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Gym sucked but I talked with Jazz and Emily a lot. We played volleyball, which I was terrible at, but it was still fun.

During lunch I talked to Hannah and Becca.

Mom came home and took me to violin and then Mom and I went to Noodles and Company for dinner. The mac and cheese WAS a bit too cheesy, I suppose. But it was still good.

Then we went to Wegmans and bought a ton of Valentines candy. I got some kissables hand out things for my Valentines give aways. I also got Jazz a present, and a card.

Then we went to Best Buy. Mom got me “Batman Beyond” Season 2 and some stuff of her own.

Then we went to the gas station and listened to Mitch Hedberg on the radio. When we came home, we looked him up and found out that he died a few years ago, which is really sad.
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After Hebrewschool I met up with Dad and we went to the bank and “Bed, Bath and Beyond”. Dad got me a new toothbrush since the one I had was broken. He also got my bathroom a new shower curtain and bath rug before he picked me up. He really went shopping today.

Then we went to Don Pablos. Used a $5 coupon. Then we went to Best Buy. I bought “Batman Beyond” Season 1. Its probably better I got that than “Naruto” because I'm still not sure about “Naruto”. I also bought the “Snow White” and “Cinderella” soundtracks. And Dad got a “Braveheart” CD. Then we came home.

Then Dad brought me to Mom's. I did some badly needed CD organizing.
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I lugged my stupid backboard out to the car. I gave Dad “The Claw of the Conciliator” and “The Sword of the Lictor”. I also gave him his card. No response from him about it. I hope he liked it.

I went to Gym and gave Jazz “Howl's Moving Castle”. It was nice seeing Jazz again after so long.

I got my bag from Mr. E. It was my bag and towel, sans shorts and my lock. I had my sweatpants, so I survived. We played volleyball. Cassie kept hitting the ball too hard. The guys kind of started a game and Mr. E got hit when he came over, which was funny. I don't personally hate Mr. E when we're not running, taking a test, doing worksheets, stretching, or running...

Jazz and I talked some. I told her the "I walked to Target and missed." joke. She loved it. Apparently Emily didn't get to start fencing today. And then she vanished somehow.

At lunch we talked about movies and actors. We decided that “Eragon” was terrible, “Night at the Museum” was okay, everyone can't wait for “Indiana Jones” 4 to come out, and “Casino Royale” is the best Bond movie there is, and I got everyone to laugh when I put in, "It’s the only one I've ever seen." I talked to Hannah some. It was nice.

I called Mom about “Of Mice and Men” and the mail. Mom said she'd buy the book on her way home and gave me permission to open the package from amazon.

I opened it. Inside were “The X-Men Trilogy”, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest”, “Superman Returns”, and Mom's new Palm Pilot. I unwrapped all the movies, put them in the rack.

Mom came home eventually, and I got my laundry out of the dryer, and brought “Of Mice and Men” upstairs.
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Dad took me to Hebrewschool after Mom left for work. Class was really boring, although I did get to see some of “Blazing Saddles”.

Then I went to Pho with Mike. We ate mainly in silence. Both involved in our soup.

Then we picked up Jazz and went to the mall. Jazz and I went to the ATM, I got some money and went to Borders. I got the first two “Ranma ½” books there. I also had this discount, which brought the total from 20 something to 2 something. I only had one 1 and no change so Jazz lent me some money.

Then we went to Hot Topic. Walked a lot. Talked a lot. We must've spent 40 minutes or so in there. Jazz bought some clothes and I bought two pairs of Jack Skellington gloves, one normal and one without fingertips.  I also got the ragdoll keychain I've seen before. The one that looks like a teenage version of Sally, or one of her kids. I also got a wristband that says, "The Dark is Afraid of Me."

Then we went to Fye. I got “Golden Road” and Jazz got some skull headphones after waiting in line for like 15 minutes.

Then we went to the DVD Fye. Jazz bought some Ramune. Then we went to back to the ATM so I could get more money for “The Conqueror of Shamballa” and came back. I bought it and “Return to Labyrinth 1”.

Then we went to the croissant place. Jazz bought a croissant and a soda. I bought a soda. We sat down, looked through our stuff, laughed a lot and had fun. Jazz took pictures with her camera and I played with my gloves and looked at my DVDs.

Then Mike arrived and we left, dropping Jazz off at home. We went home and I did my study guide, read “Return to Labyrinth”, watered my plants, and watched “Conqueror of Shamballa” while eating dinner Mike made for me. I'm glad he did. I would have never finished the movie or my homework if he hadn't.
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Mike picked me up from Hebreweschool and we went and got pizza and cheesesticks at Papa Johns.

Yesterday I met Jazz at the "Laughing Ogre" comic book store. It smelled like cigarrettes. Mike bought me "Ultimate Spider-Man 7", and "The Darkness", Volume 1.
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Today I woke up three times. I could barely sleep. I had very strange dreams, most likely due to reading “Drowtales” late last night.

Mom made cornmeal pancakes. It was a mistake! But it's really stupid to throw away a whole bowl of mix when you've already used so many ingredients and there's really nothing wrong with it, so she made them. I liked the chocolate parts, but I didn't finish them. I hardly ever finish pancakes unless they’re chocolate chip, anyway

Then Mom drove me to Hebrewschool. It was still Sukkot, so we assumed there was none, and we left. We went to Fair Oaks. We went to Saphora, Fye Movies, Fye DVDs, then to Borders and Hallmark. I feel really bad cause I think I stopped Mom from going to the pottery barn by acting annoyed. I'm pretty sure she wanted to go with someone, and I didn't want to go.

Got some cards and went to Best Buy. I got “Flight Plan” for Daddy, and “Thundercats” season one volume one, and the “South Pacific” soundtrack.

Then we went to Burger King, picked up lunch, and came home. I finished my food and watched the first two “Thundercats” episodes. I forgot how truly childish Lion-O is. I didn't realize he was so young, either. And the beginning is kind of weak.

I ate dinner and read some of “Honor”. I finished “The Lake House” with Mom. It was so sweet.
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I went with Mom and Mike to the Bank and Eckards. I got a cookies and cream bar and Mike dropped off the movies from yesterday at Blockbuster.

Then they dropped me off at Hebrewschool. I said bye to Mommy and they drove to the airport.

Anna, Allison and Elyse also came to school. We had to do a stupid icebreaker, and then we went to a class together, which was nice. We got cookies and watched a video and the teacher knew my birthday.

Anna and Elyse went to Leadership afterward while Allison and I went to "Art". We didn't want to be split up and we wanted cooking!

We talked about Jewish comedians. We were the youngest in the class and there was this girl who kept talking to the teacher while he was talking. Then we said jokes he printed out. I said one about a priest and a rabbi talking about rules.

After we left I called Jazz, who was in the shower. I called back about 15 minutes later, hung up, and she called right after that. Mike and I went to pick her up, and then we went to the mall.

I got McDonalds, Jazz got some iced tea, and we sat for a while. Then we went to Fye and I purchased “Clue” and “Robin Hood Men in Tights”. We went to Barnes and Noble and I purchased “Cold Mountain”. We saw Mike, and hung around for a while. Then we went to Icing. We ate our candy bar and went to the apple store, where I purchased a black version of the same protective iPod cover that Dad has. We then went to Bath & Body Works. I got some shampoo/bubble bath/body wash for Mom and I. I also purchased some Apple Sugar thing for her, and a Cinnamon Bun one for me.

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I woke up this morning to Dad asking Heather if her alarm was set and she said it was. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep after that and then I woke up to some loud banging from the workers on the roof. Heather and Dad had already left. So I sang a little after I ate breakfast.

I started working on the books again. I also listened to some music. Dad came home.

I got all the way to the F's and G's. They're on the floor waiting to be sorted and only the e's are sitting on the shelf waiting to be stuck in the bookcase, along with one or two A's.

I eventually took a break and read some. I had lunch some time before that and did my laundry. Dad left and came back.

Dad and I met Heather at Chile's for dinner. We shared an awesome blossom. And then hardly ate any of our dinners, although I took one of Heather's fries.

Then Dad showed Heather the new car stereo. It changes screen colors! We went to Heather's hotel (dorm) room and Dad and Heather put the microwave and fridge together. Mom and Mike were apparently on their way, but Dad and I left.

We went to Barnes and Nobles. I bought “Changer of Worlds” and “Othello 1”. Dad came over from Linens and Things and I paid for my stuff.
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Heather and I woke up early to drive to Mom's house. I fell asleep and then Jazz arrived.

We started watching “My Fair Lady”, which was nice, but we didn't finish. Then we went to Borders. We wandered around some and had some laughs.

Then we walked over to Circuit City. Jazz bought some styli for her DS and I bought “Failure to Launch” and “Independence Day”. Dad picked us up and drove Jazz home. Then we drove home.

I watched “Independence Day” while I ate lunch and then worked on the pieces of my cookie pillow. I started “Failure to Launch” before we went to Fridays and met Heather. It was a good meal.

We came home and took the trash away. I turned “Failure to Launch” on. Heather came home and I finished it.
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Our camp went rock climbing. Except I forgot my waiver at Dad's and Jazz (and Nora) weren't there so I just read the whole time. When we got back to go swimming I read some more and listened to my iPod.

Mike eventually picked me up. I was reading through “Howl's Moving Castle” a little while I waited. I made some headway through “Grimm's Tales”. I think this book is more religiously Christian than “The Fiddler on the Roof” is religiously Jewish! This book talks about Christian customs and praying as if they weren't choices that a certain group of people chooses to make, but are facts of life, universally.

Mike drove me to violin. We played some of my new music. Then Mike and I came home. We went to Giant. It was terrible. He kept staring at me while I picked things, with that look of his.
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I went to the mall with Heather and Mom and bought a pretzel.

We went to a bunch of stores. I stopped by Borders. I didn't buy anything though.

We went to Hunan. Then we put the stuff in the van and went to Macys to look at shoes. Then we left. Mom and I stopped by Ulta and got some body wash and stuff.

I packed for Georgia. Then Dad came and we went to Fridays. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles. I got “Worlds of Honor 4” and “Crown of Slaves”.

I purchased “The Sound of Music” but iTunes quit on me and now we're waiting for a response from the help.
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Dad dropped “V for Vendetta” off. Then Mike and I went to the Music and Arts store in Oakton. I got “Suzuki 3” and “Suzuki 4”, plus piano accompaniments, the second duets book, “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” violin book, a “Movie Music” book and a piano/vocal and “The Phantom of the Opera” book. I also finally got a dampit.

This all came to $94 and something cents. Mike was nice and payed for it. I gave him a 20 for the vocal book.

Then we came home. I finished “Howl's Moving Castle”. I really liked the book. I think that plot made much more sense than the movie did.

Then I watched “V for Vendetta”. I also started “Life's Little Instruction Book”. It is not a great book.

I need to find my friend's lost present and label it so it can finally be mailed before it's three weeks late.
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I purchased “Letters from Home”, “Where is the Love”, “I Hope You Dance”, and “Get a Clue” for my iPod. I also got “The Mummy Collector's Set” with Dad's coupon. I watched “The Scorpion King”  and I still like it. I hate it that he becomes the bad guy in later films. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense. He learns so much and becomes like this god-like king and then he basically trades it all for the ability to conquer everyone else? I think the writers didn’t want him to be a villain in “The Mummy Returns”.

Dad and I went grocery shopping after Best Buy.
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Around 12:15 or so, Mike drove me to Tysons. I went to Icing for a minute or so and then I went to Barnes and Nobles. I bought the “Anastasia” soundtrack, “Nancy Drew” 59 and 64 (I have all 64!), and “Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time”. I also bought Elyse and Allison $15 gift certificates.

Then I went to Luciano's. We had pizza. Allison, Anna, Hannah, and I grouped up at the end of the table. I had two slices and three point five cups of pepsi. I also had a cupcake. Then we went to Icing. Mrs. Endick gave us $10 gift cards for the store as the "gift bag". I bought some more earrings. Then we went to see “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”. I was really cracking up a lot, largely at the dirty jokes I’m assuming either no one else in our group got or found funny. The others noticed how much I was laughing. I think I alarmed Anna a little, who sat next to me, probably because she thought I was quiet. Elyse said she thought it was my favorite movie. It was good, that’s all.

I went back to Barnes afterward and met up with Mike. I had dinner while I watched the beginning of my movie and tried to ignore Mom, Mike and Mom's friends. Then Heather came home. After I finished my ice-cream I stopped the movie, went upstairs and finished it. Love it. Listened to some of my CD. Read some “Fullmetal Alchemist”.
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I finished “The Kachina Doll Mystery”. It was all right.

I have to carry “The Illiad” with me tomorrow, to camp in case I finished the next “Nancy Drew” before camp ends.

We went to the Potomac Nationals baseball game verses some other team. I have plenty of sunburn, seeing as I was too lazy to put sun screen on, didn't bring my umbrella to the stadium, forgot my hat and hats were too expensive and there was no cover. So I am somewhat sunburnt. I got chicken fingers, fries with ketchup, two diet Pepsis, some skittles (which Terra/camp paid for) and a Potomac Nationals seat cushion, which I like. They lost, 8 - 1.

We came back around 4. I went to the water fountain three or four times. I ate all the reds and gave Jazz the rest of my skittles. I also finished my string thing.

I worked out and watched “Constantine”. Mom and I went to that outdoor shopping center and I got some Nike tennis shoes, goggles and my one wristband and headbands. Mom got some socks and wristband and headband. Then we went to Reebok. We also went to two stores and got Mike two shirts. We stopped at the frozen custard place for some frozen custard and then went to Wegmans. Heather's car was unlocked after the locksmith apparently came and went. Then we all went shopping.
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“Earthsong” is finally being prepared to ship!

I bought some music, ate breakfast, watched “Anastasia”, played “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, won some levels, watched some “Highlander”.

I forgot my Mexican leftovers at Dad’s. He’s going camping so he might not eat it…

Anyway, I'm getting through “Searching for Dragons”. It's really good. I need to give Mom her present soon.
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Yesterday we drove to Delaware. I finished my giant string. Kind of gave up on it, knotted it (with great help from Jazz), cut off the end, and used it as a necklace for the stuffed cat I made at the Not-Build-A-Bear place. Then I worked on Sudoku, which I still haven't finished. I listened to some music, wrote and slept some. We stopped by a deli for lunch. Then we went to the Delaware JCC. Then we got on the school bus and drove home. It was kind of fun.

We stopped at Wawa's. I got mint Dibs and chocolate milk. We got home around 7:55 pm. Dad and I stopped by Mom's. I dropped off my duffel, clipboard, finished books and some other stuff, gave my small duck to Mike, collected my mail, gave Mommy a kiss, and left.

Dad and I went to Fridays for dinner and then we went to Barnes and Nobles (which I said was open! Didn't close till 11! I was right!!!). Daddy needed a journal for his trip. I just wanted to go. He told me about the journal afterword. I got “Nancy Drew” 62 and 63, and I got 3 and 4 of “The Enchanted Forest Chronicles”. After we got home we watched some of “Doctor Who”.

Today I woke up around 10. Then I put some CDs on my iPod: Clannad, “Doctor Who” and “Monty Python Spam-a-lot”. I watched “Highlander”. Daddy came home. We went to Don Pablo's. It started and stopped pouring rain while we were there. We got two cheesecake things and then we went to Walmart. Daddy got a knife, a fan, some trash bags, and some breakfast bars (for me), and then we went to Target.

I got an iPod charger, for when there's no computer around, and I got “Anastasia”, the movie, plus three birthday cards, (Mommy, Elyse, and Allison). When we came home I read the “Serenity” puppet theatre thing. It was funny! I also started the “X-men” 1 one, but I didn't finish it. After we dropped off Dad’s laundry and picked up his medicine we went to see “Superman Returns. I really liked it.

Then we went to Borders. I got book 2 of “The Enchanted Forest Chronicles”. Dad got his journal. I got rid of some giftcards and we went to McDonalds. I got french fries. Daddy got a burger. Then we came home. I finished my episode of “Highlander”, which finished the disc. I now have an iPod account! Thanks to Daddyness (love you) and I bought “Clocks” the song!
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Today I got “Howl's Moving Castle” (the book), a “Rurouni Kenshin” doll and “How to Draw Manga: Couples”.

I read some, too. I should be done with “Rise of a Hero” tonight or in the morning.

Jazz and I (along with Mom and Mike, occasionally) watched “The Producers”. It was good.

I read some of Jazz's “Petshop of Horrors” 2. It was good. She said she'd probably bring it on the trip to Vermont. I must finish!

We went to Aunt Cheryl's for a barbeque. I actually won a battle with Mitchell and the computer on “Super Smash Brothers”. It was probably pure luck with Mitchell and both comp players were on level 1, but I still had fun.
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We went to the Festival in DC today. It was hot and really sunny, but okay.

Can't say we really looked around all that much. We spent a lot of time in the shops. I think that was my fault.

Dad picked me up (we got our power back) and dropped me off at the JCC. I met up with Jazz, gave her “Fullmetal Alchemist” 1 to read, and told Vanessa no. Like I would ever say yes. It took me long enough to say yes to Jazz. I love my comics.

The ride to DC was pretty easy. No traffic, far as I can tell. The three of us (Shayne wasn't there, thankfully) got our own seats on the bus. We could have been more spread out (everyone else), if the Tiyulim kids and their counselors hadn't tagged along on our bus, but, eh. You can't have everything. Even though it was our bus.

The fair wasn't open when we got there, so we popped into the Natural History Museum. I've been there too often. We stopped at the 1st floor gift shop for a while, then popped into the mammals exhibit, then went upstairs to see the jewels. Then we went around the circle in search of the shop, found it, and went inside.

After that, we went back downstairs to meet up with the people, and stopped by the bathrooms. Then we went out to the fair.

I suggested we have lunch first (which we did) and then we went around. We stopped by a drink place. I was thirsty. Then we went into a basket weaving section, looked around quickly, not really stopping to do anything. Then we went on looking for this lady that Vanessa was looking for. In vain, I think. We didn't find her, and then we went on to the marketplace. The only cool thing about that wasted look around the fair was that I saw a sign that said "Nuestra Musica" and I knew it meant "our music".

The marketplace tent was nice because it was somewhat air-conditioned and had some cool stuff. We had to leave to go meet up with the group, and then we came back. I bought a new blue purse and Jazz bought a gargoyle and a chopsticks set. Vanessa bought a bracelet and she had bought a panther stuffed animal at the museum. We left to go meet up with everyone again and went back to the bus. We had to wait for about 40-45 minutes for the bus driver, who couldn't be reached with the changed time, and was late anyway to show up. Then we got on and went back to the JCC.

We went to the pool. I got out earlier than Jazz and Vanessa, got changed, and was done in time to see Jazz leave for some reason. I grabbed my shirt with its ridiculous purple and blue design and went upstairs to go see the snack machines. Not much to see. I think I was wise to get my smoothie at the fair. It was probably better than soda. None of the snacks were worth it, even if I did actually want more sugar.

I went to the lobby and organized my bag some. Jazz stopped by and gave me my novel (unfinished) and my clipboard, which I almost forgot about. Then she left. I called Mom sometime before that and she said she was on her way. Then Vanessa came up and asked me if Jazz hated her. I said I didn't know, or care, really. I didn't say the second part. I just shrugged.

Then Mom arrived and I left. We got some fireworks and went home. I checked my comics and then worked out. I watched “Sailor Moon” 3. It will always have a special place in my heart as the first anime/manga I ever loved, so “Sailor Moon”, here's one for you. But I have seen better anime, and “Rurouni Kenshin” and “Fullmetal Alchemist” are indeed better drawn. More proportional, really, and somewhat more realistic. Of course, “Sailor Moon” has some pretty awesome art. I mean, that woman is one heck of an artist.

Besides the art, though, there is something I can give “Sailor Moon” thumbs up for. I like its jokes better than “Fullmetal,Alchemist”. Some of the humor in “Fullmetal Alchemist” is odd. It might be cultural confusion or something lost in translation.

I'm getting through “Worlds of Honor” 4. I think I'll try to finish the current story tonight. Then I had dinner, after Mom made cookies, and wanted to make dinner for some reason. I read some more while she cooked after we "decided" what to have. Then she called me down (so did Mike, who still believes that I'm deaf) and I had some spaghetti. For dessert I had milk and cookies. Mom was angry at Mike and I went upstairs and read some more. Then I turned on some music, started singing, and continued to write some of my rerevised plot outline (up to chapter 9).
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Mom made some really good chocolate chip pancakes for me for breakfast. Jazz finally called me back after I called her twice. We arranged to go to the mall.

We went to Fair Oaks. First we went to Borders Express and I got RuroKen 24! It's so sad... the Enishi story is winding down and Kenshin is all depressed.

After that we went to Chick-Fil-A, followed by Hot Topic! We stayed in there for like an hour. We met up with Allison and someone else. I don't remember her name. I bought an "InuYasha" wristband. I bought a "Serenity" shirt for Daddy. And I bought a "Fullmetal Alchemist" necklace. The lady gave me a frequent buyer's card. Jazz got one too. She got a Koga keychain, some Emily shoes, and an Emily bag. We stopped by Claire's and left, swiftly. The store made me feel like I was in fourth grade.

We went to the Discovery channel store. Then we went to Hallmark and I got Texas beanies for Heather and I. Then we went next door to Spencer's. Really bad, perverted shop, but they did have cool "Nightmare Before Christmas" stuff!

We went to Smoothie King and Icing. We went to Kaybee Toys, which was creepy. KB Toys was stupid. We were just incredibly bored at the time. It was funny to laugh about it.

We sat down and talked and organized and read. It was nice. Then I called Mom to come pick us up. We spent 4 hours there! We talked at the entrance we had come in while we waited for Mom and Mike. There were a ton of smokers there.

We played with the cats and then I took Jazz to the swings. Then we walked back and had lasagna and ice-cream with marshmellows along with Apple Soda (Me) and Diet W Cola (Jazz), while we watched "Van Helsing".

We watched the second half of "Naruto". It was good I guess. Then we went upstairs and Jazz left. I can't beleive I am actually allowing myself to miss "Justice League Unlimited".


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