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I saw “Dreamgirls” with Mom. I liked it a lot and the music was gorgeous. It dragged a bit, but that’s probably because I’m just not as into dramas as I am action movies.

Mom ordered Chinese for dinner and we watched the end of “Hitch”. I still like the movie.

After the movie, I watched the two new “Naruto” episodes. I am still a bit confused with his whole body-switching thing. I guess it’s because I don’t get body-switching and because it’s a bit of a squick for me. I wonder if Orochimaru classifies as genderfluid?

The fourth Hokage has to be Naruto’s father. They are two of only four blonde characters with the same shade of hair and basically the same style. The two even look the same, and it makes sense that the fourth Hokage would offer up his son instead of someone else’s child for the sealing of the nine-tailed fox. It is his job after all. I want to know who Naruto’s mother is, though.
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I had breakfast while playing on the computer. I read for a while and then watched “Fullmetal Alchemist” from last night.

Eventually I worked on some homework and finished “Invader”. I really liked it! It’s not as good as the first book, but some new plots get introduced and things are getting dicey. It took me a while to finish, though. And even after that, my laundry wasn’t done.

Dad and I went to synagogue so Dad could look at the Torah for his reading tomorrow. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was good. Then Dad dropped me off at Mom’s. I logged onto the computer and played Spider Solitaire.

Mom came home. Mike and I went to Borders. I got “Ranma ½” 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. They were good. I also looked through half of “Naruto” 1. It’s the same as the TV show, except for the translations, so I really want it. I also looked through some “X-men” stuff. We spent like, an hour and a half there.

Then we came home. I read some of my comics. Went and had my leftovers from lunch and some ice-cream for dinner, and then I came upstairs and finished my comics.
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I'm watching Naruto now... it's actually quite good when you know whats going on. I really like it now. I know it is gonna be a cool premeire episode!

I have another part for my story! Guess what, it's really depressing! Surprised?

I got the Gold medal in the Tokyo level on "Tony Hawk: Proskater 3" today. It's so easy now. Especially since I got all the stat points today!

I watched "The Matrix" and "The Matrix Reloaded". Maybe I'll watch "The Matrix Revolutions" tomorrow.

Why do the hot guys always die? It's always the dark, depressing, strong, hot ones that suffer. Why? Sasuke just collapsed... oh... he's so cute when he's unconsious...

It's always the cool ones that die! Paul, Data, Duncan... It never ends.

It'll be 2006 when I update next!


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