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So the hurricane is pretty freaky. I'm really starting to creep myself out and I am going to blame it on five nights of going to sleep after 2 AM.

The good news is that I got a lot of reading done for class and I'm halfway done with the homework 4 assignment for computer science. I also took the trash out of my purse, cleaned off some dust from my desk and got rid of some more trash hanging around my area and fixed my bookshelf. I've also started packing stuff up to take home when I go back later.

The bad news is that I need to do more reading for another class, think up a thesis and find some sources for that class, finish the other half of homework 4 and work on project 3. I also need to edit my workshopped papers, write 1-3 more articles for the newspaper... and possibly other things I'm not remembering at the moment. I also have a lot more organization to do and I need to eat dinner.

I know I keep writing this, but ".hack//Sign's" soundtrack is SO PRETTY!!! AHH!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

I rewatched the older "Clone Wars" cartoon that George Lucas produced to fill in some of the space between movies 2 and 3. I'm not entirely certain how much I would have understood the beginning of movie 3 if I hadn't watch the show. It takes you up to at least a short time before the opening of the movie. It introduces General Grevious, why he's having some sort of breathing problem, how Chancellor Palpatine was kidnapped... and why there's a space battle going on.

So when I originally watched this, I completely missed the old movie reference. Obi Wan and Anakin go walking through a sewer Anakin found, and Obi Wan, disliking the situation, comments wryly "What a magnificent smell you've discovered" (or whatever word stands in for 'amazing')... and, well... that was in movie 4, when Han is sarcastic towards Leia after they jump down into the sewer. I may know diddly squat about the "Star Wars" universe outside of the generic plot of these movies, but by golly, that made me feel slightly happy about myself.

I watched the recent "Once Upon a Time" episode yesterday. I was actually a bit disappointed.

On the one hand, I'm very happy that Hook's original "play possum" routine didn't work. That would have just been... eeeeh.

Also, I adore the fact that this is one guy and four women, and it's not a) a harem, and b) a "we're not afraid of you because of numbers."

Yes, they have a numerical advantage over him. But there's also the fact that at least 3/4 of them could easily hold their own against him. And Aurora probably has some tricks up her sleeve. We don't know much about her. We don't know how she and Phillip met or fell in love. We don't know what she does in her spare time or what. She could probably talk him into unconsciousness if she wanted to, at the least. She also has her dagger. I really see Hook taking advantage of her as the "least dangerous" piece, and she either knees him or stabs him or bites him or something.

They also finished the Daniel storyline with Regina. I was holding out for him coming back, but I guess the writers really want an excuse to not redeem her character or something in the end...? Whatever. That end of things is solved. For so long as they have other material to play with, anyway. And they undoubtedly have a lot.

They showed a rather realistic look at horse care in relation to soldiers. While, arguable, a knight (depending on his wealth/status) would probably have had a squire to do such tasks for them, Charming's character is improved by the fact that he takes care of his own horse, and so passes this on to Henry and, well... I like that. Horses need to be cared for. "Lord of the Rings"  and a bit of Native American folklore aside, they don't just APPEAR when you need them. This scene also added to Henry's character development. I love how we're in season 2 and only NOW do we start getting character exploration in one of primary cast members. But whatever. At least it's happening.

We're starting to realize that Henry is just like the average kid: he wants to go off and have adventures. He doesn't consider the consequences. He doesn't consider the responsibilities. Let's face it: he just got a BIG ego boost from "being right all along, and the ENTIRE town knows it". While this is good for him in the way that "everyone thinks I'm crazy" is bad for him... it's also not necessarily a good thing. Kids shouldn't be put down just cause. But there are reasons that certain things children do are brushed aside and children are chided for things. Some are bad, but some of them are really good reasons.

I like the fact that we're finally getting into Whale's backstory. He was the only real enigma (other than James' adopted father) left in the story among the primary cast. Other characters are new or could always use further explanation. And honestly, with all the world creation they needed earlier, I don't mind that they're only getting to some of Emma's backstory NOW. Plus, if they'd gone over it back in season 1 and only NOW is she talking with her real parents about it... it would have been silly. Supernaturalesque, even.

I like seeing the Hatter of Yesteryear. We see how he met Regina. We see how he used to be, and where Regina's impression of him grew from. I am now VERY curious about how and where Jefferson met his wife, what happened to her, and how she changed him to a loving father from a stock rogue character.

I didn't like what they were doing with the travel between the hat scenario. I thought someone had to go through AND go back. I didn't think it was a one-way thing. If he brought Frankenstein... who did he take in on the first try?

I thought the first Frankenstein revival scene was a bit eh. I kept thinking "why can't they see what's happening? Nothing's happening."

Also... no one ever brings up the fact that MAYBE it depends on WHOSE heart you stick into the person. Are hearts ALL the same once you pull them out of people? A murderer's heart is no different than a fairy's heart? They have to have some connection to the creature in question, so some spiritual connection must exist. I'm not expecting an "evil" person's heart to look markedly different from a "good" person's heart... but I have to wonder if any thoughts or feelings can be left over from certain individuals. Perhaps a heart from a monster would make another person monstrous. Perhaps the heart of a sickly person would make another sickly. I don't know. Heck, I'm fine with them all being the same beyond 'this is mine, this is theirs', so long as SOMEONE explained it.

The episode was also kind of boring. They took a character everyone was curious about... and gave away the big reveal in the trailer for the episode. After that, the episode would have to deal with "so how decent is this latest spin-off of Mary Shelley's novel?"

And it was okay, at best. Not great. Okay.

I am VERY curious about Whale's history though. Who was his brother? What's his family like? Is he married, like the original Frankenstein was.... or at least was after he brought The Monster to life.

I really... really... really... REALLY want to know who Henry's dad is. Like seriously. I'm 80% sure it's Bae. Seriously. They have not finished off that storyline. IT IS CANDY!!! There is NO reason they wouldn't use it... other than that it's what everyone's expecting...

I do not consider learning about Emma's ability to steal cars as a decent bone throw to OUAT's audience. Unless it relates to Henry's dad.

A friend did bring up an important thought, though. Emma keeps bringing up the fact that she's a human lie detector. I'm not entirely certain how foolproof she is, but she seems pretty good at it so far. While I REALLY think she's going to turn out to be the Swan Princess (Emma SWAN, in a world where so many character names have meaning, just what Regina would do with that opportunity...), I also have to wonder... what does this ability have to do with her fairy tale story? I cannot recall a male or female character who could detect lies as a superpower. The devil comes to mind, but I don't think Emma is going to be the devil. Just a thought.

Pinocchio is also taken. As are Jiminy Cricket and the Blue Fairy. The three characters related to lie-telling outside of the devil that come to mind.

Out of the Disney princesses (stuck under the official term), the only ones left unused are: Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Jasmine, Ariel, and Tiana. Emma does not fit three of the ethnic categories here, and she doesn't fit ANY of the storylines in any way. Nor do any of these characters have anything to do with lying, as far as I can recall.

There's also Meg, Lilo, Esmerelda, Kida, Jane...

Oh my god. COULD EMMA BE JANE???

So Jane wears this big-ass yellow dress for 90% of "Tarzan". She's the outsider coming in. She falls in love with a "wild man".

Emma has a bright yellow Beetle that she drives around. Outside of crime shows, cars are almost never accidental, especially something THIS flashy.

Emma has also repeatedly commented that Henry's father is someone she doesn't ever want to talk about because he was something terrible. Crazy, a coward, stupid, whatever, WE DON'T KNOW!

And if he's Bae... he's the outsider coming in, too. Bae comes from the Enchanted Forest, and enters Emma's world at a young age. He has to adjust to COMPLETELY different rules. Sure, Pinocchio did great... but could Bae?

Tarzan and Bae share backstories: the "wild" man going into the "civilized" world (Medieval peasant going into the 21st century).


Oh. God.

So with that, I'm going to go eat dinner.

... Wow. That was a bomb shell.


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So on the list of things to rant on tonight: Pandaria Cinematic (squee), "Time Untime" completion (and binding changes), "Elementary" and Sherlock Holmes... everywhere, videogames and storylines, and probably some other things.


So the Pandaria Cinematic came out today, and I was really happy because I didn't have to wait. It was out when I turned on my computer at 10:20. That was fun!

So I watched it, recalling the words of the Blizzard people who said that they really wanted to do more with the Cataclysm cinematic. I agreed... a little. I thought it was pretty nice and I ALWAYS want more with these things.

So I was a little concerned, since I thought that the release date for the next expansion felt a little... rushed. Especially since they're losing people - they might just be speeding things up to keep people playing. Extra speed in something like this isn't always a great thing. I want to play something cool and well-thought-out, not something rushed.

So, even while I dreaded every moment as I watched the time left on the video decrease, this cinematic was a pleasant surprise. It was funny. Something they haven't had since the Burning Crusade cinematic, and even then it wasn't like this. I really enjoyed it :D I still would have liked to have seen more about the Pandaren (and, again, they were all men, sigh), but I think this described the relationships involved in the xpac rather nicely... so it was good.

I thought "Time Untime" was an interesting shift from some of Sherrilyn Kenyon's earlier writing. I don't think it's much of a shift, but, well... there were a few things. It was interesting to see her writing about events in the future. I haven't been up-to-date on her books for very long. I've been doing a lot of catch-up, so most of what I've read has taken place in the past. The relatively recent past, depending on where you're reading, but still the past. This book mostly takes place in December of this year, and the last scene takes place in 2061. It was interesting. There were some other things that just popped up... the way the female characters are becoming more heroic. The continued use of "masculinity" as if it's a firmly defined quality (sigh). And so on. It's not perfect, but, well... She's also filling in some plot holes that I've been curious about. Things about Nick, things that are going on with other characters in the universe (as she does frequently).

[Doctor Who] So this monster in Doctor Who looks like a puppet some people in "America's Got Talent" made. I wonder if they used this as inspiration?

They did something odd with the binding. It was marked as Fiction and not in its old category. I'm curious if they stuck it with the fantasy/SF stuff, rather than what the other books were, because I'm pretty sure that old category still exists. Most of this book is devoted to the fantasy/adventure aspects than the old category. She's actually been making that shift, too. It's interesting. I like it a lot.

So the trailer for "Elementary" is out, and I looked it up... and it looks... interesting. I have to agree with some of the people I was reading comments from. It looks more like just another crime drama, and not a Sherlock Holmes story. If they're not basing it on the books... then what's the point? Just to use the character?

I'm also a little confused. Why exactly is there suddenly an overabundance of Sherlock Holmes adaptations out there? There's BBC's "Sherlock", the Hollywood movie duology, "House", "Bones", "Doctor Who", and now... this. While it's arguable that most any detective series at least partially uses the the Holmes figure in some manner... in reference or actual borrowed personality traits or whatever... this is a little much. It's not "this is some other detecive with their own quirks and personality who just uses similar methods or reasoning"... it's "let's adapt it this way". Heck, there's even an animated version in Japan, apparently. Even "Castle" borrows a little from the Holmes fandom with a principle character who serves as a sort of consultant for the local police department and who knows a great deal of information and people and considers the subject of crime and the people involved to be a sort of game to be solved. Sure, Castle is no Holmes and the female cop is no Watson. But there's that borrowed element. That's what makes "House", "Bones" and "Castle" unique, while still reminiscent of good old Holmes. They borrow elements while making something new. "House" takes place in a hospital (most of the time) and is a medical drama, and even House is a doctor. Bones is very distantly related, from what I've seen, and the "Holmes" character is female (precedent for "Elementary"), and a scientist, doctor, whatever she is, while the "Watson" character is a meat shield, as far as I can see. Castle has an author and a cop, not a detective and a doctor. Heck, in "Doctor Who", the Holmes character is an alien with a time-traveling device! And the Watson character is a scattering of multiple individuals.

Yes, "Doctor Who" borrows the Sherlock Holmes story. Think about it for a moment. It stars someone who doesn't look at life as a life-or-death scenario or as if he has a vested interest in it... beyond his own personal enjoyment. He's a tourist on permanent vacation. Since Holmes doesn't really do anything beyond experiment, do drugs, and solve cases in his spare time... he kind of is on permanent vacation. They both even collect things! Holmes has at least occassionally collected something form his clients (some form of payment, although I'm not certain that he always keeps whatever it happens to be), and the Doctor has often collected souveneirs, from costumes to machine parts to food to people and so on.

Then there's the fact that there is ALWAYS a mystery. ALWAYS. The Doctor can be bored and stumble into it, or be dragged by one enemy or another. There's always something wrong that he has to figure out and then fix. Sure, it isn't a police or detective case OFFICIALLY, but that doesn't make it any less of a mystery and the Doctor and his companions any less of a bunch of detectives.

The Doctor, House, Bones, Castle, and Holmes all know a heck of a lot about whatever it is they're interested in. if they don't know it and it pops into their heads, they are probably spending their free time working on learning about whatever it is. They are all "out there". They all have issues relating properly to people (Castle maybe less so than the others, but again, this is creative license - he's not HOLMES, he's someone's vagueish homage to Holmes). And that is principally due to their intelligence and the fact that they typically sideline romance and friendships for The Next Big Thing in their hunt for knowledge and what they consider "fun" (which typically doesn't align with most other people's definition of the term "fun").

They all have their Watson. The person through which we relate to this Knowledge Giant. Without Watson, Holmes would not be interesting. He would be arrogant and annoying and rude and disgusting and, after a while, boring and formulaic (House is like the longest run How Far Can We Make This Work Without a Watson character around). Watson makes us see him in a different light. And really... Holmes doesn't work without Watson. He can't. He's not entirely vain and he doesn't have much patience, but he does enjoy relating to people what's going on, sort of like a teacher. You could argue whether someone like Watson or an audience ready to shout out "ooh" "ahh" or "what?" is a better companion for him, but that's up to artistic license. Watson is also probably the reason Holmes doesn't just curl up and die. Either from boredom or loneliness.

These stories focus on different facets of Holmes and different ways to look at his character and his Watsons and how he interacts with the world. Most of the newbie Holmes' suffer before they find their Watson. Most of them are distant from the world and life in general before that point. Most of them are crass and fatalistic and seem to have more conversations in their heads than they bother to have with real people. Some of them admit earlier than others that they're lonely. Some use drugs. Some experiment in their free time. Some have an interest in romance. Some can be shocked by other people. Some laugh with others, some just mock and mock and mock and don't even realize what they've done wrong until long after the fact.

While I can't speak for Bones because I don't know the show much, I do know enough about the others to say this: the Doctor is no one without his companions. He can't help but walk up to whoever seems to be set apart from the others in the room (people like himself) and just start up a conversation and have a laugh. He can own the room in a couple minutes, just give him time. He wants to have fun.

House is nothing without his fellow doctors or Wilson. Heck, when no one else is around, he has to talk to a JANITOR.

Castle is greatly depressed and can't write until he meets that cop whose name escapes me -I'm really not that familiar with the show I've only watched episodes 1 and 2 full way through and it was a while ago- and she inspired him and he found something he really, really wanted to do with himself and he found a reason to write again.

And it is a game for all of them. The Doctor moves on a whim. House only solves "interesting" cases. Castle treats things like some kind of TV show from what I saw. And Bones... I have no idea.

Holmes, through artistic license, has been a doctor, a scientist, a cop, a romance/detective fiction writer, a time-traveling immortal alien, and will probably be a heck of a lot more when all's said and done for us.

I like "Sherlock" a lot. I like the movies a lot. I liked "House" for a long time, until it simply became WAY too formulaic and annoying (which was actually quite earlier, it just added in a bunch of other interesting things that made up for all of that).

But this is a little much. I'm not telling people to make up something entirely new (which is arguably nearly impossible, anyway). There are other things out there for people to re-do in the annals of literature history. People re-do and re-do all the same fairy tales and the same myths. I've read, if not all of them, a great big chunk of the Brother's Grimm fairy tales. There's a great deal more than Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel. And people still aren't even touching on some of the more common adaptations. The Cupid and Psyche fairy tale is rather commonly reused, yet I haven't seen any animated or live-action versions. There are so many stories from a great number of mythos families that it's just... ridiculous that they don't take advantage of this.

[Doctor Who] Have I mentioned yet that I'm going to be really, really, really happy once I'm done with the William Hartnell years? Oh, I know Dad's missing nine or so episodes... but I'll be taking those as singles, not this, William Hartnell, William hartnell, William Hartnell, William Hartnell, old-ass UGHness...

This looks like a different Sherlock. Of course. Another Sherlock in the present day. And, for some reason, in the US. I guess it's another rogue element? Heck, "House", "Castle", and "Bones" take place here. Why not be more direct with references?

I'm interested in seeing how it turns out. I think it could be really good.

Or it could be really bad.

You know... there's a thing with some video games. I'm more interested in the story than playing them. Which typically means my curiousity is satisfied when I've played it through once and really deters me from buying them because when you buy a video game, your money's worth is earned when you play it more than once (at least for me; when I get it and then play it through and then leave it untouched like a number of games on my comp, well...). So personally I just like watching other people play so I can see the story play out. It's kind of like reading a book or watching a movie. Plus it's an excuse to save money "you're only going to play it through once, so why bother?" Which means I don't buy many anymore cause, well... the only thing I make time to play often is WoW. And Diablo, if I'm REALLY bored...

So I'm seeing all this hullaballoo about the Assassin's Creed series, which I find at least interesting (I'm not saying it's perfect, it just interesting). And... the library only has three of the books. Not even the first three books. Just three of them. They're at least in order, I suppose.

[Doctor Who] Wow, the Doctor is pretty mean.

Gonna watch one episode of YST, take a shower, and go to bed. Night then.


Jul. 8th, 2012 11:38 pm
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So I noticed another thing. There's this trend in shows for skinny women to like overweight men. But I don't often see the reverse. In fact I can't really recall anything other than "Hairspray" where that actually happens... and since "Hairspray is a sort of parody of everything... I don't think that's a great example.

Matt Smith must be very intimidating when he's being the Doctor. I've read and watched a number of interviews and back-stage videos and other things... the man is rather silly and apparently highly accident prone (self-admitted, along with crew commentary)... and he's very sweet according to these same things. Just watching him doing his Doctor routine and it doesn't sound like a guy who uses a puppet badger to attack his own face. It looks very intimidating.

I've got a theory.

So the best actors (people-wise), are, in my experience (because you can trust things you watch on television, right?), the antagonists.

I have a couple theories about this. One of them is that people who are good at playing antagonists and villains, but are really sweethearts IRL a) have a lot of held-back rage they just reach to when they need it for stuff, b) are just very good at being mean and spend the rest of their time off-set being as nice as they can to apologize to their fellows actors for acting like asses on-set (also because they don't want the reputation of being an ass), and c) they lived their entire life secretly wishing to be a cheesy evil character, so they play it out as much as they can.

I have to stand around waiting for my conditioner to do its work for three minutes every day when I take a shower. I have to think of SOMETHING!

Of course, the secondary protagonists also tend to be the best people, too.

Being a decent person, even if they're the same as they're portrayed in interviews and back-stage stuff... is a relevant term. I think it just goes against the childhood notion that people act in real life like they do on the screen. Which is very confusing when you begin to take note of how many actors have played "both sides of the coin". It has to do with learning about gray and so on. So this is probably more of "oh, they can make actually humorous jokes without cruel jibes with other actors on the set, including the goodie-goodies".

They had railings in medieval England? You know I never even considered that before. When exactly were railings invented? How old are they?

The Merlin extras must have loved chucking veggies at the titular character in the first episode.

I don't really have anything to write here. I felt like writing something and I'm putting off getting as much of "A Song of Ice and Fire" book 3 read as possible before the end of tomorrow and I felt like writing and the first three seasons of "Merlin" are on Netflix and Methur fans keep spamming my dashboard and... sigh... today was weird. And I don't really know what to think of it.

And Arthur just owned Merlin with a broom. That's pretty BA. And no wonder there are Methur fanatics. I'm reading way too much into this, THANK YOU Methur fanatics.

I think I'm going to read this chapter of "Embers", some more of that book... and maybe finish this episode. I might do that tomorrow because this is interesting but it's a little silly and the Methur commentary going on in my head (which creeps me out enough on tumblr) is getting irritating.

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I am most definitely watching Charmed. I'm in season 2 now. I don't really know why I like the show. The cast isn't spectacular, but they're good and they're growing on me. I wasn't in love with the protagonists, in particular. I found Phoebe annoying and Prue overly cliched. Piper was the one character I actually liked from watching the bits I saw before and she still is the only one I really like... but the others are growing. Now that Phoebe is growing in her use of martial arts, she's becoming fun. The story-writing is also improving a bit. It's a slow process, but they're still in the 90s. Have to give em a break.

I also finished "To Reign in Hell." I thought it was good. I was a little disappointed that it's not like Brust's Dragaera books (particularly in the humor department), but that was expected from what I read before reading the story itself. It was quite nicely written.

The new episode of Supernatural came out. Bobby gained the ability to manifest. Not much else happened.

I've been mostly doing a lot of school writing. Trying to chill. I've had headaches for the past five days and I'm just trying to get some sleep when I can. Missed too much and I think that's the cause of my headaches. And my eyes burning.

Perhaps the funniest thing about Charmed is the fashion sense. I have friends who focused on fashion in school, so I'm aware of the whole trends changing business. Just watching this show, it's obvious that trends can change relatively quickly. Admittedly, it's been a decade. I suppose fashions can change that fast... although with the way we work trends now, it's pretty obvious that things can change fast. Look how fast the iPod got taken up. Although that's not fashion...

Anyway, the stuff they wear in this show is hilarious. Tops, jewelry, fur, "gangsta" clothing, and so on.

One of the thing that I'm kind of jealous of in this show is watching the sisters interact with each other. It reminds me of a much closer interaction between my mom and her sister. The sisters are all just... so incredibly close with each other. On the one hand, I really wish I was that way with my sister. I find that I can go for days without remembering that I have a sister. And on the other hand, it makes me miss my sister. I am 95% certain that once I reacquainted myself with my sister, that I would immediately stop missing her. This is one of those "I wish things could have been..." Oh why, cruel world, is life not like it is on television?

I guess the only solution is that once I hit 26, she and her husband will have to move in with me and we'll discover how much we truly care about each other after receiving magical abilities from some dead relative. Apparently it greatly improves one's sex life. It probably helps when you live in a town filled with loads and loads of hot guys.

I'm getting hungry. Later.
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So I was vastly productive this weekend. Watched all of "Once Upon a Time"... cause that was a great way to spend my time!

I did get inspiration for re-writing that short story I have to turn in my final portfolio from watching it so... it's not all that bad. And I really like the show. The story (at least the fantasy side) is pretty awesome. And there's lots of hot guys on the show so... eheh. And Robert Carlyle (who plays Rumplestilskin/Mr. Gold) is simple AMAZING. I liked him on SGU (Dr. Rush), but he just shines here. Lana Parrilla (who plays the Evil Queen/Regina) is also pretty good. I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Morrison (the protagonist) or Mary Margeret Blancherd (Snow White's RL personality), but otherwise, the cast is pretty decent all around.

So I was watching a video on YouTube and they had an advertisement for some game called Prototype 2 or something and the song in the background was "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails (originally). But this was the famous cover version by Johnny Cash (at least I think it's famous). It was popular enough to make the band stop playing it on tour because it simply wouldn't be as good as Cash (according to YouTube, anyway).

Anyway, I liked the song but I remembered hearing it somewhere else (which most likely includes the radio). I looked it up and it played during a "Criminal Minds" episode, during which Reid was, well, being Reid. This was the episode where you see him come out of the addicts meeting and get the coin from the AA guy. I remember that being a good episode. I'm pretty sure this is where I'm remembering it from, but I could be wrong.

So I've basically been on a "Hurt" (Johnny Cash version) binge for the past... three hours. I have probably listened to this song ten or more times by now ("So little?" "I know, right?").

I found a really good "Doctor Who" Hurt video. You know, I feel like I found one that used the song a long time ago... that might be another place I'm remembering it from.

I also found a good "Once Upon a Time" Rumplestiltskin Hurt video.

I think that this song is absolutely perfect for Doctor Who and Rumple. It would also be good for Regina (I'd love to see that). Admittedly, she doesn't seem to show a lot of remorse that I can recall... but there are moments. She certainly has them with Henry. And seriously, I think she's going to end up killing Henry once she realizes whose grandson and great-grandson he is.

A Sam Winchester video would probably be good for this. Actually... Sam, Dean, and Cas would be great for this. Bobby, too. I think an all-around "Boys of Supernatural" Hurt video is a good idea. Sam and Cas are the best for it, but it could work for the other two.

An overall "Once Upon a Time" Hurt video would work. There's a lot of lying, miscommunication, regret, guilt, people leaving and sadness in that show. It would be great. And sad. So it would be beautiful! Heck, Snow WhitexPrince Charming, GrumpyxNova, Regina, Henry, EmmaxGraham/the Huntsman, Kathryn, RumplexBelle, RumplexBae (I think it's August, too)... there's lots of material here.

Although I am SERIOUSLY losing interest in "Grimm", I think that Nick would be a great candidate for a Hurt video. Well... an okay candidate.

It honestly couldn't work for everyone. I think. A lot of shows would have to be overall characters. Stargate would be a great one. Not Atlantis, but the original. SGU might be good, too. I think Daniel and Oneill would be good single candidates. Andromeda would probably also make a good one but I don't know enough about the characters.

Really wish I could make music videos. Future project, I guess. When I find the time, inspiration, and, well... develop skill.

The biggest problem with all of this is that I rewatched that clip from "Criminal Minds"... and I remember when I was like, in love with Reid. I still like him, but I have an issue with a show that has come to the conclusion that "oh, making this popular character be in pain brings in fans - let's center episodes around that".... which is basically the plot of everything... well, "Criminal Minds" was also REALLY depressing as an overall "message on humanity" or whatever. I got out while I could and now I just wanna go back and rewatch the good early days...

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Yanno I have no idea. Probably more than a day (seriously). I remember a couple of summers ago, when I took summer school so I could skip a year of math, I did nothing but watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer which my dad had bought (all the seasons) and I had never seen straight through or even fully. Episode after episode after episode...sitting on my butt. Watching tv. Ugh. Now, with Angel, I watch it only while I work out.

I watched the Extended Editions of LOTR straight through in order one day. And the complete Star Wars series.

I used to spend most of the day watching just regular tv, too. But it....holds no interest for me, now. A) there's usually nothing good on, B) if I really want to watch something, I'll record it and watch during a meal, and C) I have other stuff I'd rather be doing. Seriously.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Hmm... probly Buffy and Angel. Or Mal and Inara (from "Firefly"). It's tough to pick. But if I'm going into Firefly charas there's also Wash and Zoe, who are totally hilarious as a military women/housewife w/ pilot/comedian. And Wash is just hilarious on his own. They work so well together.

Mal and Inara are also hilarious. They never "officially" became a couple, but they clearly are headed in that direction and Serenity just added to that romantic/sarcastic/comedic tension between them (I loved it xD!!!).

Buffy and Angel are just cute together. Maybe it's just cause he's hot... (okay... MOSTLY cause he's effing hot) and I gets empathy for the hotties and he and Buffy got that connection, yaknow? Grr AngelxDarla. Grrr. Go away! BuffyxAngel 4ever!

MarkusxIvanova are also a good not-quite-couple couple. xD I luvs u Markus! You rock!!!! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE??? WHY!!!!!!!

But seriously. They're both funny with the romantic tension and he's cute as a gentlemen dude, and just effing hilarious.

DoctorxRose was also a good one. Second-current season. He's just one HELL of an actor, and they were (yet again) just cute together. It was so sad! :(

Doctor Bashir/Dax (I forgot the new one's name) was also cute. I'm sorry, but the scene where she tells him something like, "If it hadn't been for Warf, it would've been you," just killed me. Beautiful. And sad. Hearts for Julian! Hearts hearts hearts! (I am also referring to 2nd Dax x Bashir, not first - she was too... muscly to be cute with Bashir in my opinion and she definitely worked better with Warf - another cutey couple). Although... thinking of Bashir reminds me of the episode where he and Kira... well... lol, I LOVE THAT episode... And Sisko stopped Bashir from escorting Kira to her room... lol

Hmm... anyone else... oh yeah, B'Elanna (didn't know that's how it was spelled) and Paris. xD!!! he's cute and they're funny and sweet together.

Hmm... Daniel and Vala are meh with me. Episode 200 really got me more towards them, just cause it was sweet. xD hearts for teh DanxVala!

um.... I think KatexSawyer had me more than... erm... whatever his facexKate. Maybe cause Sawyer has long hair, I suppose... but I like him more, I think. I don't really like Kate (ignoring other dude cause he's a spaz, paranoid, and just... irritating). Maybe it's the actress... like she puts off this mood of wanting to take control but not being able to do anything. I don't know. Just don't like her.

Oddly enough, I never was big into AragornxArwen. Much as I love Viggo in that movie (xDxDxDxDxD!!!! -fangirl squeeeeee!!!!-) I never was big. Another sweet pretty couple.. but not really. And I'm actually kinda feeling pity for Tyler. She has to kiss cigarette mouth. Blech.

Hmm...I think that's it. I don't think cartoon couples count (which would also include anime, since it's stuff on tv). But if they did... I surprisingly have very few actual "favorites". All the common ones I identity are just that... common, kinda cute, but not really... "favorites".

JohnxShayera was pretty cute, I guess. Especially after she took the stupid helm off. She looks MUCH better without it. Although I liked her better with her armor instead of street stuff. And John.. shaved... his head... I don't know... I guess he looks better. Although... there are so many cute JL/JLU couples I like it's sad... AND IT IS A TV SHOW DON'T YOU GET ME STARTED... QuestionxHuntress and CanaryxGreen Arrow being two particular ones. You know... I think I liked TerryxDana more cause of the whole batman romantic theme. It's cliche but sweet.

Anyway... shutting and bedtime.
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I finished “Galaxy Railways”. I do not like that Bruce died, or that Captain Murase died. I feel bad for Julia. Although they did not have the most character development as a couple or anything, since things are miserable in this anime I guess it would be nice if something good happened, and now it will not. I am also annoyed that Louise and Manabe did not kiss, although it is neat that he said “I love you.” Overall I liked it. I need to watch it in subs because the dub version has its ups and downs.

“Heroes” was good, too. Nathan is Claire’s dad. That is surprising. Although it means that Peter isn’t really a pervert by taking care of her since he’s family, although I guess now Claire should really not have a crush on him. Peter is having a really bad string of events, but damn it all if Milo Ventimiglia isn’t majorly attractive.

I did the stupid egg experiment. I made a bright blue egg and a cube. It was cool. I did not eat it.
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We watched the tape of our concert and I got my sweatshirt and t-shirt. The sweatshirt looks like it’s eating up Lyna when she puts it on. And Diana's hood is way too big.

Dad took me to Mom's and I picked up "Quest for Camelot" and Dad took us home.

Dad ordered Pei Wei and went to get it. Then I watched "Quest for Camelot", which was good.

Now I'm watching “Skyland”, which is pretty good.
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Daddy came home, and he got the wrong thing in the mail. Then he made the cinnamon buns. They were good. I had one. Daddy had three.

Then I made my dinner (the buns were finished around 11:20 something, and we expected them to be our breakfast) and read some “Honor”. Then I played some more “Tomb Raider: Chronicles”. I'm at the Sub levels now.
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Becca really helped me study. She taught me 6 or 7 of the countries. It may not seem like much, but that really helped! I'm serious! I'm really thankful, and she's promised to help me for the rest of the week.

We watched more of “October Sky” in Biology. I like it, but it's very depressing. For once, I totally agree with Eda.

On “Lost”, Sawyer and Kate kissed. It was cute. Jack is in a fix, though. I think he's faking it all, and just biding his time. Learning to let go of some of his stubbornness in order to make them let their guard down and let him get close to them. That's my theory, anyway.
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The barbeque was canceled because Uncle BG couldn't come, so I called Dad and told him so.

Around 5ish, I started watching “Kim Possible: A Sitch in Time”.

I stopped halfway, and went downstairs for steak, chip + salsa, and some ice-cream. I read some and watched some of “Siege”. It was interesting.
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I’ve been back from Georgia for over 24 hours. We got back three hours early! I was really surprised at that. Although we did just pick up breakfast at McDonalds and get appetizers (mainly) for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch. We left around 6 and we didn't get stuck in traffic at all.

I finished "The Complete Life's Little Instruction Book" today and I'm barely through “Grimm's Tales”. It is an extremely racist and Christian book. I still want to finish it, though because of personal pride.

I watched the two new “Stargate” episodes from last night along with the last episode of “Stargate” from last season that I missed.

It IS blue

Jul. 26th, 2006 09:54 pm
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No one was home, so I just read. Nice and quiet. I still have 400+ pages to read.

Then Heather came home and turned the TV on. What a surprise. Dad and I went to get Simba food and went to Long John Silvers.

Then we went to REI so Dad could sign up for an outdoor picture taking class of some sort. Dad also got one of those foldable, squishable pillow things that are the size of your hands and I got a sleeping mat. It's Orange, and folds.

Then we came home. We watched part of an “Addam's Family” marathon, and Heather left. Then I ate dinner, read some more of “The Iliad” and watched “Howl's Moving Castle”. I knew it! It is blue! I never doubted myself! Back at you Jazz!

Playing with Daddy's new DVD player.
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I have watched "Princess Mononoke" 8 times straight and once on tv!

Spring Break started yesterday.

I watched "The Legend of the Rangers", and the first "Doctor Who" episode. It was actually two episodes, really. I think they redid it, that's why there were two slightly different versions. That's my theory anyway. Dad thinks so, too, seeing as they don't say so on the box. I still have to watch the 2nd, and 3rd, though. That's for the week.

I finally started "Angel of Darkness" again. It's okay, once I know what I'm doing. The controls still suck, though.

I watched some "V for Vendetta" trailers last night and I downloaded one onto my iPod. I don't know how many I times I watched the trailers. It's got some hot shots of V. Hugo Weaving is pretty hot when he's dressed up as V. I guess that should be concerning since his face is covered by the creepy mask, he's wearing a pretty unconvincing wig and he's otherwise completely covered. Ah well.
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Yesterday when I got up I was listening to Mom and Heather argue. Normal morning at my Mom's house. It's different at Dad's. Here, everyone talks too much. There, everyone talks too little.

I went to the mall with Mom and Heather. Mom and I went to the bank and we both got money and then we went to the mall. We met up with Heather, and we went our separate ways. I went to Borders Express for like 2-3 hours. It was nice. Although I spent like, the last hour trying to decide whether to buy a book or not. I should've bought one of them. Now I'm even more unsure of the fact that I still want the drawing book, although I'm glad I waited. It's almost half price online, and it'll be new too, not that tattered piece of crap I picked up at the store.

After Heather called me on my phone, twice, I met up with Mom and Heather had left. She got a smoothie while I peaked into Hot Topic. Looked around, left as soon as Mom came by. She had this curious look on her face.

We met up with Mike had Hunan. We stopped by that really ugly looking pottery store. There were some nice things in there and everything looked bright, but I don't like old-looking stores.

Mike left on the bike and Mom and I stopped at the rose place, and then we went to Ulta or whatever, and then we cracked up at the McDonald's drive through. I said you can get a Mcshake. And then Mom said something else and then, while Mom was paying, I was randomly saying, you got any mcchange, Mom? You gonna open the mcdoor, Mom? She kept telling me to shut up (we were cracking up, she didn't mean it rudely) but the damage was done. I think the guy at the cashier was staring at us. I got a Mcflurry, and Mom got a "Mcshake". Then we went home.

Mike made dinner. It was good. Usually is. Then I finished my ice cream while Mom watched TV. Thank the heavens she didn't turn it off when she left. I decided to check on the tube and see what was on cartoon network. It was the month of Miyazaki. I remembered that I thought the commercial for this week's movie was cool, so I stayed sat, and waited till the movie came back. I thought it looked interesting, and stayed during the next commercial break. I went to the bathroom two or so breaks later. After that, a break later, I got my journal, so I could do something useful while I watched. I just... couldn't leave. The story was too good. And when Ashitaka got shot... I knew I couldn't leave... it just... got me... right there. I watched it. The music is beautiful too. I asked Mom if she would get it for me. She said okay. My life is more complete.

Today was Hebrewschool. Friends, making brownies and kugel (blech).
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Okay, I wish to state here, and now, that I think that Willow is the first "child" of Earthsong.

I have had this theory for a while, and just so that I can prove I did, I am stating it here. I think a lot of other people probably think this too, but I want the world to know that I do not know that for sure, and I just seriously think that without anyone else's intervention. Reasons:

1) Willow has no remnant, no memory of her life, meaning she might not have one

2) Willow was found under a tree that is the same color as her skin, with leaves the same color as her dress

3) Willow has eyes the same color as Earthsong's manifest stone

4) Willow can touch Earthsong's manifest stone without fazing, which means that she could have similiar powers which have no effect on her

5) Willow has the same color ensemble as Earthsong

I also finished "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" today.
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The festival was pretty simple. It didn't really seem like I was there.

Been watching "Buffy" pretty much all day. I only have 3 discs left in the 7th season. Now, I only have 10 episodes left. I should be finished by tomorow.

I also watched "Starship Operators" today. It was good. I really like the animation. It's also a pretty decent plot.

We saw the new "Doctor Who" in Friday. Two episodes. It was pretty cool.
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I am still coughing

I don't think I still have a fever, but I recently hacked up Chick-Fil-A.

It was sorta embarrassing. At least it was a Thursday.

I am watching "Time Tunnel" now. It is really sad.
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Jazz is over right now.

We are watching "Nausicaa". It's good like its always been. Its a great movie.

Instead of going bowling like we planned, Dad dropped us off at Fair Oaks. It was like birthday Saturday at the bowling alley. No free spaces and Dad said there was a line. So we went to the mall. We went to Borders Express first. "Fullmetal Alchemist" 6 finally got on the shelves. I bought it. Jazz bought a book.

Went to Chick-Fil-A. Then we went to Hot Topic, before and after Chick-Fil-A. We didn't get anything. It wasn't very interesting.

We went to Fye and I got "The Producers" CD.

We the ice-cream place. Jazz got some ice-cream. Then we went to Hallmark. We didn't get anything there either.

Then I called Daddy and we went outside to read.

Then Dad picked us up, and took us home. We finished watching the first "Firefly" episode we had started before we left. We also played Monopoly. After we finished that I cut some strawberries and we had a phone talk with our dads. Then Jazz and I started playing Risk. It makes so much sense now. Then Daddy came back and he had groceries. Then Jazz and I played more Risk and Daddy gave me a cough drop. I think it really helped my cough.

Then we went to Don Pablo's and Heather met us there. We had lots of food after waiting for it for a while.

Then we went home. Jazz and I are almost done playing Risk... I think. Oh, I won monopoly.

We're about to watch "Fullmetal Alchemist".


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