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You don't believe me? Hah. Hah hah hah I say.

For starters, there is literally nothing else I'm proud to have marathoned.

Now THAT is a compliment.

Things I've marathoned include: all six "Star Wars" movies, all three extended special edition "Lord of the Rings" movies (mutiple times; yes, I had no life), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (such a wasted summer), basically every "Star Trek" series (except the first one and the cartoon, which are just really difficult to watch and not high on my priority list), old "Doctor Who" episodes (I can assure you that watching anything before... Doctor 3 is a marathon, even if it's a single episode - I was sitting through an "episode" from the second doctor, looked at the time on the DVD, and realized that I'd already seen over two hours of episode - they didn't give a crap about cliffhangers back then - they invented "Lost" LONG before the concept ever became a TV show of its own)... um... yeah. That's my resume for the stuff, really. I don't have the time or patience to marathon anymore.

I am so ambivalent towards "LOTR" now that it's REALLY sad. It was such a big part of my early life that I just... I do not know. I'm putting it down to overload towards the franchise, but really...

I would gladly reread "The Hobbit", if I had time. And I do not get tired of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in gifs, pictures, or videos. I would still cosplay as a Ringwraith any day. I love that costume so much! If I had enough money, I'd get metal gloves for it. I still want to visit Oxford principally because Tolkien lived and worked there.

My mother gave me the blu-ray edition of the entire extended series and I was just so... nonplussed about it. I had to FAKE happiness. Yes, I'm a spoiled brat.

I didn't ask for something else instead! Hey, I still like it! I just... I was so AMBIVALENT towards it... it was terrifying.

I honestly cannot stand the "Star Wars" movies anymore. I just can't. I would probably, given the opportunity, rewatch the cartoon TV series (not the 3-D one), since that was fun and good and short, and I've actually had a hankering to do so. For starters, I have seen the last three movies WAY too many times. The four things I watched the most out of Dad's old laser disc collection were "Doctor Who: The Five Doctors" (aka "the three doctors, old footage, and a stand-in for the dead guy who did better than Hartnell ever did"), and the three original "Star Wars" movies.

Yeah, they make me smile. But I just... there are so many things I notice that are WRONG about them that just HURT and I just... I'm so TIRED of them...

Would I gladly cosplay as Darth Vader, a Jedi, or a storm trooper? HELLZ YEAH! Do I REALLY want to go to Disney World to try out the revamped "Star Wars" ride? HELLZ YEAH! Am I still planning to read as many of the books as I can someday? HELLZ YEAH!

With LOTR, there are a number of problems ranging from things I cannot forgive Jackson and the producers and writing staff and so on for leaving out and/or changing. That's part of the reason I'm ambivalent towards the three-way-split for "The Hobbit". Hopefully they will have time to do EVERYTHING that way (although Jackson also wants to throw in some stuff from The Appendices, so... I don't know how that'll work, but I hope it's good!)... and to do it right, although right now the only two things that are impressing me from the trailers are that a) we're learning more about what's going on behind the scenes during the story (namely, where Gandalf disappears off to, which I never about, other than that he mysteriously disappears), and b) Kili is hot, and will hopefully get tons of screentime. Just sayin. Other than that... I am not very impressed. And considering the fact that one of the few things Hollywood can get right anymore is a decent trailer, that's really saying something.

I think I would rewatch Buffy. I liked the show. It had some issues but it was cute and fun and had some good actors in it and a lot of humor.

I would not rewatch all the "Star Treks". I just wouldn't. "Next Generation" is rather painful. "DS9" had some great episodes. "Voyager" I would rewatch. I would not rewatch "Enterprise". Not all of it. If I ever get around to finished the original series, I'm never rewatching it.

There are so few things I just all-out enjoy anymore in fiction that seeing something like "Code Geass: R2" is... well, it's mind-blowing. Yeah, of COURSE there are problems with it. BIG-ASS problems.

But it was enjoyable. The ending was... astonishing. Not because I was surprised but because I just... wow. It just... wow... The way they chose the soundtrack, the narrative, the decisions, the EVERYTHING...

I can't listen to the soundtrack for that scene. It is a GORGEOUS soundtrack and I have it but I just... I start it and after a bit I have to turn it off because it's just TOO PAINFUL (in a good way).

It had a good amount of humor. The art was... well it was a fight between good/fanservice and stylistic that I feel like I could get around. It was good enough. The music was...


Can we just have a moment to take in the soundtrack? It's not ".hack//Sign" by any means, but... d-aaaaamn...

You want to know the last book I enjoyed? "Bridge of Birds". That was earlier in, what, August? I've read several books since then. The ending to "Sailor V 2" was good. But just the ending, really. "Ayiti" was good writing, but it's not something I'll return to maybe ever. "Oliver Twist" was funny and enjoyable, but I'll never reread it. It dragged at a number of points.

I cannot remember what I read before that, that I was genuinely happy with. I haven't read any new Steven Brust books since the summer of 2011, so that's clearly a far marker for that.

Yes, "David Copperfield" is improving on me. I still hate it intensely for its ridiculous length and repetition. WE GET IT ALREADY!

Although the fact that there is just this amazing bit of slash that I just keep fangirling over and laughing my ass off at is just... wow... Someone out there needs to write a DavidxUriah fic. Someone. Not me, cause it would be terrible, but someone who is a very good writer.

All right, I need to sleep. Ta.
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So on the list for the afternoon rant: new Pandaria cinematics, Diablo 3 WTF, music, and deviantart. And maybe other stuff, if I'm THAT bored... I do have a lot of Harry Potter to listen to, yanno.

They released some more Pandaria cinematics. Two involved when the Pandaren pick a side and enter the main government building of Orgrimmar/Stormwind, in preparation to meet Garrosh/Varian. The Garrosh one was... ehh... it was okay. I really liked the Varian one. It was quite interesting to see how they've advanced in technology use.

For some reason I've actually been a mood to play Diablo 3 lately. The mood quickly dies whenver I try to make much advancement in my Demon Hunter's progression... but, well... eh. Basically I've ended up focusing on my monk and creating yet another new character. This time I tried out the... warlock? Wizard? Whatever the magic caster is who isn't the witch doctor. She's pretty fun, actually (although I am very not impressed, again, by the armor skin for the women. It's bad enough that the demon hunter is ALWAYS wearing heels, the poor woman, but I keep seeing the "pants" my wizard is supposedly wearing, and then looking at her character model, and all I see is a sort of sash thing, like she's wearing a badly mangle sweathshirt around her waist. And then nothing but thigh between her waist and the top of her boots -headdesk-). She has this really neat attack where she throws like... balls of power of some sort, and it looks like a mini galaxy. It's really pretty! She also has a sort of icy-ray attack that makes me think of the Sailor Moon R movie  when the senshi are killing off the plant masses on the meteor and, well... I find it very funny. Also, when I first hear her voice I thought "OMG IT'S AZULA!" (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Aang"). She's voiced by Grey DeLisle, who has voiced not only Azula, but also Vicky ("The Fairly Oddparents"), Daphne ("Scooby-Doo"), quite a few characters in "Samurai Jack"... and quite a few other cartoon voices that it's just... wow...

So that was amusing.

I'm trying to clean out my iTunes because I keep getting reminded that I have all of this music on there that I never listen to. I understand the point of having it so that if I feel like I will listen to it. But there's stuff on there I put on there that I have never listened to anywhere else. I don't even know what it sounds like. I've gotten rid of like five or six CDs this past month by going through the stuff. MORE DISK SPACE WOOT!

Well let's see... almost a full Britney Spears CD (between two CDs I chopped out half of each disc; DON'T JUDGE ME), at least one Babylon 5 CD, an entire audiobook that was just unbearable and I'll just grab the library book itself sometime rather than listen to that, and about an entire Now That's What I Call Music CD (or more, since those are long), since I chopped out at least half of the two CDs I had. And never listened to full way, even before iTunes was around. An entire Spice Girls CD that was just... weird. A number of duplicates. Some Doctor Who. Fringe. A couple other soundtracks. Also finally got around to listening to some stuff to at least make sure I liked them enough to keep them, like "Atonement", a few Babylon 5 soundtracks... some other stuff. Did I mention that this is a PAINFULLY slow process?

So now I'm tackling the Harry Potters. I know that I like at least some of the music. The original theme is something I've always loved, and I remember liking one of the last two movie soundtracks. I also seem to recall that I looked book 4's soundtrack, but that might have been because Dad played it so damn often in the car on my way to school (or wherever we drove) that it just stuck there. Have I mentioned that he traumatized my childhood through that movie?

So, for some reason, I finally decided to go to my deviantart and update my pointless journal. I can spend hours updating here and I don't post anything. I don't see the point of having something there.

And then I decided to go through the archives, which were far more extensive than I had previously thought.

And then I realized that, at least initially, the journal hadn't been entirely pointless. I'd been posting writing there. Quite bad and incomprehensible writing, to be honest (beyond the grammar and bad writing style, I hadn't bothered using spell check, hadn't looked over my work, and seemed to believe 'doubt' has a 'gh' instead of a 'b'...), but writing, nonetheless.

So I went through to see if there was anything worthwhile. And so I deleted about half of it and edited most of the rest so it was comprehensible.

I should really be working on my LSAT homework. Or trying to get this police volunteer application in (because it's evil and I can't seem to get it to work). But I want... to play... Diablo 3...


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So I was vastly productive this weekend. Watched all of "Once Upon a Time"... cause that was a great way to spend my time!

I did get inspiration for re-writing that short story I have to turn in my final portfolio from watching it so... it's not all that bad. And I really like the show. The story (at least the fantasy side) is pretty awesome. And there's lots of hot guys on the show so... eheh. And Robert Carlyle (who plays Rumplestilskin/Mr. Gold) is simple AMAZING. I liked him on SGU (Dr. Rush), but he just shines here. Lana Parrilla (who plays the Evil Queen/Regina) is also pretty good. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Morrison (the protagonist) or Mary Margeret Blancherd (Snow White's RL personality), but otherwise, the cast is pretty decent all around.

So I was watching a video on YouTube and they had an advertisement for some game called Prototype 2 or something and the song in the background was "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails (originally). But this was the famous cover version by Johnny Cash (at least I think it's famous). It was popular enough to make the band stop playing it on tour because it simply wouldn't be as good as Cash (according to YouTube, anyway).

Anyway, I liked the song but I remembered hearing it somewhere else (which most likely includes the radio). I looked it up and it played during a "Criminal Minds" episode, during which Reid was, well, being Reid. This was the episode where you see him come out of the addicts meeting and get the coin from the AA guy. I remember that being a good episode. I'm pretty sure this is where I'm remembering it from, but I could be wrong.

So I've basically been on a "Hurt" (Johnny Cash version) binge for the past... three hours. I have probably listened to this song ten or more times by now ("So little?" "I know, right?").

I found a really good "Doctor Who" Hurt video. You know, I feel like I found one that used the song a long time ago... that might be another place I'm remembering it from.

I also found a good "Once Upon a Time" Rumplestiltskin Hurt video.

I think that this song is absolutely perfect for Doctor Who and Rumple. It would also be good for Regina (I'd love to see that). Admittedly, she doesn't seem to show a lot of remorse that I can recall... but there are moments. She certainly has them with Henry. And seriously, I think she's going to end up killing Henry once she realizes whose grandson and great-grandson he is.

A Sam Winchester video would probably be good for this. Actually... Sam, Dean, and Cas would be great for this. Bobby, too. I think an all-around "Boys of Supernatural" Hurt video is a good idea. Sam and Cas are the best for it, but it could work for the other two.

An overall "Once Upon a Time" Hurt video would work. There's a lot of lying, miscommunication, regret, guilt, people leaving and sadness in that show. It would be great. And sad. So it would be beautiful! Heck, Snow WhitexPrince Charming, GrumpyxNova, Regina, Henry, EmmaxGraham/the Huntsman, Kathryn, RumplexBelle, RumplexBae (I think it's August, too)... there's lots of material here.

Although I am SERIOUSLY losing interest in "Grimm", I think that Nick would be a great candidate for a Hurt video. Well... an okay candidate.

It honestly couldn't work for everyone. I think. A lot of shows would have to be overall characters. Stargate would be a great one. Not Atlantis, but the original. SGU might be good, too. I think Daniel and Oneill would be good single candidates. Andromeda would probably also make a good one but I don't know enough about the characters.

Really wish I could make music videos. Future project, I guess. When I find the time, inspiration, and, well... develop skill.

The biggest problem with all of this is that I rewatched that clip from "Criminal Minds"... and I remember when I was like, in love with Reid. I still like him, but I have an issue with a show that has come to the conclusion that "oh, making this popular character be in pain brings in fans - let's center episodes around that".... which is basically the plot of everything... well, "Criminal Minds" was also REALLY depressing as an overall "message on humanity" or whatever. I got out while I could and now I just wanna go back and rewatch the good early days...

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I've never had this problem. I usually "discover" them after I go "huh" one too many times and decide it's time to look them up after my friends talk about them a lot. Like Lady Gaga. Honestly, I never heard about her before last Halloween, when like, ten people dressed up like her at my school. Owl City I heard about when a friend linked me the music video for Fireflies on YouTube like...first quarter or whatever. I only just recently listened to all his available music. If anything, mainstream appeal is the only way I usually find out about music. That doesn't mean I'll like them just because other people do. Sure, I like Owl City and Lady Gaga is okay most of the time... Don't see me listening to Miley Cyrus, though. -gag-

I think that one of the problems wih mainstream...well, it's not really the same, but anyway... If you follow a composer, like, for movie music, like Hanz Zimmer. If they start doing all these movies (he has done a LOT of movies recently) and, yeah, if you're like me and some of my friends you like all the music because it's really well done. And then you start...hearing some of the same stuff. Over and over again. I mean, it's not bad. Really, I love The Last Samurai, Spirit, The Lion King, At World's End, and even Despicable Me (yes, he did that - I know, I'm just as surprised). All separately. And Sherlock Holmes certainly was no Last Samurai remake (I'm talking music here). I'm just's a little...repetative. Look at Owl City - a ton of his my opinion, anyway...sounds the same. It's all good music. All good. Good ideas. Good lyrics. I like the way it sounds...

It just....sounds...exactly...the same.

If you listen to country like Toby Keith or Keith Urban, or rock like Linkin Park...classic rock with Genesis and Yes (they're classic rock right? I honestly have no idea) or other bands...they find ways to make the music different, the flow different. What they sacrifice is, I think, the themes are all the same. For a lot of country it's about lost significant others (I'm a country fan, I don't mind, but really, fess up people, it's the truth). And it's not just country. It's true for rock. But...the songs are all different...

I don't know. In the end, no - mainstream never hurts, in my opinion. I still love the bands. Since...I "discovered" them in mainstream. I guess....if I heard about them when they were obscure, maybe I would have a different mindset? Assuming I could actually TELL that they were obscure? I mean...I've found songs from bands that I've never heard of and I've never heard my friends talk about but I mean....that might mean that they're just popular somewhere else...I don't know. I'm not very picky when it comes to music. Unless it's rap or like...hard core punk...which I've never really been able to get into much. Rap a little but not all that much. Or death metal. Isn't that the one where it's just like...screaming?

The first time I heard a great deal of the music I like was also with my dad. On CD. He liked bands so he'd play them in the car for us on the way to his house and I'd fall asleep to Enya, Yes, Genesis, Clannad...My sister was a fan of the Backstreet Boys. extension...I became a fan. I remember I picked up my first Britney Spears single at Wal-Mart. Back when they used to play "Oops I Did It Again" and "Stronger" non-stop at Art's Camp. Although I was too young back then to have been to camp yet...I don't remember why I picked may have simply been because she was "Britney' and I'm "Brittany". I don't know. Can't remember. We listened to classic rock if we listened to radio and that was it.

My sister became "the country fan" so...more often then not I'd be listening to her CDs on road trips in the car. Toby Keith was one of the first famous person's names I learned. Back when N'Sync, the Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears were the only groups/singers I knew the names of. And since we were born in Texas we both liked it, I guess.

I was HEAVILY influenced by my sister when it came to music. She listened to Nelly, I listened to it....although I never really got into it as much as she did. Mostly because she listened to Toby Keith or Destiny's Child more often. I think I only started taking my own direction in music when I got an iTunes account and was able to finally get a copy of Clocks (fell in LOVE with that song). Now I like Linkin Park and Cascada and she's WAY more into country than I could imagine. I think. I don't even really know what she likes any more. Not that I ever really did, I guess.

I don't know...I don't follow bands. I don't buy posters or action figures or t-shirts or go to concerts (I can do without the spilt beer under my feet or standing under pouring rain without an umbrella or a poncho - both fun experiences, I assure you). I like a good musical. Those are fun. Although....the Toby Keith concert was kinda neat, despite the pouring rain. And seeing Phil Collins perform live was just AWESOME.

I don't like things because other people like them. Certainly I've turned down enough "listen to this, it's AMAZING" tracks with a "not my thing" often enough to prove that. And there are plenty of artists where "yes, I like these tracks" but "no, I don't like those tracks". That's true with anything. I've even done that for Yes. Hey, it's a SONG. There should be more than ONE LINE in it repeated OVER and OVER and OVER until I want to pound my head into the banister because the music's loud and the crowd is singing it too and AGH. I only hear about them and eventually like them on my own BECAUSE other people like them enough that even people without lives (like me) hear about them and get curious about all the hubbub.
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Actually, I finally watched Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog (after wondering what exactly my friends were laughing about for an entire year - I can only offer, as the reason why I never looked it up before, that I forgot to write it down, it slipped my mind, or I thought they were just being weird.). And! The one that Penny sings in the laundr-o-mat is very pretty (well I like all of them but that one just gets me).

"Even in the darkness every color can be found. And every day of rain brings water flowing to things growing in the ground."

It's just very heartwarming and sad.

David Bowie's "As the World Falls Down" and "Within You" from "The Labyrinth" always get me. So many good songs by him in that movie. Maybe just because they're really pretty and I always have to stop whatever it is I'm doing and listen to them.

The song "Where Do Go From Here" in Pocahontas 2 is pretty at first and then I actually think about the lyrics and it used to remind me about a whole lot of depressing details of my school life. Now it makes me think about going off to college and leaving my parents.

"I touch the fire and it freezes me. I look into it and it's black. Why can't I feel? My skin should crack and peel. I want the fire back!" - "Walk Through the Fire" from Once More With Feeling

I think this is more about being around my family. When I was little I was a very shy person, and I've always had issues with taking things personally. Over the years I've tried to close myself off a little (not in depressing way or anything, just to try and adjust and help myself get stronger) and I feel like I cut myself off from the happier, more joyful person I was. I have issues getting excited about things and I have issues getting sad over things. I don't know how to comfort people very well and I don't know how to smile very well.

"I'm a soldier - wounded so I must give up the fight. There's nothing more for me - lead me away... Or leave me lying here. Sound the bugle now - tell them I don't care. There's not a road I know - that leads to anywhere. Without a light I fear that I will - stumble in the dark. Lay right down - decide not to go on" - "Sound the Bugle" by Bryan Adams from "Spirit"

I love this song, I love the way it sounds. It's one of my favorites, and Bryan Adams has a GREAT singing voice. Whenever I hear this though, it always makes me think about one of the stories I'm writing and how sad things are for my main character.

"It’s so easy not to try. Let the world go drifting by. If you never say “hello” you don’t have to say “goodbye”. It’s so easy not to try. Never stay around to cry. Move along when troubles come like a mindless butterfly. For what good is it to love when the loving always ends? Travel on the road that strays, not the one with hills and bends. It’s so easy not to try. Let the world go drifting by. If you never say “hello”, you don’t have to say “goodbye”."

This is from the animated version of "The Hobbit"....I think. It might be from "The Return of the King". Since I never found the soundtrack I don't know what it's called...when I watch the movie again I'll watch the credits and look for the song there. When I listen to it, it's another really pretty, really well-done song. When I think about always depresses me. I mean, if you just look at the is VERY depressing. Conversely, it's a reminder that you should be active in your life and in life, period. something I haven't done, really, so it's still depressing...BUT. It's a good message.

"If I touch a burning candle I can feel no pain
In the ice or in the wind it's all the same
Yet I feel my heart is aching
Though it doesn't beat it's breaking
And the pain here that I feel
Try and tell me it's not real
I know that I am dead
Yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed" - "Tears to Shed" I ASSUME by Danny Elfman (I could be wrong though...probably am) from "Corpse Bride"

Hey! It's the one song that um...Well, actually this does kind of...yeah. I've always known that I'm not good-looking and I don't think I really put myself off as the type of girl who's looking for a relationship...and I'm kind of quiet and...well, anyway, this was just a really good song and it really connected the sadness that the character feels to me.

I dunno...I know tons of depressing music (all of it really pretty!) that could connect to me so...instead of reading this depressing babble that is like...all the same. Gonna list some song lyrics.

"It's been a long road
Getting from there to here
It's been a long time
But my time is finally near" - "Faith of the Heart" by Rod Stewart from "Enterprise"

"Run, baby run. Don't ever look back. They'll tear us apart if you give them a chance. Don't sell your heart. Don't say we're not meant to be. Run, baby run. Forever we'll be. You and me." - "Check Yes Juliet" by We The Kings

"Hello darkness my old friend. I've come to talk with you again...People talking without speaking. People hearing without listening. People writing songs that voices never share" - "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel (were they the first or is this from something else?)

Okay. I have spent ENTIRELY too much time on this. Fun anyway :D So much touching and beautiful music out there ( the point...isn't it?).
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Well... actually, there's a lot of music that inspires me. If I had to say a description it would be... music that is beatiful.

That does NOT mean only classical music. Actually, very few classical songs inspire me. Among them are Pacholbel's Canon, Into the Storm, Rhapsody in Blue, which isn't really classical, but it's got a piano so... well, I consider it classical. It's not, but I'm not a big blues fan, so bear with me.

Um... I like Hanz Zimmer. His music really inspires me. The songs in Pirates of the Caribbean... I fell in LOVE with that movie BECAUSE of those songs (well... Orlando Bloom is also hot with wet hair, but that's a topic of discussion for another time...).

It's just... so moving, that music. Sad music, maybe. Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt inspired a short story about two of my main characters in my story. Well... not a short story, but a side story. It's a very sad story... and it really defined their relationship.

Um... folk music STIMULATES my mind. I guess you could call that "inspiring" in my case. I'm talking Enya or Clannad. Sometimes Genesis or Yes, which isn't folk or new age, but it has something of the same feel with along with bouncy (yeah, bad description, I know) rock flavoring.

Sad, inspiring, beatiful music, I suppose. Although In The End by Linkin Park really got me writing for a few months. Just cause of the adrenaline rush from the song, I s'pose.
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I saw “Dreamgirls” with Mom. I liked it a lot and the music was gorgeous. It dragged a bit, but that’s probably because I’m just not as into dramas as I am action movies.

Mom ordered Chinese for dinner and we watched the end of “Hitch”. I still like the movie.

After the movie, I watched the two new “Naruto” episodes. I am still a bit confused with his whole body-switching thing. I guess it’s because I don’t get body-switching and because it’s a bit of a squick for me. I wonder if Orochimaru classifies as genderfluid?

The fourth Hokage has to be Naruto’s father. They are two of only four blonde characters with the same shade of hair and basically the same style. The two even look the same, and it makes sense that the fourth Hokage would offer up his son instead of someone else’s child for the sealing of the nine-tailed fox. It is his job after all. I want to know who Naruto’s mother is, though.
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Mr. Schlobach said I did a good job on my speak-up! Everyone laughed. I wanted them to but it was still weird.

I finally put “Starship Operators” on my iPod, and I translated all the Japanese song titles.

Jazz is coming home with me tomorrow so we can go to the baseball game!

Dad is putting his bed together. It’s kind of funny to listen to.

We went to Don Pablo's for dinner, although Dad was out mostly for the phone. Heather is being an ass again.
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Today was the wonderful Science SOL.

I got my "Princess Mononoke" and "Howl's Moving Castle" soundtracks! I like them a lot.

I finished "The Lightning Thief" today and I finished "Fall of a Kingdom" yesterday. Good books. I love "The Lightning Thief".

I started "The Lays of Beleriend" (again), and it makes much more sense after reading "The Silmarillion". It's really just describing the story of Turin in more detail, which is cool, kind of confusing.

I started "Walk the Line" while I worked out. It looks good. But I still haven't finished it. Don't really feel like it.
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The creator of "Earthsong" got married today!

I purchased the "Grease" CD today.

Dad and I went to Don Pablo's for lunch.
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I still haven't ordered my series!

I forgot it was RFF day, but I was lucky because I brought an extra "Nancy Drew". I think a part of me knew I'd finish the one I had at school.

First period I basically read my "Nancy Drew" I wasn't supposed to be reading, though.

We talked about our families in Spanish. I was so terrible and couldn't remember how to answer a question about my mother's birthday and didn't realize that she was actually asking about my mother's age.

We watched a very interesting movie on pregnancy in 4th period. They pronounced words very oddly, like every letter was a syllable.

Sixth period we played our music and got out on time which was cool.

I listened to my iPod on the way home. Enya is very good musc for walking. I never knew that. I only knew it was good for sleeping and/or driving. Mommy fixed the internet! Finally! I've waited so long! I never fully realised how much I depend on it.
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I woke up somewhat late (around 8 then 9ish). I had some strawberrries and they tasted really good. Then I watched "Stargate" and "Atlantis", which tied up some loose ends and left a lot of questions as usual.

I went onto the computer, watched "Teen Titans" and drew.

During "Teen Titans" and drawing, Heather left and I got lunch after watching some "Buffy". It was good. Cordelia seems to have somehow gotten back into the group for this last episode and I think she and Wesley are dating. Faith went rogue and Buffy and Angel are having normal problems and staying close. And I did some homework.

Dad came back after lunch and I did some computer time and watched more Buffy. Then Daddy left again and I did some more drawing and homework, which I largely finished.  All I have now is my project for Math.

Daddy came back and we went out to Dan Pablo's. It was fun. Then we went to Best Buy for probably an hour. Daddy bought Mom the "The Limited Edition Fantastic Four" DVD that I picked out and he bought me "The Brothers Grimm", and he bought a two disc Beatles album, with a song that he likes called "I Am The Walrus". 60s people were weird and high on drugs.

Then we came home. I watched the last 15 minutes or so of "One Peice", then decided not to watch my movie and see two episodes of "Buffy", including the episode where they find out that Faith is officially rogue. I had an apple. It was yummy, and solid. I don't like soft apples. When I bite into them, it feels like I'm biting into rot, and it's all squishy, and eww. Hard apples taste better too.

What I really wanted to write about and I probably would've have forgotten to update my hournal if I hadn't decided to, was that I finally drew my rose! The cool/pretty rose that I thought of. Well, actually it's a little different with the one I thought of. The one I though of has two feathered wings. This one one demonic wing and one feathery wing. It looks really cool, though. I'm afraid to color it it, cause I don't want to mess it up. I can't stop looking at it... Thinking back, I see myself struggling to draw eyes and heads. My heads, when I was in like, 1st through 4th grade were all funky looking.

I'm going to work on the wing for a bit then go to sleep, I really liked today, even though I didn't exactly do much. I think I accomplished a lot. I finished my homework, went as far as i can go now on my project and fixed one of my sobbing angel sketches to improve the wing.

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I feel like someone tore off my hair and glued it back on again.

Dad and I came back from seeing HP4. It surprisingly crowded. But then again, it is the Friday the day before New Years Eve, during winter break.

I loaded some songs onto my iPod today by copying my CDs. There are 200 on there now. I think I'm gonna go load some more after I finish this.

I finished "The Adventures of Robin Hood" this morning. It was good. I started "See No Evil" again. I think I might just try to find where I was, but I think it's a lost cause.

I woke up late, had food, say some tv, packed up, went to Wegman's, went to Don Pablo's, went to Dad's, loaded music, played games, ate dinner, went to movie, came back, and here I am, typing.


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