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The trip was...


Well, it was. It's over now.

Got back, went through about fifteen emails on my school email, six chapters of silly manga that I only read so that someday I will know they are over and done with, a gaggle of webcomics with backlog... most importantly, "Spinnerette" and "Grim and Mandy", the only two of which I remember being of any value.

I got on WoW for a spell. Spoke to the guild mom. Apparently the plan was to put me on rotation when they're done with progression, on account of my lag and something else I can't remember. I think she was trying to word "you aren't doing as much as you should be with the gear you have" without actually spelling it out to me, to be nice. I can't say that knowing that I probably won't see the inside of a raid other than maybe Baradin Hold for a month or more, or perhaps ever, brings me grief. I'm rather happy the task of asking to be taken out of the regular raid has been taken out of my hands, for all the grief the whole business has given me.

I also took the "initiative", and told her about how quitting has been sitting on my mind for a time, that I only stayed because I love all the people in the guild so much and I love playing with them (the ones I know anyway, not all the initiates and newbies and such). So that's done.

The bad thing about this is that although there is now less of a reason for me to be on, there is now less of a push for me to come out and say "I quit" because I can't take it anymore. Now it's down to "do you enjoy playing at all?". A question I can't actually say no to. There are dailies which suck, yes, but I would enjoy leveling my druid and death knight up to 85 and maybe making another Worgen or Draenei, cause I do love both those starting areas.

I also stayed up late talking to a friend about "Looking For Group", which I suppose must be added to the three webcomics of importance, since it was actually funny for once.

I didn't eat anything from 11:30 AM yesterday until about 11:50 AM today. I don't count the four starburst I had around midnight. I could, I suppose. I'll say "I ate four starbursts in 24 hours." There.

And I stayed up till 1:40 AM and woke up around 8:30. I finished that last Dark-Hunter short story and started the second "Chronicles of Nick". Played some Pokemon. I have a Flareon now! I also organized. That's about it. After that I went and met up with Dad and his wife at the theater to see "Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2". It was rather good, actually. The ending was um.... interesting. What they did with the Epilogue. They basically took the actors and "aged" them. I think they reasoned that people could take it any number of ways: 1) It's the same character, just older and the face is there to make you remember who it is, 2)  People wouldn't get it if you had some different actors playing the parts and 3) It would be neat enough as it looked. Honestly it wasn't so bad. A little strange... probably because they gave some adults the faces of teenagers, who haven't fully developed their faces yet. Ginny was especially creepy. Malfoy was supposed to look funny and Ron wasn't so bad. Harry was weird because a little voice in the back of my head kept saying "But he's SHORT in real life".

It was weird, but eh. Cute. And strange. And a little alarming. I blame watching a Disney movie in thinking in "Beauty and the Beast".

Overall, though, the movie was pretty good. They didn't actually have Ron kill Nagini, which it at first sounded like they were going to do.

It's just funny that Neville's so tall.

People cried when we saw Fred's body and the bodies of Tonks and Remus and such. Even when Severus died. But then when Voldemort died, everyone was silent, which is a dur, I know. But there was this one person behind us who cried out "Oh no! Not Voldemort!" Or something. It was funny. Kind of made the rather dramatic (and well-done, despite being off-story) moment a little anti-climactic.

So they had a full-length trailer for the next "Sherlock Holmes", a teaser for "Batman Rises", and a trailer for a revamped "Thundercats" series which looks NEAT. But I agree with this second-highest comment person: "WHERE THE FUCK IS PANTHRO?" It's not like they'd be the first show with the token black person. Have I NOT gone over this before? EVERY show is doing it now. According to the ever unbiased absolutely true wikipedia, Panthro is a confirmed character. Les hava looksee somewheres elsewhere. Well it does also list an actor who's going to be his voice actor so... maybe this is legit.

So i just found a website with a picture of the main cast. Well, some of them anyway. it's got Lion-O, Tigra, Cheetara, Snarf, and a very beefed out Panthro. I think we have a winner. Woot.

Aight I'm done. Off to new horizons.
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I had breakfast while playing on the computer. I read for a while and then watched “Fullmetal Alchemist” from last night.

Eventually I worked on some homework and finished “Invader”. I really liked it! It’s not as good as the first book, but some new plots get introduced and things are getting dicey. It took me a while to finish, though. And even after that, my laundry wasn’t done.

Dad and I went to synagogue so Dad could look at the Torah for his reading tomorrow. Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch. It was good. Then Dad dropped me off at Mom’s. I logged onto the computer and played Spider Solitaire.

Mom came home. Mike and I went to Borders. I got “Ranma ½” 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20. They were good. I also looked through half of “Naruto” 1. It’s the same as the TV show, except for the translations, so I really want it. I also looked through some “X-men” stuff. We spent like, an hour and a half there.

Then we came home. I read some of my comics. Went and had my leftovers from lunch and some ice-cream for dinner, and then I came upstairs and finished my comics.
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I called Jazz to set up the movie time and asked Dad if he could drive us. He said no. So Jazz’s father drove us (they picked me up).

Jazz bought the tickets. We got food. Jazz gave me two dollars. We got a popcorn, and I got a medium diet pepsi and Jazz got a large drink.

Then we went to the theatre. We were alone in the theatre for a while. It was nice. We talked a lot. Horror movies, “Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer”, etc. It was fun.

At least two cell phones went off during the movie. There were tiny children in the audience. They didn't talk much. After the beginning. Everyone crunched their popcorn. Even Jazz did. But I mean... that was all you heard, some of the time. Crunching.

The film was okay. Not excellent, by all means. Cute. The plot was decent. The dialogue could have used some work. Frida could have stopped talking so much and actually DONE something during the 15 minutes she took up TALKING about the same thing. We never found out what happened to her.

Then we waited for Jazz's Dad for a while. Talked. I saw these sophomores I know. I hate them both, now. Well... I pretty much always have, but, since they were older than me, I was willing to give them a chance back in fourth grade... But well.

They dropped me off. I came in, sang some, read some. Played Spider. Went to sleep holding Prune and Cleo. It was nice. We made a big pile on my bed. I woke up around... 5 or so. Not woke up, really. Got off the bed. I didn't really fall asleep. Just drowsed, maybe, and contemplated the situation. Kept telling myself to get up and do something.

Read some more of “Invader” today, with Bren getting all stressed.
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In orchestra we got some new music. Canon in B sounds really nice, so I'm okay with it.

I read some more of “Foreigner”, too, which gets better by the page.

At lunch Becca finally gave me Kelly's “Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony” to read.

I met up with Jazz later in the day and we made fun of each other's crushes, which was fun.
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I lugged my stupid backboard out to the car. I gave Dad “The Claw of the Conciliator” and “The Sword of the Lictor”. I also gave him his card. No response from him about it. I hope he liked it.

I went to Gym and gave Jazz “Howl's Moving Castle”. It was nice seeing Jazz again after so long.

I got my bag from Mr. E. It was my bag and towel, sans shorts and my lock. I had my sweatpants, so I survived. We played volleyball. Cassie kept hitting the ball too hard. The guys kind of started a game and Mr. E got hit when he came over, which was funny. I don't personally hate Mr. E when we're not running, taking a test, doing worksheets, stretching, or running...

Jazz and I talked some. I told her the "I walked to Target and missed." joke. She loved it. Apparently Emily didn't get to start fencing today. And then she vanished somehow.

At lunch we talked about movies and actors. We decided that “Eragon” was terrible, “Night at the Museum” was okay, everyone can't wait for “Indiana Jones” 4 to come out, and “Casino Royale” is the best Bond movie there is, and I got everyone to laugh when I put in, "It’s the only one I've ever seen." I talked to Hannah some. It was nice.

I called Mom about “Of Mice and Men” and the mail. Mom said she'd buy the book on her way home and gave me permission to open the package from amazon.

I opened it. Inside were “The X-Men Trilogy”, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest”, “Superman Returns”, and Mom's new Palm Pilot. I unwrapped all the movies, put them in the rack.

Mom came home eventually, and I got my laundry out of the dryer, and brought “Of Mice and Men” upstairs.
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Mike made Mom lunch and biscuits. I got one, and finished the last two years of "Grim Fandango". Still love that game!

I also read an interesting fanfic for SladexNightwing.

I finished "The Claw of the Conciliator". Interesting book. Severian obviously doesn't really hold much respect for the women he cares about, but likes sex a WHOLE lot.

I watched some of "Pride and Prejudice" with Mom.
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In PE I ran with Lyna and Jazz. Then we played two games of Capture the Flag (soccer balls). My team won both times. The first time we had probably half their team in our jail, and probably 98% of the balls. Second time we had a few people in jail, but we were only missing one ball. I tagged some people! People also ran into each other! It was hilarious.

Read some more of “Black Tapestries”. This is another fricken long comic! I'm too used to “Earthsong” and “Asps” and their single sentence (and silence) speech bubbles.

I finished “The Scorpion King”.
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I finished “The Odyssey” yesterday morning.

I ran/walked eight laps around the track during physical education. I ran the straights and walked the curves. Mostly. I got a B.

Technically I did 10 laps, cause we did a warm-up jogging lap and a cool-down walking lap.

Caroline stole some of my fries during lunch. I've given up on stopping her.

I saw the “Eragon” trailer today! It’s so cool! It looks like they’re combining the first two books.
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I finished “Wicked” today! I am officially back to “Honor”!

I went with Mom to the supermarket. She bought a lot of fruit (and blackberries for me) and this cheeseless pizza thing, which was okay, and then we left.

Mom cooked the corn. I ate a corncob, watched some of “Ocean's Twelve”, and Mike came home. I watched some of “Sky High” with Mom and Mike. It was meh. Now they're watching “Zathura”.
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I finished the stupid book today and started “Wicked”.

Mom put both cats in my room before she left for work. When I came upstairs Heather and I took them to the office and we watched “The Producers”. Then Prune got some poop on my shirt. Then Heather left to make a phone call and the room started smelling bad. Heather got back and we both thought it was Prune smelling up the room. I didn't discover until around 6 or so that he had pooped behind mom’s exercise machine. I seriously do not know how I missed it before. I might have been looking too fast. It was really nasty.

After Jazz came over we watched “InuYasha the Movie 4” in my room. Then we got some popcorn and watched “Constantine”. Then Jazz left.

Mike came home and cleaned up the poop, which I discovered about 15 minutes beforehand.

Then Mom came home and Mike drove me to AC Moore. I got a tracing wheel, tracing paper, some cloth scissors and some princess stickers.

Then we went to the bank. I got some more money. Mike did too. Then we went to Popeyes and got some dinner. I ate while I rewatched “Tron”.

Talking to Jazz and Caroline now.
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We went to the mentally/physically challenged people's home in Mantua. We stayed there for maybe half an hour. Apparently they have a landscaper that comes over and does the stuff for them. She found some rakes and things.

We raked up some dead leaves, got bitten by bugs and left.

We came back to the JCC and had lunch and then we made posters for the carnival. I made a tarot cards poster. I really don't know if I'm going.

I called Jazz. Mike picked me up.

Mike came home while I was rewatching "V for Vendetta". They are arguing now. I still love the movie.

I hate the “Brother’s Grimm” fairy tales book. After I’m done it’s going back to Dad’s and I’m never reading it again.
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I’ve been back from Georgia for over 24 hours. We got back three hours early! I was really surprised at that. Although we did just pick up breakfast at McDonalds and get appetizers (mainly) for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. We left around 6 and we didn't get stuck in traffic at all.

I finished "The Complete Life's Little Instruction Book" today and I'm barely through “Grimm's Tales”. It is an extremely racist and Christian book. I still want to finish it, though because of personal pride.

I watched the two new “Stargate” episodes from last night along with the last episode of “Stargate” from last season that I missed.
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Dad dropped “V for Vendetta” off. Then Mike and I went to the Music and Arts store in Oakton. I got “Suzuki 3” and “Suzuki 4”, plus piano accompaniments, the second duets book, “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” violin book, a “Movie Music” book and a piano/vocal and “The Phantom of the Opera” book. I also finally got a dampit.

This all came to $94 and something cents. Mike was nice and payed for it. I gave him a 20 for the vocal book.

Then we came home. I finished “Howl's Moving Castle”. I really liked the book. I think that plot made much more sense than the movie did.

Then I watched “V for Vendetta”. I also started “Life's Little Instruction Book”. It is not a great book.

I need to find my friend's lost present and label it so it can finally be mailed before it's three weeks late.
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I finished “Marley & Me”. I laughed and cried in the end. I guess putting Marley down reminded me that I never have said goodbye.

Not to Perm, Goldy, Grandpa or Grandmommy.

The book opened up old wounds, really. I guess it would seem a little strange to connect two of my grandparent's deaths with putting down a dog. But reading that led me to think of Perm and Goldy and after that to other losses.

I didn't cry all that much at Grandmommy's funeral. And I never really said goodbye. I guess this was my chance to shed some of those held-back tears.

I remember crying for Grandpa. I must have had my head buried in the sheets of my bed for at least half an hour when I got the news.

I think I cried for Perm and Goldy. I hardly remember. It was too long ago. I remember I did for Perm. I remember when I walked into Dad's room, and he told me. That was all. Then I walked into my room and cried some. Then Dad walked by the door and I stopped. I can't cry in front of others for some reason. Too embarrassing or something.

I remember crying when Dad gave me the news for Grandmommy. I turned away, and did my bit. We didn't say anything. He didn't talk to me. I think he looked at me once or twice. But he didn't talk. He left me alone. I guess I'm happy he understands me enough to do that. I don't think Mom would have. I could still feel the tear tracks as we ate dinner. Even then, we were more quiet than usual.

I also held Prune and cried. I just felt like it. I think Prune was a little confused and most likely somewhat uncomfortable. I finally let him go.

I started “Howl's Moving Castle”. It’s very different from the film. I’m happy that I like both the book and film versions of the story, unlike “Harry Potter”. I love the “Harry Potter” series but the movies are pretty bad.

Dad preordered “Inverloch” 2! And he's going to drop off “V for Vendetta” tomorrow! Allison (from regular school) found me online and she's on my buddy list now. Definitely the same old Allison.

After Heather, Mom, and Mike came home we all went to Thai. I left my journal here, so I was kind of low in spirits. The atmosphere for us was really awkward, probably because of me, and the fact that it feels like a long time since all four of us went out together. We got some ice-cream afterward. I added nerds to mine. I was just curious. It tasted really bad and I really think I should have gotten a single scoop. We came home after listening to the Musica Latina band for a few minutes.
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I read more of “Fanatic” and “Marley & Me”.

I got a call from Mrs. Ruskin, asking if Amy could come over so Rebecca could pick us both up here, and drive us (her mom doing the driving) to the bowling alley.

Rebecca got here. I stalled since I couldn't find my other “InuYasha” wristband as it was buried under my jeans on my desk and eventually invited her in when I realized she was suddenly standing outside, no car in sight. Apparently her Mom went to pick up Alicia, I think with Amy. Possibly not.

They came back with no Alicia, who had found other means of travel and we went bowling. Callie, Hannah, Alicia and Gwen met us there. Alicia had cut her hair.

I bought a soda and some cheese fries, although there was too much for me to finish. Gwen gave us all some Caramel Cremes and we eventually moved onto the next game.

I got a 61 and 2nd place on the first game. Alicia changed my named to Baloney Cheese on the scoreboard. Rebecca, Hannah and Gwen were on our side while Alicia, Callie, and Amy were on the other.

I did a double strike on the second game and got to 100, ending up with 119, beating both games between all of us.

The girls on the other lane and Gwen kept playing with the names. It was very annoying. I changed my name to Comic Crazy about halfway through, surprising all, and stopped Gwen from changing it near the end.

After we were finished, we changed back into our shoes, paid, and played arcade games until the moms came. I played the car game once and got 5th place.

Amy, Rebecca, Callie and I sat for the remainder of the time after the others left and talked about instrument playing/singing, Nadar being an ass-hole, and our time on the class discussion boards. It was really Amy, Rebecca and I. Callie didn't talk much. When Rebecca's Mom came, we were still talking about Nadar, and saying how stupid we thought he was. We discussed him a little more in the car, and then started talking about anime. It was Amy! Not me! She had taken a Jazz Band class at her institute camp thing, or some other class, which was full of anime lovers. Then she told me that she liked “DNAngel”. Then we tried explaining the love six-sided polygon to Callie, Rebecca's Mom, and Rebecca, although mainly to Callie. I got out my journal to make a diagram, which Amy redid. Then we started talking about concepts from the series, which were going completely over Callie's head, while Rebecca's Mom was smiling and asked Rebecca, "So this is the series you want to read?"

Somehow we got into “Harry Potter”. I think it was because of the conversation Rebecca and her mom were having. We were kind of having a back and front seat conversation thing. I think Callie was having issues trying to understand how the multiple personality thing in “DNAngel” was working. Rebecca's Mom told us that she had heard two of the main characters in “Harry Potter” were going to die this book. I already knew that and said attempting to assure everyone that Harry won't die because Rowling said she saw no point in the main character dying at the end or during a series.

I also enlightened them that she could have Voldemort killed, which only leave one more main character death slot. We decided that Peter Pettigrew would do fine. We were still arguing about it when Amy was dropped off and then I was dropped off, leaving Callie alone.

I was deeply engrossed in reading "Marley & Me". It's a pretty good book. I've laughed a bunch of times. I think I've fallen in love.
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I have finished the last two hardback “Nancy Drews”, and have now bought and read all 64 hardback “Nancy Drews”. But there are numerous other series in the franchise. I don’t think I’ll try for them. I have too much else to read and the mystery genre isn’t really my cup of tea. Kind of boring. I would much rather focus on fantasy or science fiction.

While the cleaning people were here I stayed in the computer room with Heather and the cats. I did spend maybe a minute or so in Heather's room while they finished up mine. It was really awkward.
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Now I just have to finish the last two “Nancy Drew”s, “Marley and Me”, “Howl's Moving Castle” (the book), “The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales”, The ENTIRE “Honor Harrington” series (including both spinoffs), the “Dune” series, the “Myst” series, the “Foreigner” series, most of the Classics in Dad's library, “Wicked”, and “Gone With The Wind”/”Scarlet”, and who knows what else.

I also want to read through my “Life's Little Instruction Book” before I start.

I read “Dune”, “Dune Messiah”, and “Children of Dune”. I liked the movies better. They were much easier to understand. Those books are the reason I almost gave up on science fiction. “Honor” is hard enough, at times, but those books! After reading through “Honor” (and the first “Myst”), I decided to read the entire “Dune” series.

“Myst” is a curiosity. I haven't finished “Myst” 3, the game, and I've always been watching Dad play the other games, although, less now. I always though the “Myst” games were the coolest thing after “Tomb Raider”, so I decided to read the books. I read the first one. It wasn’t amazing, but it was okay. And I regret not finishing the series then. Unlike “Dune”, though, I got what was going on.

The “Foreigner” series is just a group of books that always seem to catch my eye when I turn around as I work on the computer at Dad's. And I keep seeing later books from the series pop up around the apartment, so, that's my next series to go to.

I would like to read “Gone With the Wind” and its sequel because I love the movie so much. I would also like to read “The Grapes of Wrath”, since I've been hearing about it so much. I want to see what all the hubbub is about. I would also like to read “Moby Dick”, which I've been curious about. Oh, and “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”.

I ran more than yesterday on the climber. Finished some “Yoroiden Samurai Troopers” episodes. Getting into the good ones. Oh... I'll have to go through the one where it's just Ryo running around the whole time, asking himself over and over what he should do. That is probably the worse episode. Oh well. Maybe I'll watch that in my room.

It IS blue

Jul. 26th, 2006 09:54 pm
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No one was home, so I just read. Nice and quiet. I still have 400+ pages to read.

Then Heather came home and turned the TV on. What a surprise. Dad and I went to get Simba food and went to Long John Silvers.

Then we went to REI so Dad could sign up for an outdoor picture taking class of some sort. Dad also got one of those foldable, squishable pillow things that are the size of your hands and I got a sleeping mat. It's Orange, and folds.

Then we came home. We watched part of an “Addam's Family” marathon, and Heather left. Then I ate dinner, read some more of “The Iliad” and watched “Howl's Moving Castle”. I knew it! It is blue! I never doubted myself! Back at you Jazz!

Playing with Daddy's new DVD player.
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We went to D.C. Jazz and Shayne didn't come.

We walked around the city and stopped by some monuments. We ate lunch beneath the shadow of the National Monument. Literally. I purchased a Spongebob popsicle. It was really hot. I finished “The Twin Dilemma” on the bus ride back. When we got back I went swimming. My new goggles are great!

 Then I started reading the “Illiad”, went home, organized my library and watched “Constantine” while I worked out.

I talked to Dad when he called (he got home!) and ate dinner.
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I finished “The Kachina Doll Mystery”. It was all right.

I have to carry “The Illiad” with me tomorrow, to camp in case I finished the next “Nancy Drew” before camp ends.

We went to the Potomac Nationals baseball game verses some other team. I have plenty of sunburn, seeing as I was too lazy to put sun screen on, didn't bring my umbrella to the stadium, forgot my hat and hats were too expensive and there was no cover. So I am somewhat sunburnt. I got chicken fingers, fries with ketchup, two diet Pepsis, some skittles (which Terra/camp paid for) and a Potomac Nationals seat cushion, which I like. They lost, 8 - 1.

We came back around 4. I went to the water fountain three or four times. I ate all the reds and gave Jazz the rest of my skittles. I also finished my string thing.

I worked out and watched “Constantine”. Mom and I went to that outdoor shopping center and I got some Nike tennis shoes, goggles and my one wristband and headbands. Mom got some socks and wristband and headband. Then we went to Reebok. We also went to two stores and got Mike two shirts. We stopped at the frozen custard place for some frozen custard and then went to Wegmans. Heather's car was unlocked after the locksmith apparently came and went. Then we all went shopping.


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