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Dad dropped “V for Vendetta” off. Then Mike and I went to the Music and Arts store in Oakton. I got “Suzuki 3” and “Suzuki 4”, plus piano accompaniments, the second duets book, “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy” violin book, a “Movie Music” book and a piano/vocal and “The Phantom of the Opera” book. I also finally got a dampit.

This all came to $94 and something cents. Mike was nice and payed for it. I gave him a 20 for the vocal book.

Then we came home. I finished “Howl's Moving Castle”. I really liked the book. I think that plot made much more sense than the movie did.

Then I watched “V for Vendetta”. I also started “Life's Little Instruction Book”. It is not a great book.

I need to find my friend's lost present and label it so it can finally be mailed before it's three weeks late.
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I went to Hershey Park with Orchestra yesterday. It was fun.

We got an Excellent, First Place anda big trophy!

Intermediate got a Good, Second Place. I think that's actually better than what our group got last year.

Lyna went with Dad and I around the park. We were originally "with" Cristina and Co, but... we weren't really "with" them. We were more like tagging along. I asked Cristina if we could stay with them, and she said we could but I probably should have appealed to Maggie and Brian and Alex. So we split up eventually. They wouldn't wait. Dad bought a picture of us on the Rapids (Dad, Lyna and I), since we had to split up and go on two rafts.

Before the split we went on "The Claw", or whatever it's called. It's that ride that's kind of like the boat one, where it goes sideways, but we spin, since this one is circular. It was fun.

After the rapids we went on "The Wildcat". It was a big wooden roller coaster. It broke down for a moment, but after that, since it had just opened, we went on, and it was really fun!

After that we went on the Wild Mouse. Dad got a picture there, too. I think that one was better.

I'm pretty sure we went on "Lighting Racers" next.

Since Lyna and I went on a different ride than Dad, we stopped at the bathroom and then she got some ice-cream and I got a soda. By then we had met up with Dad. I needed that soda. Then we started to walk towards the front of the park as it was getting late.

We went on "The Sidewinder". It was like "The Flashback", in roller coaster tycoon. It was my first time on one. It was fun, but Dad and I both felt kind of sick afterward.

Then we went to a fudge shop and Dad bought stuff. Then we went to the factory, and discovered where Mrs. Simms was sitting. We went on the factory ride after and then we went to the shop. Instead of chocolate bars at the end of the ride, they gave us small packs of Kissables! I love those things.

We spent like 45 minutes shopping. I got a Reeses shirt, a bag of Reeses, two Cookies and Creme bars, and a Kissables moshie. I got a giant Hershey Kiss for Jazz and I bought a box o' Milk Duds for mom. I didn't find anything for Hannah and now I feel bad.

We bought somewhat bad pizza and Dad and I got sodas, which were nice. Then we went to the arena for the Award Ceremony.

We got home around 9:45 or so. Dad and I stopped at Mom's and I dropped off some stuff and picked up some stuff and then we went to McDonald's. Stomach's still feeling funny. I got some fries and Dad got a burger. Probably not too good for us, but I felt better afterward.

Then we went home. I went to sleep.
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I bought "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker" yesterday.

Jazz is coming over tomorrow. We're gonna watch tons of movies.

I watched "The Corpse Bride" with Mom and Mike. I went to Solo and Ensemble today. It was okay. Better than most times. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. I think I finally realized that there are only two other people in the room.

I talked to Jenny! Which was cool.

Mom and went food shopping and bought a ton of food, even though Mom said we didn't have to. Probably the biggest load from Giant that we've had in a while.
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Today I finished "Gundam Seed".

We got a 2 for the District Festival. We sound REALLY good on the tapes. It doesn't sound like the real thing.

I'm thinking of getting rid of Serin and Saranna. They don't really serve any purpose to the plot and I could play around with the character of a wandering woman. That would have a bunch of story plot. Plus, the meeting with David, the rogue, would make more sense... It's just... Serin and Saranna seem like a part of the story now. I could use them in something else. Just, there are too many characters as it is, and Shalaran and ____ serve have traits that Saranna has... and David and Mathal really have a lot of the traits that Serin have, while Golda also shares traits from both characters... will this be goodbye to Serin and Saranna?
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The festival was pretty simple. It didn't really seem like I was there.

Been watching "Buffy" pretty much all day. I only have 3 discs left in the 7th season. Now, I only have 10 episodes left. I should be finished by tomorow.

I also watched "Starship Operators" today. It was good. I really like the animation. It's also a pretty decent plot.

We saw the new "Doctor Who" in Friday. Two episodes. It was pretty cool.
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I finished my scale drawing. I have to put the scale number or whatever it's called on it and then I'm done.

I watched Tim Burton's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" during lunch. It was nice but odd. Jack Sparrow and Saruman hugged! I went nuts when that happened! I didn't even know that Christopher Lee was in the film. It was like the time when Paul and Data hugged, which made me cry, since it was so beautiful!

I just finished rewatching "Cold Mountain" for the gagillionth time. It's such a beautiful film.

I didn't go to violin today. Mom forgot, Heather was busy and Mike was gone somewhere and Dad would've gotten here by the time it ended so I didn't go. It let me finish my project sooner anyway. Finished eight minutes after my lesson would have ended.

I forgot to practice my violin! That's bad... I need a signature for proof that I practiced...
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Mom made me some hot chocolate and it tasted good. But I didn't feel so good because I didn't have an actual breakfast with solid food items, such as any type of food that doesn't include milk, hot chocolate and marshmallows.

I got a B on my Spanish test. It was actually easier than I thought, but I just can't remember 'suit'! Why suit? Why is it always suit...

I was really angry at my Strings teacher today. She was really getting mad at us and was watching suffer. She made us pack up and unpack in 2 minutes. Then she made us play till the bell and put everything away. On top of that, we have practice schedules. I never remember to get those signed. I hates em.

We got quiznos for dinner. I watched the last two episodes of "Buffy" season 3. They were cool and sad.
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Mrs. Simms got angry at us and made us play past the bell, so we were late for 7th period. I hated her so much. Although I hate the stupid idiots in my class who can't play more, so she can't take all the blame.

I prayed real, real, hard that Mr. Schloback didn't call on me for speak up in Civics, since I haven't written mine yet. Thankfully he didn't. Now it's writ, and I don't like it. It is seriously depressing. I didn't mean for it to be so depressing. But then again I am talking mainly about death tolls or counting them, anyway.

I saw the two new episodes of "Lost" with Mom. Charlie is apperently still an addict. Mr. Echo is a priest and was previously a gang leader. Sawyer, Jack, and Kate are in a love triangle. And the dad guy is gonna go after his kid next episode.


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