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I woke up sorta late, to listen to Mom and Mike argue, and watch the sun start to peek through my shades.

Dad picked me up.

Dad drove me to violin. Dad drove me back home. Dad left for Hebrew class and I watched "Princess Mononoke" for the 10th time. Then I watched the last disc of "Kiddy Grade" and Dad came home.
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I just watched it. IT CAME!

The beginning is cool. Ashitaka looks funny with a bun on his head. I like his hair down better. But it does look somewhat dishonored. I guess that makes sense.

I did my speak-up. I was trembling so much. Cristina laughed though. It was weird. Mr. Schlobach dropped my grade sheet off last. It was really odd. I sorta stared at it and noticed he was still standing there. So I looked up and said hi. He was still smiling. He said I was a really good writer. I only got a point off for not looking up. Teachers aren't supposed to smile. Praise isn't good for students! It makes them turn into pumpkins.
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Mom and I just finished watching the movie. It was very good. Keira Knightly didn't do the best job in some places, but overall it was okay.

Matthew Macfayden and Rupert Friend were really hot as Mr. Darcy and Mr. Wickham. I love men with long hair and good posture.

Jazz got her hair cut yesterday afternoon/night. It looks really cool. It's short in the back and long in the front.

Mom ordered "Princess Mononoke" for me.
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Yesterday when I got up I was listening to Mom and Heather argue. Normal morning at my Mom's house. It's different at Dad's. Here, everyone talks too much. There, everyone talks too little.

I went to the mall with Mom and Heather. Mom and I went to the bank and we both got money and then we went to the mall. We met up with Heather, and we went our separate ways. I went to Borders Express for like 2-3 hours. It was nice. Although I spent like, the last hour trying to decide whether to buy a book or not. I should've bought one of them. Now I'm even more unsure of the fact that I still want the drawing book, although I'm glad I waited. It's almost half price online, and it'll be new too, not that tattered piece of crap I picked up at the store.

After Heather called me on my phone, twice, I met up with Mom and Heather had left. She got a smoothie while I peaked into Hot Topic. Looked around, left as soon as Mom came by. She had this curious look on her face.

We met up with Mike had Hunan. We stopped by that really ugly looking pottery store. There were some nice things in there and everything looked bright, but I don't like old-looking stores.

Mike left on the bike and Mom and I stopped at the rose place, and then we went to Ulta or whatever, and then we cracked up at the McDonald's drive through. I said you can get a Mcshake. And then Mom said something else and then, while Mom was paying, I was randomly saying, you got any mcchange, Mom? You gonna open the mcdoor, Mom? She kept telling me to shut up (we were cracking up, she didn't mean it rudely) but the damage was done. I think the guy at the cashier was staring at us. I got a Mcflurry, and Mom got a "Mcshake". Then we went home.

Mike made dinner. It was good. Usually is. Then I finished my ice cream while Mom watched TV. Thank the heavens she didn't turn it off when she left. I decided to check on the tube and see what was on cartoon network. It was the month of Miyazaki. I remembered that I thought the commercial for this week's movie was cool, so I stayed sat, and waited till the movie came back. I thought it looked interesting, and stayed during the next commercial break. I went to the bathroom two or so breaks later. After that, a break later, I got my journal, so I could do something useful while I watched. I just... couldn't leave. The story was too good. And when Ashitaka got shot... I knew I couldn't leave... it just... got me... right there. I watched it. The music is beautiful too. I asked Mom if she would get it for me. She said okay. My life is more complete.

Today was Hebrewschool. Friends, making brownies and kugel (blech).


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