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Dad dropped “V for Vendetta” off. Then Mike and I went to the Music and Arts store in Oakton. I got “Suzuki 3” and “Suzuki 4”, plus piano accompaniments, the second duets book, “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” violin book, a “Movie Music” book and a piano/vocal and “The Phantom of the Opera” book. I also finally got a dampit.

This all came to $94 and something cents. Mike was nice and payed for it. I gave him a 20 for the vocal book.

Then we came home. I finished “Howl's Moving Castle”. I really liked the book. I think that plot made much more sense than the movie did.

Then I watched “V for Vendetta”. I also started “Life's Little Instruction Book”. It is not a great book.

I need to find my friend's lost present and label it so it can finally be mailed before it's three weeks late.
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I finished “Marley & Me”. I laughed and cried in the end. I guess putting Marley down reminded me that I never have said goodbye.

Not to Perm, Goldy, Grandpa or Grandmommy.

The book opened up old wounds, really. I guess it would seem a little strange to connect two of my grandparent's deaths with putting down a dog. But reading that led me to think of Perm and Goldy and after that to other losses.

I didn't cry all that much at Grandmommy's funeral. And I never really said goodbye. I guess this was my chance to shed some of those held-back tears.

I remember crying for Grandpa. I must have had my head buried in the sheets of my bed for at least half an hour when I got the news.

I think I cried for Perm and Goldy. I hardly remember. It was too long ago. I remember I did for Perm. I remember when I walked into Dad's room, and he told me. That was all. Then I walked into my room and cried some. Then Dad walked by the door and I stopped. I can't cry in front of others for some reason. Too embarrassing or something.

I remember crying when Dad gave me the news for Grandmommy. I turned away, and did my bit. We didn't say anything. He didn't talk to me. I think he looked at me once or twice. But he didn't talk. He left me alone. I guess I'm happy he understands me enough to do that. I don't think Mom would have. I could still feel the tear tracks as we ate dinner. Even then, we were more quiet than usual.

I also held Prune and cried. I just felt like it. I think Prune was a little confused and most likely somewhat uncomfortable. I finally let him go.

I started “Howl's Moving Castle”. It’s very different from the film. I’m happy that I like both the book and film versions of the story, unlike “Harry Potter”. I love the “Harry Potter” series but the movies are pretty bad.

Dad preordered “Inverloch” 2! And he's going to drop off “V for Vendetta” tomorrow! Allison (from regular school) found me online and she's on my buddy list now. Definitely the same old Allison.

After Heather, Mom, and Mike came home we all went to Thai. I left my journal here, so I was kind of low in spirits. The atmosphere for us was really awkward, probably because of me, and the fact that it feels like a long time since all four of us went out together. We got some ice-cream afterward. I added nerds to mine. I was just curious. It tasted really bad and I really think I should have gotten a single scoop. We came home after listening to the Musica Latina band for a few minutes.

It IS blue

Jul. 26th, 2006 09:54 pm
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No one was home, so I just read. Nice and quiet. I still have 400+ pages to read.

Then Heather came home and turned the TV on. What a surprise. Dad and I went to get Simba food and went to Long John Silvers.

Then we went to REI so Dad could sign up for an outdoor picture taking class of some sort. Dad also got one of those foldable, squishable pillow things that are the size of your hands and I got a sleeping mat. It's Orange, and folds.

Then we came home. We watched part of an “Addam's Family” marathon, and Heather left. Then I ate dinner, read some more of “The Iliad” and watched “Howl's Moving Castle”. I knew it! It is blue! I never doubted myself! Back at you Jazz!

Playing with Daddy's new DVD player.


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