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It really doesn't. There are other things I would rather discuss than some of the things that happened today.

The majority of the day was fine. I spent a lot of time with my mother. We hung out. I played with my cats. I made progress in my book. A new episode of CodeMent came out. Two new episodes of Hank & Katherine & Michael & Charlie Play Super Mario Bros Wii came out.

So my stepfather went batshit crazy. We were going to take my mother out, and, walking out, she reminded him of something he forgot to do in the house. This somehow made him completely lose it. He ended up forcibly holding the door closed from the inside in an attempt to stop me from getting out and joining her in the garage, even when I told him to move.

It was rather scary. So far, these arguments haven't been physical. That's the only reason the police haven't been notified. Today he nearly stepped over that boundary.

Not much else has happened. I've been playing a lot of Diablo 3. Now that I know how to play it... it's actually enjoyable. I've been doing a lot of achievement completion while I get through Nightmare mode. While it would twenty times easier and more sensible to just go back and do it on Normal... I'm planning to do Nightmare difficulty anyway, so I might as well get two birds with one stone. Or like... 10,001 birds with one stone. There are a ridiculous number of achievements, even when you're just looking at the ones I'm focusing on, which include exploration (dungeons, principally), event completion, book reading (there are three book achievements in every act, as far as I'm aware, and I've completed a grand total of one out of twelve), conversation achievements (I've completed... I think two out of eight), dye achievements (one of which requires five dyes from every difficulty; I suppose I could POTENTIALLY finish it, assuming all I need to do is get to New Tristram at the beginning of Inferno difficulty)... and a weird achievement where I need to buy certain items from merchants. Which sucks because, as in WoW, items lose SIGNIFICANT value once you buy them from merchants. For example, items costing around 5000 gold sell back for about 238 gold. It's annoying.

Anyway. Later.
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The trip was...


Well, it was. It's over now.

Got back, went through about fifteen emails on my school email, six chapters of silly manga that I only read so that someday I will know they are over and done with, a gaggle of webcomics with backlog... most importantly, "Spinnerette" and "Grim and Mandy", the only two of which I remember being of any value.

I got on WoW for a spell. Spoke to the guild mom. Apparently the plan was to put me on rotation when they're done with progression, on account of my lag and something else I can't remember. I think she was trying to word "you aren't doing as much as you should be with the gear you have" without actually spelling it out to me, to be nice. I can't say that knowing that I probably won't see the inside of a raid other than maybe Baradin Hold for a month or more, or perhaps ever, brings me grief. I'm rather happy the task of asking to be taken out of the regular raid has been taken out of my hands, for all the grief the whole business has given me.

I also took the "initiative", and told her about how quitting has been sitting on my mind for a time, that I only stayed because I love all the people in the guild so much and I love playing with them (the ones I know anyway, not all the initiates and newbies and such). So that's done.

The bad thing about this is that although there is now less of a reason for me to be on, there is now less of a push for me to come out and say "I quit" because I can't take it anymore. Now it's down to "do you enjoy playing at all?". A question I can't actually say no to. There are dailies which suck, yes, but I would enjoy leveling my druid and death knight up to 85 and maybe making another Worgen or Draenei, cause I do love both those starting areas.

I also stayed up late talking to a friend about "Looking For Group", which I suppose must be added to the three webcomics of importance, since it was actually funny for once.

I didn't eat anything from 11:30 AM yesterday until about 11:50 AM today. I don't count the four starburst I had around midnight. I could, I suppose. I'll say "I ate four starbursts in 24 hours." There.

And I stayed up till 1:40 AM and woke up around 8:30. I finished that last Dark-Hunter short story and started the second "Chronicles of Nick". Played some Pokemon. I have a Flareon now! I also organized. That's about it. After that I went and met up with Dad and his wife at the theater to see "Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 2". It was rather good, actually. The ending was um.... interesting. What they did with the Epilogue. They basically took the actors and "aged" them. I think they reasoned that people could take it any number of ways: 1) It's the same character, just older and the face is there to make you remember who it is, 2)  People wouldn't get it if you had some different actors playing the parts and 3) It would be neat enough as it looked. Honestly it wasn't so bad. A little strange... probably because they gave some adults the faces of teenagers, who haven't fully developed their faces yet. Ginny was especially creepy. Malfoy was supposed to look funny and Ron wasn't so bad. Harry was weird because a little voice in the back of my head kept saying "But he's SHORT in real life".

It was weird, but eh. Cute. And strange. And a little alarming. I blame watching a Disney movie in thinking in "Beauty and the Beast".

Overall, though, the movie was pretty good. They didn't actually have Ron kill Nagini, which it at first sounded like they were going to do.

It's just funny that Neville's so tall.

People cried when we saw Fred's body and the bodies of Tonks and Remus and such. Even when Severus died. But then when Voldemort died, everyone was silent, which is a dur, I know. But there was this one person behind us who cried out "Oh no! Not Voldemort!" Or something. It was funny. Kind of made the rather dramatic (and well-done, despite being off-story) moment a little anti-climactic.

So they had a full-length trailer for the next "Sherlock Holmes", a teaser for "Batman Rises", and a trailer for a revamped "Thundercats" series which looks NEAT. But I agree with this second-highest comment person: "WHERE THE FUCK IS PANTHRO?" It's not like they'd be the first show with the token black person. Have I NOT gone over this before? EVERY show is doing it now. According to the ever unbiased absolutely true wikipedia, Panthro is a confirmed character. Les hava looksee somewheres elsewhere. Well it does also list an actor who's going to be his voice actor so... maybe this is legit.

So i just found a website with a picture of the main cast. Well, some of them anyway. it's got Lion-O, Tigra, Cheetara, Snarf, and a very beefed out Panthro. I think we have a winner. Woot.

Aight I'm done. Off to new horizons.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]CENTIPEDE!!! Ksaaaaaaa!!! XD

It was the most colorful over-pixelated "arcade" game I knew (that I also happened to be good at). I loved it XD I loved the noises and the music and I loved the color coordination lol. I liked pacman but I sucked so I only really got to see it when my sister played it, which was seldom enough as we grew up.

Super Mario Bros. (for the gameboy color) was also a favorite XD. I loved all the different backgrounds. But centipede was never so hard, complicated, or aggravating, overall.
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It actually isn't even close to as bad as it sounds, when reading the title. When I read the summary about extremely brief nudity that didn't show anything, I actually thought there was going to be something bad in it. But then, when looking over it all, the only part that can be considered "nudity" is when Joe has his shirt off. That's it. Nothing else. The title is kind of creepy, though. I wonder if they cut something from the televised broadcast? I don’t know what, though.

I woke up around 6. Huzzah. Day off, and Mike and Mom wake me up. I went back to sleep. Dad called around 7 to ask if I was ready to be picked up. I told him it was a Teacher Work Day (which I've said before, numerous times) and then went back to sleep. Gave up around 8, and went and had breakfast. Turned on the computer, got packed, and went outside to wait for Dad.

When I got to Dad’s house I did some homework. I made a tuna helper for lunch and had one of the cookies and cream health bar things for dessert. I know it’s not a dessert; it just tastes good, and I don't have any other use for them anyway. I watched the “Naruto” and “Fullmetal Alchemist” episodes I had Tivo record for me. They were very good and interesting. Then I did some more homework, and played some “Tony Hawk: Pro Skater 3”.

I read for a while and then “Cyborg 009” arrived! Eventually, Dad left for his dinner. I warmed up what was left of the tuna for dinner, had an apple, some roasted peanuts, and water for dinner as I watched my DVDs. I really liked it, but it’s still only eight episodes of a 52 episode series, which is depressing. I can’t even get the rest of the series in Japanese unless you get unofficial versions online. I really wish they would release the whole series on DVD. I don’t even think they did that in Japan. For all its faults, “Cyborg 009” (2001) is a good series. The animation is pretty good, the voice acting is good, the plots are fine, and it had a decent following as far as I can tell.

Then I watched tonight's “Naruto” episode. I've seen this part before, but I like this part of the series. I'm starting to reconvince myself about buying the season, and “Fullmetal Alchemist”, as well.
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Mike made Mom lunch and biscuits. I got one, and finished the last two years of "Grim Fandango". Still love that game!

I also read an interesting fanfic for SladexNightwing.

I finished "The Claw of the Conciliator". Interesting book. Severian obviously doesn't really hold much respect for the women he cares about, but likes sex a WHOLE lot.

I watched some of "Pride and Prejudice" with Mom.
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Daddy came home, and he got the wrong thing in the mail. Then he made the cinnamon buns. They were good. I had one. Daddy had three.

Then I made my dinner (the buns were finished around 11:20 something, and we expected them to be our breakfast) and read some “Honor”. Then I played some more “Tomb Raider: Chronicles”. I'm at the Sub levels now.
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Now I just have to finish the last two “Nancy Drew”s, “Marley and Me”, “Howl's Moving Castle” (the book), “The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales”, The ENTIRE “Honor Harrington” series (including both spinoffs), the “Dune” series, the “Myst” series, the “Foreigner” series, most of the Classics in Dad's library, “Wicked”, and “Gone With The Wind”/”Scarlet”, and who knows what else.

I also want to read through my “Life's Little Instruction Book” before I start.

I read “Dune”, “Dune Messiah”, and “Children of Dune”. I liked the movies better. They were much easier to understand. Those books are the reason I almost gave up on science fiction. “Honor” is hard enough, at times, but those books! After reading through “Honor” (and the first “Myst”), I decided to read the entire “Dune” series.

“Myst” is a curiosity. I haven't finished “Myst” 3, the game, and I've always been watching Dad play the other games, although, less now. I always though the “Myst” games were the coolest thing after “Tomb Raider”, so I decided to read the books. I read the first one. It wasn’t amazing, but it was okay. And I regret not finishing the series then. Unlike “Dune”, though, I got what was going on.

The “Foreigner” series is just a group of books that always seem to catch my eye when I turn around as I work on the computer at Dad's. And I keep seeing later books from the series pop up around the apartment, so, that's my next series to go to.

I would like to read “Gone With the Wind” and its sequel because I love the movie so much. I would also like to read “The Grapes of Wrath”, since I've been hearing about it so much. I want to see what all the hubbub is about. I would also like to read “Moby Dick”, which I've been curious about. Oh, and “The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress”.

I ran more than yesterday on the climber. Finished some “Yoroiden Samurai Troopers” episodes. Getting into the good ones. Oh... I'll have to go through the one where it's just Ryo running around the whole time, asking himself over and over what he should do. That is probably the worse episode. Oh well. Maybe I'll watch that in my room.


Jul. 27th, 2006 07:58 pm
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I finished “Oni” for like the third time straight through.

This time I went all the way through using God mode, Invisibility (most of the way), unlimited ammo, my favorite gun (doesn't come around till the fourth or fifth level, and it’s a one-hit kill), and unstoppable, which means I can't be knocked down or paralyzed. I used the permanent Daoden power for the last level/area. I was an invisible purple snowwoman on a killing spree in the mountains. Nothing cooler than that. There were also these purple floating dots that followed me around during that. They were cute. The weird thing about that level, though, is that it starts out with you just falling out of the sky. Literally. No plane. No parachute. Nothing. You just fall, and land on the ground with a small boom, forming a crack. Wish that could happen in real life. It’s just cool-looking.

I never used the super fists. Never. I learned two of her cool moves, though, which I could never figure out before. The only problem is that you practically have to be right under the enemy’s nose for them to work.

I walked with Dad to get Chinese. It really isn't far. But it was hot, so that kind of made up for the length. I read some more of my stupid book. I have 462 pages left. Including the one I'm on. I guess it's probably because I've been basically reading only five pages a day since I came to Dad's.

I played some “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”. I got Aragorn over level 10 and Frodo over 7. I watched “Princess Mononoke” after Heather finally left. I nearly gagged to death on the amount of perfume she left in the air. She puts on way too much of that crap. It smells nice, but it's nasty when there's too much. I finished one of my drawings today. I have named it, "What's a Hero For?" as I could find no other name to give it. It has no particular purpose. Just a practice with giving a character wings, working on feet positioning, which came out really well, and playing with how I draw hair. I'm actually pretty proud of my drawing. I know I can do a better job next time, but I really like it.
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“Earthsong” is finally being prepared to ship!

I bought some music, ate breakfast, watched “Anastasia”, played “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”, won some levels, watched some “Highlander”.

I forgot my Mexican leftovers at Dad’s. He’s going camping so he might not eat it…

Anyway, I'm getting through “Searching for Dragons”. It's really good. I need to give Mom her present soon.
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We saw "V for Vendetta" today. It was an awesome movie.

There's a new "Tomb Raider" out, although we have to wait a while for it to get out on Mac, and Dad got his iPod, which was really fast.
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I have watched "Princess Mononoke" 8 times straight and once on tv!

Spring Break started yesterday.

I watched "The Legend of the Rangers", and the first "Doctor Who" episode. It was actually two episodes, really. I think they redid it, that's why there were two slightly different versions. That's my theory anyway. Dad thinks so, too, seeing as they don't say so on the box. I still have to watch the 2nd, and 3rd, though. That's for the week.

I finally started "Angel of Darkness" again. It's okay, once I know what I'm doing. The controls still suck, though.

I watched some "V for Vendetta" trailers last night and I downloaded one onto my iPod. I don't know how many I times I watched the trailers. It's got some hot shots of V. Hugo Weaving is pretty hot when he's dressed up as V. I guess that should be concerning since his face is covered by the creepy mask, he's wearing a pretty unconvincing wig and he's otherwise completely covered. Ah well.
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I woke up around 8ish. I played on the computer and ate some strawberries.

I watched some "Buffy" before dad took me to Hebrewschool.

I made a badly made hat, but talking to Ally, Anna, Elyse, and computer, even sans Elliott, was nice.

I didn't get to put the pom pom on it. Mrs. Rhetting did.

Dad picked me up. I had some skittles, besides the cookies and chips we got at Hebrewschool. I must have gained 20 lbs today.

Daddy and I got some KFC (popcorn chicken!), and I watched some more "Buffy", played some more "Tony Hawk", and Daddy took me to Mom's. We also played with the robot vc before and after Hebrewschool.
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We just came back from seeing "The Producers". It was funny and weird. I just kept seeing Inspector Gadget instead of Leo Bloom.

I finally defeated the champion in "Pokemon Sapphire"!

I must return to my comics... to my writing... my singing... my games... my cats... my violin... my stuff!
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There wasn't any reason for the early closing and our concert was rescheduled. I don't know if I should be happy or not.

I'm watching "Two Towers" now. I forgot how many hot actors there were. Whenever I watch Peter Jackon's LOTR trilogy I get the urge to write something. Something bloody and full of fire and adventure. Something to make your heart stir and beat really, really fast.

I unlocked the Tokyo level in "Tony Hawk" today. That was nice, but the level is just another medal level, which is disappointing. I also completed two more levels. Dad also reset marbleblast. I forgot how many of the levels I have all the high scores on.

I had a whole lot of homework today. I managed to finish it in a short time though, and all before dinner. That's almost odd for me.

Watching the Smeagol/Gollum scene now. I gotta play something to keep my hands busy.
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Today we saw Rodger and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" at Woodson. It was okay, but the ending was really lame.

I also got my hair done and borrowed "Batman" from Daddy. I'm going to watch it tomorrow.

I'm also like four or five levels away from the end of "Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation". I can't wait till Thursday when I can finally finish it.

We went to Pho and then Otani today. It was fun. The other people at our table in Otani were extremely rude to the chef. One of the groups was ignoring him entirely as he was starting. The other group had this guy with this really ugly beard, and he sounded like he was talking to himself half the time and he slurped his soup through a straw, and put his chopsticks in his tea and left them there. It was really weird.

The audience was also really rude during the play. I can sit in the same position for three hours, barely making a sound, but everyone else was so loud! Everyone was moving around, a dozen kids kept screaming and there were whispers everywhere. People actually left before the play was done when they were saying all the final thank-you's since it was the last day. Oh, it's over. The part where they talk about how good everyone was and thanking everyone for their hard work only once on the last show isn't important, let's be dumbasses and leave.

I am losing what little confidence I had in the human race real fast. And that's saying something.


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