Jun. 15th, 2012

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This http://m15m.livejournal.com/23209.html?view=4595625#t4595625 speaks my thoughts exactly. Most of it went through my head as I watched the film. The rest... makes too much sense for me to pretend otherwise. And it's so much funny than I could have ever made it sound.

So I watched Alien and Aliens yesterday, for backstory. I'm somewhat less than mildly tempted to watch the other two, especially now that I've seen Prometheus, and get a number of the franchise references used.

Part of that lack of desire is now because, well... Embers is... just so awesome that I really, really, really like reading it more than playing games or watching movies I didn't have much interest in watching in the first place, other than as backstory for something I was going to see because my parents want to see it and people say it was good.

I didn't personally enjoy it. But I think it was an okay movie. Or I did, anyway, until I read that livejournal entry and remembered the many, many things that popped up while I was watching returned to my mind.

Also, I like "Green Rider" a lot, now that I'm about a quarter of the way through it. Shocking how much a book improves upon reading further into it? It's still too long. I mean, seriously... Karigan is captured for like... a tenth of the story. And not the fun captured. But then again, that's probably because Karigan is, well... a woman. If it was a guy who was captured in the same situation as she was... yeah, I'd probably have no problem with it. Now I want to reread "The Echorium Sequence". Hehehehehe. My point is that I'd also rather read that than, well... watch some stupid sci-fi horror films.

Did I mention that Embers is REALLY REALLY awesome?

I find it amusing that I was experimenting with a concept used in Embers... before I ever read it Embers. Since Embers was written starting, well.... about three years ago, and I only started using the plot device a couple days ago... I'm not reading anything into this. It's just weird. The ideas are similar, but not the same. Plus, it's a story I've never actually written down, and don't really plan to write down. It's just something I play with in my head when I'm bored. A sort of thought experiment that got out of control a ways back, and has not improved now that I'm using this plot device, since the plot device eerily makes everything work. Very strange.

So Ace has a jet pack and wings to fly. Ace the Bat Dog. Uh huh. Did I mention that Prometheus has problems? Cause other stuff I watch has problems, too.

Later then.


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