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So I'm writing this Yoroiden Samurai Troopers fanfiction/rewrite/AU/thought experiment/what-the-f-ever.

Yes, I am a really ridiculous person.

But I'm writing this story and a lot of it isn't planned the way I wanted it to work, although with a little tweaking, I could get it to work right someday.

But I am going with the flow for the moment, and right now I'm finishing up the Sarenbo fight.

There are a lot of questions that come up in relation to this series. I'm going to pretend Naste and Yuli don't exist, because that gets rid of a lot of them.

One I came across recently is this: the guys NEVER discuss going to a hospital. Ever. Not once in memory. They are CONSTANTLY getting into fights. They have scenes where they are collapsed from exhaustion and covered in wounds. Yes, they have mass magical recovery, but I mean... seriously? Football players retire young for the most part because they are just so BATTERED after the collection of all their games. They have accrued so many bruises that they cannot function normally afterward. Soldiers are the same.

Magical recovery is always problematic, even if it's used "correctly". A good magical recovery is "I fixed this for you, but you'll still be tired because I made your body work in overdrive" or something, anyway. Or "I healed you, but you'll always have a scar" or something. When there's been consideration for effort involved in healing. Healing takes time and energy. Your body works in overdrive to fix you. If your body isn't supplying that energy, then someone else has to. This is why characters who heal serious with a flick of their fingers are ridiculous. People are not boxes filled with liquid. We are sophisticated machines that require a lot of know-how and precision. That type of precision and focus to heal is hard and difficult to maintain. A healer should feel that burden, in proportion to their power level and the nature of the injury.

My point is that the guys should be showing signs of SOMETHING after all of these fights and all these times getting knocked to next Tuesday by summoning the Kikotei. They don't. Why is that?

The simple answer is that the armors heal. Okay. For such extensive healing properties as "there is no bodily fallout after so many healings", that is a LOT of energy that comes from... where exactly?

I get the magical healing thing. I get it. But these guys are HUMANS. They have all lived for over sixteen years as HUMANS in the 20th century. HUMANS have things called HOSPITALS, which we go to when we are hurt. At least once, someone should bring up, "Should we go to the hospital?" or "Should we take x to the hospital?" This is typically solved by the presence of Naste, who occasionally bandages injuries. Without common sense for the most part, but what do I know? It's not like Naste just RANDOMLY knows everything useful. OH WAIT SHE DOESN'T! She spends the majority of the series NOT knowing anything useful, being vague, and CONSTANTLY running into trouble and forcing the senshi to rescue her.

Here's another thing: until Arago and Kaos reveal the armors' origins, the guys NEVER question where the source of their power is from. And almost immediately after that they stop caring.

They have an endless power source (except in moments of the best drama) and they never. ask. questions.

Noooo, they'd rather talk about their FEELINGS. Particularly Ryo's feelings. He has more feelings and angst than the rest of us, you know, cause he's the main protagonist.

I have no issue with talking about your feelings. The guys don't really do it with any inherent sense, but I'm glad they're at least trying!

But I'm thinking of it from my perspective: if I had access to a powerful weapon that recharged without me doing anything and could heal any wound and give me superhuman powers, and was wrapped all around my body... I would be really freaked out. Sure, it would be cool to fly and jump high and such. But honestly? Once I'd destroyed a building or two, I'd probably start to get scared of actually hurting people. Which is also NEVER really brought up. The guys have no issue destroying property. In one early scene in the series, Ryo realizes that he's damaging the building where Naste's father is working, and then to fix this, goes outside, so they can fight on top of and in front of the building.


This satisfies him by the way. I mean, he still wrecks the roof and the surrounding area, but psh. He's not directly wrecking the INSIDE, which is what REALLY counts, you know!

"The problem with being able to do everything, is doing anything." It is HARD to do things when you have power.

When you have free time, you can get bored easily. We adjust so easily to work that free time can be terrifying.

When you have control over someone else's life... that is terrifying. One of the things that terrifies new parents is the fact that they are now responsible for another life. A life that will perish if they do nothing, or suffer if they do something wrong. It's similar to the situation between owners and pets and gardeners and their plants.

Power is desirable and terrifying. The first time I got behind the wheel of a car, I wasn't thinking "Gee, I wanna go drive to the other end of the country!" It was "I hope I don't kill us by driving into a tree!" Having a lot of money is terrifying. What do you save? What do you buy? Where do you put it? Who do you trust with it?

The guys do play with this idea of power as terrifying, at least in relation to the Kikotei. But it is so rarely touched on for the most part in the series. The general sentiment is "Arago is evil, so we should kill him".

Some things I would add to a series re-write (if a miracle occurred and someone magically picked up the series to reboot it): 1) mention of going to a hospital and an explanation of why this is bad, 2) the presence of someone experienced with basic first aid on the team (other than Naste because I don't like her), 3) a discussion of how the senshi knew to gather in Tokyo, 4) a discussion of how the guys got their armors in the first place, 5) a discussion of what they're supposed to do with the armors, 6) their thoughts on the future, 7) talk about their families, 8) a LITTLE bit more time for the guys to get to know each other, and more attempts to do so... and so on.

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As if there aren't enough already.

So the last time I was at AUSA, I was an Anime Parliament in the evening, and it was fun. And since I didn't get have the references and still found it funny, that really says something.

Except for the beginning. Which was kind of embarrassing. There was this one girl who wanted to advocate a case for making all the characters in every anime, at least once, wear traditional Japanese clothing.

Ignoring the fact that the idea is really stupid, she didn't make even a half-decent case for it. She kept using circular reasoning and doing one of those "look, it's all right there" and kind of ignoring subtle cues (typically in the form of pointed questions) people were trying to give about where the argument should go to maybe convince some people. It's worse because I'm pretty sure she had a mental disability of some sort... and so no one wanted to actively shout her down like we typically do.

To put it simply, it's a bad idea because there is no reason for every character in all of anime and manga to wear Japanese clothing at least once in their series. Some series don't take place in Japan. Some stories don't take place on Earth. Some stories don't feature Japanese characters. Some stories take place long after the Earth (and Japan) have been destroyed. Some stories never even had a Japan or something similar to begin with! That's ignoring the fact that a lot of series don't easily feature scenarios where such a thing could occur even for the wildest of reasons.

Anyway... I mean to say that I'm not against the use of Japanese cultural items in a story (which is sort of what she was getting at - she wanted people to reminded that these series are representative of Japanese contributions to culture, and are, in essence, Japanese, or something like that, even if it doesn't make sense character and story-wise). She was also talking about the fact that newer anime and manga are consistently moving further away from more culturally Japanese subjects, which is actually completely untrue (I've actually seen a RISE in the use of Japan as a setting and a cultural foundation for the story in recent years - just because it's not all samurai and Japanese high schools doesn't mean it's further from Japanese culture; note, some of the most popular mainstream stories, Naruto, Bleach, InuYasha, and others, are Japanese culturally, in many aspects).

That being said, YST is one of the most culturally Japanese anime I know. It uses Japanese-style armor, weapons, fighting styles, monks, spirituality, mythology, settings, symbols and historical figures (and possibly other things).

There are so many shows where a Japanese style weapon, or a weapon that become well-used in Japan, just shows up, and suddenly it's considered Japanese. There are tons of shows where they are SUPPOSED to be in Japan. Somewhere. Probably in a general area near some city, in a forest or by a lake somewhere. I haven't seen many series that use as many distinct landmarks in the first couple episodes.

Despite all of this, they bring in, among other things, Jun, who, among other things, represents American and Western influences on Japan. I'm assuming this was to appeal to American audiences.

The kid rides a skateboard. Yeah, skateboarding probably came from surfing, which came early on from an area near Japan, but honestly, skateboarding is apparently an American-born sport.

The kid acts as a cheerleading squad for the gang. He does literally nothing else until they bring in the Jewel of Life, which protects them while the boys and Byakuen are away (ignoring contrived rescue scenarios, where Jun REALLY doesn't do anything anyway) .

He's the young, adventurous boy, who just wants to be an action hero. Huh. WHO DOES THAT REMIND US OF?

He's the at-risk child. Huh. WHERE DOES THAT REMIND US OF?

He brings in this cheesy, corny, feel-good element even though it's really, really lame and there's no reason to that reminds me of old American television. I'm curious if that's what they were trying to mimic. While it's something you find a lot at an anime's worst moments (typically), it can be pulled off well. And they just fail abysmally with this show.

Just stop RUINING things, Jun! I like seeing how this story is put together! I like all the Japanese culture! Go be a stupid, useless, mock-American kid SOMEWHERE ELSE!

I have a lot of anger right now. And I'm tired. Night.
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So on the list of things to rant on tonight: Pandaria Cinematic (squee), "Time Untime" completion (and binding changes), "Elementary" and Sherlock Holmes... everywhere, videogames and storylines, and probably some other things.


So the Pandaria Cinematic came out today, and I was really happy because I didn't have to wait. It was out when I turned on my computer at 10:20. That was fun!

So I watched it, recalling the words of the Blizzard people who said that they really wanted to do more with the Cataclysm cinematic. I agreed... a little. I thought it was pretty nice and I ALWAYS want more with these things.

So I was a little concerned, since I thought that the release date for the next expansion felt a little... rushed. Especially since they're losing people - they might just be speeding things up to keep people playing. Extra speed in something like this isn't always a great thing. I want to play something cool and well-thought-out, not something rushed.

So, even while I dreaded every moment as I watched the time left on the video decrease, this cinematic was a pleasant surprise. It was funny. Something they haven't had since the Burning Crusade cinematic, and even then it wasn't like this. I really enjoyed it :D I still would have liked to have seen more about the Pandaren (and, again, they were all men, sigh), but I think this described the relationships involved in the xpac rather nicely... so it was good.

I thought "Time Untime" was an interesting shift from some of Sherrilyn Kenyon's earlier writing. I don't think it's much of a shift, but, well... there were a few things. It was interesting to see her writing about events in the future. I haven't been up-to-date on her books for very long. I've been doing a lot of catch-up, so most of what I've read has taken place in the past. The relatively recent past, depending on where you're reading, but still the past. This book mostly takes place in December of this year, and the last scene takes place in 2061. It was interesting. There were some other things that just popped up... the way the female characters are becoming more heroic. The continued use of "masculinity" as if it's a firmly defined quality (sigh). And so on. It's not perfect, but, well... She's also filling in some plot holes that I've been curious about. Things about Nick, things that are going on with other characters in the universe (as she does frequently).

[Doctor Who] So this monster in Doctor Who looks like a puppet some people in "America's Got Talent" made. I wonder if they used this as inspiration?

They did something odd with the binding. It was marked as Fiction and not in its old category. I'm curious if they stuck it with the fantasy/SF stuff, rather than what the other books were, because I'm pretty sure that old category still exists. Most of this book is devoted to the fantasy/adventure aspects than the old category. She's actually been making that shift, too. It's interesting. I like it a lot.

So the trailer for "Elementary" is out, and I looked it up... and it looks... interesting. I have to agree with some of the people I was reading comments from. It looks more like just another crime drama, and not a Sherlock Holmes story. If they're not basing it on the books... then what's the point? Just to use the character?

I'm also a little confused. Why exactly is there suddenly an overabundance of Sherlock Holmes adaptations out there? There's BBC's "Sherlock", the Hollywood movie duology, "House", "Bones", "Doctor Who", and now... this. While it's arguable that most any detective series at least partially uses the the Holmes figure in some manner... in reference or actual borrowed personality traits or whatever... this is a little much. It's not "this is some other detecive with their own quirks and personality who just uses similar methods or reasoning"... it's "let's adapt it this way". Heck, there's even an animated version in Japan, apparently. Even "Castle" borrows a little from the Holmes fandom with a principle character who serves as a sort of consultant for the local police department and who knows a great deal of information and people and considers the subject of crime and the people involved to be a sort of game to be solved. Sure, Castle is no Holmes and the female cop is no Watson. But there's that borrowed element. That's what makes "House", "Bones" and "Castle" unique, while still reminiscent of good old Holmes. They borrow elements while making something new. "House" takes place in a hospital (most of the time) and is a medical drama, and even House is a doctor. Bones is very distantly related, from what I've seen, and the "Holmes" character is female (precedent for "Elementary"), and a scientist, doctor, whatever she is, while the "Watson" character is a meat shield, as far as I can see. Castle has an author and a cop, not a detective and a doctor. Heck, in "Doctor Who", the Holmes character is an alien with a time-traveling device! And the Watson character is a scattering of multiple individuals.

Yes, "Doctor Who" borrows the Sherlock Holmes story. Think about it for a moment. It stars someone who doesn't look at life as a life-or-death scenario or as if he has a vested interest in it... beyond his own personal enjoyment. He's a tourist on permanent vacation. Since Holmes doesn't really do anything beyond experiment, do drugs, and solve cases in his spare time... he kind of is on permanent vacation. They both even collect things! Holmes has at least occassionally collected something form his clients (some form of payment, although I'm not certain that he always keeps whatever it happens to be), and the Doctor has often collected souveneirs, from costumes to machine parts to food to people and so on.

Then there's the fact that there is ALWAYS a mystery. ALWAYS. The Doctor can be bored and stumble into it, or be dragged by one enemy or another. There's always something wrong that he has to figure out and then fix. Sure, it isn't a police or detective case OFFICIALLY, but that doesn't make it any less of a mystery and the Doctor and his companions any less of a bunch of detectives.

The Doctor, House, Bones, Castle, and Holmes all know a heck of a lot about whatever it is they're interested in. if they don't know it and it pops into their heads, they are probably spending their free time working on learning about whatever it is. They are all "out there". They all have issues relating properly to people (Castle maybe less so than the others, but again, this is creative license - he's not HOLMES, he's someone's vagueish homage to Holmes). And that is principally due to their intelligence and the fact that they typically sideline romance and friendships for The Next Big Thing in their hunt for knowledge and what they consider "fun" (which typically doesn't align with most other people's definition of the term "fun").

They all have their Watson. The person through which we relate to this Knowledge Giant. Without Watson, Holmes would not be interesting. He would be arrogant and annoying and rude and disgusting and, after a while, boring and formulaic (House is like the longest run How Far Can We Make This Work Without a Watson character around). Watson makes us see him in a different light. And really... Holmes doesn't work without Watson. He can't. He's not entirely vain and he doesn't have much patience, but he does enjoy relating to people what's going on, sort of like a teacher. You could argue whether someone like Watson or an audience ready to shout out "ooh" "ahh" or "what?" is a better companion for him, but that's up to artistic license. Watson is also probably the reason Holmes doesn't just curl up and die. Either from boredom or loneliness.

These stories focus on different facets of Holmes and different ways to look at his character and his Watsons and how he interacts with the world. Most of the newbie Holmes' suffer before they find their Watson. Most of them are distant from the world and life in general before that point. Most of them are crass and fatalistic and seem to have more conversations in their heads than they bother to have with real people. Some of them admit earlier than others that they're lonely. Some use drugs. Some experiment in their free time. Some have an interest in romance. Some can be shocked by other people. Some laugh with others, some just mock and mock and mock and don't even realize what they've done wrong until long after the fact.

While I can't speak for Bones because I don't know the show much, I do know enough about the others to say this: the Doctor is no one without his companions. He can't help but walk up to whoever seems to be set apart from the others in the room (people like himself) and just start up a conversation and have a laugh. He can own the room in a couple minutes, just give him time. He wants to have fun.

House is nothing without his fellow doctors or Wilson. Heck, when no one else is around, he has to talk to a JANITOR.

Castle is greatly depressed and can't write until he meets that cop whose name escapes me -I'm really not that familiar with the show I've only watched episodes 1 and 2 full way through and it was a while ago- and she inspired him and he found something he really, really wanted to do with himself and he found a reason to write again.

And it is a game for all of them. The Doctor moves on a whim. House only solves "interesting" cases. Castle treats things like some kind of TV show from what I saw. And Bones... I have no idea.

Holmes, through artistic license, has been a doctor, a scientist, a cop, a romance/detective fiction writer, a time-traveling immortal alien, and will probably be a heck of a lot more when all's said and done for us.

I like "Sherlock" a lot. I like the movies a lot. I liked "House" for a long time, until it simply became WAY too formulaic and annoying (which was actually quite earlier, it just added in a bunch of other interesting things that made up for all of that).

But this is a little much. I'm not telling people to make up something entirely new (which is arguably nearly impossible, anyway). There are other things out there for people to re-do in the annals of literature history. People re-do and re-do all the same fairy tales and the same myths. I've read, if not all of them, a great big chunk of the Brother's Grimm fairy tales. There's a great deal more than Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Rapunzel. And people still aren't even touching on some of the more common adaptations. The Cupid and Psyche fairy tale is rather commonly reused, yet I haven't seen any animated or live-action versions. There are so many stories from a great number of mythos families that it's just... ridiculous that they don't take advantage of this.

[Doctor Who] Have I mentioned yet that I'm going to be really, really, really happy once I'm done with the William Hartnell years? Oh, I know Dad's missing nine or so episodes... but I'll be taking those as singles, not this, William Hartnell, William hartnell, William Hartnell, William Hartnell, old-ass UGHness...

This looks like a different Sherlock. Of course. Another Sherlock in the present day. And, for some reason, in the US. I guess it's another rogue element? Heck, "House", "Castle", and "Bones" take place here. Why not be more direct with references?

I'm interested in seeing how it turns out. I think it could be really good.

Or it could be really bad.

You know... there's a thing with some video games. I'm more interested in the story than playing them. Which typically means my curiousity is satisfied when I've played it through once and really deters me from buying them because when you buy a video game, your money's worth is earned when you play it more than once (at least for me; when I get it and then play it through and then leave it untouched like a number of games on my comp, well...). So personally I just like watching other people play so I can see the story play out. It's kind of like reading a book or watching a movie. Plus it's an excuse to save money "you're only going to play it through once, so why bother?" Which means I don't buy many anymore cause, well... the only thing I make time to play often is WoW. And Diablo, if I'm REALLY bored...

So I'm seeing all this hullaballoo about the Assassin's Creed series, which I find at least interesting (I'm not saying it's perfect, it just interesting). And... the library only has three of the books. Not even the first three books. Just three of them. They're at least in order, I suppose.

[Doctor Who] Wow, the Doctor is pretty mean.

Gonna watch one episode of YST, take a shower, and go to bed. Night then.
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So it's apparently really, really bad for me to actually read the emails sends me. Thanks to today's email alone, I read at least thirty articles. Not short two-paragraph articles. Okay, there were like three of those. I mean like three-page articles.

Do I regret the entire experience? No, not really. The articles were very interesting and informative. I learned a lot about current news, genre writing, literary analysis, and writing as a style. Also about human generosity, kindness, and hilarity(?).

My only real regret is that I didn't do any LSAT work. Which cuts down the time I have to spend on my next lesson's homework and the second half of my previous lesson's homework to tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Considering that apparently most of tomorrow is going to be spent driving or with family, Saturday I'll be moving a lot of crap with my dad, and Sunday I'll be seeing a movie... plus eating, sleeping, trying to spend time with my mother and taking care of my cats, working out, moving around to avoid the cleaning people... and the fact that LSAT homework sucks. A lot. Like I'm pretty sure I spent at least two hours on the first half of one night's homework. I'm not entirely sure I was even halfway through. And I could have spent three or more hours... I'm not entirely certain, because I had breaks.

Going back to the TOR article spam. The email is basically a page of recently published articles on their website. So from the email alone I opened at least twelve articles from that. And then these articles made references to a bunch of other articles and blogs and such. So I opened even MORE articles from there. And then I scrolled down the email and opened yet MORE articles. And when I was reading through the second round of article links, I was linked to MORE articles, and a short story. And articles on the articles. And it was AHHH.

They were all good. I liked them a lot. One of the articles was one of those "things you should read to prepare yourself for this movie coming out" around the next Batman movie coming out tomorrow. I actually... can't recall ever following those... but I have read a number of Marvel comics, and I like Batman, and I've read a few comics in that universe, and well... I figured that it wouldn't hurt to read through at least some of them. My library has a reasonable amount of those. I ended up checking out like fifteen graphic novels (like, three of which were on the list - I just thought the others looked interesting). Although one of them was apparently a volume containing this single issue I read years ago and never saw more of... So yeah. That was nice. Although it was marked as volume 1 and there weren't any more so... that's kind of annoying.

So there was one blog that seemed to be a critique website of anything written? I don't really know. It had a lot of interesting blog posts on it. A couple I still want to read - notably about the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I'm not all that impressed by what I read so far of the first one, and I'm mildly impressed by what I've seen of True Blood but uh... I don't know. I reserve judgement until I've seen and/or read the whole thing.

There was another blog that apparently received death threats and other threats for daring to comment badly on "A Song of Ice and Fire" in this rather humorous summary of the series... while remarking on how creepy the author is. And he is very, very creepy.

Before I go into a mini-rant on one of the reasons this interested me greatly... there's the feminism thing. A number of the articles were about women in science fiction, abuse towards women, misogynistic tendencies in some writing, hypocrisy, nihilism, women in writing, rape (principally against women, although there were at least one or two articles on rape in general)... Well... there were a lot of people commenting on these things. It was all very interesting.

Well, one of the reasons the commentary on ASOIAF interested me greatly (besides being one of the funniest things I've read in a while) was that I recognized certain things "I'd" thought about while reading. There were a couple comments about how Tyrion is basically EVERYONE'S favorite: the reading audience, the TV audience, and the author.

But there's a couple things wrong with this. Firstly, Tyrion was MY favorite character, from the little I've seen of the show, and from what I was reading in the book. He was my favorite character for a long time (although that's probably more because the actor did a great job). I'm going to say that this was because he was my favorite character from a distance. There is no character I actually LIKE in the series, when it comes down to it.

It's always sad when you have to do that. When someone asks you about a story and you say "yeah, I liked it" and then they ask what your favorite character was or what your favorite part was and you completely blank out. At least that happens to me a lot. Honestly, at the end of the day, you just have to take a step back from reading/watching/researching whatever, and think: is there anything specific I like about this? Do I actually like it? The answers could surprise you. It's one of the things doctors and nutrition people try to get people to do with food, because of habitual eating and eating from boredom. Thankfully no one's asked me about Ronin Warriors. That would be a VERY uncomfortable conversation.

I suppose that there are bits and pieces of some characters that I like. But anyway... I liked Tyrion because he was the funniest character. All of them are flawed - they're human, it happens - and a lot of them are downright vile in the worst way... but of them all, Tyrion was the funniest. Well... besides the Greatjon, Varys, and that dude who got killed beyond the wall that was a Wildling (for that short scene where he and Jon were exchanging alcohol, anyway), he's probably one of the four funny characters in the entire series.

He WAS. If I had to pick a favorite, he would still probably win out. It's the problem with not liking well, anyone in the series.

Well, the guy who plays Jon Snow is pretty attractive, physically, but beyond that...

So I like Tyrion. Was starting to not like him for a big reason... and then he strangled the woman who'd been sleeping with him for no other reason than she slept with his dad, too.

Well, that was the thing that was just... really weird. There were a couple other things. But this... I mean... it's bad enough he just strangled the woman because she happened to be sleeping with someone else (big shocker - she's a prostitute, it's kind of her job, plus Tirion was on the executioner's block, so she needs some new way to make money when he's no longer paying her). Besides the fact that it was hinted that Tywin blackmailed her into doing it... I mean, honestly. She's a commoner, and considered the lowest of the low, at that, since she's a lady of the night (at least in this world, prostitution seems to be the "lowest of the low"). If she were a noble or something who was indicating favor toward Tyrion initially, but secretly sleeping with Tywin behind his back, I could at least vaguely understand Tyrion's having an inkling of anger towards her (although even in THAT case, it should still be more of a feeling of "well-played, guess I have to redraw the court political map" and not "MUST STRANGLE TO DEATH"; even in court politics, unless she arranged for the grisly death of his person, close relatives, allies (and there was some insanity thrown in on Tyrion's part), she wouldn't deserve to be STRANGLED to death). But she has no pull in court, no money, no servants, no power whatsoever. Heck, she could be killed right alongside him for being even remotely related to him (and heck, she was publicly identified as sleeping with him - women have been sworn to die with their husbands in numerous historical cases, and there are numerous historical cases where people who were remotely related to a bad incident for killed off, too). And yeah, she was one of the "witnesses" speaking against him during his "trial", and she lied to some extent. But it isn't as if she made the case against him, or if her testimony was the most important part of it. Or even a minorly important part of it. Honestly, if her main and currently only source of income was Tyrion, who was almost definitely going to be executed anyway, she needs other options. Getting money for testifying against Tyrion was probably her best source of income. Heck, she might have gotten money from the Queen Regent, who's an heir to Casterly Rock! There's really nowhere higher to go! Tyrion also knew that she wanted the finer things in life: money, clothing, a nice mansion... and he WAS paying her (at least until he had to hide her, and even then she still had a job of sorts, and didn't even have to sleep with him nearly as often, to boot). And he spent the entire time strongly believing that she wasn't in love with him - that it was jut an act to keep his coin in her pocket.

And if anyone should have been aware of this, it should have been Tyrion, who is one of the smarter characters in the story.

But he strangled her anyway... I get that he narrowly escaped death. That he learned that his first wife was actually just in love with him. That he actually gang-raped a normal woman.  That his brother helped in the deception, along with his father. That he's actually even more alone in the world than he was before (and he was pretty damn alone before).

But none of that REMOTELY gives him the excuse to STRANGLE someone to death. I get his killing his dad. Sort of. It fits with the whole "angry vengeance" thing that Martin is striking for here. Martin's PROBABLY gonna end up killing all of the Lannisters by then of this series, so yeah, whatever.

There was NO reason for him to kill Shae. If anything, according to his character, he should have taken her with him out of the city and at the LEAST released her out to find her own way, free of him.

One of the marked obsessions in this series is female virginity and where women are sleeping and with who. What do guys talk about before they fight? Who they'll rape after the fighting's over. What do they talk about during the fight to inspire others? Who they'll rape when they're done. Who do they talk about AFTER the fight when they're laughing and drinking with their buddies? Who they raped after the fight was over. What do they talk about x days/weeks/months later? Who they raped way back when. What do they do when they get drunk with their friends? Who they've raped and/or paid to sleep with them. What is the first/second question about a prospective bride? Whether she's been deflowered, either by some former spouse, or by any random men. Or whether she's flowered yet. What do they wonder when they're around a group of people, with a lot of women? What the women are like in bed. Or what they will be like when they're flowered, if they're too young.

A big part of the reason why I stopped watching the show extremely early on was the amount of blatant sex in it. I don't care for it and typically find it boring. Especially when I don't care for any of the characters. When that happens, and you don't really know where the story is going (other than towards more of the same), and all that seems to be happening is, well, incest, rape, pedophilia, slavery, selling your family, lots of prostitute buying up... Besides the fact that there are more naked women than attractive men. A a heterosexual woman, is there some reason I should watch this? Honestly?

I read the books because I wondered if the books would be less filled with the things they'll put in a TV show meant to attract viewers. And honestly, nothing attracts viewers more than sex and lots of skin. And I was... somewhat right. At least in a small respect. A very small respect. I also wanted to know what was going on without constantly staring at one or another person having sex with someone else.

The books are easier to bear. They aren't necessarily better. I've known that since I started reading book 1. Part of the reason I'm up to 4 is because the idea of watching the series is dimming ever more as I read, and I like finishing what I start. If I don't finish the series and I meet people who like it (it has a large following, so it's likely), and we get into an argument about it, I can't very well say "I only read up to book 4 and I just hate it". So.

It was bad enough that Tyrion gang-raped someone (yeah, SURE his father ordered him... if my father ordered me to gang-rape I MEAN WHAT? SERIOUSLY? NO. JUST NO! At that point, you WALK. AWAY. We know you're a nice guy Tyrion, and just because the woman was POSSIBLY trying to make a living (being hired by a noble, and one of the richest in the land, to boot) she deserves to be GANG-RAPED? WHAT?). Then we go on to Jaime and Brienne's stories. There's clearly some sort of mini-romance working up here. Sorry, but I don't really like Jaime. Maybe I'm knit-picking, but I don't have that much respect for someone who calls someone "wench" constantly. And then uses it as an endearment. The use of the word "bitches" as a term of endearment for friends is somewhat similar, in my opinion. She has a name. She is a person, not an object. Not scenery.

Do I think he deserves to die for that? No. But I don't think Brienne should suddenly fall in love with him because he's shown a few acts of kindness like giving her weapons and rescuing her. He still calls her wench. He still treats her on a standard in comparison with men, not as a person.

There was also the whole marriage to Sansa thing. I get that his father forced it on him, and Cersei backed it (as did Joffrey, no doubt). I get WHY the wedding happened. And I actually sort of understand the obsession with consummating a marriage. Hey, it got King Henry out of his marriage to Bloody Mary's mom, which led to, oh... a lot of death. It's pretty darn important, yanno. I also do understand that women married much younger back then. They still marry pretty young in some places around the world. Women could become prostitutes very young, way back when, and now. But uh... I mean, really? Getting a boner by starting at a 13-year-old girl? That scene was creepy to Mars, and he hadn't even taken his own clothes off yet! But then he did the noble thing, of course. He said he wouldn't touch her until she wanted him to, should it take years. And then of course the audience thinks Sansa's an ass because she says "what if I never want you to?" and we feel REALLY bad for poor Tyrion who's doing the NOBLE thing of not RAPING A CHILD (she didn't give her consent for any of this; she may be doing what "duty" is making her do, but "duty" for Sansa at that point was STAYING ALIVE, which means that she was threatened. Consent doesn't happen when you're threatened.. Gee, Martin. Really?

Then there's the male cast at large. While counting the number of rapes shown or alluded to in the series is extremely interesting (and sad), I think that counting the number of male characters who haven't threatened or performed rape would be an interesting find. I can think of three for certain. And only because the last is eight and kind of dumb, at that.

Did I mention the part where this one girl got raped by "half of Kingsport", as is often quoted? And then she basically gets blamed for it and ignored by society at general? Cersei actually says that she lacked the sense to avoid getting raped. As far as I can recall, she was one of the families getting held hostage in Kingsport. She didn't have a choice to be there in the first place. And as a lady in this world, she spent her entire life being pushed away from any form of physical combat protection. And even if she HAD any combat capabilities, how exactly was she supposed to fend a RAGING MOB off?

Oh, I forgot. Cersei, the only female fighting the system (other than Brienne, who seems to spend an awful large amount f time being ashamed of her ugliness rather than pretending she doesn't care and getting on with her life) is getting turned into a Lady MacbethxCleopatraxQueen of Hearts love child.

My point is that long before I read this, or anything related to the series in a review-sort-of manner... I already felt greatly insulted by the books as a woman and as a person. This is a world where women don't fight. They're discouraged from fighting. Which means that when their homes get sacked and all the men get killed... what, they just get raped and/or killed?

So then I read this. And, well... it's a lot funnier than anything I could have thought of. The summary of book 3 is simply hilarious. And it wasn't "well, I didn't think this before, but now that I read it I know this is how I think". I picked this up before I read this. It's rather interesting to see how deeply insulting and disgusting this series is. I just love learning about how many more popular misogynistic stories there are out there.

So that was interesting.

So I forget what else specifically I wanted to write about... but there was this crazy idea I have.

So I'm watching the Yoroiden Samurai Troopers sub. And golly gee, is it interesting. I've learned more about the boys from watching the first two episodes than I did watching the entire dub series.

So the sub is a lot better for a lot of reasons: a) the information reveals, b) the dialogue is more intimidating in Japanese and not in stupid random English accents (why was Shin British, and why were Touma and Ryo from like New York?) that make no sense anyway, c) it's interesting to see how much Japanese I can recognize, and d) I can ignore the bad art better if I focus on the text.

And then there's the things I realize about the series.

Firstly, the sub is worse for a specific reason that I've seen in a number of anime and manga. A lot of dubbers and translators are very good script-writers. It helps them get rehired. Being good as a script-writer for a translation typically means that you actually exaggerate what the actual writing is supposed to be. There can be a number of meanings used in translation (you know that plot where someone's using a translator to talk to someone else and they're insulting to person to their face, but the translator only says nice things? Yeah, that). The problem with reading any translation is that you're stuck with the translator's version of the story. Not your own. Translators in manga and anime tell you the story. While in an anime you theoretically have the ability to "read lips"... a lot of different things can be put to any character talking. Honestly, all most mouths in anime do is move up and down. They don't have all that much expression. Why? Because expression takes a LONG time to draw. When you have to create a lot of scenes and panels, using as little detail as possible to save time is the best option.

My problem isn't so much that the sub is bad because of the interpretation. My problem is the realization that, after reading the sub... the dub actually IMPROVED to a certain extent on the script because they had at least a semi-decent scriptwriter around. For most of it, I suppose. Considering how BAD the dub is, that's REALLY saying something.

Did I mention that Arago rules "The Empire of Doom"? Did I mention that? Cause it's kind of really really really funny and sad and when I saw that I thought "oh my gawd, you canNOT be serious."

He also uses "the power of doom". Yes. It's a thing. A commonly used thing.

And then, of course, when you have the Empire of Doom, you have Soldiers of Doom.

It's like the entire thing is one giant headdesk moment.

So here's my theory!

So much of this series is about cookie-cutter story design and cookie-cutter characters (damsel, at-risk child, brainy-but-useless female character, physically strong woman who secretly doesn't like fighting like all women because that's part of why women don't fight, Evil Empire, Evil Empire Soldiers, Evil Emperor, Evil Badass Soldiers, Angst-Wridden Hero Leader, Heroic Team, talking/friendly animal companion, World at Peril, Kidnap...) Um... Yeah. And even with a decent base premise, the series completely screws the pooch and never uses anything even half as decently as it could.

Since I haven't seen anything as poorly done as this series (at least with a premise this decent), and not serving as a member of a line of mass-produced genre similar stories that aren't typically meant to be remarkable in any way, and only serve as a path for merchandizing... I have only to assume that the series is made as a satire of these many devices. It's saying "look how much these ideas suck, actually!"

That's my theory. The ultimate-conspiracy-this-can't-honestly-be-as-bad-as-it-seems-for-no-reason. Of COURSE!

It's my only explanation for why the series is as bad as it is when it could have been so good. And it really could have been good. But then you have civilians hanging out by the rims of active volcanoes (without gear) and standing too close to battles so they get captured and then not RUNNING THE FUCK AWAY after they get rescued, and then you have random stops WHEN THE FATE OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT IS AT STAKE, to check up on some RANDOM KID WHO GIVES NOTHING TO THE STORY BUT IS THE AT-RISK CHILD STAND-IN's home, when we all know his parents aren't there. They've been kidnapped. By the Empire of Doom -snigger- for reasons unknown. I honestly don't recall why the... the Empire of Doom (by all that's holy, REALLY, Japan? REALLY? I thought only Americans were that stupid) did that. I guess just cause they're the Evil Empire, so they have to do Evil Things. The series does seem to have an obsession with damsels in distress. Ryo, Naste, and Jun trade off most of the time, but Byakuen also gets his moment in the light, along with the other Troopers. Why NOT just capture ALL of Tokyo to be one giant distressed... being. Of some sort.

You've got enemies who don't shut up and just ATTACK, or shut up and kill enemies rather than "holding them so they can watch their friends die, and then oh shoot! We lost and they got away, to fight us another day!" Really? REALLY?

Here's the a recent episode partial synopsis: Ryo was blinded. BLINDED. As in FULLY. BLIND. WITHOUT EYESIGHT. COULD NOT SEE. If he didn't have the vibrating armor-detecting swords (must stop reading into yaoi subtext), he would have been SCREWED. See, he's a member of a ninja clan. And for a sec, I REALLY thought he was gonna dip into that stereotypical pool of "sight beyond sight"-I mean, "seeing without seeing". But no. He kind of just fails.

But does he get killed by his near and completely uninjured-unencumbered foe? No. He gets rescued by his friendly white tiger, who carries him into the cave where Seiji is... and then the enemy buries the entrance under a rock slide. Because it's not like Ryo's demonstrated that he can demolish entire buildings or anything, right? I understand the sheer idiocy of trying to blow up an enclosed space (especially an underground complex) while you're INSIDE it... but they never explain it. Naaza acts like shutting them on the other side of a wall of rocks is going to make them die of starvation or something.

But that's all right. Because blocked entrances don't stop Soldiers of Doom. No, they just find other entrances in. So you say that negates the drama of BLOCKING OFF THE FIRST ENTRANCE? Psh. He's blind. He'll probably fall of a convenient cliff.

Well, he doesn't fall, but he sure does JUMP OFF OF A CONVENIENT CLIFF.

And what does Naaza do when he corners Ryo, who is STILL BLIND? Kill him fast, just to be safe - he got away once. It would be okay to be certain.

Oh no. That's in LOGICWORLD. The place that makes Paolinis and Charlaine Harrises and George R.R. Martins and Smeyers scream in fear.

What he does is he just stares and laughs.

And guess what? After what I can only presume is GETTING HIS EYES BURNED OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS (which we of course don't see, he just keeps his shut so we can see his abnormally large eyelashes; the type that you see some women wear that really creep the fuck out of you), he still gets his vision back. On top of surviving the poison attacks. Which were apparently just like... fire attacks. Maybe acid or something?

So there you have it. Ta.

"Sage" OVA

Mar. 27th, 2006 09:18 pm
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I finally found the "Sage" OAV. I am so happy. It was on the other side of the Inferno armor OVA. I don't know why I didn't know that. Maybe I just thought it was the Japanese version of the Inferno one. It was good. The Ronin Balloon was in it!

I watched some of "InuYasha". I just didn't feel like watching too much. I don't really like the anime all that much.

I rewrote a lot of my RW episode guide. It's really getting smaller and more accurate.
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I finished "Ronin Warriors" today. The OVA was a bit confusing.

I went to Don Pablo's with Heather and Dad. Heather and I argued, as usual.
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I sang in front of my class. I was so embarassed.

I never want to do that again. Ever.

Otherwise, the two tests were pretty easy.

"Ronin Warriors" has a really terrible script.
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Just for ther record, I finished "The Silmarillion yesterday" in English. Good book. I want to reread it soon.

Jazz and I made more plans for the weekend. I just hope I still have Dad and Brittany time this weekend.

I watched all the way to the end of the battles with Sarenbou. Ryo is so damn hot in the Kikotei armor! I always love the transformation in the inferno armor.
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I watched the first 10 episodes. They're kinda bad, but I love it even more now that I remember and have seen them all, and I'm gonna watch more tomorrow! I'll finish it soon enough! And then I'll watch it again!

I got blisters from the practice SOL. In PE Jazz and I also talked about having a movie day this weekend and going to the mall and I need to tell her about maybe seeing "Nanny McPhee". It's gonna be awesome! I need to talk to Daddy, too...
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I had the day off today! So I watched "Buffy" and worked on my "Ronin Warriors" episode guide.

I had dinner at Pizza Hut with Daddy and we played with Simba and the roomba before that.

We talked some and listened to Enya. I had grapes and milk when we got back.

I finally (Mom really did it) ordered the "RONIN WARRIORS" COMPLETE SET!

After all these years of waiting, growing ever more obsessed, writing fanfiction, searching online for screenshots, episode guides, bios and just about anything and everything I can find and never even thinking that I could get a hard copy of the set with my own money... it's going to be mine in a week!
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My alarm didn't go off but I finally figured out why and fixed it. I needed to reset it because the power went out twice!

Then I got dressed, and packed all my books. I had some milk and grabbed my lunch. Dad drove me. We got there a little late but it was still okay.

I finished pretty much finished my Science work, although I forgot that you have to do groupings for the Concept Maps. I hate those things! We had a lockdown drill. too. It was oddly quiet for our class.

I turned in my project in 2nd period. We went over hw, and did the tener graph. The homework was easy, but I finished at home because I didn't have time to do it.

Science was okay. I got everything in. The test was okay, it was just the matching/fill in blanks that was the harder part.

Health was okay, except I stapled my papers and found a page I missed for it a few hours ago. Jazz wasn't there. The dorks behind me invited me to a party. I tore up the invitation. I'm not that desparate.

Math was okay, too. I knew all the answers and got 100s on all my returned papers. I only had one question wrong on my homework and she didn't make any of us answer that one.

Lunch was fine. We talked about some of the characters in "InuYasha" and discussed Jyakotsu's crossdressing(?) and possible trans identity.

Strings was okay. I'm happy with how my test turned out. Sorta, but it's me, so I'll get over it for now. She let us out on time today, which was nice.

I argued with Nadar a lot in Civics.

I had some Ritz Bitz when I got hom and went on comp, did homework, read some, listened to music, went to violin, which was also okay, and I found a "Ronin Warriors" website!

It details all the episodes! I can remember so many! I love that site now!


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