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Mom drove me to camp. I put my hair up a few minutes after we got there.

Jazz came. She wrote some more of the resummarized tarot card meanings down while I read.

We sat for a while, then went downstairs and got the booth posters. Came back up to the gym. Stood around for a while. Grabbed a table. Got some chairs. Moved em, got another table. Put up the poster on the wall behind us, set out the cards, chairs, tables, etc.

Then we basically did nothing. The youngest kids came in first. They weren't really interested. Eventually we went and ate lunch in the lobby. Then we came back,and had one or two visitors. There was this really annoying kid sometime before or after lunch who hung around Taylor, didn't understand "Go Away", or "No" and talked really loudly. He gave me a headache.

We got some more "customers". I read a lot. Nora eventually came and took over for us. Jazz and I went on the racing "float" thing, (I won!) then we went on the moonbounce for a few minutes, but it was pretty boring and strange because after Taylor left we were the oldest kids there.

Then we went to get some snowcones and some blue cotton candy.

We took over the stand, and Jazz took most of the kids with the part of the deck she had "translated". I mostly read. The carnival started winding down and the three of us went down to the pool (after some convincing to me on Jazz's part). Jazz and I jumped in to the practically empty pool while Nora stuck around for a few minutes, then left, waved at us from the stair window, came back, then left again.

I think most, if not all of our camp came by, fully clothed mostly, and jumped in. They swam around for a minute or so. It was a strange experience. Only four of us were in bathing suits. Jazz, me, another girl and one of the guys. Very strange. It was fun though. If nothing else it was funny to be in a pool of people wearing normal clothes while you’re in a swimsuit. It’s hard to describe the feeling. Then they were all ordered out of the pool except for the four of us in swimsuits. The other two hung out by the big group, though.

They all got in trouble for not asking the lifeguard or a counselor before coming down and jumping. Jazz and I were okay. We had been there since 2:10 or so and were just watched from the side of the pool.

I dived for some dimes that I spotted on the bottom of the pool, most likely dropped from some forgotten pocket someone had.

I gave them to Jazz and we swam around some more. We left around 3 and went upstairs in the elevator to the snack machine. Jazz got the giant reeses, and gave me one. She had the other two.

Heather was still here. She left right when I walked in. We didn't say anything to each other.


Aug. 17th, 2006 09:47 pm
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Jazz came to camp today. We went to the ESPN Zone. Jazz and I had bonding time: playing games and going on the motion simulator four times. It was the type of fun I expected to have with Jazz this summer.

I ended up giving Jazz my card with my last point on it so she could play some more.

We were able to fit all 22 kids, and Nori into the elevator, which was cool.

We came back to the JCC and went swimming. We watched 2.5 boat races. Around 2:40, Jazz and I got out, changed, and went upstairs. I bought some kissables and shared with Jazz.

We tried to sing a song today. The counselors wanted to record us but it didn’t really work. My favorite part of the song is:

"Let's count off
We'd love to try but couldn't pull it off
We can't count off"

I ordered Chinese on the phone after Mom came home. I watched some of “The Producers” while I ate with Heather.
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We went to the mentally/physically challenged people's home in Mantua. We stayed there for maybe half an hour. Apparently they have a landscaper that comes over and does the stuff for them. She found some rakes and things.

We raked up some dead leaves, got bitten by bugs and left.

We came back to the JCC and had lunch and then we made posters for the carnival. I made a tarot cards poster. I really don't know if I'm going.

I called Jazz. Mike picked me up.

Mike came home while I was rewatching "V for Vendetta". They are arguing now. I still love the movie.

I hate the “Brother’s Grimm” fairy tales book. After I’m done it’s going back to Dad’s and I’m never reading it again.
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Our camp went rock climbing. Except I forgot my waiver at Dad's and Jazz (and Nora) weren't there so I just read the whole time. When we got back to go swimming I read some more and listened to my iPod.

Mike eventually picked me up. I was reading through “Howl's Moving Castle” a little while I waited. I made some headway through “Grimm's Tales”. I think this book is more religiously Christian than “The Fiddler on the Roof” is religiously Jewish! This book talks about Christian customs and praying as if they weren't choices that a certain group of people chooses to make, but are facts of life, universally.

Mike drove me to violin. We played some of my new music. Then Mike and I came home. We went to Giant. It was terrible. He kept staring at me while I picked things, with that look of his.
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We went to a retirement home today. The lady I helped was nice, but the helper girl at Allison's and my table kept glaring at me whenever I said something.

After the bingo games (my lady won a quarter!) we got back together and had lunch. Shayne gave our group gelt. Then we lifted Elyse up on a chair 15 times (one extra for luck) for her birthday and Nori gave us cupcakes.

Then we left. We stayed in our room at the J for a while. Peeled off the window paint. Then we went swimming for a long time. Elyse left and then Allison left. Then I left. Then Shayne left, I guess. She was waiting for her brother when I went in to get dressed.

Then I went upstairs and Mike took me home. I fell asleep. Worked out. Watched “Constantine”. I didn't go to Allison's party, which I didn't know was today until today, and I feel really guilty for it. I went to the “Spiderman 3” site.
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We went to D.C. Jazz and Shayne didn't come.

We walked around the city and stopped by some monuments. We ate lunch beneath the shadow of the National Monument. Literally. I purchased a Spongebob popsicle. It was really hot. I finished “The Twin Dilemma” on the bus ride back. When we got back I went swimming. My new goggles are great!

 Then I started reading the “Illiad”, went home, organized my library and watched “Constantine” while I worked out.

I talked to Dad when he called (he got home!) and ate dinner.
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I finished “The Kachina Doll Mystery”. It was all right.

I have to carry “The Illiad” with me tomorrow, to camp in case I finished the next “Nancy Drew” before camp ends.

We went to the Potomac Nationals baseball game verses some other team. I have plenty of sunburn, seeing as I was too lazy to put sun screen on, didn't bring my umbrella to the stadium, forgot my hat and hats were too expensive and there was no cover. So I am somewhat sunburnt. I got chicken fingers, fries with ketchup, two diet Pepsis, some skittles (which Terra/camp paid for) and a Potomac Nationals seat cushion, which I like. They lost, 8 - 1.

We came back around 4. I went to the water fountain three or four times. I ate all the reds and gave Jazz the rest of my skittles. I also finished my string thing.

I worked out and watched “Constantine”. Mom and I went to that outdoor shopping center and I got some Nike tennis shoes, goggles and my one wristband and headbands. Mom got some socks and wristband and headband. Then we went to Reebok. We also went to two stores and got Mike two shirts. We stopped at the frozen custard place for some frozen custard and then went to Wegmans. Heather's car was unlocked after the locksmith apparently came and went. Then we all went shopping.
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I really like “The Enchanted Forest Chronicles”! It’s a pity it’s over.

On to “Nancy Drew” 62 and 63, which I should finish by the end of Thursday at the latest.

We went "kayaking" and "rafting" today. The parentheses means that we did learn how to get out of the kayak in case we flipped over and paddled a little in them upstream, still in site of the shore. And then we came back. 10, maybe 15 minutes of paddling, and we came back. That's it. I went in circles a lot.

Then we had lunch on the bed, which was okay, since I had my wet butt sitting on my towel.

Then we got into the raft (Shayne, Allison, and I; Allison came with me kayaking), and went over to a small cove, which was right next to where we kayaked to. We got out of the raft and swam a little, then swam back. I think we spent half an hour in the water. Then we went home. Mike picked me up. I read some, fell asleep, finally worked out, and had dinner. Now Mom and I are going to go pick up Heather. I have to put my laundry away and clean my room.
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We went to the Masonic Temple. I finished “Searching for Dragons” before we left and worked out some of my string, too.

When we came back I went swimming with Jazz for a while but had to get out relatively quickly because of my period. Then I went upstairs. I read some more. Dad picked me up and dropped me off at home.

I went on the computer and worked out. Mom came home. I watched “Bartok the Magnificent” while I worked out. After Mike came home we ordered Chinese and I got the wings. They were pretty good. I put some of the books I had in the library, after finishing “Calling on Dragons”. I watched some “Popeye” (the movie) while I had one of my cheesecake things from Don Pablo's, which Dad brought me when he picked me up. Forgot them before.
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Yesterday we drove to Delaware. I finished my giant string. Kind of gave up on it, knotted it (with great help from Jazz), cut off the end, and used it as a necklace for the stuffed cat I made at the Not-Build-A-Bear place. Then I worked on Sudoku, which I still haven't finished. I listened to some music, wrote and slept some. We stopped by a deli for lunch. Then we went to the Delaware JCC. Then we got on the school bus and drove home. It was kind of fun.

We stopped at Wawa's. I got mint Dibs and chocolate milk. We got home around 7:55 pm. Dad and I stopped by Mom's. I dropped off my duffel, clipboard, finished books and some other stuff, gave my small duck to Mike, collected my mail, gave Mommy a kiss, and left.

Dad and I went to Fridays for dinner and then we went to Barnes and Nobles (which I said was open! Didn't close till 11! I was right!!!). Daddy needed a journal for his trip. I just wanted to go. He told me about the journal afterword. I got “Nancy Drew” 62 and 63, and I got 3 and 4 of “The Enchanted Forest Chronicles”. After we got home we watched some of “Doctor Who”.

Today I woke up around 10. Then I put some CDs on my iPod: Clannad, “Doctor Who” and “Monty Python Spam-a-lot”. I watched “Highlander”. Daddy came home. We went to Don Pablo's. It started and stopped pouring rain while we were there. We got two cheesecake things and then we went to Walmart. Daddy got a knife, a fan, some trash bags, and some breakfast bars (for me), and then we went to Target.

I got an iPod charger, for when there's no computer around, and I got “Anastasia”, the movie, plus three birthday cards, (Mommy, Elyse, and Allison). When we came home I read the “Serenity” puppet theatre thing. It was funny! I also started the “X-men” 1 one, but I didn't finish it. After we dropped off Dad’s laundry and picked up his medicine we went to see “Superman Returns. I really liked it.

Then we went to Borders. I got book 2 of “The Enchanted Forest Chronicles”. Dad got his journal. I got rid of some giftcards and we went to McDonalds. I got french fries. Daddy got a burger. Then we came home. I finished my episode of “Highlander”, which finished the disc. I now have an iPod account! Thanks to Daddyness (love you) and I bought “Clocks” the song!
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I just spent like half an hour on my frappr profile, pressed the wrong button, and erased it all!

We went to Six Flags. I went on Superman's Ride of Steel, and it was my first time on The Penguin and that pirate ship ride that goes back and forth.

We also went on the swings, the octopus, this Riddler ride that made me slightly queasy, and I think that's it. We also went shopping, which was strange. I got this cute mini keychain sandal that says "I (heart) Tim”.

Besides making a stupid mistake and eventually realizing that Shayne is still a spoiled crybaby, nothing really happened. We got soaked on the flume and I got a funnel cake.

Mom's car broke down, apparently. I'm now reading “Farsala: Rise of a Hero”. I only just realized that it was called "The Farsala Trilogy”, so now I'm continuing the series. The ending to the first book was dumb anyway so that makes sense.

I finally finished “Worlds of Honor” 4.
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We went to the Festival in DC today. It was hot and really sunny, but okay.

Can't say we really looked around all that much. We spent a lot of time in the shops. I think that was my fault.

Dad picked me up (we got our power back) and dropped me off at the JCC. I met up with Jazz, gave her “Fullmetal Alchemist” 1 to read, and told Vanessa no. Like I would ever say yes. It took me long enough to say yes to Jazz. I love my comics.

The ride to DC was pretty easy. No traffic, far as I can tell. The three of us (Shayne wasn't there, thankfully) got our own seats on the bus. We could have been more spread out (everyone else), if the Tiyulim kids and their counselors hadn't tagged along on our bus, but, eh. You can't have everything. Even though it was our bus.

The fair wasn't open when we got there, so we popped into the Natural History Museum. I've been there too often. We stopped at the 1st floor gift shop for a while, then popped into the mammals exhibit, then went upstairs to see the jewels. Then we went around the circle in search of the shop, found it, and went inside.

After that, we went back downstairs to meet up with the people, and stopped by the bathrooms. Then we went out to the fair.

I suggested we have lunch first (which we did) and then we went around. We stopped by a drink place. I was thirsty. Then we went into a basket weaving section, looked around quickly, not really stopping to do anything. Then we went on looking for this lady that Vanessa was looking for. In vain, I think. We didn't find her, and then we went on to the marketplace. The only cool thing about that wasted look around the fair was that I saw a sign that said "Nuestra Musica" and I knew it meant "our music".

The marketplace tent was nice because it was somewhat air-conditioned and had some cool stuff. We had to leave to go meet up with the group, and then we came back. I bought a new blue purse and Jazz bought a gargoyle and a chopsticks set. Vanessa bought a bracelet and she had bought a panther stuffed animal at the museum. We left to go meet up with everyone again and went back to the bus. We had to wait for about 40-45 minutes for the bus driver, who couldn't be reached with the changed time, and was late anyway to show up. Then we got on and went back to the JCC.

We went to the pool. I got out earlier than Jazz and Vanessa, got changed, and was done in time to see Jazz leave for some reason. I grabbed my shirt with its ridiculous purple and blue design and went upstairs to go see the snack machines. Not much to see. I think I was wise to get my smoothie at the fair. It was probably better than soda. None of the snacks were worth it, even if I did actually want more sugar.

I went to the lobby and organized my bag some. Jazz stopped by and gave me my novel (unfinished) and my clipboard, which I almost forgot about. Then she left. I called Mom sometime before that and she said she was on her way. Then Vanessa came up and asked me if Jazz hated her. I said I didn't know, or care, really. I didn't say the second part. I just shrugged.

Then Mom arrived and I left. We got some fireworks and went home. I checked my comics and then worked out. I watched “Sailor Moon” 3. It will always have a special place in my heart as the first anime/manga I ever loved, so “Sailor Moon”, here's one for you. But I have seen better anime, and “Rurouni Kenshin” and “Fullmetal Alchemist” are indeed better drawn. More proportional, really, and somewhat more realistic. Of course, “Sailor Moon” has some pretty awesome art. I mean, that woman is one heck of an artist.

Besides the art, though, there is something I can give “Sailor Moon” thumbs up for. I like its jokes better than “Fullmetal,Alchemist”. Some of the humor in “Fullmetal Alchemist” is odd. It might be cultural confusion or something lost in translation.

I'm getting through “Worlds of Honor” 4. I think I'll try to finish the current story tonight. Then I had dinner, after Mom made cookies, and wanted to make dinner for some reason. I read some more while she cooked after we "decided" what to have. Then she called me down (so did Mike, who still believes that I'm deaf) and I had some spaghetti. For dessert I had milk and cookies. Mom was angry at Mike and I went upstairs and read some more. Then I turned on some music, started singing, and continued to write some of my rerevised plot outline (up to chapter 9).


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