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Yesterday I saw the remake of “007: Casino Royale”. It was really good. Better by far than “Happy Feet”, which I saw again on Friday. I saw it a week ago, too, with Daddy. This time I saw it with Mike and Mom.

I finished reading “Cat Legend” today. The art has gotten REALLY good. It's a little confusing, but I like it.
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In PE I ran with Lyna and Jazz. Then we played two games of Capture the Flag (soccer balls). My team won both times. The first time we had probably half their team in our jail, and probably 98% of the balls. Second time we had a few people in jail, but we were only missing one ball. I tagged some people! People also ran into each other! It was hilarious.

Read some more of “Black Tapestries”. This is another fricken long comic! I'm too used to “Earthsong” and “Asps” and their single sentence (and silence) speech bubbles.

I finished “The Scorpion King”.
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The creator of "Earthsong" got married today!

I purchased the "Grease" CD today.

Dad and I went to Don Pablo's for lunch.
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Okay, I wish to state here, and now, that I think that Willow is the first "child" of Earthsong.

I have had this theory for a while, and just so that I can prove I did, I am stating it here. I think a lot of other people probably think this too, but I want the world to know that I do not know that for sure, and I just seriously think that without anyone else's intervention. Reasons:

1) Willow has no remnant, no memory of her life, meaning she might not have one

2) Willow was found under a tree that is the same color as her skin, with leaves the same color as her dress

3) Willow has eyes the same color as Earthsong's manifest stone

4) Willow can touch Earthsong's manifest stone without fazing, which means that she could have similiar powers which have no effect on her

5) Willow has the same color ensemble as Earthsong

I also finished "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" today.
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I discovered this awesome comic!

The beginning is really badly scripted, the art isn't always great, it's often hard to follow what is going on in the pictures...

But overall the plot is great, the eventual total coloring rocks and the artwork is very good as the comic progresses (page 524 as of yesterday), and the script is improving.

I love it a whole lot. Of course... this now means that I am following even MORE comics than I was before...
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Mom went to the airport for work.

I had some grapes and milk for breakfast as I read "On Basilisk Station". Then I colored and played on the computer until Dad picked me up.

After we got back to Dad's I played on the computer and watched "Stargate: Atlantis", which was a good Rodney episode. I always like his episodes.

Dad, Heather and I saw "Harry Potter" 4 in Imax at the new Air and Space museum.

It was cool. The sound was great and the effects looked better.

We had "Fridays" at around 8 though, since the movie got out at like 7:30 PM. It was good too, although the waitress took forever to come over and ask what we wanted.

I found some fairly good webcomics! "Nahast: Lands of Strife" was a good choice, even if the art, particularly the early stuff is a bad meh. I have decided that I will at least try not to judge webcomics by their art when I choose to read one. Sometimes, (there are a LOT of great artists out there so it's not often) the plot makes up for the art. Although there are just plain good ones like "Earthsong", "ASPS", "Inverloch", "Skyfall", "Return to Donnelly", "Shifters: The Beast Within", "Kagerou", etc.

I also came up with a new idea for my story. It's good, and I know I can make it work. It covers up a lot of loose ends, so it makes my job easier.
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It's a three day weekend!

We went to the library in English, which was okay because I got five sources and three Tolkien biographies.

In Spanish I got a B on my test, and a B for the quarter quiz grades, which I'm okay with. I might have an A in the class, but I don't know the rest of my grades, so I can't really tell.

Our Science group had three members and we went through like five or six computers before we found one that worked. Then we didn't get the second half of the experiment or finish the lab questions. Mr. Cordary was nice though. Our group was the only one in our period that went through that many computers, and we were the last finished, so he says that we can wait till Monday to get the Endo part.

Health was okay. I probably failed this test too, but I don't care. We finished Supersize Me. It was okay. I still think it's kind of odd that I haven't been to McDonalds since before we started watching it. It's not that I've been avoiding it, it's just that I haven't been. Not that that's a bad thing, even without watching the film.

The math quiz was pretty easy. I also already had about 70 or 80% of the extra credit done already, so that was even easier.

Lunch was okay. Strings was nice because I didn't have to do the test and she didn't make us work until the bell or wait to put everything away until the bell.

Civics was okay. I got all the questions and finished before the bell rang and the woman's speech took my mind off of stuff by its total pointlessness. The cellphone speech gets old after a few times.

I finished "SEE NO EVIL"! I don't have to read it again! I will finally move on in my life!

"Out of the Blue Redux" updated today too, so it's even better! There was a cool new "Danny Phantom" episode and a new "The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy" episode.

I think I'll go read some more Nancy Drew 28 now.
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I went to school and got homework. I got an A on my science test! I knew how to answer the questions on my English test, which was cool. Not that I sometimes don't... I just knew the material very well this time. It was a really simple book, so it was a peice of cake.

I read some more of "See No Evil". It's actually okay. I think I just stopped reading it before because I had too many distractions at the time. I think I'll finish it soon.

Comics didn't update today. No one is updating! I guess everyone is just having really busy work situations at the moment, right after New Years. It does make sense. It's just that, 1. A lot of the comics are getting to really juicy parts, at last, where plot actually occurs, 2. A bunch of the others have been restarting, making the comics better drawn and written, and they all look really good! 3. A lot of people have been redoing their sites or stating that they're working on it. I can't wait! And I'm really happy because one of them was really badly drawn, but had a really interesting story (with holes in it, like she said), and it was almost painful to read it, but now that's fixed.
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I got "Rurouni Kenshin" 21! I'm so happy! Only 7 more!

I'm also watching "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". We got the seven season box set, and I'm almost done with season one (school takes up a lot of time, the first may be only three disks instead of 6 or 7, but the episodes are like 45 minutes long and I have to do homework, and I usually get home at around 4 or 5).

Yesterday I went to tutoring. It was okay. Patrick and I talked about "Dune" and "Star Trek". I think I called him stupid too much. I know he knows I'm just being silly, but I'm going to try to stop. It's kind of rude, and it really looked like he thought I meant it. I was just really hyper. I hope it won't happen again.

I am going to bring Amy her present. I am also going to get all my science done, and read my graphic novel before 3rd period comes round. I will!

"Earthsong" is being redone! Why is it that suddenly every one of my webcomics has to be redone? There's "Earthsong", "Directions of Destiny", "Redemption"... it's so messed up. And like every one of them is getting their sites fixed. I can't really complain though. "Earthsong" is getting published, and teh Lady Yates' (correct spelling) redo of the first page is awesome. It looks SO much better. I liked the original, but Willow's dress looks bigger than my room, and in the redo, you can actually see where her knees are, and it's the right size, and she doesn't look like she's diseased or about to break down and cry.

"Redemption"'s first 5 pages look better, too. Personally, though, any page with Mikalo on it would look fine period. "ASPS" apparently had a remodeling done, too. It's cool though. And the new sites look really great! "True Magic" looks so cool.
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I had a ton of homework today. I had to work on my Bill of Rights project, two pages for science and two lab book pages. I had to finish a Spanish worksheet, my summary for English and a paper for Math, that was altogether a pointless waste of time for me (I wrote that in the paper). I also had to do Current Events and get my science interim signed. I also had to study for my Spanish quiz on feminine nouns tomorrow. I had to organize my homework folder.

Although it's my fault I'm so behind. Thankfully I got most of it done.

But I was really distracted. I wanted to read my comic again all day long. And I wanted to check the updates, play Solitaire, and organize my writing folder on my comp. I just had a lot I wanted to do today. Tomorrow I'll finish my project though, and I'll start on my Science one.
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Today I saw "Serenity" with Daddy again! It was good. I've seen it... four times now. I also saw it Friday night with Daddy, in the same theatre and room we saw it today.

I went to Hebrew school. We went to a home for people with mental illnesses and put up a sukkah for them. It was cool when it was done.

I saw "Fullmetal Alchemist" and "InuYasha" from last night. They were awesome. I love those shows.

I now know that "True Magic" is officially one of my absolute favorite web comics. IAlthough it's also there with "ASPS eat kitties", "Redemption", "Kurenai Mashin", "Vampirates", "Skyfall", and quite a few others. Although "Vampirates", "ASPS", and "True Magic" are my top three favs. I loves them.

French fries rule.
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I thought the onlinecomics site was going to help, but I was wrong. It only shows the updates once a day and all the comics updated after that.

I watched "Constantine". That movie is so awesome. I knew it would be awesome. I knew it. But no one would take me to see it! This always happens. It happened with "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen", "Van Helsing", "National Treasure" and a lot more than I can remember right now.

I started cleaning my closet today. I can use the time for spaces on my PE sheet. I didn't finish because I want to do the same thing tomorrow so I can get more squares on my sheet.

"Vampirates" had an awesome strip today. I can't stop staring at it...


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