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So I'm writing this Yoroiden Samurai Troopers fanfiction/rewrite/AU/thought experiment/what-the-f-ever.

Yes, I am a really ridiculous person.

But I'm writing this story and a lot of it isn't planned the way I wanted it to work, although with a little tweaking, I could get it to work right someday.

But I am going with the flow for the moment, and right now I'm finishing up the Sarenbo fight.

There are a lot of questions that come up in relation to this series. I'm going to pretend Naste and Yuli don't exist, because that gets rid of a lot of them.

One I came across recently is this: the guys NEVER discuss going to a hospital. Ever. Not once in memory. They are CONSTANTLY getting into fights. They have scenes where they are collapsed from exhaustion and covered in wounds. Yes, they have mass magical recovery, but I mean... seriously? Football players retire young for the most part because they are just so BATTERED after the collection of all their games. They have accrued so many bruises that they cannot function normally afterward. Soldiers are the same.

Magical recovery is always problematic, even if it's used "correctly". A good magical recovery is "I fixed this for you, but you'll still be tired because I made your body work in overdrive" or something, anyway. Or "I healed you, but you'll always have a scar" or something. When there's been consideration for effort involved in healing. Healing takes time and energy. Your body works in overdrive to fix you. If your body isn't supplying that energy, then someone else has to. This is why characters who heal serious with a flick of their fingers are ridiculous. People are not boxes filled with liquid. We are sophisticated machines that require a lot of know-how and precision. That type of precision and focus to heal is hard and difficult to maintain. A healer should feel that burden, in proportion to their power level and the nature of the injury.

My point is that the guys should be showing signs of SOMETHING after all of these fights and all these times getting knocked to next Tuesday by summoning the Kikotei. They don't. Why is that?

The simple answer is that the armors heal. Okay. For such extensive healing properties as "there is no bodily fallout after so many healings", that is a LOT of energy that comes from... where exactly?

I get the magical healing thing. I get it. But these guys are HUMANS. They have all lived for over sixteen years as HUMANS in the 20th century. HUMANS have things called HOSPITALS, which we go to when we are hurt. At least once, someone should bring up, "Should we go to the hospital?" or "Should we take x to the hospital?" This is typically solved by the presence of Naste, who occasionally bandages injuries. Without common sense for the most part, but what do I know? It's not like Naste just RANDOMLY knows everything useful. OH WAIT SHE DOESN'T! She spends the majority of the series NOT knowing anything useful, being vague, and CONSTANTLY running into trouble and forcing the senshi to rescue her.

Here's another thing: until Arago and Kaos reveal the armors' origins, the guys NEVER question where the source of their power is from. And almost immediately after that they stop caring.

They have an endless power source (except in moments of the best drama) and they never. ask. questions.

Noooo, they'd rather talk about their FEELINGS. Particularly Ryo's feelings. He has more feelings and angst than the rest of us, you know, cause he's the main protagonist.

I have no issue with talking about your feelings. The guys don't really do it with any inherent sense, but I'm glad they're at least trying!

But I'm thinking of it from my perspective: if I had access to a powerful weapon that recharged without me doing anything and could heal any wound and give me superhuman powers, and was wrapped all around my body... I would be really freaked out. Sure, it would be cool to fly and jump high and such. But honestly? Once I'd destroyed a building or two, I'd probably start to get scared of actually hurting people. Which is also NEVER really brought up. The guys have no issue destroying property. In one early scene in the series, Ryo realizes that he's damaging the building where Naste's father is working, and then to fix this, goes outside, so they can fight on top of and in front of the building.


This satisfies him by the way. I mean, he still wrecks the roof and the surrounding area, but psh. He's not directly wrecking the INSIDE, which is what REALLY counts, you know!

"The problem with being able to do everything, is doing anything." It is HARD to do things when you have power.

When you have free time, you can get bored easily. We adjust so easily to work that free time can be terrifying.

When you have control over someone else's life... that is terrifying. One of the things that terrifies new parents is the fact that they are now responsible for another life. A life that will perish if they do nothing, or suffer if they do something wrong. It's similar to the situation between owners and pets and gardeners and their plants.

Power is desirable and terrifying. The first time I got behind the wheel of a car, I wasn't thinking "Gee, I wanna go drive to the other end of the country!" It was "I hope I don't kill us by driving into a tree!" Having a lot of money is terrifying. What do you save? What do you buy? Where do you put it? Who do you trust with it?

The guys do play with this idea of power as terrifying, at least in relation to the Kikotei. But it is so rarely touched on for the most part in the series. The general sentiment is "Arago is evil, so we should kill him".

Some things I would add to a series re-write (if a miracle occurred and someone magically picked up the series to reboot it): 1) mention of going to a hospital and an explanation of why this is bad, 2) the presence of someone experienced with basic first aid on the team (other than Naste because I don't like her), 3) a discussion of how the senshi knew to gather in Tokyo, 4) a discussion of how the guys got their armors in the first place, 5) a discussion of what they're supposed to do with the armors, 6) their thoughts on the future, 7) talk about their families, 8) a LITTLE bit more time for the guys to get to know each other, and more attempts to do so... and so on.

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So I picked up the new Jaina Proudmore book from my library (yay public libraries) and it's okay. It's not amazing. BUT IT'S NOT AN ASSIGNED READING FROM SCHOOL AND IT'S SOMETHING I ACTUALLY WANTED TO READ AND IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!

"But-but you find time in your schedule for shittons of WoW and stupid ol' Doctor Who and-"

SHUT UP ME INSIDE OF QUOTES! All of things! And those don't require much thought, so there!

So, SPOILERS, but apparently JainaxKalecgos is a thing.

I feel like I was theorized this, but then I pushed it aside because I've shipped JainaxVarian ever since ICC came out and I got past gunship and paid attention to the RP and was like "OMG ARE THEY SAYING THAT JAINAXVARIAN IS GOING TO BE A THING because it is ALL RIGHT THERE!" Seriously. They're like the same age. Varian NEEDS someone. He's too young to spend the rest of his days as a bachelor :D And what if Anduin gets kilt?

Also, like... I want mini Kalecs and mini Jainas running around in future Azeroth along with mini Tyrandes and mini Malfurions (OMG GAIS MOVE IT ALREADY! YOU'RE GETTING OLD!)... but I don't think a dragonxhuman hybrid is possible.

Admittedly, this is a world where a dragon and a stag gave birth to a centaur. Somehow.


I suppose it could happen.


I read some of the "Before Watchmen" bits. I don't really know what to think about them. They're mostly better than the reviews I read. The Ozymandias one was a little silly at times but it was interesting. I don't really know what to think about the Comedian one. The Nite Owl one was quite interesting - I enjoyed it greatly. The Silk Spectre one... was curious. I can see Laurie-of-Watchmen forming out of Laurie-of-Before Watchmen. The Minutemen one has potential. It certainly makes these characters more well-rounded for me. I look forward to seeing the next installment.

Overall, the art was a GREAT improvement. The things they showed that they couldn't show (or couldn't show WELL) in old comics were good (little kids in "good" families having opinions other than "mommy, I'm scared", being one of them, along with some of the more intimate moments between youngsters that created intimacy without being overly intimate... and so on).

Here's the thing. I enjoy some of the thing Watchmen says about the comic industry as a whole. There are a lot of problems with it, but some interesting things are said, and a lot of interesting things are done.

What I would love, even more than a revamped version of the graphic novel featuring updated art, would be a Watchmen styled in the Digital Age.

Watchmen was designed to use tropes in the comic industry without using known heroes like Superman, Batman, the X-Men, and so on. Tropes like age-transitions (the Silver Age to the Golden Age) for heroes, costume iterations (from the obscene - Emma Frost - to the ridiculous - Galactus), the heroic tradition being carried through families (Black Canary), animal companions (Ace the Bat Hound, Krypto), the anti-hero (The Punisher), the wealthy/playboy by day (Batman, Green Arrow), women being heavily sexualized, and so on.

Again, one of the especially amazing things about Watchmen is the fact that it did all this WITHOUT USING COMMON HEROES like Superman, Batman, and so on. What they're doing nowadays for the most part is updating old heroes or streamlining old stories. "New Frontier" is old storylines with new art and a bit of a realistic bend. The animated movie I watched took place in (I believe) a Vietnam-ish era, but with more realistic art. A more diverse cast is being introduced into stories: homosexuals, more blacks and minorities and religious diversity... and so on. Plot points that people wouldn't DREAM of using years ago are becoming widespread.

Okay, sure. That's great and all. But there's still plenty of problems in the industry, ESPECIALLY with all these things they're "combating". The industry seems to embrace stereotypes more than just write a character who HAPPENS to be homosexual or who HAPPENS to be Muslim. These things shouldn't DEFINE a character. They should just make the character more realistic. And if they do define the character, they should do it in a creative way. It shouldn't be that a homosexual male character hates or fears women and only likes purple and pink, or so on. Feature a group date between heroes where a female character brings her girlfriend. Show a day in the week where a character stops to pray in a mosque. It doesn't have to be a big deal. Heterosexual characters who show up with dates or who stop in churches or synagogues are no big deal. Why should these "new" characters be?

The problem a lot of these comics are having is the retconning of old characters, which makes a lot of people angry. A lot of writers are getting rid of the more ridiculous bits of comic past (see "Batman: The Brave and the Bold", and Wonder Woman and bondage, for two random examples) to create more "realistic" characters.

It's a battle between what they think the public wants and what they're willing to write.

But I want a new Watchmen! I want to see what that would be like in today's world. Something like Kickass... but more extensive. Kickass... I'd have to actually read the comics. That might be something close... but it still goes a little over the top.

Hmm... maybe this requires some extensive look-see...

Now, I haven't read the graphic novel, so I don't know how successful the movie adaptation was. But I did see the movie, and I did enjoy it, and I remember it somewhat.

It doesn't include a lot of the old tropes from comics: oversexualized superheroines (in the clothes department), animal companions, stupid catchphrases (to an extent - the writers and audience are aware of the awkwardness when they are used, and it is done away with after a time), most ridiculous costumes (we'll ignore the rich kid trying to impress his father who turns evil - he's kind of stupid and crazy, so he gets a pass)... and ridiculous weapons. And some others.

Yeah, it has some randomly rampantly sexual girls who are kind of weird and just fall in love with the nerds for not much reason at all. Nerds who become the center of things. It features those bits of current pop culture that are still widely used, and it makes fun of them.

While I would have liked to see a bit more development on the part of the female characters (there's only one major female character who gets a decent amount of plot devotion, and that's Hitgirl... who takes Lolita to the next level in certain ways), some interesting points are made.

We are shown characters who do not have superpowers. Who do not walk around wearing fortunes (except for the evil kid), who are not invulnerable, who have normal lives, who are not constantly Brady-Bunch-style happy.

We are shown characters who BLEED when they get beat up. Who get BEAT UP when they get beat up. Who DIE and STAY DEAD. We are shown the results of tragedies. We are shown how simple it is for someone like this to get tracked down. We are shown how trauma changes a life, especially a child's life. Especially for a child who isn't as damn lucky as kids like Bruce Wayne who are left with extensive fortunes. We're shown a male protagonist who actually wants a girlfriend in for physical reasons, not noble ones. I appreciate the noble ones, but honestly, I'm a bit tired of EVIL characters being represented by being desirous of physical wants, while good characters only care about noble things. That's NOT the way the world works. People have physical urges. While I would prefer a well-rounded relationship, a character who doesn't act like a soap opera is a welcome change from things. Plus, women aren't THROWN at this guy. He only gets ONE girlfriend the entire movie. While it's nice to thing that putting on a set of tights is a way to attract the ladies... it's really not. I can honestly say that there are two attractive costumed men in the comicverse, from my perspective: Spider-man in the Toby Maguire movies, and Captain Marvel's cape (the DC version). That's a dude and A CAPE. I don't like Captain Marvel, physically. I think he's really ugly, actually. His powers are fun. OP. But that's just like Superman. And I don't find Spider-man physically attractive in the comics. I don't find Toby Maguire physically attractive - just either him in the suit or WHOEVER is wearing that suit. DAMN can they wear a costume!

Note, I prefer Chris Hemsworth, to his depiction in the comics. There are a few instances were characters while NOT wearing their costumes, are attractive. And those are few and far between. Too many heroes are ridiculously over-muscled and grotesque to be called "attractive". And sorry, but I don't drool at the sight of muscles.

Heck, the only male costume pieces I like in the comics are Spider-man's red-blue costume (for the most part, in recent comics) and Captain Marvel's cape (which is amazing). The female costumes are mostly meh (and ridiculous, to boot), and the rest of the comic world is a Tye-dye mess of screw-ups.

So yes. Kickass showed a somewhat realistic depiction of the Digital Age reacting to a costumed hero. One) YouTube phenomenon. Phones everywhere. Internet spam. Two) Professional criticism. Any trained fighter would see the massive flaws in a plan like this. Cops and soldiers exist for a reason. Three) Only people with mental problems are attracted to a person dressed in a stupid costume who gets beat up by thugs and does what in the world? Nothing that important, really. And so we have the Females of the movie, who have demonstrated their issues throughout the movie!

If you put on a crazy costume, most likely you will get the same response those "real costumed heroes" get when my mom turned the show on a couple months ago. We laughed and mom said "crazy people like that actually exist. How sad". This, from a woman who rates male actors with me on sexiness, and who argues with me about what makes a man attractive. I assure you that, for most people interested in men that I know, less is more. Yeah, the guys (and other people interested in women) are obviously loving women dressed in like nothing, but that's not reserved to them. You start sticking men in nothing (do you wonder WHY women flock to Hugh Jackman's movies? Because he finds some excuse to take his shirt off in almost all of them!), and you'll see some more attention.

Now I don't mean that the answer to getting increased female readership is to pop more Hulks into the comics. The Hulk is not attractive. Wolverine in the comics is not attractive. Sabertooth is not attractive. Just... seriously.

Crazy people. Crazy people like them.

Then there's guns. You know those scenes where the screen is FLOODED with gunfire of some sort, and the hero MIRACULOUSLY dodges it all? Those scenes?

See, THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN (that often) in real life! It just DOESN'T happen! People shoot you a lot... you're gonna get hit SOMEWHERE. That's part of the reason people make fun of amateur gunfire: spray the target, hope one bullet makes it. Try to beat a fight through probability. That's why people liked Gatling guns when they were first created. They were first, you didn't have to reload them like older guns, which had a PAINFULLY long reloading time, and they fired LOTS of bullets, so you had VASTLY higher chances of hitting your target.

And then there's recovery time. You see characters in comics get but up and OCCASIONALLY you will see them facing the consequences of these fights. It's mostly women (Oracle, cough cough), but it OCCASIONALLY happens. Most of the time, you just see them show off MAYBE a couple bruises, and then just go right back into the ring.

I love the one moment when Lara Croft falls through a window and says she can't rest yet, even though she's exhausted. And then, for the rest of the story, she doesn't show any sign of weariness, even though she doesn't sleep a wink.


Do we need to mention that time when Batman REPAIRED HIS BROKEN SPINE?

I'm not entirely certain that Kickass escapes this. But at least it features a hero who gets shot... and experiences the results of getting shot. And a hero who experiences the results of getting beat up.

I don't know...

I've been reading more Civil War... it's interesting. I really, really want to read Deadpool now. The only Deadpool I've read outside of Civl War is his brief cameo in Ultimate Spider-Man... which was really nothing big. It wasn't funny. It was kind of... eh.

Civil War so far has been... you know, I don't really know what to think about Civil War.

I'm very confused about WHY Peter and Tony had to reveal themselves. For Tony, it feels somewhat superfluous. For Peter it's like... um, okay?

I don't recall there being a part of the act that stipulated "you have to reveal your identity to the public". All it seems to require is that you report it to the government. It's like you put yourself into a database, like CIA or Secret Service operatives. It isn't public knowledge. It's just data. They know who to turn to. They have your file.

Yes, that knowledge could get out. It's in more hands. More eyes see it. More people know it. But honestly, even without government control, that information can get out ANYWAY!

So I'm done for the night. Ta.
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So on the list for the afternoon rant: new Pandaria cinematics, Diablo 3 WTF, music, and deviantart. And maybe other stuff, if I'm THAT bored... I do have a lot of Harry Potter to listen to, yanno.

They released some more Pandaria cinematics. Two involved when the Pandaren pick a side and enter the main government building of Orgrimmar/Stormwind, in preparation to meet Garrosh/Varian. The Garrosh one was... ehh... it was okay. I really liked the Varian one. It was quite interesting to see how they've advanced in technology use.

For some reason I've actually been a mood to play Diablo 3 lately. The mood quickly dies whenver I try to make much advancement in my Demon Hunter's progression... but, well... eh. Basically I've ended up focusing on my monk and creating yet another new character. This time I tried out the... warlock? Wizard? Whatever the magic caster is who isn't the witch doctor. She's pretty fun, actually (although I am very not impressed, again, by the armor skin for the women. It's bad enough that the demon hunter is ALWAYS wearing heels, the poor woman, but I keep seeing the "pants" my wizard is supposedly wearing, and then looking at her character model, and all I see is a sort of sash thing, like she's wearing a badly mangle sweathshirt around her waist. And then nothing but thigh between her waist and the top of her boots -headdesk-). She has this really neat attack where she throws like... balls of power of some sort, and it looks like a mini galaxy. It's really pretty! She also has a sort of icy-ray attack that makes me think of the Sailor Moon R movie  when the senshi are killing off the plant masses on the meteor and, well... I find it very funny. Also, when I first hear her voice I thought "OMG IT'S AZULA!" (from "Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Aang"). She's voiced by Grey DeLisle, who has voiced not only Azula, but also Vicky ("The Fairly Oddparents"), Daphne ("Scooby-Doo"), quite a few characters in "Samurai Jack"... and quite a few other cartoon voices that it's just... wow...

So that was amusing.

I'm trying to clean out my iTunes because I keep getting reminded that I have all of this music on there that I never listen to. I understand the point of having it so that if I feel like I will listen to it. But there's stuff on there I put on there that I have never listened to anywhere else. I don't even know what it sounds like. I've gotten rid of like five or six CDs this past month by going through the stuff. MORE DISK SPACE WOOT!

Well let's see... almost a full Britney Spears CD (between two CDs I chopped out half of each disc; DON'T JUDGE ME), at least one Babylon 5 CD, an entire audiobook that was just unbearable and I'll just grab the library book itself sometime rather than listen to that, and about an entire Now That's What I Call Music CD (or more, since those are long), since I chopped out at least half of the two CDs I had. And never listened to full way, even before iTunes was around. An entire Spice Girls CD that was just... weird. A number of duplicates. Some Doctor Who. Fringe. A couple other soundtracks. Also finally got around to listening to some stuff to at least make sure I liked them enough to keep them, like "Atonement", a few Babylon 5 soundtracks... some other stuff. Did I mention that this is a PAINFULLY slow process?

So now I'm tackling the Harry Potters. I know that I like at least some of the music. The original theme is something I've always loved, and I remember liking one of the last two movie soundtracks. I also seem to recall that I looked book 4's soundtrack, but that might have been because Dad played it so damn often in the car on my way to school (or wherever we drove) that it just stuck there. Have I mentioned that he traumatized my childhood through that movie?

So, for some reason, I finally decided to go to my deviantart and update my pointless journal. I can spend hours updating here and I don't post anything. I don't see the point of having something there.

And then I decided to go through the archives, which were far more extensive than I had previously thought.

And then I realized that, at least initially, the journal hadn't been entirely pointless. I'd been posting writing there. Quite bad and incomprehensible writing, to be honest (beyond the grammar and bad writing style, I hadn't bothered using spell check, hadn't looked over my work, and seemed to believe 'doubt' has a 'gh' instead of a 'b'...), but writing, nonetheless.

So I went through to see if there was anything worthwhile. And so I deleted about half of it and edited most of the rest so it was comprehensible.

I should really be working on my LSAT homework. Or trying to get this police volunteer application in (because it's evil and I can't seem to get it to work). But I want... to play... Diablo 3...


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So I finished another book called "Spindle's End". Something made me think of the Robin McKinley books I'd always seen in the bookstore but never got around to checking out, mostly because I'd had too many experiences involving buying books and then deeply regretting that fact, and these were never at the top of my list.

And now I'm just really pissed off because the Internet in this place sucks and for some reason my user ID on my Dad's computer doesn't have a fully-functioning mouse, and neither of us can figure out why that is. Currently, I cannot use the mouse to scroll down and I don't have a right-click function.


I really liked "Spindle's End". It took me back to "The Hero and the Crown", which was one of the best birthday presents I've received, and that book she wrote on Robin Hood, which was one of the best Robin Hood tellings I've read. Of course, reading "Spindle's End", which is a retelling of "Sleeping Beauty" is making me strongly rethink my possible rewrite of the tale. Admittedly, mine was going to take place in the far future (or just in a very advanced culture), so it's not like they would be very similar…

I don't know. I'm not that tied down to the Sleeping Beauty retelling. At least not as much as "Iron Hans" or "Little Mermaid".

Hopefully, at long last, I will finish "Bridge of Birds". I've only had it for weeks at this point. From a reading perspective, I'm not that anxious to finish it, since it is very funny (although the ludity of it is kind of getting to me, so ehhh…), but I would like to finish up the mound of library books I have so I can return them and get to the mound of books I have sitting in my closet waiting to be read.

Some of the things I liked about "Spindle's End" included the way McKinley used world creation. She devoted a great deal of narration to humorous and insightful descriptions of the nation in question. The magic system she created was unique while also fitting into some of the "classic" fantasy systems from older writers, which was fun. And her characters were all great. The story actually reminded me a great deal of "Out of Oz" and the other "Wicked" books. I felt like the voice reading the book in my head was the same for both books. It also switched between characters in a similar way, and involved an adult growing older and coming into their own, as well as a child growing up into a young woman and taking center stage and bringing in sensibility and a bit of selfishness and a bit of caring and an attempt to hold on to sanity and what parts of the world she understands and it's just… incredibly fun.

So there's this poll on the page that shows up after I log in (most of the time) and it asks "Which is more important? Gun-control or protecting citizen's rights to own guns?"

Of course, people always think these things are mutually exclusive. If you have gun control laws, people can still own them. The point is to make it harder for people who might do BAD things with them have a harder time of getting hold of them. It also hopefully pushes for allowing people with at least basic intelligence to have them over people WITHOUT basic intelligence.

The opposite of having gun control laws is not having gun control laws. The opposite of protecting citizen's rights to own guns is not protecting citizen's right to own guns. It is not citizen's rights to own guns and gun control laws, respectively.

I think that now that I have freed myself from the shackles of having Gladiator as my favorite movie presents an interesting quandary. What is my favorite movie? I could say "Princess Mononoke". Heck, before "Gladiator" was my favorite movie, "Twister" was my favorite movie. While that's still a great movie... times have also changed.

Does it matter? No. I'm just curious.

So I wrote a really, really, really short "story" thing last semester or so and, as an experiment, posted it on, to see how the process worked. It was the least original and shortest complete piece I had, and the one I'm least embarassed about other people POSSIBLY reading it. I didn't think anyone would read it. For some reason, people have. Heck, I've gotten two reviews on it. And the second one, hard as it was to understand through the poor English and bad typing, told me about a typo I'd made in the description. So I went back and fixed some stuff and I feel a lot happier now.

Part of the reason I put it up was because I found out about the beta reading section of the site. While it makes a lot of sense to have something like that up on the site, I never thought of or found it before so... eh. I like editing, and a lot of people on that site could use at least ONE more pair of eyes on their work before they submit it. Sure, it might still suck, but at least people could READ the thing instead of piecing together poor spelling and typos or getting confused over scenarios that just make zero sense.

I was going to put up another experiment to hit the limit that would be let me count as a beta reader... but then I started the LSAT classes and all the library books started piling up and I started having even more doubts about my career choices and, well... who has time to read bad writing anyway?

Most people, apparently. Judging by the sale rates of "50 Shades of Grey".

Plus, they have TONS of beta readers. Probably 75% of which should not be beta reading anything, judging by some of the profiles I read through. People who can't write good English should not be trying to edit things in English. There are other languages on the site. I saw Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and tons of other languages. It's not like it's English or nothing.

Use it as practice? Um... then you should have a note that says "needs second opinion after work, because unsure about validity of changes or any missed problems". The reason translating texts in foreign languages in foreign language classes is useful is partially because you'll have a teacher there to point out at least most of what you got wrong so that you LEARN from the experience. If all you're doing is looking over something you only partially understand, fixing the things you THINK are wrong, and then handing it back to someone who probably knows even less than you do about the language, then you're not really doing anything. Sure, translating stuff on your own is good practice. But if you don't have anything to check your progress by, you're not getting anywhere.

I'm really, really, really rethinking the whole lawyer thing. No, I'm not thinking about the medical school thing. It's apparently just as bad. Still not considering the teacher thing.

I checked out this book about figuring out what it is you want in life. It hasn't been very helpful yet, but hey, I haven't delved into it deeply, so who knows?

I've been looking over some fields of things that matter to me. Although I don't really want to be an optometrist, something in the field of optics and maybe dealing with new kinds of glasses and alternatives to glasses would interest me deeply. I really, really, really don't want to go blind any time soon or any time in my future. If there was a way I could further a goal involving making sure that NEVER happens... well, I have an interest in that. Becoming a research scientist in that field would be interesting.

Saying I would be interesting in doing something with cancer research is really too generic. There are so many types of cancer and so many ways to be involved with that problem that it's just... I imagine myself walking into my career adviser's office and saying "I want to do something involving cancer research" and having her look at me in confusion. She could actually probably help but it just... it's weird. It's like law. I have no idea what I want to practice. I don't even have a good idea on what my options are. I have no idea what type of cancer I would focus on. I don't think I would try to head support groups or work in a hospital diagnosing patients and running chemotherapy or anything but... a research scientist involved with working on a cure of some kind for one of those would be great. HIV also comes to mind as a possible focus.

Then there's math. It always comes back to math. I went from knowing next to nothing about how to make the logic games in the LSAT work to nearly mastering them in this time. I get that that's the point... but it's my best subject of the three sections, followed by Reading Comprehension and then Logical Reasoning. I know that this really doesn't mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but I've just always felt like there was a neon sign screaming in the back of my mind that I should have done a career that was math related. Of course, whenever I think of that, the first two fields that come to mind are chemistry and physics (the first of which doesn't really make sense, but whatever). I really, really, really don't want to be a chemist, much as I know we need those now. That's one of the fields people are throwing money at kids to get involved in. Physics... just never interested me. While saying you want to be a physicist is nice, I have no idea what research I would work on. Since my parents are both engineers, that field screams at me. Everyone I hear about who's getting a job in college or right out of college is some sort of engineer.

I'd be interested in Astronomy. If it made any money to speak of and if it was one of those throw money at you fields. I'm pretty sure it's not.

Right now it's not even a big money job that's the problem. Heck, if I didn't go to law school (and, with my skill set, it's highly unlikely I'll go to medical school), a big money job at the start of my career life isn't the problem. Would it be great to have? Yeah. YEAH. YES. But right now I just want to increase my chances of just GETTING a job. Heck, at this point my chances of even getting to wait tables is on the low side. Without the need to pay off big debts from a money devourer like law school or medical school, things would be easier, but I'll still be paying for an apartment (or wherever I live), food, a car (or whatever transportation I use, assuming I don't just walk everywhere, which is assuming I live close enough to my job to walk - did I mention that a job where I could work from home would be really awesome?).

After I look at the perspective that I really want to get a job after college and I don't want to be under debt for the next thirty years after I leave college (at least), there's the fact that I want to do something that MATTERS. And, as far as I can see, adding more lawyers into the system is not work that matters to me. Adding more scientists into the system is. I'm surrounded by news of the latest technological advancements or discoveries. We landed yet ANOTHER thing on Mars. We're seeing increasingly better from our little rock by the sun into the depths of the universe, and spotting entirely new celestial masses and objects. We've got new theories about diseases, problems with vaccinations and attacking new forms of old diseases, fears of a new endemic, global warming issues and dealing with any number of problems around the world concerning human waste and pollution. And I wanted to spend my life making someone pay me by the hour to look up how they can get out of being sued for more than x amount of money?

I want to do something that MATTERS. I want to know that, by the end of my life, I contributed to human history and left the world at least a slightly better place than I left it. I don't have to cure cancer, solve world hunger, save the planet from global warming, create replacement eyes... or do any of those big things out there. I just want to get involved in that. Be one of those people pushing for an answer rather than someone on the sidelines, earning a living, hoping others will do the work for me and help save MY life somewhere along the line.

This is part of the reason I considered joining the police or the military. Those people do things that matter. They protect lives. They're strong and ready for most things that come their way. The fix things that need fixing.

How I wish there WAS a neon sign telling me what to do with my life. "Go be an engineer". "Go work on optics research". Something. Anything. Wouldn't that be nice? I'm not one of those people who wants to explore the world and find my own way. Go backpacking through Europe or Asia or South America and see things. Take a trip to some far-off spot and realize that nothing we do matters or something. We have a limited time on this Earth and I want to get to what I'm needed as fast as I possibly can.

I think that it's about time I was useful somewhere.
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So it's apparently really, really bad for me to actually read the emails sends me. Thanks to today's email alone, I read at least thirty articles. Not short two-paragraph articles. Okay, there were like three of those. I mean like three-page articles.

Do I regret the entire experience? No, not really. The articles were very interesting and informative. I learned a lot about current news, genre writing, literary analysis, and writing as a style. Also about human generosity, kindness, and hilarity(?).

My only real regret is that I didn't do any LSAT work. Which cuts down the time I have to spend on my next lesson's homework and the second half of my previous lesson's homework to tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Considering that apparently most of tomorrow is going to be spent driving or with family, Saturday I'll be moving a lot of crap with my dad, and Sunday I'll be seeing a movie... plus eating, sleeping, trying to spend time with my mother and taking care of my cats, working out, moving around to avoid the cleaning people... and the fact that LSAT homework sucks. A lot. Like I'm pretty sure I spent at least two hours on the first half of one night's homework. I'm not entirely sure I was even halfway through. And I could have spent three or more hours... I'm not entirely certain, because I had breaks.

Going back to the TOR article spam. The email is basically a page of recently published articles on their website. So from the email alone I opened at least twelve articles from that. And then these articles made references to a bunch of other articles and blogs and such. So I opened even MORE articles from there. And then I scrolled down the email and opened yet MORE articles. And when I was reading through the second round of article links, I was linked to MORE articles, and a short story. And articles on the articles. And it was AHHH.

They were all good. I liked them a lot. One of the articles was one of those "things you should read to prepare yourself for this movie coming out" around the next Batman movie coming out tomorrow. I actually... can't recall ever following those... but I have read a number of Marvel comics, and I like Batman, and I've read a few comics in that universe, and well... I figured that it wouldn't hurt to read through at least some of them. My library has a reasonable amount of those. I ended up checking out like fifteen graphic novels (like, three of which were on the list - I just thought the others looked interesting). Although one of them was apparently a volume containing this single issue I read years ago and never saw more of... So yeah. That was nice. Although it was marked as volume 1 and there weren't any more so... that's kind of annoying.

So there was one blog that seemed to be a critique website of anything written? I don't really know. It had a lot of interesting blog posts on it. A couple I still want to read - notably about the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I'm not all that impressed by what I read so far of the first one, and I'm mildly impressed by what I've seen of True Blood but uh... I don't know. I reserve judgement until I've seen and/or read the whole thing.

There was another blog that apparently received death threats and other threats for daring to comment badly on "A Song of Ice and Fire" in this rather humorous summary of the series... while remarking on how creepy the author is. And he is very, very creepy.

Before I go into a mini-rant on one of the reasons this interested me greatly... there's the feminism thing. A number of the articles were about women in science fiction, abuse towards women, misogynistic tendencies in some writing, hypocrisy, nihilism, women in writing, rape (principally against women, although there were at least one or two articles on rape in general)... Well... there were a lot of people commenting on these things. It was all very interesting.

Well, one of the reasons the commentary on ASOIAF interested me greatly (besides being one of the funniest things I've read in a while) was that I recognized certain things "I'd" thought about while reading. There were a couple comments about how Tyrion is basically EVERYONE'S favorite: the reading audience, the TV audience, and the author.

But there's a couple things wrong with this. Firstly, Tyrion was MY favorite character, from the little I've seen of the show, and from what I was reading in the book. He was my favorite character for a long time (although that's probably more because the actor did a great job). I'm going to say that this was because he was my favorite character from a distance. There is no character I actually LIKE in the series, when it comes down to it.

It's always sad when you have to do that. When someone asks you about a story and you say "yeah, I liked it" and then they ask what your favorite character was or what your favorite part was and you completely blank out. At least that happens to me a lot. Honestly, at the end of the day, you just have to take a step back from reading/watching/researching whatever, and think: is there anything specific I like about this? Do I actually like it? The answers could surprise you. It's one of the things doctors and nutrition people try to get people to do with food, because of habitual eating and eating from boredom. Thankfully no one's asked me about Ronin Warriors. That would be a VERY uncomfortable conversation.

I suppose that there are bits and pieces of some characters that I like. But anyway... I liked Tyrion because he was the funniest character. All of them are flawed - they're human, it happens - and a lot of them are downright vile in the worst way... but of them all, Tyrion was the funniest. Well... besides the Greatjon, Varys, and that dude who got killed beyond the wall that was a Wildling (for that short scene where he and Jon were exchanging alcohol, anyway), he's probably one of the four funny characters in the entire series.

He WAS. If I had to pick a favorite, he would still probably win out. It's the problem with not liking well, anyone in the series.

Well, the guy who plays Jon Snow is pretty attractive, physically, but beyond that...

So I like Tyrion. Was starting to not like him for a big reason... and then he strangled the woman who'd been sleeping with him for no other reason than she slept with his dad, too.

Well, that was the thing that was just... really weird. There were a couple other things. But this... I mean... it's bad enough he just strangled the woman because she happened to be sleeping with someone else (big shocker - she's a prostitute, it's kind of her job, plus Tirion was on the executioner's block, so she needs some new way to make money when he's no longer paying her). Besides the fact that it was hinted that Tywin blackmailed her into doing it... I mean, honestly. She's a commoner, and considered the lowest of the low, at that, since she's a lady of the night (at least in this world, prostitution seems to be the "lowest of the low"). If she were a noble or something who was indicating favor toward Tyrion initially, but secretly sleeping with Tywin behind his back, I could at least vaguely understand Tyrion's having an inkling of anger towards her (although even in THAT case, it should still be more of a feeling of "well-played, guess I have to redraw the court political map" and not "MUST STRANGLE TO DEATH"; even in court politics, unless she arranged for the grisly death of his person, close relatives, allies (and there was some insanity thrown in on Tyrion's part), she wouldn't deserve to be STRANGLED to death). But she has no pull in court, no money, no servants, no power whatsoever. Heck, she could be killed right alongside him for being even remotely related to him (and heck, she was publicly identified as sleeping with him - women have been sworn to die with their husbands in numerous historical cases, and there are numerous historical cases where people who were remotely related to a bad incident for killed off, too). And yeah, she was one of the "witnesses" speaking against him during his "trial", and she lied to some extent. But it isn't as if she made the case against him, or if her testimony was the most important part of it. Or even a minorly important part of it. Honestly, if her main and currently only source of income was Tyrion, who was almost definitely going to be executed anyway, she needs other options. Getting money for testifying against Tyrion was probably her best source of income. Heck, she might have gotten money from the Queen Regent, who's an heir to Casterly Rock! There's really nowhere higher to go! Tyrion also knew that she wanted the finer things in life: money, clothing, a nice mansion... and he WAS paying her (at least until he had to hide her, and even then she still had a job of sorts, and didn't even have to sleep with him nearly as often, to boot). And he spent the entire time strongly believing that she wasn't in love with him - that it was jut an act to keep his coin in her pocket.

And if anyone should have been aware of this, it should have been Tyrion, who is one of the smarter characters in the story.

But he strangled her anyway... I get that he narrowly escaped death. That he learned that his first wife was actually just in love with him. That he actually gang-raped a normal woman.  That his brother helped in the deception, along with his father. That he's actually even more alone in the world than he was before (and he was pretty damn alone before).

But none of that REMOTELY gives him the excuse to STRANGLE someone to death. I get his killing his dad. Sort of. It fits with the whole "angry vengeance" thing that Martin is striking for here. Martin's PROBABLY gonna end up killing all of the Lannisters by then of this series, so yeah, whatever.

There was NO reason for him to kill Shae. If anything, according to his character, he should have taken her with him out of the city and at the LEAST released her out to find her own way, free of him.

One of the marked obsessions in this series is female virginity and where women are sleeping and with who. What do guys talk about before they fight? Who they'll rape after the fighting's over. What do they talk about during the fight to inspire others? Who they'll rape when they're done. Who do they talk about AFTER the fight when they're laughing and drinking with their buddies? Who they raped after the fight was over. What do they talk about x days/weeks/months later? Who they raped way back when. What do they do when they get drunk with their friends? Who they've raped and/or paid to sleep with them. What is the first/second question about a prospective bride? Whether she's been deflowered, either by some former spouse, or by any random men. Or whether she's flowered yet. What do they wonder when they're around a group of people, with a lot of women? What the women are like in bed. Or what they will be like when they're flowered, if they're too young.

A big part of the reason why I stopped watching the show extremely early on was the amount of blatant sex in it. I don't care for it and typically find it boring. Especially when I don't care for any of the characters. When that happens, and you don't really know where the story is going (other than towards more of the same), and all that seems to be happening is, well, incest, rape, pedophilia, slavery, selling your family, lots of prostitute buying up... Besides the fact that there are more naked women than attractive men. A a heterosexual woman, is there some reason I should watch this? Honestly?

I read the books because I wondered if the books would be less filled with the things they'll put in a TV show meant to attract viewers. And honestly, nothing attracts viewers more than sex and lots of skin. And I was... somewhat right. At least in a small respect. A very small respect. I also wanted to know what was going on without constantly staring at one or another person having sex with someone else.

The books are easier to bear. They aren't necessarily better. I've known that since I started reading book 1. Part of the reason I'm up to 4 is because the idea of watching the series is dimming ever more as I read, and I like finishing what I start. If I don't finish the series and I meet people who like it (it has a large following, so it's likely), and we get into an argument about it, I can't very well say "I only read up to book 4 and I just hate it". So.

It was bad enough that Tyrion gang-raped someone (yeah, SURE his father ordered him... if my father ordered me to gang-rape I MEAN WHAT? SERIOUSLY? NO. JUST NO! At that point, you WALK. AWAY. We know you're a nice guy Tyrion, and just because the woman was POSSIBLY trying to make a living (being hired by a noble, and one of the richest in the land, to boot) she deserves to be GANG-RAPED? WHAT?). Then we go on to Jaime and Brienne's stories. There's clearly some sort of mini-romance working up here. Sorry, but I don't really like Jaime. Maybe I'm knit-picking, but I don't have that much respect for someone who calls someone "wench" constantly. And then uses it as an endearment. The use of the word "bitches" as a term of endearment for friends is somewhat similar, in my opinion. She has a name. She is a person, not an object. Not scenery.

Do I think he deserves to die for that? No. But I don't think Brienne should suddenly fall in love with him because he's shown a few acts of kindness like giving her weapons and rescuing her. He still calls her wench. He still treats her on a standard in comparison with men, not as a person.

There was also the whole marriage to Sansa thing. I get that his father forced it on him, and Cersei backed it (as did Joffrey, no doubt). I get WHY the wedding happened. And I actually sort of understand the obsession with consummating a marriage. Hey, it got King Henry out of his marriage to Bloody Mary's mom, which led to, oh... a lot of death. It's pretty darn important, yanno. I also do understand that women married much younger back then. They still marry pretty young in some places around the world. Women could become prostitutes very young, way back when, and now. But uh... I mean, really? Getting a boner by starting at a 13-year-old girl? That scene was creepy to Mars, and he hadn't even taken his own clothes off yet! But then he did the noble thing, of course. He said he wouldn't touch her until she wanted him to, should it take years. And then of course the audience thinks Sansa's an ass because she says "what if I never want you to?" and we feel REALLY bad for poor Tyrion who's doing the NOBLE thing of not RAPING A CHILD (she didn't give her consent for any of this; she may be doing what "duty" is making her do, but "duty" for Sansa at that point was STAYING ALIVE, which means that she was threatened. Consent doesn't happen when you're threatened.. Gee, Martin. Really?

Then there's the male cast at large. While counting the number of rapes shown or alluded to in the series is extremely interesting (and sad), I think that counting the number of male characters who haven't threatened or performed rape would be an interesting find. I can think of three for certain. And only because the last is eight and kind of dumb, at that.

Did I mention the part where this one girl got raped by "half of Kingsport", as is often quoted? And then she basically gets blamed for it and ignored by society at general? Cersei actually says that she lacked the sense to avoid getting raped. As far as I can recall, she was one of the families getting held hostage in Kingsport. She didn't have a choice to be there in the first place. And as a lady in this world, she spent her entire life being pushed away from any form of physical combat protection. And even if she HAD any combat capabilities, how exactly was she supposed to fend a RAGING MOB off?

Oh, I forgot. Cersei, the only female fighting the system (other than Brienne, who seems to spend an awful large amount f time being ashamed of her ugliness rather than pretending she doesn't care and getting on with her life) is getting turned into a Lady MacbethxCleopatraxQueen of Hearts love child.

My point is that long before I read this, or anything related to the series in a review-sort-of manner... I already felt greatly insulted by the books as a woman and as a person. This is a world where women don't fight. They're discouraged from fighting. Which means that when their homes get sacked and all the men get killed... what, they just get raped and/or killed?

So then I read this. And, well... it's a lot funnier than anything I could have thought of. The summary of book 3 is simply hilarious. And it wasn't "well, I didn't think this before, but now that I read it I know this is how I think". I picked this up before I read this. It's rather interesting to see how deeply insulting and disgusting this series is. I just love learning about how many more popular misogynistic stories there are out there.

So that was interesting.

So I forget what else specifically I wanted to write about... but there was this crazy idea I have.

So I'm watching the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers sub. And golly gee, is it interesting. I've learned more about the boys from watching the first two episodes than I did watching the entire dub series.

So the sub is a lot better for a lot of reasons: a) the information reveals, b) the dialogue is more intimidating in Japanese and not in stupid random English accents (why was Shin British, and why were Touma and Ryo from like New York?) that make no sense anyway, c) it's interesting to see how much Japanese I can recognize, and d) I can ignore the bad art better if I focus on the text.

And then there's the things I realize about the series.

Firstly, the sub is worse for a specific reason that I've seen in a number of anime and manga. A lot of dubbers and translators are very good script-writers. It helps them get rehired. Being good as a script-writer for a translation typically means that you actually exaggerate what the actual writing is supposed to be. There can be a number of meanings used in translation (you know that plot where someone's using a translator to talk to someone else and they're insulting to person to their face, but the translator only says nice things? Yeah, that). The problem with reading any translation is that you're stuck with the translator's version of the story. Not your own. Translators in manga and anime tell you the story. While in an anime you theoretically have the ability to "read lips"... a lot of different things can be put to any character talking. Honestly, all most mouths in anime do is move up and down. They don't have all that much expression. Why? Because expression takes a LONG time to draw. When you have to create a lot of scenes and panels, using as little detail as possible to save time is the best option.

My problem isn't so much that the sub is bad because of the interpretation. My problem is the realization that, after reading the sub... the dub actually IMPROVED to a certain extent on the script because they had at least a semi-decent scriptwriter around. For most of it, I suppose. Considering how BAD the dub is, that's REALLY saying something.

Did I mention that Arago rules "The Empire of Doom"? Did I mention that? Cause it's kind of really really really funny and sad and when I saw that I thought "oh my gawd, you canNOT be serious."

He also uses "the power of doom". Yes. It's a thing. A commonly used thing.

And then, of course, when you have the Empire of Doom, you have Soldiers of Doom.

It's like the entire thing is one giant headdesk moment.

So here's my theory!

So much of this series is about cookie-cutter story design and cookie-cutter characters (damsel, at-risk child, brainy-but-useless female character, physically strong woman who secretly doesn't like fighting like all women because that's part of why women don't fight, Evil Empire, Evil Empire Soldiers, Evil Emperor, Evil Badass Soldiers, Angst-Wridden Hero Leader, Heroic Team, talking/friendly animal companion, World at Peril, Kidnap...) Um... Yeah. And even with a decent base premise, the series completely screws the pooch and never uses anything even half as decently as it could.

Since I haven't seen anything as poorly done as this series (at least with a premise this decent), and not serving as a member of a line of mass-produced genre similar stories that aren't typically meant to be remarkable in any way, and only serve as a path for merchandizing... I have only to assume that the series is made as a satire of these many devices. It's saying "look how much these ideas suck, actually!"

That's my theory. The ultimate-conspiracy-this-can't-honestly-be-as-bad-as-it-seems-for-no-reason. Of COURSE!

It's my only explanation for why the series is as bad as it is when it could have been so good. And it really could have been good. But then you have civilians hanging out by the rims of active volcanoes (without gear) and standing too close to battles so they get captured and then not RUNNING THE FUCK AWAY after they get rescued, and then you have random stops WHEN THE FATE OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS AT STAKE, to check up on some RANDOM KID WHO GIVES NOTHING TO THE STORY BUT IS THE AT-RISK CHILD STAND-IN's home, when we all know his parents aren't there. They've been kidnapped. By the Empire of Doom -snigger- for reasons unknown. I honestly don't recall why the... the Empire of Doom (by all that's holy, REALLY, Japan? REALLY? I thought only Americans were that stupid) did that. I guess just cause they're the Evil Empire, so they have to do Evil Things. The series does seem to have an obsession with damsels in distress. Ryo, Naste, and Jun trade off most of the time, but Byakuen also gets his moment in the light, along with the other Troopers. Why NOT just capture ALL of Tokyo to be one giant distressed... being. Of some sort.

You've got enemies who don't shut up and just ATTACK, or shut up and kill enemies rather than "holding them so they can watch their friends die, and then oh shoot! We lost and they got away, to fight us another day!" Really? REALLY?

Here's the a recent episode partial synopsis: Ryo was blinded. BLINDED. As in FULLY. BLIND. WITHOUT EYESIGHT. COULD NOT SEE. If he didn't have the vibrating armor-detecting swords (must stop reading into yaoi subtext), he would have been SCREWED. See, he's a member of a ninja clan. And for a sec, I REALLY thought he was gonna dip into that stereotypical pool of "sight beyond sight"-I mean, "seeing without seeing". But no. He kind of just fails.

But does he get killed by his near and completely uninjured-unencumbered foe? No. He gets rescued by his friendly white tiger, who carries him into the cave where Seiji is... and then the enemy buries the entrance under a rock slide. Because it's not like Ryo's demonstrated that he can demolish entire buildings or anything, right? I understand the sheer idiocy of trying to blow up an enclosed space (especially an underground complex) while you're INSIDE it... but they never explain it. Naaza acts like shutting them on the other side of a wall of rocks is going to make them die of starvation or something.

But that's all right. Because blocked entrances don't stop Soldiers of Doom. No, they just find other entrances in. So you say that negates the drama of BLOCKING OFF THE FIRST ENTRANCE? Psh. He's blind. He'll probably fall of a convenient cliff.

Well, he doesn't fall, but he sure does JUMP OFF OF A CONVENIENT CLIFF.

And what does Naaza do when he corners Ryo, who is STILL BLIND? Kill him fast, just to be safe - he got away once. It would be okay to be certain.

Oh no. That's in LOGICWORLD. The place that makes Paolinis and Charlaine Harrises and George R.R. Martins and Smeyers scream in fear.

What he does is he just stares and laughs.

And guess what? After what I can only presume is GETTING HIS EYES BURNED OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS (which we of course don't see, he just keeps his shut so we can see his abnormally large eyelashes; the type that you see some women wear that really creep the fuck out of you), he still gets his vision back. On top of surviving the poison attacks. Which were apparently just like... fire attacks. Maybe acid or something?

So there you have it. Ta.
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So writing exercises are fun. I'd forgotten...

Playing around with an idea I got. I finally finished "Embers" so now I'm thinking over some things I learned reading it. One of the things she did was use characters that already exist as a base for her own characters. It's actually a sort of advanced version of using archetypes. Plus, you're typically just using the base character personality. It wouldn't be the same, since they would have a different (mostly) character history and a different, well... actual storyline. And they exist in a different story universe.

No, I'm not blatantly using the idea. Reading "Embers" taught me that I know a lot less about story characters in stories I'm "familiar" with than I thought I did. Add that to an old short-short-story I wrote two semesters ago... and I have a writing exercise where you write in the mindset of another character you're familiar with. It's actually quite enlightening...You learn a lot about them. It's also a way to do dialogue and inner monologue practice.

It probably works best for certain stories where the backstories are kind of, oh... nonexistent. It's probably a good exercise for writing fanfiction (no I'm not preparing to jump into that pond, I'm just saying)... you consider how some characters get to x point and y thought and then 1, 2, 3 you have a story put together. Of course, I think I'm getting inspired because this story was REALLY poorly put together. It's easy to make something out of that. While the characters in this story might be relatively generic archetype templates... I don't know.

You start to wonder "why the heck do they do these things?" "what life experiences did they have to do things this way?" It's interesting to play with the story and how it works... fill in the gaps where they use "creative narrative" to explain what happened. You could make a story like that. I don't think a story I wrote would make any sense to anyone but me, especially since it's an experiment, where it changes over time. Going back would be kind of annoying.

It's nice to just be doing a writing exercise and not a story-story. They're easy. And it's all writing. It's just... writing without real hardship. Someone else made the outline, you just get to fill in all the details and well... knock yourself out.



Jul. 8th, 2012 11:38 pm
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So I noticed another thing. There's this trend in shows for skinny women to like overweight men. But I don't often see the reverse. In fact I can't really recall anything other than "Hairspray" where that actually happens... and since "Hairspray is a sort of parody of everything... I don't think that's a great example.

Matt Smith must be very intimidating when he's being the Doctor. I've read and watched a number of interviews and back-stage videos and other things... the man is rather silly and apparently highly accident prone (self-admitted, along with crew commentary)... and he's very sweet according to these same things. Just watching him doing his Doctor routine and it doesn't sound like a guy who uses a puppet badger to attack his own face. It looks very intimidating.

I've got a theory.

So the best actors (people-wise), are, in my experience (because you can trust things you watch on television, right?), the antagonists.

I have a couple theories about this. One of them is that people who are good at playing antagonists and villains, but are really sweethearts IRL a) have a lot of held-back rage they just reach to when they need it for stuff, b) are just very good at being mean and spend the rest of their time off-set being as nice as they can to apologize to their fellows actors for acting like asses on-set (also because they don't want the reputation of being an ass), and c) they lived their entire life secretly wishing to be a cheesy evil character, so they play it out as much as they can.

I have to stand around waiting for my conditioner to do its work for three minutes every day when I take a shower. I have to think of SOMETHING!

Of course, the secondary protagonists also tend to be the best people, too.

Being a decent person, even if they're the same as they're portrayed in interviews and back-stage stuff... is a relevant term. I think it just goes against the childhood notion that people act in real life like they do on the screen. Which is very confusing when you begin to take note of how many actors have played "both sides of the coin". It has to do with learning about gray and so on. So this is probably more of "oh, they can make actually humorous jokes without cruel jibes with other actors on the set, including the goodie-goodies".

They had railings in medieval England? You know I never even considered that before. When exactly were railings invented? How old are they?

The Merlin extras must have loved chucking veggies at the titular character in the first episode.

I don't really have anything to write here. I felt like writing something and I'm putting off getting as much of "A Song of Ice and Fire" book 3 read as possible before the end of tomorrow and I felt like writing and the first three seasons of "Merlin" are on Netflix and Methur fans keep spamming my dashboard and... sigh... today was weird. And I don't really know what to think of it.

And Arthur just owned Merlin with a broom. That's pretty BA. And no wonder there are Methur fanatics. I'm reading way too much into this, THANK YOU Methur fanatics.

I think I'm going to read this chapter of "Embers", some more of that book... and maybe finish this episode. I might do that tomorrow because this is interesting but it's a little silly and the Methur commentary going on in my head (which creeps me out enough on tumblr) is getting irritating.

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On the agenda for the evening: FINISHED THE DAMN BOOK HAHAHAHA, Britney Spears and fridge logic, "Am I being gay?", and Iron Hans 2.0.

And possibly other things. Hopefully I'll get to them all. It's not like I spent oh... three hours typing up an outline last night. A REALLY long and detailed outline. If it weren't, it would have taken me like... two minutes.


I FINISHED DRACULA!!! HAHAHAHA! And I didn't go blind doing it either! HAHA!

So yeah. I finally finished it. I was rather surprised by the ending. SPOILER:

I thought they all died. But ah well. Good endings aren't so bad (because they honestly can be at times, which... is very weird, because that wouldn't make it good, would it? And it probably means that you're a sadist).

And I did most of it while going for a good walk. I have started my descent to eventually running in the mornings! Woot! Exercise ftw!

I would never reread Dracula. I mean... I hope I don't have to reread it for class, ever, because I would reread it again (to refresh my memory)... but I really didn't like the story at all. It was an interesting look on vampire mythos and such, especially concerning the original Dracula, not the 50 billion Hollywood iterations that are out there.

The book suffers from that same thing that many books suffer: being a product of its time. I have stated before that I can understand the viewpoints presented in the work, since the book is a product of its time, and that's the way people thought back then (at least many of the peoples represented in the book). I can't forgive, but I can understand. Still. I've read romance novels that were less sexist than this thing. I thought it would be about mythology and fighting vampires, not about "oh look, damsel! So frail and weak, we must protect her!" Yup. Spoiled by Hollywood. Le sigh.

Also... it was just plain boring. There was only one largish action sequence, and maybe two or three small ones. I didn't like any of the characters (all that sexism being there and what not - YES I GET THAT IT WAS THE TIMES BUT DID I MENTION THAT I STILL FIND IT INSULTING?)... none of them really appealed to me, save for the American and Jonathan... and even then, there was too little appearance of the former, and Jonathan kind of lost my interest.

So that's over.

So I was humming "Baby One More Time" the other day. Yes, I liked Britney Spears when I was little and she was a thing. Consider this: I'm a person who frequently has their name misspelled, almost shares a name with the woman, and, back then... I didn't know anything about music, I couldn't understand most of the lyrics in songs (except for occasional bits), and I knew only a couple bands by name (versus now, where I know several, hehe): N'Sync, the Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees, Britney Spears (yes, not a band, but a singer or whatever), Enya, ATeens, Madonna, and S Club 7. Maybe the Dixie Chicks, maybe that's a big maybe. And the only bands I could somewhat recognize music from what Spears, N'Sync (because they weren't BSB songs, which I knew most of), BSB, Enya, S Club, and ATeens. Of course, I didn't even really know Enya, because my Dad would also play Clannad, which I didn't know the name of. Clannad, being the family band Enya was originally part of, has a similar sound. So I was familiar with it, but I just thought it was all Enya. I didn't actually learn the difference (or about the existence of Clannad) until... either late Middle School or High School.

Also, they used to spam Britney Spears and other pop bands at my summer camps. It was ridiculous. I remember a number of occasions where "Oops I Did it Again" would come on and the room would resound with everyone singing along.

Also: the reason why I originally liked Britney Spears? I was in a store with my Mom and my sister (and I think it was a Target) and my sister got a CD, and, being the spoiled, jealous child I was, I wanted one too. So Mom let me pick (even though I didn't know ANYONE). And I demonstrated that I didn't know anyone by standing there, staring at the CD rack, wondering which to pick. I don't remember if I saw it or Mom saw it first, but the CD with BRITNEY SPEARS in big letters was picked up because "look, you share a first name". Seriously. That's the only reason. Back then I thought it was a sign from God.

Ah well.

SO, I was singing this song, yes? So I'm humming while I'm doing some stuff on the computer... and suddenly, the meaning behind the lyrics begins to dawn on me... and I feel deeply horror struck that I know this song well enough to hum it when I'm bored...

No, I'm not 100% sure that the song means what I think it means... and there are a couple meanings I'm willing to allow. I have no source material here other than the lyrics and what I'm reading. And the interpretation I'm particularly leery of is very likely colored by my own life and experiences. As are all things. But anyway... the first interpretation that popped through my head began with the chorus "hit me baby one more time". Way back when I gave no notice to this. Over time, I began to think of it like the phrase "hit me up", which tends to mean "give me another drink" or piece of food or something (it can also be used for information). I was also more caught in how good the album sounds overall (which it honestly does - if you're willing to ignore what most of the songs actually mean).

But if you look at these:

"There's nothing that I wouldn't do"

"Show me how you want it to be
Tell me baby 'cause I need to know now"

"I must confess that my loneliness is killing me now"

And then take into consideration the fact that "hit me baby one more time" is used five times in the song. It's part of the chorus. So this is sung by someone, to someone else, saying that person A screwed up without realizing it, and that they'll do anything to fix it. And then they ask person B to hit them, possibly to get person B's lesson through to person A.

This kind of sounds like an abusee to abuser relationship. Abusers often make abusees think that they have nowhere else to go if they decide to leave the relationship. Perhaps that the abusee is worthless or ugly or stupid or some other reason that would make no one else want to have them around. Basically, the abuser is doing charity and being deeply kind by taking in the abusee.

I understand that it is important to understand the other person's side in a relationship. This could just be person A saying that they didn't realize they did something wrong, and they'll do anything to make it up to person B. The "friendly" punchout is also a common concept in escapist literature, movies, and television. So that could also be what's happening. "Punch me to make you feel better." "We good now?" "Yup."

But it doesn't sound like that. It sounds like person B's perspective of the world is the one that takes precedence. "Show me how you want it to be" - setting up how things will work in the relationship, according to person B. While one person in a relationship may know more about relationships and making them work... a relationship is not set up and maintained by only one of the individuals. It is a partnership. Both sides contribute. Or else what is the point of the relationship in the first place? Sex, sure... but what kind of relationship is that? It's empty and sad.

So this kind of screams to be "this is supporting abuse!" And even if that's not what the song is REALLY about (given Britney's later stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if this is just foreshadowing of her later career, although I'm willing to admit that maybe she just CHANGED big time down the road, as most people do)... this is how I hear it. And I can't listen to a song where, every time it pops up, I think "I'm singing about an abusive relationship. Great."

So yeah.

And it's not the only problematic song on the album.

"Sometimes I run (sometimes)
Sometimes I hide
Sometimes I'm scared of you
But all I really want is to hold you tight
Treat you right, be with you day and night
Baby all I need is time"

There's "Sometimes". It actually sounds quiet nice, for a pop song. Bouncy, sweet. Pretty, really. The chorus runs nicely off the tongue.

This is a song sung by someone who is concerned that someone else is trying to move things too fast. And possibly that the singer is either a victim of Stockholm Syndrome... or is being stalked by person B... or is just trying to sweeten things up so that person B doesn't hurt person A.

"Sometimes I'm scared of you" is NOT something a person should be saying about someone else who they want to go out with. It is REALLY bad if a member of a relationship is saying this. I say this about my stepfather. I HATE my stepfather. I say this about spiders. I do NOT want to get into a relationship with a spider, outside of one that involves my hand on a fly swatter, and them squished under the big, far end.

Also, if you HIDING from someone else, it's a good sign that you don't want to be around them. If you are HIDING, then there is probably a reason for it, especially if this person is scaring you.

Now, this song could be about a very shy person and, maybe, their first boy/girlfriend. Maybe person A doesn't really get it all, and doesn't know how to jump into a relationship, and they just want patience.

But you don't SAY that you are TERRIFIED of the person. You don't say it that way!

There's also another song that I've never really liked anyway that could be about sex, drugs, alcohol, and a party. The kind cops come to in order to arrest people. It also starts with a rapper calling Zeus and Agamemnon poets. I get Homer as a poet... but what?

Then there's a song that could be something cute about person A saying that they're always thinking about their person B.

Or it could be the song Stephanie Meyer put on endless repeat while she write the Twilight Series. Cause it pretty well describes Bella's relationship with Edward, and the response other people have to it.

The rest are mostly about the singer saying how much they screwed up the relationship. And maybe sex. Probably sex.

Other than the sound... there's really nothing I like about this album.

"But it's music! Isn't sound... the point?"

There is music where the sound is enough to make up for any other shortcomings. Even in songs with lyrics. Music with a foreign language (where I don't get a translation) falls into this category. There is also music sung in English that can fall into this category.

But if a song comes on and my thoughts include "oh... sex. Failure in a relationship. Alcohol. Abuse. Uhh..." That's enough to overpower that "oh, this is catchy!" portion. None of these songs have amazingly written lyrics that just sound nice together. I don't currently like Britney Spears (I only ever bought two CDs and a single, anyway, and that was back before 4th grade), and I haven't listened to this music in ages. That uneducated spark that made me like this before is just... gone.

Moving on. I don't know if I ranted about this before. I actually wanted insight into this from some people I know. Maybe I'll post it on facebook or something...

So I was in chorus and I was sitting and waiting for class to start. Most of us were there. People were talking to each other. It wasn't absolutely quiet, but it wasn't very loud either. Have to say that I don't know the names of any of the girls in my chorus. I started to last year, but even then I only knew like three, and then I changed choruses. (I also think they were all named Sara...) So I don't know her name. I'd recognize the face, but I don't know her name, and I didn't know her personally. She was just someone else who sat in my section. Who also didn't sing very well, but meh.

I think she was playing with her phone. She was trying to do something and it wasn't working, and getting annoyed with it. She made the other girls nearby (who were friends) aware of the situation, and, at one point, she asked, "Am I being gay?" to express something along the lines of "what am I being stupid enough to miss that isn't making this work?" That's what it translated to in my head, even while a big question mark popped up in my head, along with the thought, "What? What does "Am I being gay?" mean? Who says that?"

So I find myself in the interesting situation of understanding rude slang (if that's what it was), and also trying to understand why people think the word "gay" means stupid. The original usage of the term is for "happy".

I understand "Am I being an idiot?" "Am I being a moron?" "Am I being stupid?" "What am I missing?" "Am I missing something?"

But why do people do this? Take two things that literally have nothing to do with each other (the feeling of being happy or, more likely, having a sexual preference for people of the same sex) and stick them together like this, as an insult, or to vent frustration?

I had a similar experience the other day. I can't quite remember what he said, but this person was referring to something that annoyed them, and called it a "whore". It had nothing to do with prostitution, wasn't in reference to a person, or, more specifically, a person who was sleeping around. The term was just used as an insult. But not just "this is a rude thing to call you, so I'm going to use it". It was used as if to say "the definition of 'whore' works perfectly to describe why this is insulting me, so I will use it". People who do this clearly expect others to understand completely what they mean and sympathize. I was just very confused, because I could not connect the object of his anger with the term.

We live in a society where people are this stupid or prejudiced. They just go with it. If they were sat down and told, explicitly, what they are saying by quoting these words, about themselves, their beliefs, their culture, their society, or others... maybe they would understand. But no one does that. Everyone just goes with it.

I've been in this situation. I thought "constipation" was an insult for the longest time until my sister and father laughed at me and explained the definition of the term to me. After which, I went from using the word a LOT to almost never using it (not because it's taboo... but honestly, how many times a day do you say "someone's constipated"?).

Then there are other curse words that involve sexual preference, sex in general... a word that is insulting because it implies that you have no father. Who cares about your mother? The important thing is that you have no father who will claim you.

The term 'slut' has not, in my hearing or reading, been used to address a man, except jokingly. Rape is considered a joke. "She was asking for it" is still a joke.

We live in a society where this happens. I can understand a lack of knowledge and education. I can understand how the meaning of words change with time. So these words are simply considered insults, and people don't have to know what they mean or how they became insults or WHY they're considered insults... everyone just recognizes that it's an insult to say them to others. But if that's the case... what's the point of saying them? If you want to insult someone, the best way to do it is to be specific. To really hit them where it hurts. Just throwing random curse words at them is rather childish, and just makes you sound belligerent, and not intelligent (which is frequently considered a strength, especially if you're good at cutting people down). And all it does is subliminally support being cruel to half our planet's sexual population, and a large percentage of its sexual preference population.

Basically, everything in support of these words and phrases is just a lame excuse. This is just wrong. It needs to change.

Anyway. To end on a mild high note. I was looking a number of tumblr posts on "Snow White & the Huntsman", and even watched a decent song made by Florence and the Machine for the movie. Then I looked up some information on "Mirror Mirror". Neither of which I've seen. I'm still curious about them. I would like to see at least "Snow White & the Hunstman", KStew or no. And of course, thinking about these two adaptations of Snow White made in close proximity to each other (because there were just NO other fairy tales to use for movie material, right?), made me think about "Once Upon a Time", which ALSO uses the Snow White storyline. At least vaguely. A TV show which was on-going in its first season while these two movies were getting publicity before they came out. And then there's "Grimm", which also uses some of those familiar Brothers Grimm stories. In a very, very vague capacity. So vague I don't that if they didn't make these episodes so contrived... there would be no apparent relation.

So because of that... I've been in an Iron Hans mood lately. It's my favorite fairy tale. Manliness and 'good christian values' and all that aside. Maybe it just had the best art interpretation in my Elementary School library. I don't know!

Anyway. Apparently Grimm did use it... to some extent. I'll have to look that up again to be sure (they at least use a quotation from the story, but then again, their quotations tend to not have anything to do with the episodes themselves... so meh). But "Once Upon a Time" is going to need some more characters to populate its Fairy Tale world! They've barely scratched the surface on the number of things they can use! Even looking at Disney alone, they haven't used "The Frog Princess", "The Little Mermaid", "Treasure Island", "Rapunzel"... heck, they could even make an excuse to stick Mulan in there if they wanted! Then there are so many other fairy tales they could use! I would love to have them try and interpretation of "The Boy Who Did Not Know Fear" or "The Troll King's Daughter" (or whatever they're called) or that one where the Princess wraps herself in fur and it's like part of "East of the Sun, West of the Moon"/Cupid and Psyche. Or "Silver Hands" (whatever it's called) where the protagonist gets her hands chopped off after her parents make a deal with the devil. And honestly? They've barely scratched the surface on the Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty fairy tales, even though they've partially referenced them. They could do a lot more with them. Or Peter Pan! Sure, they have fairies, but they don't have Peter or Tink flying around! Pulling them in could make an excuse for having mermaids. And Bella's last name may be Swan (possibly implying that SHE is to be the Swan Princess - can you say love story and more magic from Regina, now-remagified people?), but they haven't actually USED the Swan Princess storyline. Or the Nutcracker storyline! Or Goldilocks! No one likes Goldilocks... Heck, they could even make an excuse to have Robin Hood in here! Or "The Last Unicorn" - now that would be an interesting throw-in!

But while I have seen a number of interpretations and reinterpretations of these stories... I have seen very few reinterpretations of Iron Hans. No movie or television interpretations, certainly.

So I figure... if Hollywood has no ideas (considering that two companies came out with movies using the same fairy tale... at the same time, and they have this history of companies stealing scripts and ideas and fighting over who can do it better, and because they completely fail in original story-telling as of late), why not try their hand at who can make the best Iron Hans? I'm completely game for that.

But then I thought... you know, I did try my hand at re-imagining the story way back when. I wanted to see what would happen if you switched the gender roles - made the protagonist female. Never really got anywhere with it.

But I have two completed outlines for a re-imagining of "The Little Mermaid" and "Sleeping Beauty" sitting on my computer, waiting to be written.

Why not give it another go myself, rather than wait? It'll probably never be published, but it would make me happy.

So I gave it a shot. And, as stated earlier, I spent three plus hours on it. There are still a couple problems that need to be worked out (some cultural research I need to do, how the prince is sort of blackmailed by Iron Hans to free him, why he flees the tournament/festival when the princess throws the golden apple... and so on). But most of it is out there, waiting for me. I'm planning to pick one of the three stories to work on for NaNoWriMo. If they're too short (which I highly doubt, considering that, well, it's me), then I'll just move on to one of the others. Iron Hans and Sleeping Beauty are both Brothers Grimm tales, so it would make sense to start a mini re-imagined compendium. "The Little Mermaid" isn't, but... well, it's so reused that I don't think people would care. I won't care, as long as I have stuff to write.

So there you have it. A lot of writing. My hand really hurts. I might just delete this whole CD and throw it away. Oh, my wasted youth. And humanity, oh humanity... I hope we can improve.

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I am most definitely watching Charmed. I'm in season 2 now. I don't really know why I like the show. The cast isn't spectacular, but they're good and they're growing on me. I wasn't in love with the protagonists, in particular. I found Phoebe annoying and Prue overly cliched. Piper was the one character I actually liked from watching the bits I saw before and she still is the only one I really like... but the others are growing. Now that Phoebe is growing in her use of martial arts, she's becoming fun. The story-writing is also improving a bit. It's a slow process, but they're still in the 90s. Have to give em a break.

I also finished "To Reign in Hell." I thought it was good. I was a little disappointed that it's not like Brust's Dragaera books (particularly in the humor department), but that was expected from what I read before reading the story itself. It was quite nicely written.

The new episode of Supernatural came out. Bobby gained the ability to manifest. Not much else happened.

I've been mostly doing a lot of school writing. Trying to chill. I've had headaches for the past five days and I'm just trying to get some sleep when I can. Missed too much and I think that's the cause of my headaches. And my eyes burning.

Perhaps the funniest thing about Charmed is the fashion sense. I have friends who focused on fashion in school, so I'm aware of the whole trends changing business. Just watching this show, it's obvious that trends can change relatively quickly. Admittedly, it's been a decade. I suppose fashions can change that fast... although with the way we work trends now, it's pretty obvious that things can change fast. Look how fast the iPod got taken up. Although that's not fashion...

Anyway, the stuff they wear in this show is hilarious. Tops, jewelry, fur, "gangsta" clothing, and so on.

One of the thing that I'm kind of jealous of in this show is watching the sisters interact with each other. It reminds me of a much closer interaction between my mom and her sister. The sisters are all just... so incredibly close with each other. On the one hand, I really wish I was that way with my sister. I find that I can go for days without remembering that I have a sister. And on the other hand, it makes me miss my sister. I am 95% certain that once I reacquainted myself with my sister, that I would immediately stop missing her. This is one of those "I wish things could have been..." Oh why, cruel world, is life not like it is on television?

I guess the only solution is that once I hit 26, she and her husband will have to move in with me and we'll discover how much we truly care about each other after receiving magical abilities from some dead relative. Apparently it greatly improves one's sex life. It probably helps when you live in a town filled with loads and loads of hot guys.

I'm getting hungry. Later.
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I never thought about this before.

Yes, I am aware that there are a great number of things I have never thought of before. A decent thesis for my Lit Analysis theoretical essay is one of them.

So two versions of the Snow White myth are coming out on film in the near future: "Mirror, Mirror" and "Snow White & the Huntsman." <<<Look! See that there! I totally used punctuation like my professors want me to.

Anyway, these two version are coming out. And like everyone has commented, of the many, many available folk tales, fairy tales, and myths out there, Hollywood had to pick the same one twice? Seriously? You know what I would love to see? A film version of "The Girl With the Silver Hands." Or "East of the Sun and West of the Moon." I'm pretty sure that film versions of at least the first story don't exist. I could be wrong on that note. I don't know about the second. But nothing comes to mind. They could do a Hercules movie. Yeah, they had that series back in the 90s or so, but that's not all that recent. And then they had the Disney version. Why not try a live-action if they're so stuck on it? They could do a version of the "The Story of the Youth Who Went to Learn What Fear Was". That would be cool to see. Although we have the Disney version (which I loved), a live-action, re-imagined "Sleeping Beauty" would be really cool. Maybe in Disney's Rapunzel style, with a powered-up Aurora/Beauty/whatever her name is. Maybe have it in space, like that really neat artist at Katsucon thought. They could do a re-imagined "Hansel and Gretel" or, heck, even a "Jack and Jill" story would be cool. They could do a "Twelve Princesses" movie, if only to one-up the Barbie version.

I know this much. I have seen at least two versions of the "Swan Princess" story: the WB version and the Barbie version. I'm familiar with two versions of "Red Riding Hood" (the old WB cartoon and the recent movie I never saw). I've seen two versions of "Thumbelina": the WB version and the Barbie version I never saw. I've also read about four different versions. I've seen at least four versions of "A Christmas Carol": the recent 3-D Disney movie, the Jetsons and Flintstones version, and the Barbie version (which I never finished). I've also seen the play and half of an old live action version. And yet I have never actually read the book. Jeez. I have read Charles Dickens before though... can't say I actually look forward to the experience.

My point is mixed. Firstly, that retrying the same old story is rather normal behavior for us.

But also that it's rather hard to get right. The first Thumbelina version I saw with the nice singing and the fun songs and the... rather numerous sexual innuendos and such was good. The Barbie version just looked plain stupid. Then again, it's Barbie. Where do you start with finding problems with Barbie? The WB Swan Princess was beautiful. If... rather insulting, as a woman. I loved the music, anyway. The Barbie version? Uhhh...

I think that we should stop deriding the industry wholesale. After all, they are trying. And some of the re-imaginings are interesting, like Disney's "The Princess and the Frog" or their "Rapunzel", which I rather liked.

And clearly, out of the pile of failures that is the industry's attempt to re-imagine these things, along with the extremely low success rate, it is rather hard to do this right. It's hard to make something good. It's easy to make something bad.

No, that's not the thought that I never thought of before. If I had never thought of that before, I would have tried publishing the drivel I wrote back in 6th grade.

It is hard to make a right decision. To get a decent story. To make something beautiful. I guess I should respect their decision to do something like this at all. Snow White & The Huntsman... while featuring Kristen Stewart and with a questionable plot with random battles in recent Robin Hood fashion apparently... may have potential. The effects look neat. Mirror, Mirror could be funny.

I guess I should take comfort in that fact. That it's hard. But it's worth the try.

In the meantime, back to Supernatural.
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Well... actually, there's a lot of music that inspires me. If I had to say a description it would be... music that is beatiful.

That does NOT mean only classical music. Actually, very few classical songs inspire me. Among them are Pacholbel's Canon, Into the Storm, Rhapsody in Blue, which isn't really classical, but it's got a piano so... well, I consider it classical. It's not, but I'm not a big blues fan, so bear with me.

Um... I like Hanz Zimmer. His music really inspires me. The songs in Pirates of the Caribbean... I fell in LOVE with that movie BECAUSE of those songs (well... Orlando Bloom is also hot with wet hair, but that's a topic of discussion for another time...).

It's just... so moving, that music. Sad music, maybe. Goodbye My Lover by James Blunt inspired a short story about two of my main characters in my story. Well... not a short story, but a side story. It's a very sad story... and it really defined their relationship.

Um... folk music STIMULATES my mind. I guess you could call that "inspiring" in my case. I'm talking Enya or Clannad. Sometimes Genesis or Yes, which isn't folk or new age, but it has something of the same feel with along with bouncy (yeah, bad description, I know) rock flavoring.

Sad, inspiring, beatiful music, I suppose. Although In The End by Linkin Park really got me writing for a few months. Just cause of the adrenaline rush from the song, I s'pose.
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Probably... wow... that's hard... it's not so much a "relate to most" as "understand the most"... maybe "feel for" most... I think... the only problem with this is that all the books I read have main characters that are strong, good-looking, smart, determined, funny, modest, (mostly selfless), and live in worlds completely incomparable to ours. The only similarities between us would be our ages, and, thus, some social problems. Some. I don't live in a life where there are one or more georgeous, amazing people with secret crushes on me... or with billions of friends... nor do I make friends at first meeting... Let's just say... it's a difficult question to ask...

Quite possibly, I'd have to say Uchiha Sasuke, from Naruto. We both have family issues. My entire family was not assasinated by older sibling, but... well... we have normal family problems like normal families do, yanno? Also, I personally believe that my older sibling isn't the most... stable person around. Well... I guess stable/unstable is a little... harsh... term to use... shall we say.... seemingly sensible?


Um... my parents are... kinda... well... not really. My mother CAN be a nice person. She is, often enough, just... well... Anyway, my father is an amazing person, who I respect and love dearly, and I try my hardest (well... I try, anyway) to make him proud.

I'm certainly not a genius. I'm smart, certainly - even I can't help but admit that - but I'm not a genius... no matter how far I go, I always feel like I'm being left behind by my peers. Always. I was missing something, or I didn't do something, or whatever, and it fills like someone is stabbing me in the heart everytime I realize that. Or worse.

I don't pick the best ways out of situations. I let jealousy cloud my views and choose my actions, and I often fall right over my face in the process. Though I would NOT willingly turn myself over to the devil for power. Someone less... sinister, I suppose, but no.
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I finished my notebook!

I got out of school early today. Heather and I went to see Grandmommy for five hours at the hospital. Mom is desperately trying to get back from her vacation so that she can be with Grandmommy before anything happens.

We had dinner with Aunt Julie, Uncle BG, Sam, Allie, and Granddaddy. It was nice.
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I have a seen a few bad April Fools jokes today.

I went to a "manga/anime drawing class" with Jazz. It was okay. The guy was just really figety.

I watched "Princess Mononoke" again! Still in love.

I watched "Once More,With Feeling" from Buffy and I sang along. It was nice.

I went to Don Pablo's with Dad.

Then we went to Best Buy for a while. I bought the soundtrack for "Once More, With Feeling".

I watched some of "Howl's Moving Castle", got bored, and turned on "Doctor Who". I want to see all of "Howl's Moving Castle" sometime.

I also worked on my map and plot outline some more. They look better. Things are starting to come together.

Team Party

Mar. 30th, 2006 09:52 pm
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I had the team party today. I did some funny stunts and there were tons of people all round. Mr. Brooks looks really odd in shorts and t-shirt. Mr. Cordary was out with us, in his suit! That was sort of odd but definitely something Mr. C would do.

I got all sweaty and had two pizza slices, a piece of cake (with my hands!) and two cookies. One was really bad, but I didn't want to seem mean, so I ate it. Anna's were really good. I didn't want to seriously pig out, though, so I didn't get more. I probably should have. It was just too close to lunchtime. It ruined my entire schedule. I didn't have a real dinner. Just some strawberries and two glasses of milk.

My speak-up is 6 minutes. At least I don't have to worry about it being too short.

Now I just have to cut about 2 minutes off between now and seventh period.
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After painstaking emails and window openings, I finally managed to get Mom to make me the email address Neopets had, got my password, saved it, logged onto my original account, changed my email to my actual one, and changed my password to one I'll remember.

I've been playing around with my map ideas. I still want the Song Mts. to be in the far north... and I do want them to start in the middle of the continent.

Cristina came to school today. Jazz was at the chorus festival so I didn't really see her today.

There was a very competative game of handball in our period today and I think it's my fault we lost.

Why can't Mrs. Simms get us uniforms? As I was saying to Daddy, school gets money, students know what to wear, Mrs. Simms won't complain about what we wear unless we have to fix it, I know what to look for when I look, we look good (particularly in pictures), and we look like an actual group. Everybody wins. I guess she just likes complaining.

Cassie, Alicia, and I did pretty good on our "skit".

I aced mi prueba de comida. The science test seemed pretty easy. The math test was a piece of cake.
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Today I finished "Gundam Seed".

We got a 2 for the District Festival. We sound REALLY good on the tapes. It doesn't sound like the real thing.

I'm thinking of getting rid of Serin and Saranna. They don't really serve any purpose to the plot and I could play around with the character of a wandering woman. That would have a bunch of story plot. Plus, the meeting with David, the rogue, would make more sense... It's just... Serin and Saranna seem like a part of the story now. I could use them in something else. Just, there are too many characters as it is, and Shalaran and ____ serve have traits that Saranna has... and David and Mathal really have a lot of the traits that Serin have, while Golda also shares traits from both characters... will this be goodbye to Serin and Saranna?
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I discovered this awesome comic!

The beginning is really badly scripted, the art isn't always great, it's often hard to follow what is going on in the pictures...

But overall the plot is great, the eventual total coloring rocks and the artwork is very good as the comic progresses (page 524 as of yesterday), and the script is improving.

I love it a whole lot. Of course... this now means that I am following even MORE comics than I was before...
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I've worked some more on the character page for my story. I have now realized that if I want to make this book the way I want to, unless I really, really want it to be really, really long, I'm going to have to make it more than one book.

The story is just so confusing at times! I've got an 8-person fellowship, plus two animals, and I may make it a 9-person fellowship (although I love LOTR, that's not why). I have too much I want to do... I don't even have a completed outline! I'm planning, for now, to just write one book, with what I basically want, and then I'll MAJORLY edit it, and turn it into four... possible five.

I went to Hebrewschool today. Only nine of us showed. Three guys and six girls: Allison, Elyse, Rachel, Liza, Adriane, and I, plus David, Alex and Matthew. It was kind of sad. We got cookies though. And we just discussed the entire period. It was cool. I wore my “InuYasha” wristband.

After Mom and Mike fought, Mom took Heather and I to Pho. It was cool. Heather and Mom talked. But that's normal. I wrote and pretended I was part of the chair.
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Alicia, Cassie and I taught our English class today. We discussed and did nothing else with "The Little Prince" the entire period. It was awesome! It started snowing.

In Civics I discussed my test with Mr. Schlobach because I thought I did horribly, but he gave me more chances and he said I'm a good writer. I'm pretty sure he's the first teacher I've had in any subject who has complimented my writing. It's odd because he's a Civics teacher, but it makes more sense because he used to be a writing teacher.

I finally wrote up the bio/charas page for my story. It looks really awesome. I always right well when my stamina is up. That's why its always good to be finishing a book when I really want to write. Mom stole two of my pizza rolls during dinner before she made some of her own.


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