cutesy, certainly. Not a lot of good messages, like his other movies. Encouraging plastic surgery, alcohol, and steroids, among them.

And the ending just...I mean I KNEW that's how it would end but I was sitting there for half an hour afterward trying to figure out how I got there. The story had me. And had me. And had me. On the edge of my seat, no, not really, but...could've gotten there.

And then it dropped me and I didn't even realize it till I hit rock bottom.


Not one of his best, certainly.

"Haunted Mansion" - funny, but it was also the movie that made me realize that maybe I'm not so into Eddie Murphy as I used to be. Or he just doesn't get into good movies anymore. He's still funny. But Disney was tackling the whole racial issue and trying to be smooth about it. And it didn't make much sense for a while. I just didn't like it. The ending sucked, too. Mix of cliche and bad acting, I guess. Bad writing too, probably. Maybe I just don't like Marsha Thomason, who played Mrs. Evars. Not a great actress. Especially for the role she had to play. And the kids just irritated me.

Spiderman 2/3.


He TAKES HIS MASK OFF IN PUBLIC. Then proceeds to SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE GIRL in front of a runaway train. Did I mention the stupid music and focus on his bad acting skills? And what is with his obsession with not wearing the mask? I'm sorry, but whoever wears the costume/mask (and if it's not him, I wouldn't be surprised) does it WELL. I have never thought of Tobey Maguire as good looking and those movies have never proven to me that he was. I mean, if that is him in the costume, all the time, then he either has a good body or looks GREAT in costume. NOT showing his FACE off. OMG they considered LEANARDO DICAPRIO FOR SPIDERMAN??? JEEZ!!! I would have been LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. Lolz. Four of the spidey costumes were stolen and a reward was posted? Lmao.

Annnnnyway...(I have a project to finish) (and the series is going to be rebooted with a new cast, thank god!).

Umm.... I know there are more....

Ohhh, "Erag-" Nope, we're not going there. We've been there. Talked about it. Pulled hairs out. Banged heads on tables. Nope. Not gonna talk about it.


I WISH I had walked out of it. Wished I hadn't gotten mom to read the series (which is also terrible) and paid for the gas to get there and the tickets for our seats. I only stayed because I (naively) believed that it was going to be saved.


I would rather have seen the original "Clash of the Titans" in theaters than "Eragon"!!! ANY DAY.




Kay, I'm done.
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Ooh... where to even BEGIN...

Hmm... let us think, shall ve? Wow... I guess I just block them all from my mind and never think about them... I know there's at least SOME...

Well, I guess I'm kinda angry at Bridge to Terabithia - it was a good movie, I know; good acting, nice music, cute plot, okay falling action. But the sell was a rip off - they made it look like Chronicles of Narnia on Earth. TOTALLY not what it was about.

War of the Worlds was a boring movie... I hate suspense movies - they hold no interest for me. And Tom Cruise in that role just saddened me. He's much better in Collateral and The Last Samurai (triple hearts!!!)

Day After Tomorrow was about the same - I just hate suspense movies. No interest, none. Although the giant, frozen ship was cool, and the effects were good.

God, I KNOW there are some out there... I'll spend hours on these things.... I can SMELL them in my head, just waiting to be typed up about... grr...

Ghost Rider! Yes, there's one! Okay, the effects were cool, the plot was... meh... but the acting! Jeesh... the acting sucked! I don't know what what's-her-faces name is (the main girl lady) but she has got to be the WORST rising star actress (is she? I mean, seriously?) I know of at the moment. Terrible. Pathetic. Blech. Makes me want to retch just looking at her. And I don't really like what's-his-face, the main guy. He just... he's weird. He acts weird. He has this... thing where he like opens his mouth and sighs or breaths or something for long periods of time before he talks.... it just irritates me to no end. I want to throw things at him whenever I see him. Or pick up a giant shark and start wacking him with it - seriously.



Okay, it was a WONDERFUL movie. Wonderful. Good effects, good acting, good plot - first time I've seen the movie, too, remake or otherwise. Plus, the main guy was NICE... :D

Two reasons: (1) Halfway through watching it in theatres, I suddenly had the urge to go the bathroom. Several things stopped me, such as: I don't want to be rude to the people behind me and/or next to me that I have to block or interrupt while getting out of the theater, I don't EVER leave DURING a movie cause I don't want to miss anything - especially if it sucks or isn't that great and I'll never see it again after (one moment is enough to make a movie good for me - just look at POTC 3), and I had never see King Kong before - I was curious and I didn't want to miss any. Plus, it was directed by Peter Jackson. LOTR forever!!!!!!! Love you Petey!

So, because of this situation, I was forced to sit through another hour and a half of movie, waiting. HALF AN HOUR OF WATCHING THE STINKING MONKEY FALL. Another half hour of them going on a date and ice-skating. I was THIS CLOSE to shouting at the screen when they got to the ice-skating scene: "Oh give me an effin break!".

Not a pleasant experience. I rushed out of that theatre, let me tell u. Literally pushed people aside to get through. NO ONE was getting me between and the toilet. NO ONE.


Now, it might not have been so bad if I hadn't had to go to the bathroom at the time, but please - it lost a GREAT deal of it's peal after at least three of those forever staring contests. I could have strangled myself after the FIRST one. Jeez.

Lady Death... boy, was THAT a waste of time. Finally saw it I suppose - the art wasn't bad, either, and neither was the idea (plot). But the script... the WORST SCRIPT AND ACTING EVAR!!!!

Jeesh.... terrible. Just terrible. Made me want to cry in shame.

Okay, Harry Potter 1-4. I got beef with those. Big beef. (5 was good though :D). I can't even really say anything. Actually, 1 was okay, but 2-4 were just sad. Actually, 2... no, I think that one sucked too... I don't remember. They were bad. Just bad. 1 narrowly escaped because what's-his-face who plays Harry was so adorable back when it all started.




Don't get me started - you don't want to get me started. You know why? THAT HAS TO BE THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS. WORST EVAR.


An embarrassment to the series. An embarrassment. Terrible acting. Cliched plot. WRONG ENDING. LAME ENDING. STUPID FRICKEN ENDING!!!!

.... The clothes were nice. Murtagh - if he had said more than a line - would have been okay, specially since he wasn't bad-looking. BUT STUPID, ALL THE SAME.



POTC 2.... terrible, just terrible. Orlando Bloom is still hot with wet hair, but TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE. Why does he get such lame lines? Why does he have to be the idiot? Embarrassing. And Elizabeth is such a.... well... it's better in 3, I think. I hate 2 so much...

Daredevil. ... Okay, they took a TOTALLY COOL superhero, and made it into a TOTALLY STUPID movie.

... Well, it was okay to start out with, I suppose, except for the pointless "When you're about to die, your life flashes before your eyes" or whatever crap. Stupid. YOU COULD SEE THE STRING. I'm sorry, but that's just unforgiveable. This is the 21st century. YOU DON"T SEE THE STRING. WE HAVE CGI. WE HAVE COMPUTERS - YOU DON'T SEE THE STRING!!!!

... and what was with the stupid Kingpin or whatever? He just decided one day to become a villain? How lame is that? And Elektra? Wow.... sad.

I mean, the script sucked, the acting sucked, the plot sucked. And they made an effin SPIN-OFF of the moron damsel. I mean, COME ON... There SHOULD be a limit SOMEWHERE Hollywood... I KNOW you like to invent random spin-offs of EVERY SINGLE stinkin horror film idea, but COME ON...

Epic Movie... the DUMBEST spoof I have ever seen. I can understand making it stupid to make it funny, but they just managed to make it stupid. And perverted. REALLY perverted.

The Chronicles of Narnia... it was okay. The acting mostly sucked(this is Lion, Witch and Wardrobe, btw), but it was okay. Not great, but okay.

The Covenant... more bad acting. Okay plot, I guess. But bad acting.

The one that Ultraviolet copied... or was a copy of Ultraviolet - I don't remember. Weird, stupid acting, meh concept... overdone, much. Both of em. I never watched Ultraviolet straight through but it was so obviously the same thing with less plot that I stopped.

X-Men 1-3... well... there were acting problems. I don't know if it was just Hugh Jackman going a little overboard or what, but... there were problems.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.


Bad acting in some spots. Not the best plot. I just don't like the guy who plays Victor. I don't think he's a good actor. I think his comeback to life was lame. And comeback into movie plots (both times) was worse.

Well... there are others out there... big ones, I know.... whopping big giants, I know... I'll talk about em, later - I'm tired and I have stuff to do. Later.
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well... I saw Iron Man with my stepdad. otherwise.... I'm just trying to get some homework and studying done between my slacking-off periods.
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I woke up at noon for some reason, but I was also having a very scary chase/video game dream. It sounds kind of cheesy, but it was quite frightening.

I watched some of “Galaxy Railways”, which I started yesterday. The character reactions are a bit odd, but the art is nice and the plot is okay. I also watched “Blade” when the DVD player started acting up, and I uploaded new music to my iPod.

“Blade” was okay. I am not the biggest fan of the acting, but the plot was sort of interesting, and I would like to see the next two, now. I have only seen a part of the third one.

Yesterday I bought “Ranma ½” 21, 22, and 23 and “Buso Renkin” 4. I was up so late reading them that I did not get around to writing anything.

I had lunch when dad got home - the rest of my tuna helper, and some Thin Mints.

I also complete my study guide, and read some of “Gone with the Wind” and “Inheritor”. I wrote a page or so of my story. too. I'm happy about that. I'm finally writing it!

I bought “Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy” on iTunes. They finally had it. I wasn't expecting it to be there. I wasn't looking for it, either. I just wanted to see what shows Nick, Cartoon Network, and Disney had up.

I ate my leftover Chile’s from last night for dinner and watched more “Galaxy Railways”. Things get interesting.

I called a friend and we’re going to see “The Epic Movie” tomorrow, since “Pan’s Labyrinth” isn’t showing at any of the right times.
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I completed a lot of homework today. I also went with Mom to see “The Queen”. It was very good. I was definitely one of the youngest people in the audience. I guess this kind of thing is just mainly something that “elderly” people enjoy more than younger ones?

It was pretty good. The acting was wonderful, the sets were great, and the dialogue was very good. I really like Helen Mirren, but the whole cast did a very good job. I was surprised to see James Cromwell in it. I do not believe that I have seen him in anything other than “Babe”. He might have been a bit character in something but I cannot recall. I also really do wonder what the royal family thinks of things like this. I think Queen Elizabeth II made a comment about it – that the royal family has no comment on it – but other than that… It is just a bit interesting how they portray Queen Elizabeth II being sad. They do not show the Queen crying, but they do strongly imply it. It is an incredibly emotional moment.
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I saw “Dreamgirls” with Mom. I liked it a lot and the music was gorgeous. It dragged a bit, but that’s probably because I’m just not as into dramas as I am action movies.

Mom ordered Chinese for dinner and we watched the end of “Hitch”. I still like the movie.

After the movie, I watched the two new “Naruto” episodes. I am still a bit confused with his whole body-switching thing. I guess it’s because I don’t get body-switching and because it’s a bit of a squick for me. I wonder if Orochimaru classifies as genderfluid?

The fourth Hokage has to be Naruto’s father. They are two of only four blonde characters with the same shade of hair and basically the same style. The two even look the same, and it makes sense that the fourth Hokage would offer up his son instead of someone else’s child for the sealing of the nine-tailed fox. It is his job after all. I want to know who Naruto’s mother is, though.
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I called Jazz to set up the movie time and asked Dad if he could drive us. He said no. So Jazz’s father drove us (they picked me up).

Jazz bought the tickets. We got food. Jazz gave me two dollars. We got a popcorn, and I got a medium diet pepsi and Jazz got a large drink.

Then we went to the theatre. We were alone in the theatre for a while. It was nice. We talked a lot. Horror movies, “Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer”, etc. It was fun.

At least two cell phones went off during the movie. There were tiny children in the audience. They didn't talk much. After the beginning. Everyone crunched their popcorn. Even Jazz did. But I mean... that was all you heard, some of the time. Crunching.

The film was okay. Not excellent, by all means. Cute. The plot was decent. The dialogue could have used some work. Frida could have stopped talking so much and actually DONE something during the 15 minutes she took up TALKING about the same thing. We never found out what happened to her.

Then we waited for Jazz's Dad for a while. Talked. I saw these sophomores I know. I hate them both, now. Well... I pretty much always have, but, since they were older than me, I was willing to give them a chance back in fourth grade... But well.

They dropped me off. I came in, sang some, read some. Played Spider. Went to sleep holding Prune and Cleo. It was nice. We made a big pile on my bed. I woke up around... 5 or so. Not woke up, really. Got off the bed. I didn't really fall asleep. Just drowsed, maybe, and contemplated the situation. Kept telling myself to get up and do something.

Read some more of “Invader” today, with Bren getting all stressed.
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I discovered where that annoying clicking noise was coming from: my phone. Mom fixed it. It’s so quiet now.

I finished “Foreigner”! I love it so much!

I watched most of “Nanny McPhee” and then “Superman Returns” with Mom.
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I lugged my stupid backboard out to the car. I gave Dad “The Claw of the Conciliator” and “The Sword of the Lictor”. I also gave him his card. No response from him about it. I hope he liked it.

I went to Gym and gave Jazz “Howl's Moving Castle”. It was nice seeing Jazz again after so long.

I got my bag from Mr. E. It was my bag and towel, sans shorts and my lock. I had my sweatpants, so I survived. We played volleyball. Cassie kept hitting the ball too hard. The guys kind of started a game and Mr. E got hit when he came over, which was funny. I don't personally hate Mr. E when we're not running, taking a test, doing worksheets, stretching, or running...

Jazz and I talked some. I told her the "I walked to Target and missed." joke. She loved it. Apparently Emily didn't get to start fencing today. And then she vanished somehow.

At lunch we talked about movies and actors. We decided that “Eragon” was terrible, “Night at the Museum” was okay, everyone can't wait for “Indiana Jones” 4 to come out, and “Casino Royale” is the best Bond movie there is, and I got everyone to laugh when I put in, "It’s the only one I've ever seen." I talked to Hannah some. It was nice.

I called Mom about “Of Mice and Men” and the mail. Mom said she'd buy the book on her way home and gave me permission to open the package from amazon.

I opened it. Inside were “The X-Men Trilogy”, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest”, “Superman Returns”, and Mom's new Palm Pilot. I unwrapped all the movies, put them in the rack.

Mom came home eventually, and I got my laundry out of the dryer, and brought “Of Mice and Men” upstairs.
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Yesterday I got pho with Mom for lunch. We stopped by the Post Office so Mom could drop off some stuff and the Vitamin Shoppe and Weber’s. Mom made one of the three black labs at Weber’s shake both paws and sit.

Then we went to CVS. Got some more cold medicine for me and some Reese’s that were on sale. The cold medicine is the same brand as before, but it's smaller and tastes different. And I don't want to gag as much after I eat it.

Then we went to Borders. I got “Fullmetal Alchemist” 11, “InuYasha” 28, “Ranma ½” 13-15, and “Howl's Moving Castle” (the book) for Jazz, which they finally had. I used an email coupon, and took ~$7-8 off. Mom got some calendars. Then we went to see “The Good Shepard”. It was very good. Matt Damon is quite good looking.

Then we went to Old Navy. I got three pairs of jeans.

Then we went to Fridays and I got some potato skins. We stopped by Blockbuster on the way back and rented “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Click”.

We watched them both and I still like them. I cried again during “Click”.  By the time we finished “The Devil Wears Prada” it was 12:50 in the morning.

Today I saw “Charlotte's Web” with Mom and Mike. This version was funnier than the cartoon, and Wilbur's voice was better. Then we went to Thai.

I watched “Cars” with Mom (and, eventually Mike, sadly) and had some Reese’s.


Dec. 15th, 2006 11:24 pm
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I talked to Hannah and Becca during lunch. It was crazy, but I had a good time.

I saw “Eragon” with mom. It was okay.

Then we got Thai. We talked about the movie, the books and my story.

Then Mom brought me to Dad's, and Dad lit the candles, said the blessing, and I opened my Hanukkah present. He bought me “Ranma ½” 3-9.
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Yesterday I saw the remake of “007: Casino Royale”. It was really good. Better by far than “Happy Feet”, which I saw again on Friday. I saw it a week ago, too, with Daddy. This time I saw it with Mike and Mom.

I finished reading “Cat Legend” today. The art has gotten REALLY good. It's a little confusing, but I like it.
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We watched the tape of our concert and I got my sweatshirt and t-shirt. The sweatshirt looks like it’s eating up Lyna when she puts it on. And Diana's hood is way too big.

Dad took me to Mom's and I picked up "Quest for Camelot" and Dad took us home.

Dad ordered Pei Wei and went to get it. Then I watched "Quest for Camelot", which was good.

Now I'm watching “Skyland”, which is pretty good.


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