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That was an amazing movie!

I packed today and finished “Rise of a Hero” and stuck it in my library. Mom and Mike came with me to the movie. Mom complained about the seating and that we were there too early. Really thinking about it, I agree with her, but I still don't like the fact that she got angry with me about it.

Shayne, Vanessa, Jazz and I had planned to come and watch the film together while dressing as pirates. I met Shayne, who was wearing a blue scarf on her head. Jazz and Vanessa came in probably 30 seconds after the movie started. They were dressed up. I took my hat and cape and head scarf off. I like wearing them but it was embarrassing to do it in public on a day other than Halloween.

Jazz had a cool outfit. Vanessa looked weird and Shayne looked like it was all last minute.

After the movie, Mom took me to Dad’s. I had dinner and Dad and I watched three episodes of “Doctor Who”. I found my iPod under a pillow on the couch. Most likely it blended into the couch, since the case is black. Now that I think about, I might have picked it up and set it on the couch.
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I read and did computer stuff this morning. Then we had pizza for lunch.

Then Mom and I drove to Baltimore. I watched "Pirates of the Carribean" on the way. It was fun. I used our new portable DVD player. The fires all looked funny because of the graphics.

We visited Grandmommy in the hospital. She looked pale. Uncle BG, Aunt Julie, Granddaddy, Sam, and Allie were all there, too. We talked, then the latter of us went to dinner at this greek place. It was good. I actually talked with my cousins. A rarity. I never actually get to say anything nice around them usually. Not with Heather there to cut me down about whatever I say. And when Heather is there, they're always talking to her, and listening to her. I just... sit quietly and try to talk to Jason or Mitchell. Maybe I draw or write. But I actually had a good time. Allie drew me a picture. It was nice.

I finished watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" on the way home. I also watched the bloopers, which were neat.


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